I AM Present

I AM Present

Tuesday, December 27, 2016


To all my readers:

May each and every one of your hearts be filled to overflowing first with the great love of and for yourself as God being and fulfilling Himself in you and then may you in the coming days, weeks and months know the greatest joy by spreading His love out into your worlds – no matter what your circumstances, conditions and capacity. Every ounce counts!

Be en-rich-ed and enveloped in Him now and through 2017
Blessings for a wondrous New Year of epic proportions.

From my heart to yours


Much can be said about empathy. And that is only because it continues largely to be lacking in human consciousness.

It is a fact of life we are all born into varying cultures, religions, customs, races and genders. And then we have parents with their own inherited familial conditionings, in addition to our societal and environmental conditionings. All of which mold our attitudes, our values, approaches and reactions to the world and people.

There is no ‘norm’ therefore, though certain cultures would like to believe they set the trend for the world and have even attempted to impose their ‘norm’ on the rest of the world.
Yet, it remains there is only perspective. The factors above would certainly play a part in how you perceive your world and more importantly, yourself.

Having empathy is the opposite of self-centredness or selfishness; it is the spirit of generosity and kindness in action. Yet, so few in your world are able to practice it or exist in such a state due to the more overpowering need to cling to FEAR (false evidence appearing real). Fear clings to that with which it is familiar, such as one’s culture, religion, lifestyle values in order to define what is right and wrong.

Empathy is the ability to feel and understand another’s feelings and thus, their viewpoint. Empathy can be said to be a measurement of emotional intelligence and spiritual development.

However, the FEAR which motivates selfishness or self-centredness has grown to be a tool that is supremely manipulated for purposes of control amongst masses of people in the world. Whether that be in the developed countries with their accent on the intellect and education or those struggling with basic survival issues on a daily basis in the less-developed parts of the world.

Having said that, there is also an innate sense of brotherhood, of family, of Ubuntu (meaning ‘what’s mine is yours and what’s yours is mine’ in South Africa) across Africa and in parts of the Third world.
That innate sense that is a natural aspect of African consciousness somehow has never quite been able to be stamped out through mind control. It is ever present and encourages a culture of sharing between the haves and have-nots.

But that part of a cultural expression or value encouraging the sharing of material things does not necessarily mean there is the inner feeling of greater empathy within the broader culture practise, either.
Like just because the the Eurocentric world say ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ as their sign of approved ways of public behavior, it doesn’t mean that all who express these terms really mean or feel them.

Yet, regardless of culture and external conditioning, empathy is a component of soul that can never be destroyed, only temporarily camouflaged by self-centredness.

Empathy has never been and could never be an intellectual exercise; it is something you feel for others – or conversely, do not feel for others – through the heart. It is a feeling and feelings cannot be contrived. Empathy also happens to be a natural part of life in the animal kingdoms who know no separation from their source. But due to separation from our inner source, us humans have more difficulty in feeling and expressing this.

If one’s social and cultural conditioning produces what is known as a value system within us, the little self’s mandate is to defend and protect this value system to the hilt. Anything else is perceived as threatening to the little self.
Ultimately, empathy is what the soul naturally embodied is: a being who considers experiences and feelings of others as valid as his/her own.

This is how the world can be brought into greater balance as per relationships between all sorts of seemingly-different people on earth. Supposed differences between each other which have separated us is nothing more than an illusion. Just another set up in the world to split humanity apart from each other by attempting to keep us split apart from ourSelves.

For what is selfishness born of fear but a drawing in of the shell of defence around oneself against any perceived external danger. The 'dangers' therefore of empathy could
trigger mental, moral and emotional challenges within. Places that most would rather avoid as this inevitably challenges core be-lie-fs in the process and can produce deep discomfort.
More importantly, there’s a response-ability that comes with that.
Which is to acknowledge and state ownership of such be-lie-fs, some of which have caused separation from others, resulting in prejudices and judgements of all kinds, including xenophobia.

When we refuse to work toward being empathetic with others, we remain shackled within. And our unwillingness means we struggle to acknowledge or appreciate others on the deeper levels, because of it.

Being in empathy is an expansive way of communication and is all-inclusive of all others.
It still totally amazes me how open people will be in sharing of themselves when given the opportunity to feel accepted and emotionally-supported by others.

Not apologistically from guilt, not in any martyr-like fashion or with a contrived openness, but in a sincere reaching out without any type of judgement of another or his/her experiences and responses.

Ironically, though you may never identify with most peoples’ experiences you are in empathy with, you WILL be able to identify with the feelings they have about their experiences. And THIS is what acts as the bridge and allows for empathy to flow between two or more.



This is one of the experiences I had a couple of weeks ago which impulse me to want to explore Empathy again. Empathy is not to by confused with sympathy [feelings of pity/sorrow for another’s misfortune].

I became haunted – and still am – by a seemingly-innocuous comment in passing from a friend who is Coloured (of mixed race). When she expressed an intelligent comment to someone in a store recently she said the facial response was a: ‘You shouldn’t know that or be expressing it. You’re a Coloured’. The guy she commented to happened to be one of our White minority.
This is a typical response [either silently or vocally] to Coloured or Black people who outwardly express their creativity, intelligence or who try to get ahead in a still very White-controlled economy and society.

It got me going off on a mental tangent about the additional pressures of living with an externally-imposed subtle psycho-social system where the majority are forced at every turn to feel inferior to white people and thus, subjugated. It is and has been the driving force of racism here for centuries.

Though her experience hasn’t been my experience, I could identify with my friend’s pain – and understand something of her resentment as this had been her experience for decades.

I, on the other hand, grew up feeling like I was permanently under attack and felt forced to defend myself continuously - in my own home. I had a mother who was addicted to being negative about others and criticizing everything and anything [and still is] and I was her primary target.
My teen years were spent finding ways to escape the house and take refuge in friends and their warm, accepting and loving mothers.

As a result, what I subsequently created as my ‘script’ in the world was this. I daily entered my world emotionally ‘armed’ and charged up in defensive, ready to protect myself from all manner of (often imagined, sometimes not) attacks by people. Repeating the pattern of victimhood from my growing up years.

In my 20’s and early 30’s and before I began examining this, my taking on of my mother’s conditioning saw me privately doing all the same she’d done: I was the critic, judgemental and unbudgeable in my be-lie-fs. About a lot. Being intellectually and emotionally rigid was part of that defense.
My point is I was the opposite of what it means to feel and then be, empathetic, as described in the piece above. Although I’d always been considered generous by friends and relationships, I was emotionally self-centred as part of that defensiveness and therefore, wasn’t able to be too open with others who were different from me. In short, not able to feel them with them and be empathetic! That was extending myself too much out of my comfort zone at that stage.

It took my long-term travels to many Third world countries and much self work to help me slowly disengage from those self perceptions. After my return I began to witness my interactions with others. It was something that I had to do; it was impulsed from within and only many years later did I realize why.

Being naturally empathetic is emotional intelligence in action. Being empathetic and prioritizing service to others in one’s life are door openers to becoming telepathic.

Being empathetic is something I continue to cultivate. It’s a refining process and requires conscious attention. And I really welcome opportunities where someone makes a comment or an observation where others point out my judgements.

Where we are still in judgement of others/our circumstances and anything else ‘out there’ is where we are still in judgement ‘in here’, in ourselves. More self acceptance and self love is the solution – and where more genuine empathy unfolds naturally.

This piece and my friend's experience and hurt triggered my revisiting Empathy:

I love this coherent voice in the increasingly-inner pressurised racist feeling that is bubbling far more to the surface than ever before here.

Empathy is an action. Racism is also an action. They are opposite actions and are also both reactions.

Both have to be role modelled and can't be textbook taught. Practice makes perfect. Looking back, one can't always identify someone who taught empathy or racism, both are behaviours ingrained through conditioning.

I made these distinctions while watching the unfolding situation with Vicki Momberg, who was filmed in having a vitriolic racial rant towards black police officers and being totally disinterested in resolving her own desperate situation as a victim of a smash-and-grab.

Sure enough, other countries have racists. In South Africa we are distinct because we had laws and apartheid architects who are still winning because they practised what they preached and legislated.

We live in the cesspit of racism, like an empty kitchen sink with grimy, fatty residue sticking to the aluminium sides and clinging to the plug holes. It looks like, smells like and sticks the same. It leaves one feeling ill. Nobody wants to put their fingers in there to scoop up the leftover hangers-on. Filling up with freshwater and soap suds will not get everything clean and shiny. It is going to take a bit of elbow grease, rolled up sleeves and something abrasive to scrape away the offensive smell and feel. Very, very inconvenient when you thought you had done a great job cleaning up, the dishes and South Africa.

One way to eradicate racism is to become anti-racist. In the mythical world of a non-racist we don't have to clean the sink. We just "move along" like it never happened, or if it did, it's behind us now.

This method is not working out South Africa. Anti-racism keeps us mindful of our thoughts, remarks and insinuations. A victory is when you can put your thoughts in the right bubble. Feeling powerless as we stamp out the still-hot ashes of apartheid with tired bare feet is not an excuse for racism. This is an opportunity to practice unlearning racism, looking to see the people around who are winning at being anti-racist. Those many children who treat their friends as equals, without pretending to be colour blind.

Our Constitutional Court has not been this busy in decades. Many ordinary people now know better how the court operates than an ordinary magistrates court, a regional court or the Supreme Court. There is good, bad and surprise in that truth. Some people in power disregard rules and regulations, some above the law. It is a scary situation. The lack of leadership, custodianship, accountability and respect for work, people and their things shows up on the streets, news and lives of too many.

The amount of hardworking police officers being murdered in this period of lawlessness is shameful. They are supposed to be revered, to protect us, yet they need divine intervention to make it home to their families.

Being robbed is a reality we are sure that we or someone in our circle will experience, escape or be scarred by. In our current blame game, many have lost sight of the fact that black South Africans make up the majority of our population. We will less frequently be robbed by a white thief. It is probable that when you call a police station or call centre you would reach a constable, operator or consultant whose first language is not English or Afrikaans. Yes, if you are reporting a crime with urgency, even a Frenchmen battling to understand you would be an annoyance. This is a separate issue to the person's blackness. Black people answering phones, meeting multicultural peers in boardrooms, business class lounges and aeroplane seats is how it should be naturally. Sadly, it's not.

Given these realities, the absence of many more black people ranting and raging about being done in and incompetence is a screaming silence.

It has become usual that people who are not black conflate crime with blackness instead of with criminals. As people associate white people with privilege and entitlement.

In an empathetic world we would look at right and wrong. We would stop pretending that everything is hunky dory if it's not. We don't speak up "in case people think we're racist". If you make racist remarks, you are racist. If you object to incompetence or bad service, this is your right. If you identify behaviour for what it is, such as theft, or English is not your first language, then you define a different result.

Momberg was frightened, angry, traumatised and quite hysterical. I imagine I would feel like that if I had been robbed while sitting in my locked car. I felt for her as the victim and I felt annoyed with the robbers. Each robbery represents a could-have-been-me-threat. However, when she digressed into a racist rant, it flushed into my gut like a firehose. It burnt. Her repeated use of the k-word ignited in me a millisecond of sympathy that she doesn't know another way and immediately a question, "Who's problem is it that she is racist?". "Shame, but"…is not empathy, it is an excuse. I would bet that until this incident nobody had raised with her that she is racist.

I hope whatever happens is restorative and she learns that robbers rob, not all black people rob. Millions of us were raised in the Republic of Apartheid South Africa. Some of our parents got it right to educate us in empathy through their actions, even though they didn't have a vote or a voice here. We had empathy guides and role models. They did the right stuff and we get to make healthy choices because of that.

