I AM Present

I AM Present

Friday, April 10, 2020


No matter what God's game, it's always Him who holds the aces  as well as the entire
pack. In this, His game (no matter the event on Earth), he happens to hold the jokers too. It doesn't
end there as he also holds his 'opponents' hands as well. But, in
Truth, He doesn't really have opponents, though THEY may see Him as
THEIR opponent. Such is the result of certain of His aspects aka the darkie parasites as I call them,  deciding they are not of Him.

Choosing not to know, believe or accept changes nothing in His plan.
After all, which self-proclaimed opponent would really want to believe they are under a mere
temporary 'winning' ill-usion when millenia have been invested into their little plan for Earth and humanity's destruction ?  Werent they certain they'd trump over this endgame?

It's  suited God's game plan all along that this should be. If He
changes his mind regularly -or so it might seem – this is only God's
way of adapting to the growth and direction of all of us, individually
and collectively, here on Earth. He is nothing less rhan versatile & flexible -mainly because He's granted us free will & just will not interfere with that.We are also our Creator God 's very
instruments for experience and growth.

When a war over consciousness has long been won by our Creator,  in
the grand timeless-spaceless scheme of things, it can only have been that the 'beast '
knowingly returned to stage its own death.

When you know you've already won a game, it is only a question of
letting all the moves play out. Until a point you pick and when you announce
'Game Over', get up, walk away with the winnings &immobilise the sore losers. Our Creator's
'winnings' are bound up with his prize jewel: our glorious Mama Earth
and her ascension, a new cleansed planet and the celebrating of, by and with  all
those who chose to make the journey with her. These are the rebuilders of a
parasitic-free HU-manity, each holding a sacred and conscious
relationship with the Creator, Earth and each other.
All of which ripples out from this, the showcase planet called
Earth/Urantia/Gaia, raising up consciousness all over the universe and

As they say, the winner, our Creator God, takes it all!

Back at the ranch in this real-illusion 😊We're on the edge of living  (and dying) through the period of
the planned fake virus for population decimation.Aka the COF=Contagion Of Fear, as I refer to it.

Creating the PAN (dem)IC has been priority to both instigate the limiting of human freedoms and to accelerate  totalitarianism and mental-emotional slavery for humanity at ever - deepening levels. But restricting our movements had also been required for 5G quiet installations across the globe. Now that Britain's 5G has been activated, we have already seen mass  bird deaths there.

There's no mistaking that this assault on us is electromagnetic-while the dp's controlled MSM continue their PAN (dem)IC public games of diversion & confusion. Easy when you employ those to do your playing on both seeming sides of the debates,articles,shows. The objective -like all black/psy operations -is to confuse mass minds with ongoing, seemingly - conflicting (dis)information to cultivate chaos and fear.

Challenge them & risk character assassination /a jail sentence  at this time.Though that's not stopping many courageous souls.  Bravo to them!
It reminds me of a more collective,stepped up effort of say Medi-sin doctors who  discover their patients on beneficial, natural remedies &go to fearmongering war with them.  When an entire industry, such as the MSM feels threatened by potential loss of power over minds, they instantly get on the offensive. How & where else did you think the global fake news campaign began?With & by the MSM!

On an emotional level and if you're one who hasn't bought into the PAN ( dem ) IC,  there are plenty continued? preparations we can focus on in this introspective phase. Apart from navel gazing,that is. Because this PAN (dem ) IC  has been designed to attack us on all levels of our being.

An excerpt from Lisa Renee s blog, Maintaining Calm In The Storm (energeticsynthesis.com )

"We can barely believe the surreal nature of what's happening in the world at large and how they're getting away with this charade. But when you understand negative ego and shadow body and how that can be assimilated into AI, then it really starts to make sense. Because really freeing ourselves from this mind control transmission, is the real shadow work. Really coming into the sacred heart of loving consciousness, is where we can feel our organic being and know that organic being. Know that we can access that zero-point connection".

And here's what LR suggests we do physically to protect  ourselves from this electromagnetic assault. I was delighted to read  about Borax as I've been offering it for a couple of years now as a very effective antidote to bone issues & which also protects against radiation for chemo patients, amongst many other benefits.
"The other thing I do want to talk about which has been confirmed, is that Borax prevents nanites or nano tech from bonding into your tissues. As we know this assault is on skin cells they are going for electromagnetic exposure on the skin to infect cells with toxic material.

One of the things we’ve been noting for about a year now, is that our skin has been undergoing a lot of changes. Remember the role up of the lower dimensions meant that we we’re looking at this AI net in the lower fields, that had created a death seal in the skin and in the bone matrix. Again, the skin tissue and bone matrix is very important right now, our fascia matrix alignment. Knowing that Borax is actually effective in limiting exposure to chemtrails, nanites or vaccinations people may need for work. In certain situations, Borax helps the body to collect and excrete the nanites".

All our Creator  wants is for us to be with Him within us (our God within )24/7. That's when the real magic happens &we can get through any & all outer circumstances with grace. I know this would mean so much to Him.
I also know there are quite a few who do already permanently  live within Him as One, but I'm not one of them yet.

I let my God-Em (Em=Expanded Me=Higher Self) brush my problem, coarse & knotty hair recently. It was a magical experience as my brush gently glided through the many knots in seconds. No pain, no frustration as per my usual experience.

Ditto when I ask for help healing animals or cooking. With the latter everything turns out so much better & goes smoothly when I withdraw my little self so God-Em can take charge.

If you know what I'm talking about here, you too will realise that our entire life of Him moving through, in and with us is a synchronised heartbeat, as One.
His game being to allow all, to help prepare us for the return to Him and then to wait...

Our  merciful, loving, intelligent, creative Creator-Gamemaster has played a waiting game thus far...so we, His children, can find our way back to His heart within us.

I love and bless you all
A Tribute to that greatest of all love stories, unfolding within:
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Love Story-Andy Williams