I AM Present

I AM Present

Friday, June 2, 2017


2 June 2017

Apologies for a late update but I've had computer interference – on my borrowed computer! Fortunately, this latest one's now been sorted for me – thanks be to all relevent invisible Lighted ones for your love and service.
However, this makes it THREE computers in less than FOUR years that have been massacred!

Maybe like some of you, I'm so used to things not going smoothly, I almost expect them not to. Which in turn creates them.
It's like being addicted to a life of mishaps from misshapen understandings. That Catch 22. Because where it all begins is in our perceptions. That is once we know we've created and continue to create all our experiences. It's not about beating up on the self then, but more about knowing what it will take to change patterns which give rise to modes of response and thus our decisions and choices, minute by minute.
Though I do now, I had no conscious idea that for years I've been afraid of my own power, for instance. So choosing to live without it has meant the creating of all sorts of unnecessary suffering I've chosen to endure. When I didn't even have to.

Then I remind myself I've also created a home with a lovely warm bed and warm things to wear now that winter's here (though deep state are doing deliberate weather interference to continue creating the 'drought' here to justify us paying for God's water is one of the current tricks), a few similarly-passionate friends and life in a valley of renowned and spectacular natural beauty. Which, in itself, is something I never take for granted, praising it and God for the opportunity to be here and witness all of it.

In some ways all of this is pretty stale stuff. Because it's an entirely different paradigm we're living in now. Which essentially means to me our minds and bodies just haven't yet fully caught up/caught on properly to the new consciousness blueprint, if I can call it that. Meaning we're still sort of playing out that which is dead and buried like stuck records. Or living the Ground Hog Day syndrome. At least some of us I know are, including me.

But while we're living in our little corners of the globe playing out our various lives, I find it comforting to have the actual proof through our similar feelings in this cycle– about ourselves and the world. Women who are that bit in touch with themselves and their God Selves lead the way here in my observation.
As women, we are or naturally become synched up in our menstrual cycles when we are in close proximity to one another for a period (no pun intended) of time.

I'm having that kind of 'synched up' experience of late with an assortment of women. I am really grateful for those who are crossing my path – and vice versa. These are no run-of-the-mill women. Though some who read here may tell me I'm idolising again :-) Some of these are definite daughters of God and the wise 'crones' amongst us. And even though I know there's no such thing as coincidences, I have this very strong sense of a behind-the-scenes orchestration at work; that Hand of God's at work, moving us all hither and thither, like chess pieces; like pawns. I know this is always so in all of our general daily lives, but somehow I feel it more distinctly than usual this year, particularly through these auspicious meetings. And it's especially so through these wise women contacts.

What I've felt during and after these meetings are the silent whispers between us. Or the echoes that linger long after our contact. That the meetings' objectives are sometimes far removed from the reasons we think we're meeting for. That these contacts are activation ones, primarily.

That this contact is sometimes as much as or more to act as a necessary catalyst or trigger on the trail that each follows, taking us to His house of authentic Creation in His way.
Whether it's the young child who 'hates her life' , the incredible musician who refuses to compromise on her integrity, and so 'struggles' to make her mark, the poet who knows from whom and whence she springs or the detail-obsessed artist who's flair has skyrocketed a career in food. Then there's the wise elder, readying herself for her own role...and so it goes on.

I've always known and felt – as many visitors to this city do – that this is an extraordinary place energetically, full of extraordinary people, including specially hand-picked daughters of God. Which I guess translates into how the visitors often describe it as a city 'where anything's possible', fall in love with it and want to (and often do!) go home, pack up and move here. This is what they most often feel. The people and the place are not divided, but one. So I guess if your frequency/vibration is not resonant with that of a location's, you move on – in one way or another. You leave it for one you are attracted or drawn to.

Much the way you are to other people. So once again I'm privileged to be part of a gathering of wonderful women – though it may be a silent one for now - happening almost exclusively on another dimension.

We are in the process of creating. We are innovating. We are joining in unity through our diverse culture. Whether this is for now or/and preparing towards a future manifestation of the expression of the Feminine Divine in all its glory, I'm not certain.

Whichever it is, I want to bless and express gratitude to our beloved Mama Earth for allowing us to continue walking on her; Nada, Mother Mary, Nebadonia and IMS(Infinite Mother Spirit). And all the other unnamed ones who hold the lineage for the Feminine Divine principle. You all impulse us, especially as women, to know. TO KNOW.

Thank you for blessing us all with your presence, support, nurturing and great love.


Our Creator God reminding us:

Let The Sunshine In: From 2:18