I AM Present

I AM Present

Sunday, August 19, 2018

Michael Family her-history&Reasons For The War

Well, it's been another week or so of upgrades, more Wave, more parasitic attacks to our bodies and minds in response and waaay more computer interference, amongst others...
We don't know the half of it...or the quarter of it. At least, the vast majority of us.
We know only what we know in any given moment. Meaning: in as much or little as our awareness allows.

I had no awareness, for instance, of a being called Christ Michael Aton until 2008 or 2009. He's the Creator of this Universe; our God on this planet. He is the real 'God' here and beyond Him the spiritual hierarchy continues upwards, all the way up to the Source of All.

I remember feeling quite shocked at first having telepathic contact with Him...sometime before 08 /09, as He was a huge presence to me. I remember Him standing bigger than and in front of our city's Table Mountain in the first intro. The mountain seemed dwarf-like in comparison with Him.

 I didn't know then that this presence was the being called CM Aton then. But his energy signature of joy [or is that our signature?] was ever present. His very presence would  always automatically take me into a 'high', giggly, jokey space chatting to Him. And sometimes his appearances would be downright hysterically funny also. Because he'd often appear as a tap dancer, complet with top hat and I think gloves too, and would then proceed to do these private crazy funny tap dances for me. No matter my mood, it always ended with me being in joy!
Perhaps that joy is the essence of our relationship.

Most on this planet have a potential 'relationship' with Him[I guess apart from synthetic/robot humans. Not sure about clones.] lying dormant. We're his children and perhaps it's your time to begin your own relationship with Him. Start with calling Him by name to you.

We are here on the Michael Mission then. It’s His game, His experience and as a Lighted one above CMA in rank once said to me, we [us, humanity] are ‘along for the ride’.

