I AM Present

I AM Present

Friday, May 6, 2016


It feels to me like people are seriously separating now – into their respective camps of consciousness.
And a hallmark of the majority I’ve noticed is the increased expression of anger and outrage. About almost everything and anything. It’s being expressed - finally. And God knows it needs to be. All the public and private issues that are grating on peoples’ psyches are being released and another opportunity thus for healing is being allowed for. Though admittedly most of it seems to consist primarily of blaming and holding the ‘other’ accountable for the problem – whether those are people of a different religion, race or political leaders and the government.

Whether this is the cleansing Wave cycles, Earth energies or darkie influences (including psychotronic warfare and mind control programmes) at work, all three or something else, I have no certainty. But what I am witnessing is that it’s happening in and through many of those who have perceived themselves to previously be balanced and calm individuals. However, it’s not happening to them exclusively.

Then there’s another level of what I’m perceiving as consciousness separation at work concurrently.
And that’s the mental illness manifestation of and in people - a kind of a schism-ing out of the mental, emotional and psychic bodies, due to what's been previously identified with in those individuals.

And it seems to be happening to lots of people. They appear to lose the ability to put sentences together in mid-stream and their thoughts and words seem to become all distorted, sounding like gibberish.
I’m not talking about the similar ascension symptoms here, either, that has confounded many of us that have experienced this cyclically. Or the associated brain fog with that.
No, this is altogether different and feels lower dimensional in nature ( I get an image of the earth being dug up as I write this).

I’ve recently come across extreme cases of this current phenomena in some of whom I know personally. One seems permanently on the edge of hysteria, neurosis and tears, in addition to struggling to express. These ones also seem to have short-term memory loss, repeating themselves in their mental confusion. Some of these ‘symptoms’ seem to mimic those who suffer from Alzheimers Dementia. And there seems to be great emotional pain attached.

Then there’s the entertainment industry celebrities mental schism-ing at work, along with the equally-corrupt celebrity presstitutes.
One of the examples of this being reporter Serene Branson who seriously schismed out. But I suspect that was a psychotronic warfare blast she received, in that instance.

See her here:

And some more mind controlled reporters here:

Here’s what I’ve observed:
The ones who are most responsible for compounding lies and deceipt and adeptly manipulating minds on a large and public scale seem to be the ones affected the worst by this. Which karmically makes complete sense.

I once knew a woman. She was a channeller of darkie material, posing as Light. I didn’t discern that initially, though something always felt ‘off’ to me. But in her case she also amassed an enormous following by darkie-aided means of many tens of thousands of people across a range of internet platforms.

People would seek her manifestation channelings out and she was becoming really well known on the subject. When I twigged onto what was at work, I tried to say something to her several times, but then realized this was her lesson and it wasn’t for me to interfere. Anyway, she was in unshakeable be-lie-f that what she was hearing was from the highest Lighted realms. And she was one of those for whom absolutes apply in life.

The long and short of it? She manifested a blood disease of some type which resulted in a gangrenous situation in her body. She avoided being operated on, thinking she would obtain spiritual help sooner or later. But eventually she was forced to surrender to the op, losing parts of both feet/legs and fingers on one hand in the process. She also lost her voice temporarily, which she used in public groups on Skype for her channelings – all rendering her pretty immobilized.

Apart from lies and deceipt cloaked as Truth in the spiritual community - which to me is amongst the most serious transgression of Divine Law – the mainstream world has a lot of similarly-minded folk following suit in their own respective arenas.
And as of the past year or so, this has been especially evident, at least to me.
‘By their fruits ye shall know them’ comes to mind.

I’m thinking here of a regularly-interviewed financial expert and spokesperson from an internationally-affiliated financial organisation, This spokesperson also advises and consults clients on stocks and shares.
I’ve noticed in interviews with him that he, too, is ‘losing it’ mentally and verbally. He stutters, stumbles and fumbles to get sentences out. What manifests ultimately sounds like a spewing forth of nonsensical garbage.
Perhaps the exact same garbage that consciously or not, he’s been told to inform the country about financially. You can't help but get dirty when you con people into believing garbage is actually treasured jewels.

