I AM Present

I AM Present

Saturday, January 16, 2021

We're in this Together - Lisa Renee

As many of us are well aware, the past weeks have been mounting with interdimensional spiritual warfare which also translates on the surface as covert military operations that are engaged in the end game battle against the globalist Controllers or Luciferian bloodline families, which is going to the next stage very quickly to reveal the beginning of the disclosure timeline. 

 Things will likely escalate into reports of news with assorted global conflicts that will sound extremely scary, as in reports of preludes to global warfare and nuclear weapon warring. 
When things are appearing to be really dire on the external, please remember that things are not at all what they seem to be. 

Right now, we are in the height of false flags, agent provocateur, controlled opposition, blatant lies and falsity, deep fake videos and every propaganda tool they can come up with to keep the public confused and terrorized.
 This is a momentous time for human liberation, but we will need to become more discerning, and be aware that the propaganda is military grade warfare used to target us with demoralizing fears. 

Do not succumb, work your tools, pray and meditate, this is time for radical self-care and knowing your limits and inner child issues.
 Propaganda is used for the purpose of Psychological Manipulation, to generate mental fabrications and emotional reactions, that are intended for seizing control, power, benefits and advantages at the victim’s expense. 
The mainstream media is Propaganda, and it is not accurate. 

This is more aggressive than ever; the American public is being targeted with complex military grade psychological warfare and propaganda. 
If you find yourself being triggered, it may be best to retire from any mainstream outlet, as they are all owned and controlled by the satanic council members. 

 The outer reality of the mainstream controlled narrative is now crumbling and in a free fall. It does appear that the freefall towards exposing truth towards global disclosure has an epicenter which is within the United States, and to which the web of the transnational criminal syndicates is being exposed through several foreign countries that have major tentacles operating in the corporatocracy that control the United States through the shadow government. 

 The next stage will likely be finding alternative news channels, newly built social media platforms and online sites that transmit more accurate news to the masses of the current events transpiring. This requires the main six propaganda media corporations and their outlets be taken down systematically, while communication back channels and emergency broadcast systems are ready to go as the main news sources reporting to the awakening public. 

The only way accurate news can be given outside of CIA mockingbird intelligence mind control programming is to circumvent the controlled mainstream media sites, and this is now the phase where this behemoth can be toppled over successfully.

 In this phase the darkness that resides in the minds and hearts of those corrupted by power, wealth and depravity is being revealed to the masses. This will send a ripple of shock and fear through those that are unprepared or have been asleep to these hidden events, when they are awakened to see the reality of Power Elite pedovores and criminal psychopaths that have been acting above the law and controlling the mainstream narrative of global society. 

 The lightning strike of shocking changes is upon us as the global dark night of the soul, in which the lies, delusions and falsity of the controlled mainstream narrative that gave us a false sense of security will crumble away. 

This phase of spiritual growth can bring shocking inner and outer change and greater self-realization, it is a time of great personal turmoil when we go through the process of seeing blind spots and deceptions in many situations. 

When we see these lies and our blind spots, the places we were naïve or just plain wrong, now, what will you do with this new knowledge and how will you manage the changes happening around us while facing the shocking truth? 

 What is currently happening is a major lifestyle and cultural upheaval, life as we have known it in the past is ending. For many this is a major existential and spiritual crisis, bringing on normal reactions of grief, anger, sadness, confusion, sleepless nights and even facing confrontations with others that have been less than truthful. 

We are going to have an awful lot of very angry people when they find out how much they have been lied to and betrayed by those public figures they trusted. When we are undergoing a change in the foundation of our sense of security and identity, it penetrates to the deepest core of our being, reverberating shock waves that force us to get out of personal comfort zones and to emotionally and spiritually grow beyond the current level. 

 Remember that the artificial façades, self-delusions and barriers are going to fall, whether you like it or not, because we have reached a collective limit in this area, and we can no longer live with it. Crimes against humanity must be accounted for and in order for humanity to heal, we must live to see true justice, in our society and at a cosmic level. 

Although this phase of spiritual growth is very hard, we all have to undergo this process of discerning and seeing the truth, no one gets away from this critical piece of spiritual ascension. 
 The mountain of ego, pain body, deceptions, facades, illusions, manipulations and emotional bait hooks must be destroyed so that you are free to face truth and gain an accurate sense of reality without false attachments.

 There are some of us on the spiritual path that are holding space for others, loved ones around us that will be undergoing this intense process of lighting strike and shocking changes.
 Our loved ones, friends and acquaintances may be bewildered and confused about what is occurring. They may begin to show signs of trauma, projecting assorted images, they may have faulty memory, they may be acting out past life archetypes, they may feel threatened and terrorized with survival fears in the future. 

They are unable to deeply understand all that is happening because they are utterly overwhelmed with the intense energies forcing consciousness transformation, which surface deep emotional pain and grief. 

 To hold a clear and unconditionally loving space for such intense forms of spiritual alchemy, it is important to hold complete observer towards the process, even when it can be painful to watch people we care about endure such intense pain, confusion and grief.

 In spiritual community, this is a call for self-mastery in compassionate witnessing, and never, ever taking on another person’s emotional process or disjointed perceptions when they are in the deep and heated battle of the inner Armageddon, while the ego construct is flailing about in its death throes. 

 The most important relationships we have is with our higher power, God, and the inner relationship we have with ourselves. We go within to find that all we will ever need is existing inside of us for the purpose of building an impenetrable connection in your direct relationship with God - by focusing on the highest service to God that you can be in this moment.