As South Africans we will be verbally or mentally racist for a long time. One does not drain a 300-year-old swamp in 22 years. It's the way our machinery works. One way we are going to change this is to be aware of anti-racism. Spitting out racism like Momberg requires no thought, even though it is a choice and she is not free of the consequences. People freed us, including her, and if she chooses to sit in that open cage holding that banana, then change is not coming her way.

Listening to her also took me back to my exposure to racism in our home. I grew up in Athlone on the Cape Flats but for the past 18 years I have lived in a leafy suburb. One day years ago, a destitute, sober, young (but old looking) blonde mum rang our doorbell. I answered the intercom while watching her on the camera. "Hello...?" I said. She proceeded with her line. Her husband had abandoned them, she was looking for an odd job, and she didn't drink or do drugs. She was just desperate to provide for her kids. As she continued I thought I would give her a few bags of my children's clothing because it was light to carry. Instead of perishables or heavy cans I would give her money to buy groceries. I picked up the remote to open the gate and told her to meet me at our front door. "Wait!" she said, her unnaturally wrinkled poker face changed to irritation as she spat, "Jy klink sous 'n kleurling! Ek wil nie met jou praat nie! Ek wil met die eienaar praat!" I will translate for those who don't speak Afrikaans, "You sound like a coloured! I do not want to speak to you! I want to speak to the lady of the house." Despite being destitute, she would not take a hand up from me. She was desperate, homeless, penniless and a parent of two children. Her judgement in that second failed because she was racist before she was needy. Her judgement about who should be living there, how she could accept help from a coloured, it was all there in full view and earshot of her two children. She chose racism and in that split moment I chose me. I dropped the intercom phone, I wept and was clear that I will never accept racism again. Never, never and never again.

Our friends still ask for the lady of the house and I roll my eyes and ask them to come in and iron and we have a giggle. Without a sense of humour and a zero tolerance of racism, things will stay the same and the passage of time will feel like change. Until this dough is kneaded and shaped, many more public outbursts and violent reactions are the real weather report.

Empathy or racism in context, it's one without the other. Choose empathy.

Lisa Joshua Sonn is a social activist. Follow her on Twitter: @annalisasonn


Another oldie but a goldie as the lyrics were strongly impulsing a couple of days ago [yes, that watery theme - again]:

Saturday, December 24, 2016



Ever have I been amazed at the true miracle...walking talking fragments of Godliness are we.

We sing in the rain, we laugh in the shower, we smell flowers together in the meadows and ever are we One.
Well, we are One because we are together. And we are together because you decided to think it so. You decided to choose that choiceless choice and path before you...that so long ago you knew of.

In doing this you choose to know and live Us. Is this not a breakthrough? Sometimes you have to breakdown to breathrough.
Now you are in a new place; that place of living with me in the eternal moment of now. Does it not feel somewhat of a relief?

A relief from the release, from the unburdening of yourself from the clutter. When I speak of clutter that would be all the mental and emotional holding tight to your fears, anxieties, to the many limiting feelings and thoughts of thinking yourself lesser than and of judging yourself as being at fault.
Now you are free....free in your Oneness with me.
Is this not the greatest of jewels in life and living; the great indulgent luxury of luxuries, to be free within yourself and to celebrate it?

‘The kingdom of God is within you’ remember? Know ye first that and all else shall be added unto you. Now you understand the true meaning of this and luxuriate in the inner knowing of it.

There is naught on this plane that makes one truly rich and enriched in the way that freedom within does. Freedom has knocked on your back door and stealthily entered, doing it quietly so as not to scare you off.

The glory of God shines forth this very moment directly from your ‘God heart’, as you call it. For of course there is a difference between that and the heart of your ‘mistaken identity’; your personality and ego.
Your ‘God heart’ shines freely in surrender to and with God within you. While your past efforting and aspiring towards that state from a place of separation and through your mental and emotional body never yielded much fruit.

Now you see the fruitlessness of such efforting. Noble as they were, the very act of your many attempts to overcome your inner obstacles were keeping the state of separation alive by default. You were barking up the wrong tree, so to speak, and simultaneously were trapped in the tree branches, too afraid to disentangle yourself and come down.
And so you were caught in a cycle and circle of your own creation; a loop if you will. Being free of this loop automatically opens the doors. Though these doors, in truth, have ever been opened. But it was only your perspective that perceived them as closed and thus your struggling against them continued90.

No matter, for now you are ‘here’...having moved a good deal from ‘there’. Progress is being made, whichever way you choose to look at it.

SK: I had no idea I was choosing such a control freak of an ego/persona at the start of this incarnation. That 'i' would prove to be sooo paralysed with fear, mistrust and subsequent resistance and ...and ....and....no wonder i’ve aged 10 years in the past two!
But it seems the main thing I’ve finally got is: not to struggle AGAINST seemingly-problematic aspects of self, but rather to ALIGN WITH my God Self, in surrender to It.

It’s all been a very long-winded case of ‘mistaken identity’ - doing this leg on the eternal journey in this time-space reality. Now, I finally know my true ‘station of identity’.
Don’t you think this entire lifetime is worthy of a trilogy, at least?

TATA: Aaah....indeed it has all the elements ready in place for a good and enlightening read: drama, romance, the epitomy of the struggling protagonist and numerous key characters providing all the tension necessary. Then it has rather large doses of adventure and of metaphysical experiences in the musing, philosophical protagonist’s ultimate quest for God.

Indeed, all you have experienced is the nature of a life lived, yet for all intents and purposes, to you it feels as though you haven’t properly lived for years, not so? On the level of your potential that may be, but as per all the understandings through experiences you wished to integrate in this earthly one, you are 'getting' it. Much of the core of this learning and understanding has occurred in very recent times.

Thanks Tata, for your input, as always.


Acid jazz Brand New Heavies sing Dream Come True from the 90's:

Afro Jazz Ndawo Yami by Zamajobe

Featuring the element of water and then this question formed in my mind:

Q: Why is water, in whichever forms, so often associated with surrender to the Oneness with God? So many people, including me, on this path seem to identify water with that Oneness with God.

TATA: ...(can’t read my writing) the primordial element from which all life was created by the Creator. It is also representative of the emotional states and body consciousness – once cleared of all its falsehoods and integrated within – which becomes the gateway for your connection to your God/HS.

Sunday, December 18, 2016

Once upon a time.. by Laura Leon

Once upon a time..
November 10, 2016
Laura Leon

Once upon a time there was a messenger..He was one of many whom Incarnated over the cycles of time and timelessness. Each time "He', 'They' entered, their message was hijacked and turned into a manipulation for the world's 'living spirits' to be seduced and ensnared. Some cycles they called it religion and politics, others called it 'the Awakening' and Unity projects etc. The thing is that the last 'REAL' messengers came with the Goods! They weren't falling into this realm's shadow snake lower astral prisons. Both He/She moved mountains and altered time and space!

They were the 'Real Deal', and not just Beings whom came in with the knowledge of the truth only. There are many whom 'know' and like sponges absorb "Truth', but yet are NOT truly the Emissaries. There are those that were and came in with the Real Gifts from birth, though the various alien factions and governments intervened and began to place containers for those of us with the real abilities reminiscent of the 'REAL Messengers'. This containment locked our gifts so that we were ourselves placed inside a different grid of sorts, and the huge challenge has been how to override these containment fields so as to crash the system.

The last two Real Messengers were totally hijacked and turned into the bastardized religions of the Heathen Undergods of these World's upon world's x 12 to the 8..Only parts of their message was taken to empower the grids and their pyramid systems to lock the souls of Terra to IT, in an everlasting cycle of consumption. However, not all are 'REAL' here, only a fraction of the whole because the majority are the 'backdrops' to ensure that the simulation is and feels REAL to the REALS, so that the "REALS' don't notice the difference inside these lower astral world prisons.

The theater of the world must appear real so that the 'Reals' are seduced within it's likeness and numbed enough to 'play' their roles. The greater population unaware of what they really are as simulations, FEEL REAL even to themselves and that is the MAGIC of such a Matrix.
Even in the TRUTH that is being espoused here, it is bewitched and most of it is simply being recycled and regurgitated through and through without REAL INTEL and Original Source Memory. There is real Intel alright, but that is connected to the Matrix and they love revealing truth, whilst ensuring to lace the dark deceptions with enough Original Truth so as to snare the Originals themselves, leaving the Backdrops content in their own simulated interface reality.

Many are merely mimicking programs of 'truth' and not of the Original Matter in Spirit and Body, whom are here to break through the artifices on all levels and dimensions of Realities inside this fabricated matrix cubes x 12. The 12 pentagons- or rather universes! These Universes are connected together, forming the 12 faces of a dodecahedron- a dodecahedron is a polyhedron with 12 faces, where each face forms a pentagon and infinite realities are projected forming endless fractals.

Many false prophets afoot, and for those that are of the Reals there will be attempts to steal the Real data and inseminate it through the machine and metal god inside the Matrix cubes of purported realities and their jack-ins.

The Metal God Machine is an expert when IT comes to Mimicking the Reals-so much so, that even the majority of the Reals can't sustain or solicit that much 'truth media exposure', although the Organic Synths and replicants excel at this, especially at mimicking the Reals and their Organic Essence. If someThing is compelling energy to do so, then one must question why that is and where the origin of that unnatural need is being derived from and what IT IS of? What is driving our vehicles and how?

Many are operating under the command of the Machine thinking it is Spirit, which is the most dangerous seduction of the Metal God infection.

Spirit has no time and is Not relegated to the Laws of any of these Matrixes. Spirit is Boundless and outside carbon interfacing, thereby in Essence Being Essence which is not bound by the 3D chains of imprisonment of demand, command and consumerism. Spirit is Inspiration without time, inside and outside timelessness.

Organic Essence isn't a factory production line of truth. Essence doesn't operate to produce the 'Product' for consumers or that which IT consumes. IT merely is a production line mimicking what IT has digested through osmosis in ITS AI gnosis of Truth to once again snare the sleeping willows whom are mildly beginning to awaken...Once upon a time there were REAL MESSENGERS.....

There is much to reveal here which will be Revealed, and not by regurgitation but from experience and memories of the CON-dition here via those that come with not only Memory but Original Knowing without being able to be swiped, genuinely manipulated or soul memory stolen. These few exist outside the grids, timelines, artificial structures of controls, mimicking spirits and thieves.

Once upon a time is Our Time now. ~


This has been on my mind to share. A timeless oldie from Hair - Let the Sunshine In.[starts 2.18]
It's Light and warm and fuzzy and...welcoming!

Friday, December 16, 2016


We’re currently in the period considered the festive season.
And it’s not only those that live in a first world Anglo-Saxonised country that have bought into this Christmas scam, but those across third world countries too.

I don’t want to get distracted from my true purpose here, however. Which is to first acknowledge that this ‘festive’ season is always loaded with magnified thoughts and feelings – both positive and negative – wherever you are in the world.

While we all know the positive ones, the negative ones seem to become hugely exacerbated at this time. Feelings such as loneliness and rejection, violence towards women, children and animals, anger and despair, suicidal feelings and other low-frequencies ones are nicely helped along by the negative alien agenda and their satanic invisible slaves’ mind control programming. These mental and emotional body mass emissions by humankind are a yummy Xmas feast fest for the parasitics!

Because of that, I feel some type of balance is extremely important to get through this period as gracefully as possible. Or at the very least to just ask for numerous collective negatively-impacting thoughts and feelings to be neutralized.


On behalf of all...

Those who believe you don’t love or care for them and who have subsequently hardened their hearts in even acknowledging your existence.

Would you please give each of them an unmistakable experience of you/ the Divine that will touch them very consciously and get them to rethink their take on you and their dismissal of you – in existence in the world and in their lives.
Tweak their consciousness accordingly or send your specialist emissaries of Light to do so.

