I AM Present

I AM Present

Thursday, June 16, 2016


12 June 2016



[SK: Image of God’s ‘house’ /a room of sparkly treasures piled high – ie His Consciousness]

Open that door, walk in and close it firmly behind you.
The past has no place in your future. It was useful for what it was and what it brought by way of lessons for your expansion into yourSelf.

However, this (the past) is no longer necessary. Know now that you are already expanded. And the only thing that can deflate you, to use that analogy, is to think and feel yourSelves out of your expansion, which will take some measure of force.

Indeed. It has been a time in the making, has it not? What fluctuations, what extremes and what a roller coaster ride it has been. Were it not for the fact that you occupy space in this time and duality, you would never have encountered the rocky ride you all have.

But it is exactly FOR THIS REASON that you came here to experience yourSelves; to KNOW yourSelves within the physical/material landscape. And thus consequently to RETURN to yourSelves.
You are in process of doing exactly this right now.

Remember: the rockier the road and more uneven the terrain as you make your walk, the smoother the road ahead.
More importantly, those that still have to walk the same way on their journey ahead, can rest assured they have excellent guides. You, who have gone before them, are exceptionally well-equipped to point out the pitfalls, where the road curves dangerously and the unexpected on their journeys, in general. Your experience can help them to avoid all this.
This is one of the reasons you chose to walk ahead, after all.

Through the rain, fog and sometimes thunder, lightning and snow blizzards -such that you could not see even an inch in front of your face - you are now emerging from a very long and hard journey.

You are coming to the place of peace you have sought eternally; the Garden of Eden within yourSelves. This Garden within is one which will delight you immensely, in that it will keep changing before your eyes, transforming constantly into something new, and even more beautiful. Always will this be in and of the highest Light as you feed it creative impetus.
It is something to be experienced, rather than described to you. For you cannot know the joy of such an existence until you have lived it. *smiling*. Know only that it comes - one of the many rewards in your choice to make such a journey.

All of you are, without doubt and exception, war-weary (and some very bedraggled) warriors. The path of Truth requires nothing less.
Nontheless, you warrant the utmost Love and respect from us All in the Lighted realms. For you have completed that arduous walk that was set before you - and which you agreed upon in advance.

We grow ever closer to you as each day passes and thus, more accessible to you.
Call upon us as we stand ready to soothe and refresh you and offer our tonics to sustain you [SK: I see damp towels and drinks being offered by outstretched hands to people on a Big Walk type race ]

Very pleased to have had this opportunity once more.
Each and every one of you are both blessed and a blessing.
We love you.

[SK: She came along with the DDD’s to explain the ‘we’s’ in the piece]

Tuesday, June 14, 2016


13 June 2016

Can you let go of that which you don't know about?

Doesn't it first have to be acknowledged consciously?

I've not concluded my answer about this yet...

But I did eventually get what I asked for – some much-needed revelations.

I’m talking about some personal revelations at this time...some of them quite shocking to me. But then I have recently nagged, whined, begged, commanded, pleaded...et al to God to PLEASE, PLEASE, bring forth what I need to know.
And eventually...it came...like a flood!

I've only waited and been working towards knowing this for more than a year ;-) and it happened last night. It went on for hours. Gory details of the origins of my ego issues and subconscious were laid out clearly for me to see and know. The great ‘one step forward, two steps backwards’ dilemma which has haunted me for so long has finally had real Light shed on it. Finally!

I won’t bore you with details but the ‘programme’ I was in as a young child was designed to ‘dis-able’ me on numerous levels and in numerous ways. That very much included learning disabilities and my legendary ‘zoning out’ or losing focus/concentration mentally and on the task at hand. Ultimately, all was designed to feed into disconnecting me from my core self. Keeping me separate from Me and numb, at some levels, was a perfect recipe to crash any attempts I’d make at living my life the way I chose it before incarnating.

No, I still have absolutely NO idea what I was thinking at the higher level by choosing that experience. But we’ll get to that in due course, I’m sure, given the impact it’s had on this life...

