I AM Present

I AM Present

Saturday, May 6, 2017


Dear Darkies

Know this and know it well:

Your more-intense attempts since the 22/4 to destroy my life and living experience WILL NOT WORK.
No, I have NOT curled up into a ball of depression and neither am I contemplating suicide.

You may track me with your overhead surveillance as I move between computers [with/without any technology] all you like.

You may continue to shut down servers of libraries, businesses and domestic users alike that I visit.

You may continue to block my entry to my mail, access to my sites and can continue whatever further attempts you like.

You may continue to block me from posting ads on local sites about my health products to prevent orders from coming to me and whatever
other devious means you can muster up with your tech in attempts to bring my life to a halt. Including corrupting all my clean, new flash drives.

You have already disabled both of my laptops and switched the sound on and off at will, amongst many others daily-changing tricks...

Your final cutting of my phone line completely in an attempt to destroy my work after 10 months of massive sound interference
is something of a relief, frankly.

What does all this mean to me and what effect is it having?

This is what you want to know - that your ongoing efforts are having your desired outcome, right?

Of course I know you're there. How could I not - you scream so loud for my attention.

You remind me of a little boy that used to live with his parents across the road. He was only 7 or 8, but he used to scream and shout all hours of his waking day. Not because he was being abused in any way, but his parents were the type of people that were emotionally-unavailable. They would just switch off, shut him out or let him be babysat by the television.
The more they 'ignored' him, the more desperate were his screams to 'be heard'.
His angry home behaviour led to aggressive behaviour at school subsequently, desperate for his peers attention but it all backfired.

Now he has a younger brother he can either torment - training him into following in big brother's footsteps. Or he's learned kindness.
I don't know which he's chosen as they'v moved away.

Apart from that, what is the effect of not playing ball with you? And how are you going to be fed if I choose not to play?
Your answer:
A huge THANK YOU for re-routing me and my precious energy into the only direction that matters. Reminding me to plug myself into God/my HS's will.

Allowing you to do what you are doing suits God's/my HS's will. And if you have to BE USED BY HIM right now, then I ACCEPT whatever it is He/my HS wishes to teach me through these means. I can do no other.

One would think I was a galactic superstar or some planetary VIP, about to single-handedly bring your MO to a total halt, the way you carry on. But that's all your choice.

Apologies if all this is exactly NOT what you wish to hear.

PS. You guys are really great in providing clues and confirmation, in the Light of other incoming energies/occurrences. :-)