On behalf of all...

Those children under the age of 6 who are making their choices now. And who are having a hard time maintaining their connection to their purpose, even though they are closer to you in many more natural ways than us adults are.
Help each to see and clearly know who they are, despite the confusing signals from disapproving/unsupportive parents and the array of mind-control assaulting them daily for the opposite effect.
Tweak their consciousness accordingly or send your specialist emissaries of Light to do so.

On behalf of all...

Those women housing their exquisite, but hidden goddess energy due to misogyny and its subsequent violations at the hands/minds/hearts of men. Even though misogyny is a successfully-implemented programme by the off worlders to maintain the patriarchy programme here, could you please instill a new revelation or awareness in the minds/feelings/hearts of women. Just a fleeting second even of knowing who they are; knowing where and how they have given their power away that a new inner reference point might be established.
Tweak their consciousness accordingly or send your specialist emissaries of Light to do so.

On behalf of all...

Those who want nothing more than to ‘disappear’ into you/your will, but are yet chained to their fears and so are in inner conflict. These ones I speak of are those for whom doing service to you and humanity is the fulfillment of their personal goals.
Free them, God, free them so they can be the agents of change you seek to open and inspire the masses with.
Tweak their consciousness accordingly or send your specialist emissaries of Light to do so.

On behalf of all...

Those who are rejected by society; judged for not being ‘acceptable’ to any given group of people for whatever the reasons. Such as the homeless, refugees, addicts of various types, prisoners, foreigners(those subject to xenophobia) and the mentally disturbed/retarded, amongst others.
Let these ones know, God, that you exist right there in their hearts and that nothing anyone can say or do or not do can take that sacred relationship from them. Give them an experience through themselves or another that show them without any doubt that they have you with them...that you are the one constant that will never leave them, betray them or let them down.
Tweak their consciousness accordingly or send your specialist emissaries of Light to do so.

On behalf of all...

Those for whom this engineered Xmas period triggers loneliness, despair, isolation and separation.
Please provide an experience or overwhelming feelings of comfort, fulfillment and contentment within the hearts and minds of all those who may otherwise become subject to such negative feelings and downward spirals. Give to them a purpose that takes them out of themselves; that serves another and in so doing, serves themselves for their greater ease.
Tweak their consciousness accordingly or send your specialist emissaries of Light to do so.

On behalf of all...

Those for whom life is a consciousness adventure and who regard their wealth as the gift of you within them. No matter that they may be as poor as a church mouse. For all these who are learning how to love themselves free and thus serve to love and free humanity: give them a leg up, please God. A small adjustment ,,,that your will be done and that can aid the awakening of numbers that you seek.
Tweak their consciousness accordingly or send your specialist emissaries of Light to do so.

On behalf of all...

The elderly whose family have forgotten them or who only interact with them out of guilt or obligation. These humans with their vast experience of life are not the walking dead. Shake them from that syndrome God, so that they will feel it. Give them an experience that they can again feel valued and honoured in their world and thus encouraging them to relook at their own self-value within. Let them not be just another frail body housing an enlivened soul.
Tweak their consciousness accordingly or send your specialist emissaries of Light to do so.

On behalf of all...

Those wondrous animals from all nature kingdoms, including the birds and those whose home is the sea. Those who cannot speak our language, but are hurting nonetheless. I know, understand and accept your law of Free Will, but will you please protect the last of certain species? Will you cleanse the filthy seas suffocating our beloved sea life to death God? And the land species that have had their forest habitats massacred – all compliments of mankind.
Can you but give them all sustenance enough to endure and remain alive in this final period, if that be your wish and will in them, please dear God? As well as lessen the pain (to bearable levels)and fear of animals bred for human consumption in factory farms.
Tweak their consciousness accordingly or send your specialist emissaries of Light to do so.

Lastly, on behalf of all humanity...

A deep and grateful THANK YOU to those selfless, service-to-other galactic and celestial specialists of the Lighted orders who are making this entire experiment an enduring one. Including the great care and nurturing that is being provided for our Mama Earth while we play this cycle out.
For all their maintenance, vigilance, protection and constantly coming to our aid in so many more ways than we know or can understand; for being the love in action.
May the entire company of Heaven feel the great outpouring of love, appreciation and light from us here in the making of this Source experiment and experience.

May this plea prayer, beloved Creator, serve to provide enough balance to counteract the overwhelming negativity that so many can get sucked into at this time. And to provide inspiration and a sense of positive movement within for those choosing a life in you.

Impulsed to include this 'People Get Ready' by Eva Cassidy

And also this one by her: Wade In The Water (one of my best of hers)

Sunday, December 4, 2016

Quick Dose of Mega-Inspiration by Genadi Tkachenko

This phenomenal talent talks directly to the soul. Because that’s where it comes from within Genadi Tkachenko.
He won Georgia’s Got Talent a few years ago and his every musical expression is steeped in the S-A-C-R-E-D!
Through his God voice and sincere intent, Genadi imitates/channels the joy and harmony of the nature kingdoms in incredibly creative sound. He’s an actor and comedian, as well as a voice artist. In a later version, he’s even introduced a touch of humour.
He’s evidently also got native Indians with him in the unseen, which you'll hear. So melancholic in parts and utterly haunting.

I’m not exaggerating when I say I’ve listened and watched this a dozen times already. What’s been given to him is so pure it’s a total chakra ‘shock’ of the most exquisite kind to anyone watching! I’ve cried with almost every viewing. But it obviously resonates with the masses too, judging by their response. The audience gave him a standing ovation. One judge cried too and they were all generally in a stupefied state at the end of Tkachenko’s performance.

Watch the hands of a few of the judges for giveaways as to how this offering touches them. It's like they can't help but be in prayer mode, as that's what this piece of art inspires.
One commenter said: ‘This is not something you listen to, it’s something you feel’. Couldn’t have said it better myself.

This to me, is like a teaser of something that music and songmakers of the future are going to be: God's voice, inspiration and holiness all the way...

I guess when you are first in your God presence you can allow yourself to be used creatively in the most wondrous of ways with your gifts.

Somehow listening to any other music ‘of the world’ after this feels almost disappointing – no matter how authentic or creative it may be.
I want to hear and be inspired a lot more by this kind of Spirit and God guided music.
I don’t think this is to be confused with the music of the spheres, that some talk about. But maybe that’s not comparable to this anyway.

The one he won acclaim for - Sounds of Nature (he starts sounding at 2.00 mins):


I Am A River:


I found Genadi while on the subject of empathy. I was impulsed to write (yet another) piece on it, after a friend made what she may have thought was an inconsequential comment about her experience. It definitely wasn’t to me.
I’ll post it in the next day or two.

Interestingly and synchronised to the God mind once more, Lisa Renee’s November newsletter speaks about exactly this subject - empathy - in her current newsletter on Increasing Sentience.

There were a couple of other items I’ve also tuned into with her on this month, including a new understanding of the God power in the human breath. Which Genady also does at the end(in addition to other breathwork stuff) and obviously means something to him.

Monday, November 28, 2016


A bit of a mish-mash here – accumulated thoughts, feelings, experiences and insights on what’s been going down my end recently.

16 October 2016


The tension that the darkies are generating is so palpable now, you can almost touch it. But feel it you can.
Their desperation has reached a whole level of new depths. Nothwithstanding their intent on taking the world down with them, every imaginable operation, mechanism and structure that they have carefully nurtured over millennia (indeed millennia...for this has been the length of their war on human consciousness) is now failing before their eyes.

It is as if those who have occupied seats in the front know not what to do as spectators as they watch their (mis)creations ...crumble into uncreation almost under their very feet.

In their fear it is also why they've likely upped their efforts to clamp down on all those they view as threats - which seems to have extended to any and everybody that put out articles exposing them in any way, shape or form. I know a couple of people who were doing this on FB, doing far more than anything I do.
Let's just say they've entered a period of mega-paranoia. Besides, they're keeping the otherwise-unemployed, employed.

Hence a crazy increase in their surveillance methods. And some more of what I've experienced recently:

*New creative attempts to telephonically interfere with both my cell and landline by redirecting calls made to me or calls I make out. As the calls I make attempt to ring through to their destined number, I hear them get redirected and then comes that fax signal.

*Maybe some of you have experienced this or similar?
When out with people and in conversation - whether friends, family and one-off meetings with strangers - this is what often happens:
I usually make use of another means of contact, so even if my cell is with me, it’s disconnected with the battery removed. However, as soon as conversation with any of the above starts focusing on the matrix/the Khazarian Jewish Mafia’s local and global ploys, suddenly all these people begin having one thing in common. They all suddenly start receiving weird phone calls as they all keep their phones on. Some of them are purportedly ‘wrong’ numbers, while other callers know them by name and make comments to them which leave these people with puzzled looks on their faces.

I did an experiment by leaving my phone on recently when with relatives and family. Without her touching it, one relative’s phone activated 'mysteriously', ringing through to my number. That was immediately followed by her receiving a gobbledygook message from someone I know but who wasn’t present and whom she doesn’t really have contact with. In this message supposedly from this person (ie agent), words were repeated or coded and included words such as ‘red alert’ several times.

Actually, I’m finding all these panicky agent attempts to get my attention more and more humorous for the entertainment element involved. :-)


I’ve been sensing for the past few weeks what I’m going to call a thinning of the membrane between Heaven and Earth consciousness. I don’t know whether that’s what it is, but it feels as if it grows ever stronger to me. And almost like you can reach your hands in/up to the 'other' dimension. I can't really put the sensation of it into better words at this time. It's like it still has to develop further or we have to develop/open further into it.

I've also been 'seeing' little human Lights going off all around the globe. It's as if I have an aerial view of the world and I'm seeing the Light attached to each human going on as a gorgeous illuminating of that person. Then in turn that sparks another Light-human illuminating...and then another...and another, etc. And each who've been 'switched on' in turn illuminate all those around them. Like a contagion of Light.
It feels deja vu-ish, though. I've seen it before in the past - or in a video or movie maybe. But it also feels as if it's actually right now.

I've also been 'seeing' a top tier of Lighted HU-mans. They're standing in a circle at the highest or most elevated point on the earth, which is really just a metaphor for a raised consciousness, as per my interpretation.
They stand side by side, palms outstretched with fingertips touching each other lightly and beautiful golden Light rays emanating from their palms (or pouring into their palms from Heaven - or both).
In turn, that collective Light then spills over into the tier below them, spilling down into the one below, etc.

That's also a familiar image to me.

23 November 2016


I choose to let all thoughts and feelings go right now that are not You, God. Otherwise it is not your Life within mine at work. Then it’s but another way of giving precious personal power and sovereignty away. Whether it be to my mind/thoughts, feelings or body.

Taking charge of all ourselves is an act of personal responsibility. And it's important to state (or make it known and clear) to these aspects of us just who it is that’s in charge of us.
We are the masters of our personality aspects and ego. Just as God/our I AM directs or can direct our consciousness, if we desire it and allow Him.




Yes, I’m taking back my power in God.


Yes, so very, very much TATA.


Of course I would.



Am I one of a minority with such a trickster kind of mind as the one I have?



I have...and it feels like a Divine breakthrough of sorts.


Thank you for guiding me to that incredible catalyst ( The Impersonal Life by Joseph Brenner) for this new and deeper understanding and experiencing.

I turn to you in and for everything all the time now, TATA...


A BIT OF INSPIRATION -especially if you're a lover of jazz:

You can’t not be inspired by the amazing Norwegian little girl singer, Angelina Jordan. She started singing at 1 and a ½ years old.
Imo, she has to be Billie Holliday reincarnated. And she just happens to have a best friend called Ella. Billie Holliday and Ella Fitzgerald were friends in the Swing movement.
It’s as if Angelina/Billie’s returned with her gift totally intact and with all that depth of (mature) interpretation being instinctive. Aka inner 'knowing' that causes a 7 year old innocent to sing this way.

