I AM Present

I AM Present

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Self-Determination by Krishnamurti - April 2009

Channelled by Shellee-Kim Gold

When we speak of self-determination we speak also of choices made on all the levels of your being. We speak of desired choices, but those not yet made. Those dreamed about that never really find that satisfactory outlet of and for expression.

What are we talking about here? We are talking about the ability to expand and explore consciousness via constantly making the choice to choose the high road. The high road as far as your soul’s concerned, that is.
The high road is always the soul/Higher Self/soul group’s greatest life objective and achievement.

Now it may bear no relation whatsoever to the human personality with all its frail ego shortcomings. Because the personality’s ‘high road’ may be a version vastly removed. So how does one know whether one is aligned to the soul’s high road? By asking yourself certain vital questions, my friends. Let’s start with: Is doing this work, being in this relationship giving me that deep, inner satisfaction I desire and providing contentment?
And how do I extricate myself, what steps do I take, if this is not creating these feelings of contentment within?

Of course, I am not including those whose suffering in such situations is brought about by their own past creations. I am talking here of karma. In this case, until the agreed upon time is up or the lesson learned and integrated, no amount of conscious pulling away will assist or change your circumstances.
And granted, it is extraordinarily difficult to discern the difference between the two (fear and karma) when you haven’t done much exploring in the first place.

But it can be done- and must. The former denotes a place of ‘stuckness’ if you are not feeling contentment. Yet, it is not one where you are caught up in a web that becomes stickier if you try to move. Quite the opposite – it is one where if you placed just a little energy into it, would come clear apart.
However, the latter is a rather stickier web. One which becomes stickier as you try to free yourself from it. Unless your karmic contract is over.

Tonight I am not speaking to those who find themselves in contract with another, a group or relationship of any kind. These ones cannot be considered free entirely. And therefore not altogether able to freely choose and self-determine.
I am speaking to these one who have ensured their own ‘stuckness’. Those ones for whom the comfort zone of the relationship/job has become more like the comforter. That which provides a nice, warm and cosy feeling of protection when you go to sleep with it.

But, beloved friends, it is also one that can keep you in a drugged and drowsy state of acceptance also. Are you with me here? It is to these many people who’s fear of moving forward acts as the anchor in life.

By not exercising self-determination, this is not freeing you or accelerating your life’s objectives in any way. Do you realize this? Do you realize you will leave your bodies and will have one main wish? That you took that opportunity when it came around to better advance yourself, or seized that moment which could have provided you with deep fulfillment. But there was always risk involved, as your personality, ego and subconscious perceived it, and so you stopped yourself.

Now, let me tell you. The most ardent desire of most souls who have left the earth plane after a lifetime, usually possess regrets and a desire to do it ‘all over again’. And so we do –over and over and over…

But why should this be? When all we need do to determine ourselves is face who we really are. And do what we, our souls/higher selves, set out to have us do in this lifetime.

Yes, easier said than done. For the human mind and psyche is a complex affair.
What can we do to better acquaint ourselves with its trickery? We can begin by observing our reactions, firstly, to anything new or different that life throws at us. We can watch our emotional responses and begin to familiarize ourselves with how we feel about change.

This is an excellent starting place. Another thing pertinent to how you feel about change is to see how comfortable or not you are about changing your mind on a particular belief or subject.
Watch to see exactly how your body re-acts and the emotional responses your conversations with others brings. If you are capable of continuing the topic in a manner where you feel contained (nor surpressed) within, you are not threatened. If you feel yourself to experience an emotional charge of the negative variety – be it anger, fear, outrage or any other type of resistance – you will obviously be re-acting as one who is threatened by the exchange. Now it is up to you to explore exactly what it was that upset you, and why.

All this should begin to give you some idea of your level of flexibility and oppenness or not when it comes to shifting your personal limiting patterns.

Evolution is not a race, beloved people. Yet, lifetime after lifetime is spent running around in circles regularly, chasing your own tail. And, upon reviewing the life, it is most often FEAR (False Evidence Appearing Real) that is the major setback for not having fulfilled upon the soul self’s intentions. You see, this can mess all plans up for the life.

Shellee-Kim Gold works with the process of EmoAlchemy as a tool to resolving personal obstacles, activating DNA codes and accelerating personal integration to survive the current Earth times. Using this to help transform her life for the past decade, she is assisted in helping others with channeled information from the Ascended Masters, galactic embodied beings and those dwelling in the Inner Earth.

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