But CMA and His Michael family and those of the Michael lines, of which there are quite a number currently on Earth apparently, cannot be divorced from the larger galactic picture.  It’s one which spans eons.  CMA wanted to experience the length, depth and breadth and the ins and outs of the adversarial parasites in this experiment – through us. We are One with Him, after all.
So we volunteered or were asked to accompany Him for the ride and to have our own learning, growing and evolving experience simultaneously.
I’ve highlighted some of these passages of Lisa Renee’s below that make reference to CMA and the Michael family, for those for whom this resonates. It’s complicated, so I’ll leave it to Lisa Renee to map out the technicalities, as she always does with such finesse.
 Currently, there’s been some positive moves which we, serving this Mission, benefit by. The Negative Alien Agenda’s battle for control of us -who they perceive as cattle - has again lately seen the on Earth parasites and their controllers in a flat spin panic!
Why? Because the many seals that we agreed to [how crazy were we?]  have imposed upon as at birth by the NAA for purposes of restricting us are now being removed. These include Death Seals, the Seals that have blocked folk from awakening and J Seals. The latter are down the left side of the body from the head/neck to the ankle. Used for tracking and ‘reading’ someone, I could often feel the one at my left hip and buttock moving around. Often pretty painful.
A therapy client of mine who is awakening to herself suddenly had the activation of the seal behind her left knee recently activate during a session with huge shooting and stabbing pain there recently. So these seals have been very important control devices for the NAA’s plan fulfilment. And the removal/dissolving of these permanently is a major feat and cause for our celebration! Yay! And thank you Lighted Guardians!
Because of this alone, we should be starting to see even greater more blatant signs of mass awakening from now on.
This was just one of many tools, technologies, devices and weaponry essential to the NAA’s battle for our control. They wanted us kept alive to energetically power their machinery with our energy, while enforcing the transhumanism agenda on us, for easier control.  Or so their plan went…
But back to CMA and the Michael family history. Essentially, balance on Earth requires the full activation of the Divine Feminine principle to work with the Divine Masculine. This is the Hieros-Gamos union. 
Some snippets from Lisa Renee's latest newsletter, Checkerboard Mutation:
The planet is going through a 6D–7D wing building, which is the first level of hierogamic union, making this level of consciousness embodiment more available to humanity now. This has special significance to the fulfillment of the Paliadorian Covenant and the rehabilitation of the Michael Christ and the Gold Ray Seraphim. 
Currently, a grid war over the epicenter of global control is underway through events occurring in the United Kingdom. The Family of Michael are at the center of this conflict, as they are coveted as pets for the Luciferian elite. This conflict highlights aggressive targeting towards the Christ-Michael masculine principle, through the consciousness war to gain total control over the changing horizontal rod architecture on the earth.
Corrections are being made to the Checkerboard Matrix at this time, during Guardian Host gridwork projects, which means we are in the process of reclaiming higher monadic identities, and regaining our potential to reclaim and plugin dormant DNA and genetic time codes contained in the instruction of our true cellular alphabet. The focus during the recent series of the Paliadorian activations has been focused upon masculine rod healing in the 2D layers, through the reclamation of the authentic manifestation template for the Christ-Michael families. 
The epicenter of the recently resurrected Gold Ray body template is found in the United Kingdom and is being run on the Michael-Mary lines to activate the Avalon Christos genetic codes related to the King Arthur lineage. King Arthur is the protector of the Albion architecture and is a Krystal Guardian Avalon consciousness that has been in stasis on the earth, until the tri-wave consciousness could return. The Family of Michael genetics are being given access through the Krystal Star hosting to rehabilite the gold body core template designed for the Gold Ray Seraphim lineages. This has set the Fallen Annunaki and Fallen Seraphim hybrid lines into a retaliation and frenzy, in order to regain control of these areas in the United Kingdom, particularly the Thoth, Enki, Enlil Collectives.
Christ Consciousness exists outside of this Solar System and beyond the Universal system. However, the planetary Solar Christ deity is from the Family of Michael, through which the entire world soul consciousness was fallen and crucified during the Luciferian Rebellion. The Christ Michael 9D consciousness went through several dispensations in a process of incarnating on the earth during the root race cycles, through his infinite love of creation. He attempted to know all aspects of darkness in the creation and to eventually resurrect it from the anti-life reversals and the death patterns it existed within. There was no way to resurrect a material creation without first embodying all aspects of it, including all of the fallen aspects. In this last and seventh dispensation of Paliadorian Covenant or Christ bestowal, it was designed to resurrect the earth body through an Ascension Cycle. During the seventh Astrological Precession since the NAA Invasion, the embodiment process was to bring in all of the aspects of the Cosmic Christ consciousness, directly in Christ Michael’s incarnation process, and to fully embody the entirety of the Gold Ray body, in which the Fallen Seraphim genetics could
be resurrected.
 The Michael Mary heart twinning is the fulfilment of the seventh cycle of the Christ Michael embodiment for the Gold Ray Seraphim template in order to resurrect the Fallen Seraphim, the Fallen Angelic consciousness.
 Thus, in the seventh cycle of the reclamation of Christos mission, this level of the Guardian Host rehabilitation mission for the Gold Ray manifestation template has met with victory. [SK: Yeehah!] To ensure masculine rod healing for the distorted Seraphim 10 Strand DNA template, a pure Gold Ray 12 Strand core manifestation template for the Seraphim lineages has been generated as the diamond sun embodiment potential for the entirety of Christ-Michael Avian lineages. The Fallen Angelic Annunaki hybrids are not amused as this relinquishes their genetic position of superiority over the fallen aspects of the Family of Michael, and thus they have retaliated to target those of us serving this particular mission. [SK: I’ve had a good few days of  a whole lot of their nonsense this very week]

To understand more about CMA and the Michael family/lines history’s vis-à-vis  galactic history and the NAA’s  war in better context, read the full  newsletter, Checkerboard Mutation, here: 


Stand strong, in grace and on standby
For the start of a whole new chapter
Our glorious Creator Son, CMA
Delivers to us, through us
For the benefit of All

Blessings to all hearts!