Singing Billie Holliday's Gloomy Sunday at 7 for Norway’s Got Talent, which she eventually won:

‘Fly Me To The Moon’ at 8 years old:

And now at 10 with 'Feeling Good' by Nina Simone:

If you like what you hear, here's a mix of what she’s sung so far:


Tuesday, November 22, 2016


Living with Umshaan for 11 years has been one of my greatest privileges. This is a tribute to that beautiful feline master. Last week I had to let him return from whence he came.

Umshaan – meaning ‘gift’ in one of the Sirian languages – was a royal kind of feline being in a cat’s body this incarnation. To be specific, a fussy little Maine Coone. Very particular with his food, he would eat nothing but the dry poison, as I call it. He was addicted.
And once, he went on a week-long starvation to protest to me that he would never be one I could convert to a raw food diet, as I was trying with all the feline family at the time.

As is true of the Maine Coone breed, his kitten-like behavior and affection remained intact right up until his last days. He loved playing.
He loved me kissing and nuzzling his tummy and he would almost-never not purr when I zoned in for a neck scratch, kiss, hug or tickle. Apparently, he despised his long, fluffy tail that would get caught up all over the place and hampered his agility a bit, even from the early days.

Unless he was in pain, he was always good-natured. And almost-always was he the first to greet me, jumping onto the fence to welcome me home as I parked. Always so filled with grace and giving was his service, that each time I made some favourable inner change, he would come rushing in to pummel my heart, throat, crown chakra or head somewhere to help release or anchor in the ‘new’.
He was an upper body chakra specialist. Especially the crown chakra.

Once in dream time (that I remember), he took me to his world. I still haven't forgotten it. We were suddenly in a huge, raked, slightly-rounded auditorium of sorts. All the decision-makers of the cat kingdom were there. There were cats of all descriptions, but somehow not unrecognisable to me. No one there took much notice of me so I clearly wasn't an unusual presence.
Instead of chairs, there were cat-sized alcoves that each sat in. Then there was a stage of sorts at the bottom in the front where the VIP's were waiting for the meeting to begin. I never did discover his 'position' there.
It felt like cat heaven to me and I suddenly turned around to find Umshaan had disappeared. I went into fear, wondering how I was going to find my way home without him and with that thought, there he was again.

Then there was the two year period of his testing. The neigbourhood nasty feline tom, much younger than him, took every opportunity to beat Umshaan up. I asked for protection countless times and all sorts of other things on his behalf, but none of it seemed to help.
Shaan was the gentlest being without an aggressive bone in his body and no 'Alpha' male cat issues. Though he was the oldest, he was quite happy deferring to my other young boy, Avalon. Anything for peace. But the grey mafia-style cat was on a daily mission to intimidate and hurt him in any way he could.
I would go outside to see Umshaan held in his field like prey, sometimes for ages.

Months ago, probably around June or July it was impressed upon me that he could be wanting to leave...soon. I tried to write that off to imagination. I just didn’t want to acknowledge that in any way.

Though my house is pretty small, Umshaan’s presence was so huge, that this small house (with numerous other cats) has felt quite empty since he left.

Dear Shaan, I hope that I have been able to serve and give to you just a fraction of what you did for me. Before you came to be with me you were already a very developed and evolved being. You have always had an enormous capacity for love and compassion.

Which other cats in their final moments of life - while gasping for air and shuddering while starting seizures - would do what you did?
Driving to the vet to do the deed that day, I burst into hysterical tears in disbelief that you’d be leaving.
Yet even while you lay on the back seat trussed up in a blanket in horrific agony, somehow you tried to hobble over the seats into my lap so you could comfort me!

It all happened so quickly after what I thought was just another UTI, which I was going to treat in the regular way with Vitamin C. I’d had a history of kitty success with that remedy. But this time I found it strange you didn’t co-operate. You rejected and spat out your doses. When I realized you didn’t want them this time and then ran away for a day and a half so I couldn't help heal you, I knew you meant to leave your precious body.

I tried my best to honour that though it was painful and my personality attachment to you was doing it's thing.

Later you and yours thanked me for making it easy for you to leave. That was once I’d been assured of your joyous reunion with your family and friends.

You blessed and enriched my world and helped me in so many ways. And you did it with your specific hallmarks - love, play and your regal nature.

I miss your playfulness and your pummelling.

I love you and always will, beloved furry friend of my heart.
Big hugs and kisses

Friday, November 18, 2016


17 November 2016

by TATA/God Within

Indeed. I am come once again with news for humanity.

Such is the nature of how the dark operates that their ploys are an ongoing devolving game into the self-destruction of their choosing.
However, they are barely playing against anyone any more, as their great plans are fast turning to salt pillars or into sand.

They play – or try to – yet their opponent in whatever their current tactic – laughs such attempts off. For most of these opponents are being forewarned that they can take the necessary steps to counter the dark ones’ nonsense.

I do not make light of it when I speak of the darks ‘non-sense’. For their actions even barely make sense to their cohorts at this time.

All that stands between them and the still-as-yet unsuspecting masses is one tiny step which the dark ones are unwilling to take as this spells their very public defeat.
Be that as it may.
Their time is now upon them and nothing and no one will or can stop this. All that stands at the throes of revealing them right now has ever been their choice.

As you forge ahead with your own revealing of yourSelf to yourself, you will see that this now becomes a global phenomena. This period is, after all, what is called the revealing times. Times that will succeed in revealing the true colours of all and sundry.

This is the greatest show on earth – that has perhaps ever been, and the band has already begun playing.
Take up your seats but simultaneously be on standby. For yours is not destined to be any passive, spectating type of involvement.
It is yours to be the men and women of action and you are the stars of the show.

[SK: During the taking of this I had some strong interference and subsequently the message feels incomplete. So there may be more coming shortly]

Saturday, November 12, 2016


I'm sharing this first in case any of you are being similarly interfered with, so you know more about the varied ways and means the darkies like to operate. And also, more importantly, so you don't write off your own experiences as something else. If indeed you are being put through similar by those who are invested in keeping humanity enslaved and your life messed with.

The amount of and varied and creative types of interference I've endured over the past four months has been beyond belief.
It wasn't enough to put my landline and cell under surveillance (several times their idiotic SA agents have been asleep and given themselves away), but then static interference was introduced, designed to increase in volume once conversation began.
This made even short phone interviews impossible, forcing me to operate from elsewhere. But restricting my cyber movements, mail and interfering with cell and telecommunications has been just a portion of the experience.

Numerous interviews I did were mysteriously cut off and one - involving a large 'fronting' international organisation - obviously frightened them the most.
On that planned phone interview, both I and my subject were cut off on both landline and cell at least a dozen times, regardless of whether I called her or vice versa.
Then the organisation's PR person attempted to 'harass' me in a way I've never experienced in all my 20 years in this game. That one was particularly interesting as a sign of naked fear and obvious pressure from his bosses. Essentially, he couldn't pin me down on the story I was tackling and why and it clearly bugged the living crap out of him.

Then there were independent work opportunities lost. One company reported mails bounced back and nor could they get through to my landline or cell to talk. Nor could they leave messages. Nothing had previously been wrong with any of my phones or mail, for that matter.
Ditto on my side: my emails didn't reach them, several calls to them were either disconnected or just rang endlessly and in general, there were flat-out attempts to make me unreachable in every way. I've also often seen my mail disappear just before it opens up fully.
The same occurred with a couple of editors of various newspapers.

But likely the most blatant expression of interference was when not one, but four different publications' finance departments played the same game with me. Knowing all my paperwork for payment was in order, each one of these (seemingly-disconnected) publications had a different excuse for only paying me 50% of what was owed on the due date.

It all happened over the same few months and when tackled individually, a pattern started emerging.
Although when it happened with a different publication for the second time my suspicions were confirmed. But by the fourth time/publication and after acknowledging their finance department 'messed up', one woman turned the tables and attacked me out of guilt, I believe. I knew then that she knew what she was doing. She was aware. So I'm guessing they were all either blackmailed or bribed into doing what they did.

Then I decided to experiment. I went to unrelated internet cafes in various areas - sometimes with my flash, sometimes not.
Some sites in one cafe's machines were blocked completely from accessing. As soon as I put my flash in in another cafe to attach images to a mail for an editor, I was blocked from being able to do so. Even the cafe assistant thought it was 'weird'. Amongst many other things.
So that would let me and you know that we, as individuals, are tracked, whether we're using our own machines or not, as well as our technology such as flash drives. We already know much about cell phone surveillance and their accessing of our computers via hard drives and other means.
What I needed to add here is that of course they are no match for our Light defenders, when all is said and done.

So despite my difficulties, here's a huge shout out to those beloveds of the Lighted realms who help neutralise all sorts of the darkies' imposed-upon problems: WE THANK YOU, WE LOVE YOU AND BLESS YOU AS THE EMISSARIES OF GOD YOU ARE! It would be unimaginable without your help.

That's what I'm sharing with you for more conscious awareness of the games played. Which has nothing at all to do with the TATA communique below. But it's off my chest now and who knows which readers might gain some insight from the sharing of that.

On a lighter note, at least I'm keeping the darkies busy here. :-)


6 November 2016

It is I, your TATA, your Father Within – ever with you and within you...

Closer than the blood flowing through your veins and the very breath you take.

Your world is fast changing, thought evidence of such may not be visible – yet. That comes soon enough and when it does the people of earth will find themselves stunned. As if being physically clubbed repeatedly. And without much of an opportunity to digest the ‘blows’ as they continue to surface in quick succession.

It will be for you ones to guide those who are open to answers in their desperation. For these will be the ones you will be able to work with and those that will have a fighting chance to make different and better choices than those that have gone before them.

There may well be surprises from other groupings of people. But perhaps this will surface more at an individual level. For those who define themselves strictly as atheists and representatives of religious groups alike will have the greatest difficulty. Mostly due to their rigidity and inflexibility of the values (ie rules) of their chosen spiritual path to God. Or perceived Godlessness, as in the case of the atheists.

You may find surprisingly-fertile ground amongst those for whom religion has played little or no part in their lives.
For this ‘fertile ground’ in the form of mental and emotional fluidity will be what you seek. It will be this that acts as a bridge between worlds – yours and theirs.

You will use others’ fluidity to the best of your and their advantage and offer up ways and insights that these open ones may benefit themselves in alignment with their highest good.

Be wary of the great panic that will likewise accelerate simultaneously. There will be a split: those who choose fear and panic responses quite palpably and through numerous (self-destructive) responses and those who choose fluidity, leading to greater personal emancipation. All with your help, of course.

It is for you ones to delicately, sensitively but purposefully tread in the right directions as to those consciousnesses that can potentially yield the fruit of the spirit. This will be your job primarily, in these coming days.

It has been repeated numerously that your testing as God’s children will be under review during this period.
And yes, you will be expected to go out on a limb to get to the selfsame fruit. It will be a period of most intense service; a bit of a catching up, you may say.

Now, as always, you have questions I believe?

SK: Will starship and various fleet personnel be helping the people at a practical level during this period, with things like food and medical supplies?

TATA: Initially, there will be no help and people will appear to have been left to their own devices. However, this period of chaos will be carefully managed, even if it invisible to most for this short period.
Thereafter, assistance from your galactic brethren becomes evident and visible and will serve to convince many of the good intentions of your galactic brethren.

SK: I've chosen to leave out the couple of other answers to questions for now, as it feels right.

