I AM Present

I AM Present

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Pale Ibongi Praise Poetry: 7 & 8/ Within Us/To Every Hiding Heart

Dear readers and all blessed souls

Happy New Year.

One way or the other, we are finally to know our liberation in 2018!

Then (or should that be now or 'soon'?), then we rise as the beacons we have ever been.

My wish is simple:
That all experience the crash course in learning that allows each to see what they are not. This way will there be, even amidst the chaos, something of a clean/cleaner slate. And thus will we have something to work with. Perhaps even a lot more than 'something' in some cases. Does this not sound like a plan? *smile*

What a game we have all played - that somehow even leaves the Game of Thrones series paling in comparison, does it not?
And yet here we all still are. About to make complete upon our very own full circle in our return to ourSelves/God, from whom we never departed - in truth.

I'm recovering from a week-long respiratory, ear, head, neck illness. So my voice may sound a little different /better? here. It started while I was away last week and I received advanced signs that a relationship needed to end.
I've just parted ways from a 16 year friendship, which has also been killing on my 2nd chakra (co-dependancy and emotional vampire energies). But no matter the emotional and physical pain, the up side is the return of my much needed personal power and sovereignty. Losing people along the way, I've realised, is par for the course here. Whether blood relatives or not.

I also received a beautiful image a few days ago of a silvery amniotic-type oval shaped sac - the 'place' where we dwell as One with God.[Or maybe it was for my personally]. It was all sparkly Light and watery, but so breathable. Even though it felt like fluid...it wasn't what we know as liquid. I felt like I could happily dissolve into this and lose myself permanently there.
There were words/ideas that accompanied it, but I focused on the feeling and being in the experience, rather than writing.

What amazing beings we all are
With such fortitude and so very many talents and skills between us all. [Most of which we still don't consciously know about, but we will].
One thing we must know at this stage is how deeply loved and cared for we all are. Do you? Can and will you accept that?

Is that -in and of itself- not enough to walk into tomorrow seeing it as the great blessing it is?

May all your tomorrows be filled with God's conscious life within yours
In His perfect freedom







The truth of all we are

Has ever been

The truth of Him

Perceived so far

Though right here in our heart

We all know His name

It is nothing more

Than the glory in our own hearts

To him we give the thanks

By joining hands as One

We will stand

So others can join

Our ever-growing circle

Of love, of peace, of joy

Growing heart by heart by heart

In His name

Within us

His glory

Within us

His joy

Within us

His peace

Within us

His love contains all

Within us

So let it be now

For His time

Is upon us

[and] Within us




Come together, O children

It’s time to make a start

For too long

You have been preparing

Ever since we were torn apart

Now we’ll know our reunion

And this time shall it last

For all we have now

Is ours to give

In this state of Oneness

Do we also receive

All is fair

And ever in balance

For it can be

No other way

When you walk with God

For the rest of your days

Love, equality, harmony & serenity

Shall ye know

In abundant supply

For in these qualities

Can ye speak with authority

And even explain the ‘whys’.

Necessary as it’s been

To see life as the dream

It all ends abruptly

For the planetary healing

With the teachers on the frontline

Who are no less than YOU

-children mine!

Aaaah, the bells are ringing

It is time.

The Blue Danube
By the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra.

Somehow Waltz music never appealed to me until I became more deeply (re)acquainted with Christ Michael Aton.
And this version especially appeals because of the blue ballroom gowns and the dancing.
Dear Aton
For all you have created here for our growth and expansion and for all that you are - I dedicate this to you [again!] :-)
With/without protective foot boards, may I have this dance...