I’m about to enter Session 2 shortly. Even though I wanted to have it all in one sitting as is my impatient want, He asked me to take a breather in between. That I can better digest/assimilate all I’m hearing and FEEL all e-motion en route. Very important now and which makes far better sense.

I open a book daily. It’s called ‘Signs’ by Denise Linn.
Late last week I landed on ‘owl’. Owl is my most special bird and one of my best animals. Owl always lets me know I’m about to receive BIG news about myself/my world. That night, a little distant though it was, I heard owl calling - I wasn't surprised.

This was followed later by an unexplainable pep talk by one of the celestial VIP’s, which seemed to come up and felt unrelated to anything at the time. It made hardly any sense to me why I was being instructed in that way. It was all about how to process what I would be receiving, so as to keep a stable centre within while ‘receiving information’ and involved certain breathwork. As well as a way to FEEL the energies moving through me.

After last night and the revelations I was given it all makes complete sense now.
I feel a bit antsy...sort of like getting ready to see a sequel to a horror movie (except I haven’t watched them for decades). Like you really want to see the movie and know the conclusion of things, but feel reticent and unsure about whether you’re going to handle the blood and gore okay, emotionally.

That’s all about that for now that I can share.

Just to mention that about 2/3 of the way through writing this my cursor once again, with a seeming life of its own ;-) began 'uncontrollably' reversing and deleting line after line of everything I'd written in this sitting!

"It" has done that only 3 or 4 times in total on this computer - all of them on what I perceive as highly-significant posts. One of them being on content for the book I began writing. Oh, and ALL of it done in offline mode. I understand I'm not the only one to experience this!

As an aside: I was on the train today and got a long-lasting mind movie of a net - like a very magnified fishing or spider's net -in the sky being pulled back or in the process of dissolving. It was black. I don’t know whether this is some type of darkie grid around the earth that has restricted our collective consciousnes. It may be.
Just felt to share that. It left me feel hopeful, like greater personal freedom was at hand.

ADDENDUM: I've just seen this man's post. I wouldn't normally read on that site. He posted it the same day I received my personal stuff. Some of his explanations and details are important in that he elaborates on some of my own (and others) personal experiences. Reading it also may just assist others in whichever way, shape or form, which is my primary aim here.

His entire piece here, but reading from "MK-Ultra technologies are well-developed..." gives a good overview of the technology in existence:


Some relevant excerpts to my past personal experience highlighted below:

"MK-Ultra technologies are well-developed technologies and have been highly refined over the last 50 years.

They started in England at Tavistock Institute, spread to Germany in the early 1930s, and were refined in experiments in the Nazi work camps.

...Other MK-Ultra subprograms involved highly trained CIA “Spy-chiatrist MDs” using advanced drug-assisted hypnosis to create the perfect mind-kontrolled but unknowing, sleeper/stone killer.

...First the subject’s soul had to be murdered by the use of extreme torture and trauma, and their mind fractured into sub-programmable compartments that could then be freely accessed. Then new sub-personalities were installed in their broken minds and these subprograms could be accessed through various codes, some based on the “royalty cards” of a deck of normal playing cards..."

"...It is a long document, but does reveal numerous MK-Ultra mind-kontrol technology as of 1992, one of which includes the planned use of pulsed-beam microwaves from cell phone tower systems, which are now in place and operational. The actual technologies now being used involve some that are so sophisticated, most persons, even if told, just cannot fathom or believe this has actually been deployed."

[I was recently also given this information about the microwave pulsing which I've had experience with, so quite a bit here was personal verification. Except, of course, writers like this won't talk of solutions, such as the help that the Lighted Realms can give with all of this, because that's clearly not his reality. But FREE-ING YOURSELF IN GOD'S POWER/IE STANDING IN YOUR OWN PERSONAL SOVEREIGNTY AND IT ALONE is the most important answer to extricating yourself from all he writes about. Everything we are started and must end with and in this.].