Ditto a recent spokesperson for our country’s energy parastatal, Eskom. For years he agreed to go along with Eskom’s public trickery campaign about why the country’s contrived blackouts had occurred, each time they did. And there’s been many over the past few years and it continues still. Whether he had a hand in thinking up these creative campaigns to fool the public are neither here nor there. He agreed to spew forth Eskom’s version of garbage to the public - all of which had been covertly planned in advance of each power outtage disaster.
Paralysing the country's economy is the parastatal’s version of throwing a tantrum and to show how THEY drive the economy. It's an effective way of putting pressure on the government so their hefty annual increases will be granted them in order that South Africans fund their nuclear and other projects.

Since that spokesperson began descending into his own personal mental hell and his inability to string a fluid sentence together, I realized that all these spokespeople are experiencing similar breaks in consciousness that rip at their minds and expression.
This person was a very adept thinker and speaker before this happened. And I got the distinct feeling it was one of the things he privately prized himself on.

I’m presuming he’s either been removed or chosen to remove himself from his public chicanery since he seemed to make a ‘sudden’ departure. Perhaps he’s far away from even connecting the dots and sees his mental illness as totally separate from his choice of work.
I’m privately putting his new smooth-talking successor on a timer. Perhaps he too doesn’t have long until he succumbs to something similar. These are accelerated times we live in, after all.

People like these, though, are perceived as heroes and the great role models of our Matrixed business world. And the people of our world do love to worship heroes.
Yet, in actuality these are the true con artists of God consciousness, put forward as puppets to deliberately distort the Truth of this world, regardless of the industry.

A specialist doctor in men’s sexual health is another that has fallen prey to this syndrome recently. He’s regularly interviewed on radio and I’ve begun seeing the same symptoms from him the past couple of months and each time he tries to speak.
I haven’t yet worked out what his particular brand of duplicity is about as his content hasn’t interested me enough. But he’s gone from being uber-confident to sounding very uncomfortable in his own skin, almost like he feels guilty. I’m guessing it would have to be connected to all the drugs that he peddles and promotes for his Big Pharma SA pimps.

Then there was the media producer of a local radio station. From having been another literal smooth talker, he’s suddenly become the opposite. It’s a prerequisite for those in the media to be well-versed in communication (or should that be ‘manipulation’?) in order to sell their particular industry’s 'goods'.

I spoke to this producer once on a private call when he still had it all together and I needed some help with research on an investigative piece. I mentioned that if an employee worked for a mainstream media outlet they were likely to be unwilling to speak freely on a subject or explore independently.
He was so personally threatened by my comment that he immediately contacted the consumer journalist that he was putting me in touch with and managed to twist what I’d said so she would feel personally affronted by me. Which she did – phoning to challenge me in her provoked outrage.

This was the producer’s way of deflecting and hiding his own agenda - and those villains we hero-worship. Whether he was on the receiving end of monetary gain for his efforts or was being emotionally blackmailed is anyone’s guess. Or perhaps it was just a case of good old-fashioned mind control. Either way, as ‘handlers’ of the broadcast journalists they work with, producers like him are crucial to the darkies, being in a plum position as puppet masters in controlling what lands up in the public arena.

Yes, these examples are all of men. That’s because it’s still mostly men who run the world and are considered 'experts'. But some women are also becoming unraveled at the rate of knots, like the TV reporters above. So far, I'm reminded of two women - a ward councilor and a politician locally. Their ‘symptoms’ are different - with just a whole lot of anger and defensiveness on public display. But I haven't looked at that very hard yet.

I’m finding this whole phenomena utterly fascinating in trying to understand and piece together. And this is just a fraction of what’s visible to us in the public arena.

Those who soul-ed themselves out for positions of worldly gain, false power status and who then compounded their problem further with such craftiness to divert people away from Truth and God consciousness are being held accountable in this very fashion.
You could call it spiritual justice.

In the least, this should bring us some measure of comfort in the knowledge that things are indeed moving. Even as they might appear to be standing still.