I AM Present

I AM Present

Saturday, May 14, 2016


Freedom for All is once again on my Heart and in my Mind...not that it ever really stopped. It’s just haunting me hugely again right now.

While there's nothing new at all here and it's been echoed by thousands of other sources from their own perspectives, I'm still urged to put this out.
it’s worth mentioning again, even though most that read this blog are quite aware of the core issues of this world, why they exist and by whom they were created:

Our world citizens have, for millennia, been held hostage as debt slaves by a small group of globalists.
We are not the free individuals we like to believe we are.

As a local South African example, which can be applied to the rest of the world, president Jacob Zuma and his cabinet are equal slaves to their masters further up the hierarchy. The go-to family installed by the global Khazarian Zionists here has been the Guptas. Despite the recent local media furore about their not-so-hidden hand found in decision-making at top of numerous industries.
Essentially, they run the president’s life and decisions. Not vice versa.

Some even say that like Obama and many of the other so-called leaders of various countries, Zuma is one who is also a cloned human.
Cloning of frontsman – including reporters, celebrities and politicians internationally – is far from anything new and has also been spoken and written about publicly for a long while already.

No, we the people, are not free, and have likely never been.
At least not since the Pharisees/Jews invented usury. Which subsequently transformed into money, leading to the global banking control of our world as we know it today.

Unless we choose to survive like a fraction of people worldwide are already – living a completely self-sustainable life off the grid – we are not free. Therefore we are slaves. We are either free or enslaved. There is no middle way.

This acknowledgement doesn’t make you an ‘extreme’ thinking or behaving being.
If you have chosen enslavement, know that you have made compromises with those who run the ‘Matrix’ system on planet.

Once you do the necessary research on the couple of handfuls of families who control everything you will discover the deliberate set-up interconnectedness of everything that is the Matrixed world. All existing to keep you systematically enslaved through their hidden agendas.
That is everything from the stock market to global business, the multinationals (and many companies hidden within them), your internet life and other forms of communication, medicine, food and electricity your survival depends on, amongst others.

At the very tops of all these disparate industries are those nicknamed the ‘gangster banksters’. Also widely documented by many.

As long as each country has a Central bank, you can bet your bottom dollar that that country is Rothschild-run. This includes global government heads and those of other political parties – who are financed directly or covertly by the same.
Countries are corporations and we, the people of each, are its assets. That's official.

Why do you think that countries such as Sudan, Libya, Afghanistan and Iraq all 'fell' since 2000? At that point there were just seven countries free of Rothschild-owned Central banks worldwide. Before then there were loads more independent countries that were free of Rothschild thieving.
These well-planned takeovers were not because of so-called ‘dictators’ or global ‘terrorist’ threats. But due to the fact that each of these countries prior to their being warred upon was an independent nation, and put up some measure of resistance to the KZ's interference. Which would also mean refusing KZ offers.
Remember, 'resistance' to these psychopaths means ANY organisation, person or country that IS free - of their control, that is.

Through their owned global-controlled media, the KZ's fought (and continue to do so) a world-approved ‘war’ against each of these nations.
Today, the only three countries in the world still free of the Rothschild curse are North Korea, Iran and Cuba.
Currently, they're determined to conquer Cuba.

Now you see how this covert clan can operate and maintain their hold upon human consciousness across the planet – through the enslavement of and to money.

Would you like to be truly FREE?
Then know and acknowledge first your enslavement.

Only then can steps be taken to free yourselves. Once you know your adversary and those who war upon you without your knowledge or permission, may you choose a different path ahead for greater fulfillment and contentment.

This applies both to whether you are employed or not and across racial, gender, religious and cultural lines.
There is only One humanity.

And then there are the handful of KZ's that would keep you separate. From yourselves and God. And from each other.
‘Divide and rule’ is one of this group’s favourite tactics. And they have succeeded in this and with their many other strategies. Their mainstream media, for instance, may convincingly give the appearance that the various companies and media houses are independent of each other. But this is just another carefully-hidden smokescreen.
Equally powerful in influence is their similarly-owned entertainment industry and that which you see – and don’t – on your tellavision sets.

This is but a brief touching upon of the money and media issue within the context of your many current global issues. It is for you to take ownership of as a member of your global society through research and discernment of the above comments.
This way you may validate all for yourself.


Is this helpful or practical right at this very moment? I don’t know that it is either.
But I’m not being given permission right now to put out the solutions. I will as soon as I get the go-ahead.

There are solutions – we all know that already. Solutions already exist for each individual and collective problem that exists on planet.

It is merely a question of tapping into the answer at the right time. Thus can soul-utions be activated. And we can rise, together, as One.

We are faced with immense challenges and obstacles. Yet none are insurmountable as nothing remains static. All is subject to change...constantly.

Such solutions as to what it will take to free ourselves from the age-old assault and tyranny against us
are to come forth.


From one Warrior of Change to Another