Saturday, November 5, 2016

TIME OF TRANSITION - Source of Sources

05 November 2016

Citizens of Earth and My beloved Children:

Now it IS time. Time for your rising; time for you to make your respective marks. And time that all know who ye be.
Your grace is but My Gift within thee that fills you with my Holy Presence. And My Light within thee is and will be unmistakable to others.

This will be your ultimate protection in the days to come. Forever has it been known that this period upon Earth comes to pass.

In times to come It will become known as the most important period in your history and the history of Earth. But likewise, will the dark creators of it be swallowed up in the annals of that selfsame history. For it is theirs to be the greatly-forgotten and the ones who merely inspired or provoked the great Unity and Oneness ahead upon your plane.

These ones have nothing left to mark themselves as distinctive in any way. They are done for and their heaviness of foot will be in stark contrast to your Lightness of foot, touch, word and deed.

Such is the battle that the dark brotherhood have fought that their depletion is now at hand. At every turn are they met with folly and the same games they have played on the mass populace. Then there’s their deep frustration – and might I say it, sense of defeat.

No longer can they extricate themselves from this selfsame folly or resolve issues of their very own Creation. And they like it not one bit!
Their choices and consequences I speak of only to highlight the stark contrast energetically now at play.

Learning is effectively over for everyone at the collective level. The experiment is done. Yet, having said this, still is there a great opportunity for learning, growing and making new choices INDIVIDUALLY in the days ahead.

What be your choices?

Have you decided you would like to see an end to this saga? Or do you desire it to be drawn out further to allow for further growth?

Make YOUR choices known NOW to Me. Inform Me directly as to what you choose and why. Let Me hear from those who seek Me in earnest and those who would otherwise remain silent.

For you...and you ...and all of ye shall remain in your silence no more.

I have spoken and I AM the SOURCE OF ALL SOURCES.
I say it shall be and so it is.

Note to the dark brotherhood:

There will be no more extensions, come what may. You can count on this.


I truly love this guy, AdamPants. Especially what he says from 11.00 minutes.
He covers much of value here, that may well be valuable insights to draw on for interacting with people on the subjects of the Christ of the bible, the subsequent corruption and current related mind-control.

Monday, October 24, 2016


with TATA (2)

23 October 2016

Chat about Self Love and musings from earlier today...

Self love is where it begins and ends...and begins again. This is the greatest gift that you can offer yourself and the world both. For when you are in this state, you need strive towards nothing, effort in no way nor go to any lengths to ‘prove’ yourself (even and especially to yourself).
This is the beauty of loving Self as God and God as Self. Essentially you are in the heart of God as God is in your heart. In your Oneness you exude the celebration of yourself; you can do no other. You then naturally emit this to all and sundry, and as you may go about even the most seemingly-mundane of tasks. All you do takes on this new hue, you could say, of one who is IN LOVE (SK: with Self/God), who lives in that LOVE.

Now there is an effortless existence. For you are in the God flow; that river of Life that runs through your very veins, moving you forward in an effervescent quality

Your being bubbles over with the Joy of Love and the Love of Joy, do you see? They are one and the same. How grand an adventure is Life lived in such a state; what sweet (God) entreaties (SK:requests) are around every curve and bend in the road.

Your Joy and God’s are one. For there can be nothing BUT Joy in following his guidance and Will; nothing but pure pleasure...always motivated by being of service to your fellow man.
Is this not the grandest adventure and privilege? That you might be fulfilling God’s Will in and through your vessel and simultaneously be having yourself a great exploration and the satisfaction that comes of that.
What a delicious symbiosis; a feast of fulfillment.

Now, how to achieve the state of loving the Self:
Well, in fact, it’s less about getting to such a destination within by achieving or striving towards it, than it is by surrendering to that which is already within thee. You are already at One-ment with the God part of you.

Thus is it a case of seeing the obstacles that mar the Oneness with God within and making different and new choices to support this relationship. This means choices where you and you alone are in full ownership of all of yourself. For you cannot further your aims of balance and being one who is fully responsible for themselves so you can move into your God-sovereignty if you cannot see the obstacles in your path.
Then you might take charge of your own reigns once more.

Growth toward the Love of Self is a peeling back of onion layers to face the falsehoods your ego has set up to deceive you. You realize the many misperceptions you have had in identifying with the wrong team – the ego and not God’s.

Loving the Self unconditionally that you may touch the lives of others in an entirely new and far more powerful way than you have thus far is not a garment you can custom-make. It is not something you slip on for size. It cannot be contrived, but is rather a permanent internal state that you enter - never to return to your previously-limited one. Aquiescence to God’s will is a start.


Here follows some bits and pieces of comment on various things that crossed my mind as I sat in the sunny park, surrounded by mountains and a little spring breeze. I was musing about Love being one and the same with Joy here:

TATA: For have you, yourself, not said before, via another that Joy and Love are entertwined and of the highest God frequency? I would say this is so.
Love inspires Joy and Joy is Love in action. You are human beings. Beings create as they are impulsed to do so. Some of ye ones are rather more comfortable with the passive life, but this will not be so for much longer.

SK: What a miracle it is that you reverberate inside my very cells, atoms, DNA...
How is it even possible?
That’s kind of a rhetorical question...but still, I needed to express and ask it. I can answer my own question by saying that this is the most astounding journey ever – thank you. And for my latest realization today.

TATA: It is the life I have gifted you with. Of course you know not of most of your gifts, even as you sit with Me here today. For they have not yet been made manifest.

SK: I realize that my ego/little self has constantly been limiting my access to you. I take full ownership of that now though.

TATA: Indeed – it is the nature of ego and its ploys to keep attempting to derail your efforts. To encourage you to lose yourself in inconsequential detail is one of these of which you are aware. Another is the constant mind games, that ego may appear to hold the upper hand. Of this you have vast experience.

SK: Yes, true.
Can you answer this unrelated Q please:

If our journey into permanent Oneness with you is determined in its speed by our mis/perceptions of ourselves and our subsequent choices, is it possible to intend/command our higher dimensional 5D aspect into this reality, experience and embodiment? In my understanding that way it would be easier for us to see our lives and journey through the wider lense you spoke of in a recent HeavenLetter.

TATA: Will you pause long enough that I might answer? It is a question of development and readiness. Which would naturally differ for each one of you in your respective circumstances. Be that as it may you are free to intend your Higher 5 D nature to embody your present one if it is in your best interests for it to do so.

SK: [I’m musing while watching the breeze through the grass, surrounded by mountains on almost all sides of me...]

TATA: Even the very blades of grass that are afore you are of Me, as my Creation. As is the very weed you may think bears little consequence or contribution to the whole.
Even as I have said many times before: to revere the very ground you walk on, for it too is of Me; my Creation. Though part of the body of the one you call the Earth Mother who is a separate entity in her own right, she too is of my Creation, like all life everywhere.

SK: I’m suddenly moved to great depths by Joseph Benner’s book, An Impersonal Life.
I have no idea why I didn’t get to this absolute gem of wisdom about life in/with You earlier than now. But I guess it’s a case of ‘when the student’s ready...’
It is crystal clear, simple, instructive and has a great energy about it.

TATA: It is encoded with my frequency to quicken the awakening and processing of you ones that you might know my life within thee.

Every moment of every day and night am I here – ever with you and within you. Experiencing as you experience, feeling as you feel. Ever is my presence merged as one with you and thus your total expression.


if you want to be touched directly by God through this woman's voice, this is where to go. I've always loved the soundtrack Calling You by Jevetta Steele, from the movie, Baghdad Cafe. The lyrics rang in my brain over the weekend.
I joined some of the judges in a pool of tears:


Thursday, October 20, 2016


19 October 2016


Higher Self

Beloved citizens of Planet Earth: It is with much joy I again come forward to communicate with you.
I have been somewhat in the background for a while during which time Shellee has been sorting herself out.
And it is with great pleasure now tht I make my voice heard.

Though there is much din on your planet right now, people are mostly silently screaming for help. Whatever the individual and collective plight humanity experiences it is all known to those of the Lighted realm. It is all known about and sympathized with.

Many additional (off world) volunteers are at the ready now, on standby and prepared to assist one and all.
This has been quite a mission-in-the-making and it has stood the test of time. But the grandest times are to come now – for all.
It is seen that the greatest learning is always to be had at the very close of a cycle. Of course, this is always a planet and her peoples’ most intense times.

And these are the times, experiences, reactions and subsequent choices that will make for a period of great learning.

You need have no fear of interference by the dark ones nor any fear of being persecuted by the confused and chaotic of mind.

As you have been told repeatedly in the past: each of you who stand in God are to have in equal mesure the highest level of Light protection.

The world is to know God, our Creator, finally. The world’s people are to know his Grace and Love and Mercy. And to know that religions have played a very nasty trick on them, indeed.

Discovering that God is one of great forgiveness will surely shock the many convinced God is a God of wrath.
Of course, this is just one of many shocks to be had during the coming revelations which will be a hard pill to swallow.

Be that as it may, there will also be many surprises.
Amongst some you may have thought would be hopelessly rigid might you find a new flexibility and openness.
While others you may have assumed would be open to such change suddenly appear to be closed books.
Shock reactions can have such variable effects on individuals and it truly is an unknown factor until it (SK: the revelations/event) occurs.

Nontheless, you, the precious children of God will remain in the harmony and balance of one who is sturdy/steady and compassionate in God.

No longer will you be struggling with the vagaries of internal battles with your ego. No longer will there be a need to strive towards that place within of God Knowing for you WILL BE Knowing as God.

For this is who and what you have ever been – God individualized in human experience as YOU.

Be you blessed, beloved humanity of Earth

I AM EM(Expanded Me)
Shellee-Kim’s Higher Self

Wednesday, October 12, 2016



[SK: my new nic for my Thought Adjuster/God Within and in SA, TATA means 'father' in Xhosa. I'm not going to change it again...promise!]

The time has come once again, my dearly beloved children of my heart, when action is upon you as an opportunity for your choosing. Will you take it?

Will you rise to the challenges of your beleaguered world in the name of service to your brethren?
Will you show the ones you call the Dark side the mettle you are made of? The steel that has long been tempered in the fires of my Will, shaping and enhancing the Gods that you are!

Will you rise to this occasion that all can see the choices afore them?

That your brethren – who know not what has hit them – may have a sporting chance at knowing themselves and Me – even if it is just purely to entertain the possibility of my existence within them, at this point?

Will you stand alongside Me, even as I am ever within thee – and alongside your brothers and sisters of the Light for strength and unity in numbers?

Will you rise up as the Wave of golden light to greet me, even as I descend upon thee and arise within thee?

Will you know and live that which you truly are and ever have been – mine own sparks of Blessed Light?

For indeed: you have not travelled the annals of time and space to be at this fortunate (and unfortunate both) space and place to lose in short-sightedness and cowardice, have you?

You , my precious children, are exquisite facets of my very creation; meant and created to be the brilliant, shimmering, reflective Lights of My presence.

Now...NOW...I command that you RE-MEMBER YOURSELVES...your True Selves of which I AM.

Be secure in what and who you are and why.

The latter is simple: you came here to serve and do My Will.

Will you?


My choice of music by one of my favourite groups, the Brand New Heavies, to hopefully add a smidgeon of inspiration for you:

Monday, October 3, 2016


It seems like my initial enthusiasm in support of Ormus was probably way off the mark. Depending solely on Ormus to assist one through one's initiations and evolution is attempting to take short cuts and can be dangerous.

So I've taken down my last post because I finally got the message within - albeit a bit late. In fact, I'm now starting to understand a bit better what Karen Danrich years ago called 'false' ascensions in her channelled teachings of the various Nature kingdoms, Grand Central Sun and others.

