I AM Present

I AM Present

Sunday, September 10, 2017

What's Been Up

10 September 2017

The past month has possibly been the STRANGEST period of time I've experienced in the past couple of years. Strange in a hazy, crazy, mystical, mysterious, out-of-time/space kind of way.

I know I'm not being too coherent, but there's a sense – for me at least – of time both melting away speedily and simultaneously slowing down to snail's pace. I'm also repeatedly getting the image when I think about this of an ocean filled with static waves. As if everything's stopped, frozen and compacted into this moment in time.

For the purpose of? I don't know exactly, but there's a vague peripheral feeling of restitution, reconstruction and restoration work taking place on the inner realms and the outer realms of this manifested un-reality, including and particularly on our physical forms, our biology.

IF that's the case, it would tie in well with what Lisa Renee said a couple of newsletters ago. That our own ourganic DNA /blueprints – which were mangled, abused and manipulated at birth to the enth degree and in a multitude of ways largely unknown to most of us – is now being repaired and restored to us in all it's glorious God-like organic authenticity.
It's also because of this we have not been able to know ourSelves that we might stand easily in God's will. And to aid our brothers and sisters in their liberation and that of the planet's.

What I mentioned in my last couple of blogs about feeling graceful and periodically leaping around all over the place and doing my version of ballet dancing and feeling good, generally, has not disappeared. It comes and goes – also in waves. For a bit I also had the feeling of being so light in body, it felt as though I was floating/springing a bit above the ground. Some part of me clearly wants to 'take off'. When this hits, it often feels like a return to my 5 or 8 year old self again. Really delight-ful! Apparently, We [God Self/HS] 'sing' and dance God, another discovered aspect of my True Self.

If I asked you what you thought your real Self attributes were, how would you answer yourself? Do you equate what you know of your little self to be the qualities and characteristics of your True Self too? Or do you think the real You is vastly different?

I ask this as, in addition to discovering grace as a natural part of the real Me, which I would never previously have associated with the real Me, I also uncovered another attritube I AM – that of stillness, of serenity. That felt so foreign to the little me. But that one came and stayed for a few days or a week and hasn't revisited since.

Of course I need to add that all of the attributes and qualities that I AM – known about and not – are God using and being his creation called SK. So none of it is really me; it's all Him having opportunity to be and use me for his purposes in this life experience. Where this all goes or doesn't is anyone's guess, but that's kind of where I've been recently.

This new gateway opening period is really a gateway unto ourSelves, I feel, and further opportunity to find our way back to our true Selves. Primarily by having these Lighted specialist beings remove yet more of the until-recently hidden trauma-causing layers of cording (visual here of a total mess of dark-coloured cords smothering our aura/field that our essence could hardly 'breathe').
These counteractive moves by the benevolent guardian races serving earth, obviously are doing so at God's behest. And all the more reason why the darkie parasites on and off planet are in such a flat spin of a panic.

Imagine all your carefully thought out and planned destructive 'works' over millenia suddenly starting to malfunction. Apart from the human popping corns of human-ity's kernel of God within coming alive with increasing rapidity. I got that metaphor from an archangel Gabriel message I read.

A personal aside: I must have grown recently because I found myself loving the darkies equally to everyone else the other night in my spontaneous commands. It took me by surprise. :-)

Nontheless, nine days ago I was blindsided in an attack. My car's out of action, so I've been walking everywhere recently and am grateful to move the energy and be able to move my body more. I was walking back home from the nearby mall. I'd just rounded the corner from a busy street, constantly filled with pedestrians and cars.

As I rounded the corner,entering the quieter street, suddenly and seeming out of nowhere came a VERY low-flying helicopter, making right for me. It was so low I could plainly see it's military design and colours. I stopped to discern and simultaneously felt the anxiety and mission-motive from those within the craft. I was given additional info from my guidance and it suddenly, too late, dawned on me that this was an attack ! The copter flew low over my head and then immediately rose up to the usual required flight level, disappearing behind me. That happened in all of 5-10 seconds or so.

