I AM Present

I AM Present

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

DIARY OF A CRAZED ASCENSIONIST: Death, the Unveiling and Resurrection

Dear Diary

A lot’s happened since we last chatted. Since the middle of February the wave upon wave of high frequency photonic light blasting my brain and body through my ears have caused me to be in an excited buzz of anticipation. That’s in between the interspersing waves of anxiety, frustration, my alternating floaty-apathetic state and general flatlining. I've become an expert on survivng my multiple ascension personalities!

My small garden has become a literal killing field. And I’ve had to bury no less than six small, innocent creatures since the end of December. They all died at the paws of my feline family members. Or one killer kitty in particular. No names mentioned!

On that other all-important level, all this death and decay around me have been a continuous series of  messages to me that all that belongs to the old world, including relationships, are dying within me. And therefore without. The new cannot properly be birthed until it does. If the birds, moles and mice weren’t enough for me to get the message, then the incessant dreams of me dying, others telling me in dreams I was and all other similar signs around me certainly was.