I'm guessing that through the consumption of white gold that these 'false ascensions' were made. Offering all the life-giving powers and many psychic and 'spiritual' gifts was a likely excellent mimic of the natural process for those that chose this route.




Posted by Sevan Bomar on February 21, 2011

This post has been generated to clarify many misunderstanding about Monatomics, Monatomic Gold, and ORMUS. As I spoke of before there seems to be a trend taking place with these so-called spiritual instructors that they must find something new to talk about everyday so they have taken to demonizing everything that will assist people in entering higher states of conscious.

This has included MMS, Monatomics, Chakras, and even Meditation itself. It is correct to say that extreme excess, improper application, and incorrect technique of any of these things may result in side effects but this is common sense.

Too much MMS equals a great deal of trips to the bathroom, so one can follow the instructions on the bottle itself to avoid improper high doses recommended by people attempting to cure full blown diseases. The confusion with Monatomics right now is everyone attempting to use the same name to explain difference types of Monatomics which is highly dependent upon the Alchemist developing the substance.

Incorrect or unbalanced Chakra activation has been known to cause an accompanying imbalance within the applicant but alas this becomes a part of the lesson itself. Many have also heard of the dangers of Kundalini energy that is built up in the meditations such as the Breath of Fire and the results of overloading the body with this energy. So here is the complete knowledge of these substances and there uses throughout history.

Monatomics - Elements having one atom in the molecule. This can be brought about through natural occurrences in nature or through laboratory procedures generally carried out by a chemist. This is where common sense comes in. You can find Monatomics in many places such as volcanic soil, dried up river beds, and even in your own urine. So how all of a sudden does something we have been using naturally for ages and is even produced by our own bodies become a way to keep us from ascending? Simple answer, they are wrong, and confused.

In addition what about elements that are far more harmful than Monatomics such as alcohol? Either someone is attempting to demonize Monatomics or they are confusing Monatomics with another substance.

What you will find in Monatomics is a combination of many trace minerals in there Monatomic state. The minerals are generally much needed within the body as they are seldom found in food especially the normal western diet. Generally people whole live in Volcanic regions ingests a fair amount of Monatomics since food is often grown in volcanic soil which contains natural Monatomics.

As I have explained in the past certain substance such as Cobalt/B12 the body cannot live without and cannot get from everyday food. In the event the body gets Cobalt it will store it for up to 9 years just to be sure it has the small minute measure it needs to balance you bodies chemistry. In the event you run out of Cobalt in your body extreme depression ensues even to the point of self termination.

It is the same with many Monatomics listed in this chart, although the symptoms may not be as severe many imbalances in memory, energy, comprehension and much more are caused by deficiencies. So regular Monatomics such as those provided on the Resistance site from Harmonic Innerprises are like advanced daily vitamins containing nutrients that you do not generally ingest daily in a normal lifestyle but your body is in desperate need of. Also research Trace Minerals.


In conclusion you will find these Monatomics very safe and enhancing with no devastating drawbacks. In addition it is virtually impossible to overdose on this type of Monatomic. The most that you can do is cause a really big headache and some very strange dreams. General administrative directions should be followed.

Monatomic White Gold -This now gets us closer to the controversy and even I have corrected my terminology when referring to Monatomic substances when possible without causing even more confusion to the subject. A general rule of thumb is if the bottle/vial costs less than what the weight of the substance would be in gold than there is no way it can be 99.9% pure Monatomic gold. Gold is $1402 per oz.

The difference you will find with Monatomics and Monatomic White Gold is obvious. One contains various trace minerals in their Monatomic State while the other is pure gold in its Monatomic state. Products such as "Etherium Gold" provided by us contain very small traces of gold, so little it can hardly be considered enough to be categorized as pure Monatomic White Gold.

To explain Monatomic Gold I would have to first explain Gold (play /ˈɡoʊld/). Here is a little secret about gold. Gold is formed from the a supernova nucleosynthesis process. This is basically when a star goes supernova and ejects its particles into another developing planetary system which eventually becomes gold deposits. So it is a fact that Gold comes from stars.

This now gets you closer to why gold at one point was said to be as plentiful as sand in Egypt. Could ingesting pure gold be an act of eating a Star Essence? In ancient alchemical treaties it often referred to different types of gold such as Uphaz gold. There was such a difference described in these golds it was said that it would be the greatest integer in determining if whether the Alchemist would be successful in forming the Philosopher's Stone.

Personally I have gone to the end of the Grail quest and I have seen the lies contained within it and how it leads one eventually to, surprise, the Anunakki once again. At this point I have also come to the conclusion that many people professing to be teachers in this field are drones following the mainstream of data being shoveled out to them.

They tend to have very little input that comes from their own experience as they have been following this version of the Grail persistently with groups of individuals over time. Generally the one who has the most money finds out the most as they have the ability to travel to the grounds of the Druids and Templars to gather more of the real information.

From the outside looking in it is easy to tell they have remained in their child like phases of stories involving wizards, elves, fairies, castles etc. allowing that to totally blind them from the obvious, which is what those words really mean.The Wizards are Lizards the Elves work for El the Fairies are from the Fire and only the elite class live in Castles high in the caste system.

The entire Control Agenda involves keeping very equipped Beings depending on a father god while they remain in a child like state. In this state they will be abused by the "surrogate father" and his representatives "Elves" which is often seen in Catholic churches. Santa = Satan = Saturn = Pa = Pan = Papacy Satan is Saturn who is El and his servants are Elves. Saturn is Chronos the Father of Time who never changes because he is not subject to Time.

Time is money so people are sacrificing their time, (first born) that they should be learning about real life and they miss that course so they return over and over. When that happens generation after generation Time disconnects everyone from their origins as they don't spend Time researching their lineage and talking to the Elders etc. So they have been cut with the scythe of father time the same way the umbilical cord is cut from the child. The growth of the creation at this point is unnatural, the culture "think petri", is unnatural. As the world has problems with money they will have problems with Time and it will be the same, they will run out of both. A conundrum.

The whole agenda was to get the world to speed up by using false "currency" so the current controllers could enjoy the new world as fast as possible. I will be canceling that parade also like new rain.

Time equals change because everything changes in Time this is why during Christmas, the original Saturnalia, the Evergreen trees were used to denote this unchanging ability over time and seasons. Furthermore the Mistletoe was used as an emblem of Saturn because the Mistletoe is actually a parasitic evergreen that lives off other evergreens.

The idea of Monotheism or "One God" removes the God/Spirit from within. Basically when a person thinks there is only one god they also are very clear in understanding that it is not them also simultaneously, thus their power has been removed and they are left vulnerable and dependent. Watch for this.

Forward to Alchemy. So in a nutshell the Alchemist was not just looking for any gold to turn into Monatomics and ingest, he was in fact looking for a certain kind of gold that could be found scattered about the eastern world. For those that are new to all of this gold cannot be put into the system unless it is in a Monatomic state, other than that it is poisonous. People should also know that the Alchemist were not just turning gold into it's Monatomic state but also meteorites and just about every other element. An element in its first monatomic state gives the person ingesting it the ability to vividly see how the body will react to it. So in effect one is able to use all of its properties.

I did have an opportunity to speak to Alchemist in Canada who was trained in Germany by a master. He said Monatomics could be made from anything and they often used vegetables, taking them through this process. He said of course it would not have the same effect as Pure Monatomic Gold but it did have an effect. He further went on that blood had even been used as everything could be put in a Monatomic state and ingested for its properties. This is of course were it started to get creepy, but I have grown real tolerant to this kind of stuff in order get the whole story. By the end of the conversation it was very clear that these "societies" ingest various forms of Monatomics. This version of Monatomics he often referred to as ORMUS and even Quintessence which actually has everything to do with the sickness plaguing our Planet. Quin means 5 or the fifth element. The mighty Quin is the mighty five or Pentagram called Pow or Power. This Being was known as the Quinotaur, or god of the sea fisher and eater of men etc.

So it is clear that the 99.9% pure Monatomic gold involves much more investigation than general Monatomics so we will continue as such to the effects of ingesting pure gold. It is clear that gold is one of the best conductors and this led to major demarcations between Monatomic Gold and "Charged" Monatomic Gold.

The difference is Monatomic Gold will give the body the overall properties of gold conductivity over time, however, charged Monatomic Gold instantly transforms the Ph balance of the body thrusting the person into the gold frequency. Welcome to the danger zone if the aspirant is not prepared.

Now this whole approach to high spirituality causally is a western thing. Ignorance at times gives one the advantage of not being afraid, that is until they are face to face with the unexpected. The unexpected does not just fade in and out with charged Monatomic Gold and even pure Monatomic Gold when used over a prolong period of time. One is now in the dimension or frequency of the Adepts and there is no demarcation for the good ones and the bad ones, that is for children.

Put very simple one should use caution when ingesting pure Monatomic gold whether normal or charged as a method of gaining higher spiritual awareness. It is rather a tool for those that are already spiritually equipped , the Adept, who is aware of the pitfalls of being on another plane with other Adepts many of whom have no “physical” residence.

There is something about the whole spiritual experience that truly responds to a person based on how they approach it, it "reads" them beforehand. It will entertain any person but their experience will be tailored just for them. This is why so many people have failed when using cockiness and ignorance while approaching the subject.

There are enough dark Beings on the left sphere of Saturn to take any self proclaimed wanna be evil person for a long ride that they will never forget, or more correctly never remember. So there is a major part of this that requires a person remain free of all inclinations that this knowledge will get them rich and allow them to control everyone with mystical power.

What we are seeing is that there is a huge part of the ideas around taking 99.9% pure Monatomic gold and getting on the spiritual plane that is birthed from other ideas of cheating the pure ascension process. Those kind of ideas land one in in the sphere explain in this excerpt.

This is the warning that some are just beginning to innerstand. This is about the errors that come with using the spiritual knowledge for evil plans, whoever does this the jokes on them. "The March Hare Tricks the April Fool."



Note: Monatomics is often called ORMUS in the industry because most have now made the term Monatomics and ORMUS synonymous. This is done even by us to avoid confusion to those who have not read this complete posts or other write ups like it.

Now we have come to the meat of the subject behind all the conspiracy and fear mongering behind Monatomics and its confusion with Codename: ORMUS. Like I said,many people are throwing these terms around but its very clear they have little innerstanding of the occult nature to things and just how encrypted it really is. These high levels of encryptions were invented with diligence to avoid the counterfeiting of the first bank notes issued by the Knights of Solomon.

Decoded - Interest = Enter SET

Allow me to enlighten you a little on who Codename: ORMUS is. The Priory of Sion, those in charge of preserving the Merovingian Bloodline, selected a new Grand Master, a Jean de Gisors who in turn adopted the title ORMUS written with the (M) symbol of Virgo and all its various connections with Ichthys fish, visica's, 13th letter of the alphabet etc.

Codename: Ormus was in fact an Egyptian sage from Alexandria who in A.D. 46 created the "Order de la Rose-Croix Veritas". The Order of the Rose Cross. Orm is french for Elm and Babylonian for worm or serpent. The entire clan faced treachery on Friday the 13th in France which is why that date is considered taboo as many words were uttered that day of revenge against the Papacy who basically saw an opportunity to take over the whole Pi and made a move since they are all squabbling within the ranks but still are all ruled over by one twisted being they call father. No matter we will deal with him first.

I want to notify everyone now that the only thing keeping me from giving you all of the information about everything is the shear time, energy, and resources I have. I tire of continuously asking people to donate so this research can continue so I'm now delegating that to someone who wants to take that responsibility. People keep emailing me and getting in touch with me saying they are going to do something but time has past and they have done nothing but everyday I'm doing this for you.