It took a further day or two to confirm what had happened. I felt weird within later that day, but the next day - when my neighbour's ultra sensitive cat to human subtle body changes wouldn't come anywhere near me - I realised what had occurred. And this was followed by those familiar sensations of my nervous system under attack.
It starts with that. Once the nervous system is infiltrated via the brain/neurons, the smart dust/black goo nanotech is programmed to begin destroying the digestive, thyroid, respiratory and elimination organs/system. At least one type does. They have multiple programmes with names like Christ and Gabriel, amongst others, all created to destroy in various way.

But the CIA/NSA's 'slow kill' approach aka SATAN programme– Silent Assassination Through Amplified Neurons - also works at the mind level by using 'impulse injections' activated at will by the attackers. This also interferes with your memory and thought processes and restricts behaviour. Then there's the terror-inducing mechanisms – including their mind parasites, all executed to overwrite organic processes.

By the anxiety I felt coming from the copter inhabitants, I believe this was an important mission to accomplish successfully for the darkies. My home is protected, as well as the space around it. And I'm constantly requesting all sorts of galactic lighted tech help. So they couldn't pull the op off there.

Which all goes to prove to me the import of this period of Hu-man restoration and repair, courtesy God's Lighted specialists, as mentioned earlier. And how the previous few days/weeks of my personal opening and experience was clearly a massive threat to them.
The darkies are trying to counter every positive move we make for our personal and collective healing, but failing. After all, these moves and the whole darkie tragi-comedy of millenia takes no more effort for our Creator than flicking off a blood-sucking tic from His body, so to speak.

If I had Brian Tew's (ex DOD whistleblowing agent working in psychotronic warfare; pretty certain he's been murdered and replaced now. Recent youtubes of him are just not 'him'), Harald Vela-Kautz and others' perspectives on the workings of this 'slow kill' approach to targeted individuals, I'm sure I would have handled my attack two years ago far better. But that wasn't given to me to know about then.

Basically, this smart dust, as Tew calls it, is sprayed over the person/population or is forced upon them through introducing it to an individual's home through the water, food or air supply. Or it's implemented through implants/chips. The latter is what happened to me two years ago.

Since the attack I've also had THE most peculiar body symptoms. Whether that's my team working to helping me fix myself and bring me back into balance or something else, I'm not certain. There's finely-focused and what feel like laser-sharp heat directed at certain points (not unpleasant) including to the heart and beserk twitching, amongst others. But somehow it all feels brain-related. My digestive system and thyroid was messed for a few days, but seems back on track now.

A couple of weeks before the attack and after wondering why we never saw planes spewing chemtrails here in my area, I came across someone who explained it. It could well have been Harald Vela-Kautz. He said he was 'shown' bases with thousands of passenger planes with blacked out sides, where the passenger windows would be. Easy to hide in plain sight, these were apparently being used now to do the nanotech chemtrailing. Whether remotely controlled or not, I don't know. I pondered over this for a while after hearing that.

And voila! Shortly after that and for the first time ever TWO (in the space of 7-10 days) seeming-passenger planes flew right over my house.

They were, quite large in size and SO LOW that I knew these were no ordinary passenger jets.
Usually, there's a bit of air traffic of passenger planes near my home that I can see in the distance. I know their routes and the height they're required to fly at. These two flew over my house in a strange north-west to south-east direction, which regular ones never do. I could actually see their jet details and sides, they were flying so low. And yes, they WERE blacked out! Spewing what could easily have been mistaken for jet fuel being burned. I knew it wasn't.

Did I bring these planes into my reality by pondering over the concept for a week? You bet I did. How's that for proof of manifesting thoughts – pretty fast!

Now I'm going to manifest a bit of chosen childlike behaviour on this absolutely gorgeous, wind free spring day here with a bit of leaping on my walk.

May Oneness, Open Heartedness and Freedom in God be ours...24/7.

Bless you all to the peace of God