 In that, it is all that matters, this is a virtue building exercise that will build incredible spiritual power. This is that moment. We must go within and rely on the inner feeling inside our heart, the truth as we know it right now, focusing on the inner connection and being aligned to one's personal values, praying and meditating to strengthen our direct communication with God and our inner spirit, in all ways that we can. 

Stay awake as we traverse the valley of the shadow and death, on the other side of destruction is creation, which awaits the deeper illumination of higher consciousness that we lightworkers and Starseeds have worked so hard to achieve. 

 Be confident in your inner knowing that this is the event that we came to participate and witness on the earth, the massive transformation of global awakening, disclosure events and the process of catalyzing spiritual ascension of human beings on planet earth. Know in your heart that this is as it needs to be, and it is time now. 

 May the Spirits of Christ walk with you, in the Spirit of Purity, Generosity, Patience, Kindness, Discipline/Conservation, Diligence and Humility. 

 Do not be scared, we are all in this together! 

 Love eternal, Lisa 


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Tuesday, January 12, 2021


 Hi beloveds!

We are fast approaching the 'roller-coaster ride of chaos' period, that I have long felt coming...and that many of us have long been preparing for. Well, not preparing for that alone, of course. But as per our chosen missions here to respectively learn through our duality experiences, transmute, integrate, grow and elevate ourselves individually and towards the collective frequency-raising consciousness for Mama Earth and all other life. 

It matters not what happens, how things unfold and how those around us subsequently choose to react to all they are being exposed to. Or choose not to. What matters during this period - for however long or short it lasts - is how WE will choose to behave, react or interact with others. 

I don't feel like I have much martyr archetype left within me and so I do not intend to leave my body in the name of any 'cause' or become caught up in any inflamed scenarios.  Including those purportedly for the betterment of all. Unless this is a part of my contract and which I'm currently unaware of.  

I'm familiar with martyrdom from other lifetimes of varied activism of different types, so this lifetime I choose differently. Anyway, how can anyone really serve others and their needs in critical situations by being a martyr [I've disturbingly just noticed the negative feminine association with that word, which also contains the name 'mary' in it.]?

So however the chaos unfolds and presents within others, I suggest the following as the best course of action that will also be in the highest and best for all. It's one I myself intend to take. That is choosing to remain in a heightened state of awareness continuously of what's happening within the collective, staying anchored in and to your peaceful heart centre and surrounding yourself continuously with requested protection from your higher dimensional families of Light. 

There is only one healthy attachment during this time - and that is to the God presence within you 24/7. Do whatever it takes to remain cognisant of this.  And take action when it is suggested you do so also. This  is your ultimate guidance and protection. I realise though that there are likely to be way less folk that have worked on establishing relationships with their God within than those who haven't or can't. 

I think that half of this planet have already chosen at the higher self level what the next destination for their learning may be. At a higher level, perhaps its been like the Harry Potter's 'hat sorting' period from the movie, where everyone is chosen to be in a specific house at Hogwart's school. Except in reality, it is our own Higher Selves/team that help us decide where we are best placed next.  And for many, this will not be a continued journey upon Mama Earth. 

I've often joked with my HS/God within and said 'Oh, well I finally understand that particular cause of those negative behaviours in myself now...after just 10 years! Now I only need about another 100 years or so to work out, own, transmute and grow from the rest of it'.  But I also realise we're more or less out of time. So we all did what we did, with the understanding we had or didn't or now it's time to move on and continue those lessons here or elsewhere. 

Either way, we're on the edge of manifest, visible change now and I welcome it with no small amount of relish! And this little game of polarity consciousness is about to change, expand or be over entirely. Depending on what each of us have chosen. 

Blessings of freedom and new life, beginnings and opportunities to one and all!

Much love



This is how Kerry K, a South African wayshower I've interviewed on Kinda Sound Radio sees the upcoming period. I really like her take:

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/pdCvSIIqBwg" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; clipboard-write; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture" allowfullscreen></iframe>

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/pdCvSIIqBwg" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; clipboard-write; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture" allowfullscreen></iframe>

Followed by Sandra Walter's take on this period:


I AM sending everyone Divine LoveLight and strength as we hold the balance during some rapid-fire changes in this Now. Embodiment of these higher frequencies changes everything; this is our Divine Service in this Now. The BEcoming.

The Revelation Waves are consistent Source-encoded plasma waves which push the higher agendas to reveal, free and empower HUmanity. They will be strong over the next two weeks as we complete this Gateway. Revelation is a theme throughout 2021.

Choice of reality becomes clearer and more refined as we enter the seven realms of New Earth.

I AM grateful to work with the siSTARhoods and Brotherhoods of the organic Ascension during this passage. Obviously, there is a lot unfolding on a cosmic scale. Dismantling, revelation and sleight-of-hand indeed. A true test of Faith in each other as well as Source. Trust Divine Love.

Resist the Distractions: More time with Gaia, more time in the Creator State, less time in the fray of online assumptions about what is and is not true.

Dismantling of distortions affects all realms. Let the revelations go deep. Deeper than any disclosure, deeper than any belief. This is a passage for core change. Realities will crumble this year. Stay flexible, clear, pliable in all expressions - physical and nonphysical.

This transformational passage includes simultaneous creation of the New. All choices amplified, let's use that energy. As always, Don't watch the old burn, get on with creating the New.

As we embrace our empowered Creator HUman State, we reflect what is happening on a cosmic scale. We cleanse and clear distortions, and redesign our journeys to reflect our highest trajectory, highest level of service. We simultaneously shift the inner, and express it in the outer.

One of my first steps was a new logo and renaming the High Vibe Tribe. Feel into the Light codes and intentions of leveling up to the Crystalline Collective.

I will give you a sneak peek preview of my new services and upgrades next week.