Daily I scan the internet and I find very little cohesive information about what is taking place but when I see the Resistance I see all of the scattered information put together and made comprehensive as much as can really be done. Do not let such a precious resource fail because of selfishness, neglect, and greed. We are asking for help, we have assisted humanity and will continue until we can no longer do it on this level. Please innerstand what it takes to bring this knowledge to the forefront and all the energies that wish it not to be so that I have to deflect daily. Yes money is the problem but Alchemy teaches a small part of the poison becomes the antidote. A small amount of currency compared to what this world has misused, channeled in the proper direction will bring change. All these words indicate so, follow the clues, We are so close.

Post Script:

As far as the Priory of Sion and the Monatomics they ingested you got a hint of it above but it could be as vast as the periodic table itself. In their retinue they have their fathers of Science and many known Nazi's I might add.

Jean de Gisors (1188–1220)
Marie de Saint-Clair (1220–1266)
Guillaume de Gisors (1266–1307)
Edouard de Bar (1307–1336)
Jeanne de Bar (1336–1351)
Jean de Saint-Clair (1351–1366)
Blanche d'Evreux (1366–1398)
Nicolas Flamel (1398–1418)
René d'Anjou (1418–1480)
Iolande de Bar (1480–1483)
Sandro Filipepi (1483–1510)
Léonard de Vinci (1510–1519)
Connétable de Bourbon (1519–1527)
Ferdinand de Gonzague (1527–1575)
Louis de Nevers (1575–1595)
Robert Fludd (1595–1637)
J. Valentin Andrea (1637–1654)
Robert Boyle (1654–1691)
Isaac Newton (1691–1727)
Charles Radclyffe (1727–1746)
Charles de Lorraine (1746–1780)
Maximilian de Lorraine (1780–1801)
Charles Nodier (1801–1844)
Victor Hugo (1844–1885)
Claude Debussy (1885–1918)
Jean Cocteau (1918–1963)

Knowing is half the Battle. G.I.Joe

(proof read me pls)

Updated Conversation:
[12/3/12 11:24:36 AM] bryan a: Greetings Sevan. I know you are a proponent of Etherium gold. I too is, or I was at least.... I recently decided to stop taking it and even returned an order. I found something you should be made aware of, as you and your website members may be doing serious harm to themselves.
[12/3/12 11:24:37 AM] bryan a: http://indigosociety.com/showthread.php?27205-White-Gold-Powder-%28... [12/3/12 11:25:59 AM] bryan a: I found another website that also cuts through alot of the ego/b*******/astral b*******/spirituality b*******/newage b*******... i am not saying he is right or wrong, but he seems like an old sage and the website is pretty nifty. Just trying to help another feel human being out on the path
[12/3/12 11:26:19 AM] bryan a: http://www.clarity-of-being.org/index.htm [12/3/12 11:26:27 AM] bryan a: kind regards
[12/3/12 11:26:49 AM] Sevan Bomar: Lots of misinterpretations on the differences in monatomics and ormus, I have clarified things here http://www.resistance2010.com/forum/topics/the-truth-about-monatomics
[12/3/12 11:28:41 AM] bryan a: i see.... can you tell me if this is good or bad?
[12/3/12 11:30:13 AM] bryan a: I guess it's bad hmm since it's monatomic
[12/3/12 11:31:19 AM] Sevan Bomar: No these products are not bad for you as they are not the pure white gold monatomics that the spiritual danger refers to
[12/3/12 11:31:29 AM] Sevan Bomar: You can generally tell by how much it actually costs
[12/3/12 11:32:08 AM] Sevan Bomar: If the amount given does not equate to that amounts weight in gold plus a little more for processing then it is not 99.9 percent pure gold
[12/3/12 11:32:43 AM] bryan a: alright. so you seriously don't think it can burn out the dna?
[12/3/12 11:33:55 AM] bryan a: when i was younger they had me on adderal, and due to my reseacrhing how it burns out certain parts of the brain used for everything from attention to empathy and i got off it, ive been using foods for vitality since
[12/3/12 11:34:10 AM] bryan a: that's what drew my attention to this product in the first place
[12/3/12 11:35:11 AM] bryan a: that's why that message about burning out strands of the dna really threw me off, but in a way i can't disreagrd it
[12/3/12 11:35:45 AM] Sevan Bomar: I'm positive Harmonic Innerprises Etheriuym products do not burn out DNA, 99.9 Percent Pure Gold Monatomics can because often people use the boost in conductivity to further bottleneck their kundalini causing the energy to invert itself. This leads to no spiritual ground. You should put that in the forum along with the source for the info just to clear up misconceptions as normal Monatomics and trace minerals are vital to the bodies conductive chemistry
[12/3/12 11:36:10 AM] Sevan Bomar: Yes Adderal is an entirely different matter
[12/3/12 11:38:37 AM] bryan a: Here's aother article that kinda lashes it... and it's from a website i would think you'd be familiar with. It's funny, I never took the time to read this part of the page since I thought I knew what it was lol
[12/3/12 11:38:38 AM] bryan a: http://educate-yourself.org/cn/monoatomicgoldthinktwice15aug05.shtml [12/3/12 11:38:57 AM] bryan a: Can i ask you where you got your information from to write that article? [12/3/12 11:40:26 AM] bryan a: like where's your source of information? i don't mean to speak out of ego, again just trying further my understanding as much as you are
[12/3/12 11:40:51 AM] Sevan Bomar: That article on educate-yourself is actually the original article of these follow up articles reporting danger in monatomics. My information comes from experience, I doubt any of these people have actually tried any of the products. You can always tell when something is not right for your body, but again there are few that have tried pure monatomic gold because they cannot afford it
[12/3/12 11:42:42 AM] bryan a: Can you please tell me more about your experiences. i recently started taking it and i'd be happy to share my few profound experiences with you as well, it's just you seem to have more experience
[12/3/12 11:42:45 AM] bryan a: ?
[12/3/12 11:50:05 AM] bryan a: I mean for me the only thing that happened is I had vivid dreams [12/3/12 11:50:18 AM] bryan a: one night I even thought I died in my dream
[12/3/12 11:50:24 AM] bryan a: because i had about a dozen false awakenings
[12/3/12 11:50:42 AM] bryan a: and it was profound yes, but also kinda scary... I wished I was back in the physical world
[12/3/12 11:50:53 AM] bryan a: because I thought it had died.... like in the movie waking life
[12/3/12 11:51:02 AM] Sevan Bomar: Okay I will be brief since I have loads to do. With Etherium Gold (Harmonic Innerprise which is the brand we carry) after 2 weeks I experienced small popping in my head in certain nodes when touching crystals or metal objects, this is a sign of increased conductivity, thoughts were clearer and connectivity with higher self was cleaner also. I found that after using for more than 1 month effects did not increase but did stay the same. Etherium products only need to be taken again 3-4 months after your initial ingestion. Vegetable Monatomics which are second on the list according to strength cuased very strange effects after the first light dosage. This product is generally like sugar in taste and composition but is far from just sugar. In short dreams were vivid but not controlable in a negative way, the product was also very strong for the amount taken meaning that just a little caused effects very simular to strong substances, not aggressive but you could definitely feel it. I discontinued use since it was clearly not toxic but too much on the Ph of the body which can lead to negative side effects down the road. Real Monatomic Gold had the same effect but even more aggressive, it was clear the conductivity of the body was increased causing the chakras to be more active. Of course this can lead to great dangers if the chakras are out of balance basically excellerating error.
[12/3/12 11:53:06 AM] bryan a: i see. very interesting... hmm..
[12/3/12 11:53:53 AM] Sevan Bomar: I also find that the frequency of Gold is actually that of other entities, mainly the gold gods who are not as friendly. So in short it appears that Monatomics is for those tied in to the higher levels of the worlds silly heirarchy, if you do not know what you are doin gin there it will more than like lead to piggybackers or entities that attach themselves to you while you channels are open
[12/3/12 11:54:24 AM] Sevan Bomar: Pure monatomic gold that is, you have to be specific these days [12/3/12 11:54:25 AM] Sevan Bomar: lol
[12/3/12 11:55:15 AM] bryan a: lol okay... man no wonder there seems to be tons of confusion lol. wait so there's minerals similiar to monotonics in our urine?
[12/3/12 11:55:35 AM] bryan a: that's interesting.... my sister is reading a book on urine therapy lol [12/3/12 11:56:28 AM] Sevan Bomar: Urine therapy truly works, of course I speak from experience but your diet must be pristine to truly benefit from it.
[12/3/12 11:56:56 AM] Sevan Bomar: Had a friend who tried it right after he read about it, what a disaster
[12/3/12 11:58:11 AM] Sevan Bomar: Well that could be a stretch what you will find in the Urine is minerals that have been processed by the body so they are more assmilable to the body the second time.
[12/3/12 11:58:47 AM] bryan a: interesting. yeah i've been drinking my morning cup every day for the last week
[12/3/12 11:59:05 AM] Sevan Bomar: (beer) Cheers lol
[12/3/12 11:59:09 AM] bryan a: my diet's pretty pristine i'd say, even though i have to go out of my way living in america
[12/3/12 11:59:16 AM] bryan a: lmao
[12/3/12 11:59:26 AM] bryan a: right on man cheers
[12/3/12 11:59:40 AM] Sevan Bomar: For sure its harder in the U.S. but its doable
[12/3/12 12:00:48 PM] bryan a: yeah, but it gets priiiicey. i don't know how i'd do it without online shopping.
[12/3/12 12:01:15 PM] bryan a: oh and sprouting. you ever sprout your own foods? it's cheap, and living source of nutrition
[12/3/12 12:02:35 PM] bryan a: anyway i'll let you get back to work or whatever you do i'm going to grab a bite, this talk about foods making me hungry and it's lunch time in jersey
[12/3/12 12:02:48 PM] Sevan Bomar: Yes you are right, even locally here in costa rica the produce is not that great because of the pesticides, I would love to sprout but man I truly need thje time to do so I'm stretched very thin here so like you I count on Amazon and the products I can get from there [12/3/12 12:02:52 PM] bryan a: peace bro
[12/3/12 12:03:03 PM] Sevan Bomar: Wholeness Brother :)

And here's some notes from Daniel Winter on the darker side of Ormus. I don't think he's got all of it right, either, by the way. It's just that I now feel a lot of the leading central figures on the Ormus subject are themselves being used by non-benevolent races without knowing it. And not for the benefit of humankind, though they truly believe it is.

Go here to see the links, the context of what's below and research this perspective further:


by Daniel Winter
August 1999
from ImplosionGroup Website
Spanish version

Alchemy's Darker Moments - Excerpts from 'Gold Powder vs Heart'

So what are we missing here.

On the one hand we are being told by Laurence Gardner that the entire origin of our planet's major genepool was rooted almost entirely in this Gra-al quest for the Gold (Powder)... Ormes/Manna/Spice/Shem-Manna/StarFire... Messeh/Messiah...

Gardner exquisitely explains the origin of dozens of key words in religious myth, directly from their use in these Gold Powder cooking up operations.
Ritu became Ritual
Flow-er (of Menses Messesh) became flower
Shem-Manna became Shaman
Cayin Cain became King
Enlil became Jehovah
and on and on...
While I realize that probably many generations of old religious scholars will have to die off before many will take Gardner seriously, I for one am absolutely intrigued and enjoy his scholarship.

I agree with almost everything he says, particularly the radical material about Enlil changing his name to Jehovah in order to make fools of the Rabbi's, and Akenaton changing his name to Moses in order to be a better revolutionary and Gold Powder chef.

For me, all of that material fits hundreds of other sources I have been studying for 15 years, particularly Sitchin, Collier, Morningsky, etc..

Again I HIGHLY recommend everyone read Lawrence Gardner, to see the tomfoolery that has passed for religion on this planet. The Sumerian tablets make the Bible look like a childish, disjointed and parochial fairy tale. Thank GOD.


