I AM Present

I AM Present

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

When you've watched, read my piece below: THE WISDOM OF AFRICA


Hello All

Yes, it has been forever since I posted and I’m not even going to try and apologise. I have felt like the victim of a firing squad (that refuses to die!) with all the ‘activations’ that have been occurring in my bodies, brain and biology these past weeks. But all that’s better left for my next ‘Diary’ piece...

Please watch Credo Mutwa’s short message first before reading my piece below inspired by him:


Shellee-Kim Gold

I watched sangoma (spiritual healer) Credo Mutwa's recent heart-felt plea for the recognition of Africa with tears pouring down my face. For his sorrow. For all of Africa's. And for humanity's.

Like the systematic wipe out of modern history's indigenous people global wide due to their inherent wisdom, the cleanse of the wisdom of Africa and its people by the planet's Dark continues unabated.

It's no mistake that Africa is called the Cradle of Civilization/Humankind with its many fossil and paleontological finds. Including paleontologist Dr Leakey's find of 'Lucy' in Kenya - the oldest set of human bones found on the planet. While scientist Mendel said 'Africans are the original people and the parents of all human beings'.

As a Zanusi (keeper of the history) of the Zulu nation, I remember Credo saying elsewhere that between 300-500 groups that he had come across in his visits and research on the continent of Africa were all familiar in one way or another with the story of the shape-shifting reptilian female alien who found and mated with the men of earth. So it's not just the Dogon people of Mali with their sophisticated astronomical knowledge who had the understanding of the gods who came from the sky embedded in their culture and spiritual memory.

Africans are a continent of storytellers. And wisdom has been passed down orally. Well, that's the official line. Not that it’s not true. It is. But that’s not all that it was.

When the discovery of the now-famous Timbuktu manuscripts of the 15th century were recently made, it showed the prosperity of this African centre. Known far and wide for its wealth of gold, salt and ink, it also showed there was a superior ‘Ink Road’ of scholarly activity in the region.
Evidence of the navigating skills of Africans having crossed the Atlantic way before Columbus’s discoveries of the 1400’s have been found in Mexico. In addition to skulls, there are also the huge stone heads with African features – built 2000 years before Columbus’s voyages and the start of the slave trade.
At roughly the same time that Kenya’s African Stonehenge astronomical observatory was found by scientists(dated 300 BC), suggesting a complex calendar system based on astronomy, a steel furnace was also discovered. With scientific evidence proving that Africans produced carbon steel in furnaces around 2000 years ago on the shore of Lake Victoria. Matched by Europeans only in the 19th century. And then there was the use of the drum for long-distance communication which rivaled the telegraph, or the Congolese discovery of the 8000 year old bone – among the earliest evidence of the use of numbers.

These few examples of many are the polar opposite of the perceptions of Africa today. And not facts that the Dark controllers would happily promote after expending such energy in vilifying the continent. It suits their agenda to have the world continue perceiving Africa as a huge, hopeless and chaotic mess. And coming from an equally dismal history of underachievement to continue perpetuating the perception of an inferior race. But we know differently.

It's no untruth that history has been written and re-written. Always in favour of the Dark's agenda. Of which an enormous part is designed to keep humanity from knowing and loving ourselves.
And which better way to keep this from humanity than by keeping the 'slave consciousness' alive and well in various forms and guises, including that of so-called ‘freedom’.
Particularly on the continent from which slavery originated and one that today could well hold the secrets of innate wisdom and humanity.
Credo Mutwa’s own insights about Africa extends far beyond his duty to his Zulu nation. And when he said: 'We Africans are the golden link that connects all humanity together' it found deep resonance with my own sense of the way of things. And what Africa could still bring to the (new) world.

Our ancient ancestors of 200 000 years ago were those first genetically-altered slaves used by the off-world Annunaki to mine gold on earth. Besides Mesopotamia, southern Africa was one of those first mining bases. And it seems that the mix of slavery consciousness - in genes, heritage and on the very land itself have all been trapped in some kind of time-bound twilight zone, with the replay button being hit at regular intervals over the eons.
Simultaneously, what exists in Africa is just a microcosm of the same slave-god syndrome we still see being adhered to (if unconsciously) by the majority of the world’s population today.

The Dark controllers have sowed their seeds of hate to turn African brother against brother in the continent’s various wars fuelled by their agendas of destruction. And the raping and pillaging of its resources and people over centuries and spreading the poison of corruption and misery through disease and poverty are amongst the greatest tactics they employ in efforts to counter what I still see daily. And that is the inherent wisdom of the African psyche at work.

In South Africa, black Africans are in the majority of the almost 50 million population at 79,4%, the white group at 9,2%, the mixed race (coloured) people at 9,9% and Indians at 2,2% of the total. South Africa is often also seen to lead the way on the continent. We are frequently seen as the most progressive and liberated country by others in Africa.

