I AM Present

I AM Present

Friday, November 18, 2016


17 November 2016

by TATA/God Within

Indeed. I am come once again with news for humanity.

Such is the nature of how the dark operates that their ploys are an ongoing devolving game into the self-destruction of their choosing.
However, they are barely playing against anyone any more, as their great plans are fast turning to salt pillars or into sand.

They play – or try to – yet their opponent in whatever their current tactic – laughs such attempts off. For most of these opponents are being forewarned that they can take the necessary steps to counter the dark ones’ nonsense.

I do not make light of it when I speak of the darks ‘non-sense’. For their actions even barely make sense to their cohorts at this time.

All that stands between them and the still-as-yet unsuspecting masses is one tiny step which the dark ones are unwilling to take as this spells their very public defeat.
Be that as it may.
Their time is now upon them and nothing and no one will or can stop this. All that stands at the throes of revealing them right now has ever been their choice.

As you forge ahead with your own revealing of yourSelf to yourself, you will see that this now becomes a global phenomena. This period is, after all, what is called the revealing times. Times that will succeed in revealing the true colours of all and sundry.

This is the greatest show on earth – that has perhaps ever been, and the band has already begun playing.
Take up your seats but simultaneously be on standby. For yours is not destined to be any passive, spectating type of involvement.
It is yours to be the men and women of action and you are the stars of the show.

[SK: During the taking of this I had some strong interference and subsequently the message feels incomplete. So there may be more coming shortly]