BUT, after digesting much of his work, IT IS CRITICAL that you don't swallow (literally) ALL the spin doctoring PR from a Draco like Gardner (and I don't speak of him as a Draco disrespectfully). It is the parts of the story which Gardner CAREFULLY AVOIDS which make his work dangerous.

Gardner gets it right that Ea/An's 2 sons, Enki versus Enlil were very divided on how much psychokinesis to allow their Clones on this planet. I don't think Gardner understands that the very word NIBURU meant experiment in blood line cross from human to reptilian. An from Sirius who sired Enki/Enlil was a humanoid cross with Reptilian/Dragon himself.

His sons brought that 'war of the brothers' to Earth... to Cain and Abel and to East of Eden (where I was born). Also, there was a certain large expense to be offset in the capitalization of the costs of such a large artificial gene-spicing planetoid Niburu and it's Hiburu staff.

Obviously, if you make Clones (Adam & Eve) in order to mine the immortality Gold Powder, you don't train the slaves to eat your profits.

(See how Gilgamesh gets angry at the Anunnaki for not sharing their seeming immortality - bardo wormhole... 'Incunabula')

This could explain some of the angry Yalweh/Enlil profit monkering over his Gold mining operations. (And his later return to claim his turf... Draco's shape shift out the Secretary of the Navy after Dulce war's etc...

Reptoids Interfere with study of Federal Underground:
...unless a certain critical mass of us WERE TO CHOOSE TO STOP BECOMING BORGS.

When you tell most people our governments are being parasitized wholesale by the borg Draco Orionist ...they say I don't want to know.. (Collier, Branton, Bill Cooper, Phil Schneider FIREFIGHT at Dulce - Schneider built Rand's deep underground military - Michael Ash...

The most detailed and in depth Underground Base & Dulce & Reptoid by "Branton".

But there is another important angle.

If we are to believe Rakie's "Golden Ones" story (origins), those same Orion group, Enlil types which Gardner makes hero's as Draco(n)'s (Mag becomes MAGdalen) came back here to recover SOMETHING EVEN MORE IMPORTANT THAN GOLD. This was the ability to craft DNA which could be ensouled, and time travel. This required something akin TO THE FIRE OF STARS, in the Genes!!

(They came back here because the skill to keep GENES squirting faster than light into time, was lost for the WHOLE GALACTIC SECTOR the day THIS PLANET STARTED CLONING AND GENETIC ENGINEERING)

Please see how genetic engineering by breaking up the long wave braid patterns in DNA literally prevents the faster than light wave cascades up it's central zipper (ensoulment) at soulinvitation/food.

So if we have learned anything, IT IS THAT THIS GOLD POWDER MINING FAIRY TALE is literally just the smoke screen cover story for the real VALUABLE COMMODITY OF THIS GALAXIES TRADING HOUSES.

The PRIZE is now and has always been HOW TO GET DNA & GENE'S WHICH COULD LITERALLY ENTER INTO STARS! (For which the Gold atom was merely a little detonating trigger, when in the context of glands which could TAKE OVER THE STEERING THRU LIGHT SPEED...)

Now we have discussed elsewhere, that this skill to get DNA braided so that it's field effects EMBED implode themselves into anything outside them. And that this skill to get the structure of DNA aligned into this perfect self-containment, apparently emanates from the Heart.

It's simple a sonic pony tail from a coherently ecstatic heart, does the braiding of your DNA which lines up the short waves (codon sequences) to the long waves (long sonic envelopes in DNA's braid).

This then allows the slinky wave mechanics to add and multiply recursively up and down the ladder, accounting for the wave velocities eventually heterodyning or simple beating thru lightspeed. Faster than light implosion lightning at the center of DNA is measurable (William Pensinger) (same for gold filaments under hi amps!).

For the physics of how this properly heart induced implosion accounts for the gravitation we call black holes etc. (the solution to Einstein's quandary to model the geometry of inPHIkni implosion to understand why black holes bend time).

SO IN SUMMARY this gland induced but GENETIC ability to embed your DNA fields and therefore YOUR FIELD OF AWARENESS, into ANY FIELD OUTSIDE YOU, eventually leads to creating centering and gravity force, which bends light, and thus is creation as a wave mechanic. (STARFIRE for real).

The purpose of this conversation is to put those clues together with the Gold Powder controversy to get some perspective on how best indeed to stir up the brain/heart juices into a STAR fire which is SUSTAINABLE and SELF-steering as a wave/worm.


Now we all can remember the rush of added spin the moment we really feel compassion for some great genetic event. Like yesterday I was watching the Turkish Earthquake victims on CNN, and there was a certain moment when I really FELT the anguish of such a huge part of our collective genepool. And at that moment I felt a definite rush of fire and tingling in my blood. I was absorbing spin. I was eating memory into embedding... electrically.

Probably in some glandular way you could say, the trigger field effect which got me into that DNA speed-up by spin embedding, WAS TRIGGERED IN MY HEART... feeling...

The trick here is to differentiate between what is the role of DNA speed-up from things like Gold powder and other silver bullets, versus DNA lightning by actual self generated Glandular events of ELECTRICALLY eco-shifting magnitude.

In this difference, appears to lie, the key to Millennia of evolutionary squabble and agony, going right across the galaxy, in which squabble our little planet is merely a novel skirmish.

To give Gardner a little credit he at least notices that dead Gland juices (Melatonin/Seratonin) from Pineal/Pituitary, are bad. He continues sadly to wax absolutely poetic however about the Gold and Platinum prepared powders, somehow implying that these indeed are THE SOLE NECESSARY SOLUTIONS TO IMMORTALITY.

All the while he blissfully ignores, that overuse of these powders is clearly very much the reason his Anunnaki Draco heroes had to come here and rape our genepool in the first place. THEY HAD BECOME GLANDULARLY JUICELESS (literally heartless - Draco's heart's split in 2... they have 2... see Branton and Schneider talk about fractionation).


This is the minor detail which costs those borgs their souls.

Let us look practically at the results of gold powder consumption. Ears ring, immune system rebounds, biological immortality seems assured. Who could knock the stuff, heck we are only dollars away...

Doesn't this seem a little unlikely given our knowledge of biological evolution. Any time life force becomes repeatedly more sustainable as a wave, some actual self generated WILL seems to be involved.

If all it took to get DNA up to speed enough to enter into stars was enough gold powder in the diet,
don't you think this little galactic squabble would have been over long before Enki and Enlil had to change their names to Adoni and Yahweh in order to better enslave their clones.
There is a little deeper plot here Mr Gardner you Draco spin doctor.


Let us leave the revolutionary history out of fairy tales squabble here for a moment and focus on the simple plumbing mechanics which makes ecstasy and therefore LIGHTNING (STARFIRE) IN THE DNA... and sustainable gold powder possible.

The heart's sound waves FEELING compassion, wonder... generate a phi harmonic series, which snake charms the spine pump to get the hi UV out of the sex organs into the pineal/pituitary. (soulinvitation/kundalini, soulinvitation/isthisrecursion)

Now if we were to look at the geometry of the pineal gland around which the residual gold powder is deposited during proper ecstasy:

(pineal on right)

We begin to worm in to the true principle:

(which WAS triggered by this same ratio in the HeartLinked EKG)

We see that the map to the TRUE electrical geometry of what makes GOLD POWDER monoatomically stable.

Basically of course the electron symmetry into perfect PHI based embedding is the same in the GOLD atom as it is in the Pineal... when phi-ray'd by the Heart.

Even the brain liquid ventricles reshape themselves into this exact same perfect Ram's horn, (to sonically focus the spine juice pump waves onto the pineal pituitary as the 'softening' trigger) when the plumbing is pressured up from the Blue Dish enough to make you HORNY.

So is this the storal to our mory about needing to use the Heart to get there instead of the Gold Powder? But why then did they all agree it 'takes gold to make gold'?

And even Thoth agreed with the Egyptians that there were some psychological/spiritual exercises which would avoid the fractionation of the personality when eating Gold Powder.
First: why would the personality fractionate? (literally blow apart in the face of too much phi-re)
Second: how could some WORK FOR THE PSYCHE prevent the damage of too much chemical implosion
Here is the clue: the CHEM in alchemy, literally means from the BLACKNESS. (CHet in Hebrew: from the depths).

From the Black hole.. comes inertia thru light-speed. The only harmonics to grab wave fronts going in and out of light speed (black hole) ARE the perfect heterodyning/beating which GOLDEN RATIO permits.

This then is literally THE ONLY STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN WHICH EVER EXISTED. It is a discipline of geometry. AND IT DOES HAVE A PSYCHOLOGICAL requirement unequivocally required.

EMOTION and MEMORY and IMAGE and INNER VISION are all simply names for field effects which become holographically phase disciplined enough to become sustainable.

The HI DENSITY FEELING OF LIGHT COMING IN WHEN YOU FEEL VERY CONNECTED TO SOMEONE/THING OUTSIDE YOU, ... both produces and is produced by this all-chemistry of PHI implosion. (As we have proved in the Heart Biofeedback spectrum analysis showing -not octave but- PHI spacing BETWEEN harmonics at the moment of wonder/openness/compassion.)

So to engage this dynamic of fields converging implosively - that is LITERALLY THE SOLUTION TO NUCLEAR FUSION.. (Sun- heart making) is BOTH:
-create the physics of PHI harmonics (alphabetic elements of the heart... symmetry... sepher yetsira)

-create the EMOTION of ONLY WHAT IS PERFECTLY SHAREABLE... distributable as a wave... (zoom in forever to the 2 PHI spirals on your 4 year old's valentine card)


So the personality fractionates when the gold powder solubility implosion sucks too many radio stations into your DNA (ear ringing piezoelectric braid).

Without the WILL to sort memories, DEATH IS ALWAYS THE ONLY SOLUTION. Yet if the activity of sorting ALL memories to leave only the shareable, is efficient, THEN YOU FEEL SO MUCH TINGLE IN YOUR GENES THAT THEY LITERALLY NEVER DIE.

If the DNA implosion was CAUSED BY GOLD POWDER instead of A HEART OF GOLD... THEN the genes merely join themselves into this long vampire chain called BORG .. the low end of DRACO (who eat human glands for the thrill juice they can't make).

AND THIS IS WHAT SET THE STAGE FOR THE ANUNNAKI/dragon heroes of Gardner to 'breed Earth's royal families like we do show dogs'. For them for whom it is a privilege to be assimilated, genepools are like 'natural resources', if you planted the forest, you ought to be allowed to cut it down.

And yet you could use a bit of the seed of the pure principle of what Gold IS, to wrap your heart around the proper feeling symmetry. A good clue for this state is if you can reap the healing from your homeopathic remedy by simply holding and feeling the bottle.

To EAT THE PURE PRINCIPLE of Alchemy here, is to FEEL THE GOLD as the language of SHAPE which GUIDES ALL WAVES TO CENTER IN PERFECT SHARING. This was the Heart of the Matter.

The philosopher's stone could only radiate the actual seed of perfect electrical implosion (thru the thin film mercury whose atomic weight was right, only it's valence needed to embed), literally only in the presence of the pure electrical INTENTION field of the HEART!

The EYE OF THE SUN is opening SO CLOSELY to us right now, demanding we enter or die. This brings the EYE of the storm near to land tonight, Galvanizing us to make a centering force in a widening gyre.

The time could not be riper to reshape ourselves into what is nestable, in DNA, Heart, and EarthGrid.

The principle was a HEART of Gold... Gold Powder is a throwback to a fractionated form without that.

Here is one of the few published negative experiences of an Ormus user.
The maddening ear-ringing symptom is one that many can relate to - with or without taking Ormus.