I AM Present

I AM Present

Monday, June 1, 2015

Being Flexible - EM/SK's Higher Self

31 May 2015; 1.30am

Yes, something has indeed happened today (SK: of a personal nature for me) and I AM finally rewarded for all that has preceded this day. It has been a long, hard struggle, an ‘epic journey’ as someone put it. And I come forward once more to bring forth my voice.

This period coming is to bring much turmoil into the lives and minds of the many. There have been endless preparations for everyone. And preparations which continue in the unconscious minds of the many unaware of the great galactic plans for Earth.

However, unconscious preparation is not conscious preparation. And thus will the resulting shock value make itself felt very strongly. For ideally, it is conscious preparation that will always benefit humanity best. It would be at least a minimum requirement for what you are all about to deal with. But as we are no longer dealing with ideals, we must play the hand as it presents. And so must you.

Therefore, the best gift you can give yourselves – each one of you – will be the ability to be flexible and the practise of it. Being flexible also naturally allows for or promotes greater fluidity. If you are flexible within yourselves, you will be more fluid in your thinking, feeling and thus your actions.

And if you are in the flow with flexibility, you will remain calm and centred and emanate such to those around you in dire need. So all in all, this quality is one to continue working at cultivating daily. Every bit of progress you make will help a thousandfold when the times comes to apply it on a larger scale. Although you will see its virtue right now in your daily life as you practise it, and the effects measured should provide you with further encouragement to keep going with this.

At this point, life as you know it is a 24-hour block of time. There is no given that the next 24 hours will be as the preceding one in terms of the ‘normalcy’ of your lives. In other words, you could say you are all living on borrowed time at the moment.

Beloved ones of earth: all too many of you have chosen to hide from yourselves, instead of to embrace yourselves. In this way you have also stopped yourselves stepping forward to aid others in ways you could have. But this time to come will jolt you all into your own awakening and you will rush forward to do your Father’s bidding. It is why you are currently on the planet, in part.

There are no words to describe my feeling of joy this day. And I will not venture further. But I will only say that there has been a profound turning. And it is all good, as you ones might say *smile*. I speak here of what has occurred in this one’s (SK’s)consciousness and the choices made. I AM satisfied, most satisfied.

This is all for now. There will be more to come. Sooner, rather than later.

I AM EM, Higher Self of this one, Shellee-Kim.