I AM Present

I AM Present

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Using the 'Crash' Period by the Divine Dancing Daughters

12 June 2015

Divine Dancing Daughter

Through Shellee-Kim

Beloved friends and family:
We come forth this day once more in the name of God’s Light, Life and Love. The same Love and mercy that is to be fully unleashed upon your plane.

Depending on who you are and what you experience and reactions to those experiences - as has been told multitudinous times - you will find this period as a most comfortable or a most uncomfortable one. And will react accordingly.

Children of Earth: we are indebted to the job you have done –individually and collectively. However, work is far from over. Even as the people and the world and its systems appear to be crashing on a daily basis.

It is for you and upon you to take advantage of all these ‘crashes’. We speak of crashes in consciousness, of the dark Matrix, of its web of illusions, deceptions and lies.
You do not need to look between the lines anymore to see many falling on their own swords now; to see those upheld as authoritative bodies, organisations and individuals, now crashing and burning.

These examples can be used as fuel – entry points with which to begin conversation with others. These are ready-made starting points which, if used well, can serve to provoke and challenge others and their notions of ‘the official line’. This would then potentially lead to their private re-examining of their belief systems and what they have chosen to buy into.

Yes, your recipe ingredients, dear friends, are all at the ready. It is merely a question of you stepping forward to throw them in the pot – and stir. For it IS time for a very good STIRRING (of the people, and in terms of shaking things up).

It is how you can take action at this time in your respective worlds.
Will you?
It is by the good grace of God Himself that all has gone on this long and without any measure of great and visible chaos. But of course, this too will come to an end.

Such are the times that have been chosen. If you choose to act in this manner – in making your voices heard and without FEAR OF OFFENCE being taken– every one of you shall know and reap the rewards for such.

This is the final blow that must be delivered to the dark. And YOUR final tests.

We are ever on standby.

Loving you as part of our family; our beloved Ground Crew.
We honour you deeply.

We are the Divine Dancing Daughters