Here's the irony, though. While apartheid is long since officially dead, this is one country in Africa where its black majority has been psychologically-brainwashed to gradually buy into the minority white, western-orientated culture. (as the superior one to aspire to—regurgitating old stereoptyical thinking of black culture as inferior. But this time including having blacks turn on themselves without realizing it!) And as during apartheid, the same control of a majority by a minority exists again. Except just through different means this time around. Control South Africa and you can control the continent?

And here’s my take on other reasons why the Dark controllers need to do this. Besides the need to keep the still mostly-White driven economy happy, that is.

Many qualities are needed, I believe, for the evolution of a people. But amongst the attributes at the top I feel we need to integrate within us are those of forgiveness (including self-forgiveness), a sense of community and perceiving ourselves as One, and the ability to move beyond denial of what’s really happening in both our world and within ourselves.

These are the same three qualities I see expressing themselves widely amongst the black African people wherever I go. These qualities are nowhere near as prevalent in my white culture. And I don’t mean that due to our small numbers. While our coloured people seem to fairly easily recognise the Dark Agenda behind the mainstream media, but not necessarily be particularly resonant with the other qualities.

African people, whether living on or off the continent, refer to each other as their ‘brother’ or ‘sister’, whether there’s a blood tie or not. That natural sense of extended family and community is ever-present. In South Africa we call this ‘ubuntu’ although the word doesn’t have a direct English translation. Our Archbishop Desmond Tutu described ubuntu as: ‘My humanity is caught up, is inextricably bound up, in what is yours…’.

Whenever I’ve shared some of my knowledge on this subject with an audience, it’s almost always black Africans who seem the ones least in denial of the possibility of a global ruling elite existing, its agenda and how it has affected our consciousness. And therefore most open to exploring humanity’s slave consciousness. Not amongst all, but most. I often wonder whether this is the result of a politically-conscientised people from our recent history or is it a genetic encoding that is responsible? Because my own race responds very differently, in the main.

Then there’s the all-important forgiveness. For a long time I never understood why the majority of black African people in this country never took their revenge after centuries of oppression. Or at least chased us whites out of the country. What was it at work then that has allowed such a peaceful transition to reign over the collective? Where did the collective forgiveness come from? By all rights these were people that should have been enraged to lunacy.

Yet instead of resorting to a full-blown war in protest of apartheid and the many lives that that system took, I believe a group of master souls literally came together the past 60-70 years to hold the psychic and energetic peace and the balance for the masses.

It is the quality of forgiveness that Nelson Mandela radiates and which the world recognizes as the stuff greatness is made from. Yet, while he may have spearheaded this during his lengthy prison term, he was the first to give recognition to his contemporaries’ achievements also. Now all deceased, watching men like Walter Sisulu, Oliver Tambo, Robert Sobukwe, Chris Hani and Steve Biko living out their missions, you can’t not be moved by their dignity and humanity. Most notably is the absence of anger in these men born into oppression. The most telling point of all. For I believe it is only in spiritually mature souls that emotional intelligence can express itself.

To me, these three qualities: Forgiveness, the practice of Ubuntu (you and I are One) and the easy ability to see the Dark hand in so many events and agendas appear to be naturally present in African people. In trying to bring this and other African wisdom forward to the public over the decades, it’s little wonder Credo Mutwa has been betrayed and dismissed by the media and people of his own land. If you can’t assassinate the person, assassinate the character, I remember good friend of his, David Icke, saying.

I’m sure so-called skeptics/the closed-minded denialists will say ‘but look at the enormous corruption of Africans. Where’s the wisdom in that’? True. But I suppose when slavery is so literally under your skin and encoded in your genes and history, moral codes are blown to the wind. And breaking rules and selling your soul for a piece of the pie become a second nature survival game when you’ve always been a slave. I’m not defending or making excuses for this behavior. Merely offering up a possible explanation for such.

Ultimately, what I’m saying is the seemingly ‘most-fallen’ races are often the ones possessing innate wisdom-solutions. And why they were taken down in the first place.

It’s not too late for Africa to bring its message to the (new) world. Even while the tentacles of Dark control move ever closer to obliterating traditional African culture. As South Africa’s tourism slogan says: ‘Alive with possibilities’.
Ones we haven’t even begun exploring yet. And ones which I feel the whole (new) world can embrace on humankind’s evolutionary journey.

So, dear Tata (Father) Credo Mutwa. In this my tribute to you, I say:
Regardless of the numbers who have openly supported you, your presence on earth and all you have tried to do for Africa has been honoured and is appreciated by those with the eyes to see and hearts to know.

May the Force of Source be with you all!