I AM Present

I AM Present

Friday, February 12, 2010

LADY NADA - Where We Are Headed

Channelled through Shellee-Kim Gold


We would like to speak today on the current nature of your reality and the coming New Earth. We have repeatedly said your world is in turmoil. The heat is on and it’s about to get even hotter, to use your terminology. You are occupying spaces in your chosen realities that will reflect what you have chosen. For those with the (inner) eyes to see and acknowledged this, these can be times of great and accelerated learning.

There is much to come to the earth plane and all its peoples shortly that will be of a revelatory nature. Much of your previous misconceptions of your reality and yourselves are to be swept away almost instantaneously. There is much to come that many will find difficult to digest as it will be so far from their conditioned reality of the past. And that which has been inculcated as values and belief systems by the forces that have ruled the earth thus far.
Herein lies another choice for you ones of earth.
Perhaps you might ask yourselves: Shall I have an open mind enough to examine what is presented to me at this time? Or shall I clam up into the safety of my previous understanding of the subject at hand?

Given your history of mass manipulation this will take fortitude for the many, to say the least. Yet, even amongst you, there are many who are dissatisfied with what has been presented and are desperately seeking the new. Expect further division between people, and dissension as truths become more polarized.

These are severe testing times, beloveds. And the challenge to find and remain true to your own sense of self is imperative. Otherwise you become as one who is blown hither and thither in the wind, allowing other forces to decide your own  destinies.

We do not see the outcome of all this as being something that affects the majority. We very much understand that if only a small portion of you are able to master your own destinies, this will be enough to sway many more of the masses, in due course.

There are many amongst you right now who sense and have an intellectual grasp on what is occurring on your world. You have a growing sense of the ‘game’ being played. And the choice you can make to play it differently.

We would like to tell you that there is always a different way to play. One way is to not play the game at all, to withdraw your energy from it completely.
Another may be to determine how you are being used to advance the other side in the game, and work out what exactly you have to gain or lose.

You are on this earth because you wished to take advantage of the energies here and duality to evolve yourselves further. Yet, most have forgotten this promise to yourselves. And that veil of forgetfulness has turned many into physical survivors alone.
The original plan, beloveds, was for so many more of you to enter the new earth. The Earth Mother’s choice to make this ascension and your human collective one is underway, but it is  your own individual ascension – and that which you also came here to achieve – which has been severely compromised.

We do not refer here to those stalwarts who have kept on keeping on. We speak here of those who lay down their courage, became overwhelmed by their life problems, ‘giving up’, and those who steadily retreated into cynicism and fear when their dreams were not realised and their expectations not met.

Having said all this, of course there is the opportunity in the next cycle to try all this once more. Perhaps in a sphere that is free of dark controllers your success will be imminent. Here you will not need to endure the controllers undermining your consciousness and confidence with subtle thought forms that take hold, eroding your sense of self. So be it.

As this earth experiment now draws to a close, we realize there is much that could have been done differently from the outset, that the ‘game’ could have been set up differently.
But now it falls to the few to rise to the challenge of what living on the New Earth will entail.

 For those amongst them who have expectations of peace, love and light everlasting, we ask for your own sake, to dispel of this notion now. The new earth is not for the faint of heart or for those harboring illusions. It will require enormous co-operation, constant goodwill and a desire to be working for the good of the community in which you find yourselves. In fact, these are criteria to surviving in these new energies.

Of course, there will be those who are not aligned with these who find themselves on the New Earth also. And rather rapidly these ones will feel as if a noose is tightening around their necks, metaphorically speaking. Their vibration will increasingly not be able to withstand the pressure unless they choose to align themselves with the new, lighter, service-orientated vibration of earth.

It will be a rather exciting place to live with ‘change’ being the operative word. Amongst everything and everyone. And this is the beginning of conscious preparation for you as the new hu-manity beloveds, towards becoming an ascended people and planet.

Life and evolution, above all things, must and does continue beloveds. And it is this we come to share with you.

Q & A:

SK: There seems to be a commonly-held belief by many in the New Age that the practice of meditation is an automatic passport to raising spiritual frequencies and making the ascension. Yet, a trusted channeled source I read says ‘meditation has nothing to do with ascension. Animals do not meditate and most of them will make the ascension. On the other hand, many of the individuals who practice meditation will not ascend’.

LN: Indeed. Much has been spoken about by way of the benefits of meditation. And while this is not under dispute, we see far more practitioners use this as a means of ‘opting out’ of themselves rather than deepening their connection with themselves. How is this possible? Well, the peace you may feel immediately after a session is but a transient experience that has affected the intellectual/mental body alone. While the idea of ascension is to energetically and fully shift gears into a  permanent space of living from the peace within. This then also requires a permanent shift of all your bodies to be anchored in balance.

SK:Is this also why so many meditation practitioners I’ve come across have an-almost unfathomable fear (that usually expresses in defense/attack on being questioned) of exploring what truly lies within their hearts through their intellect?

LN: Yes. Remember, one of the many devices of the dark controllers is to inspire New Agers to ‘let it go’. Escapist tactics such as music, drugs and other spiritual practises have all been used as diversions, even becoming obsessions for many. Meditation is one of these. Because the controllers realized as long as people were seeking the peace and bliss that meditation is associated with, they would become lost in the ritual and naturally diverted and ‘switched off’ from desiring to honestly examine themselves. In fact, as you say, many have gone to the other extreme and are now in denial/fear of the need for this. Hence the response you often receive where people in this state say to you ‘you need to get out of your head and into your heart more’.

SK: Seriously, will fleas and parasites still exist in the New Earth?

LN: In far fewer number. Certain parasitic forms will be eliminated altogether, while others might be allowed for a time until the energies on earth become too rarefied for their survival. Just like the human and off-planet followers of the dark, parasites themselves have also served a purpose on earth where the polarity of extremes operate.  Everything in the physical has an etheric counterpart, as do such parasites.

SK: Just don’t ask me to love and appreciate them, because I’m not anywhere near reaching that state!  
On another subject: Reversed Speech seems to me to be a method that can accurately validate claims about what’s really going on in our world. Would you agree?

LN: Yes, this is an extremely apt means of deciphering truth from fiction put out through your media. And one which should satisfy both skeptics, the scientifically-minded and those who write such claims off as being from the ‘lunatic fringe’. Indeed it is true that the subconscious  levels of the human psyche cannot lie. Therefore, these ones who have brought forth this discernment tool to humankind are to be commended.

SK: I’m confused. First, I understood choices about where humans wanted to go (stay with New Earth, different 3d planet, return to etheric home, etc) were finalised in December 2008. Yet, now I hear humans can still choose right up until earth goes into stasis, whenever that is. Please clarify.

LN: Much changed again in the plan last year, beloved. It was decreed by the hierarchy charged with care-taking the earth that people would have another opportunity to choose. Although choices made at the earlier time have been fixed for many due to the preparation individually undertaken/not, some of those who were fence-sitting have benefited from this extra period allowing different choices. In addition, many of those already committed to the new earth have needed this extra time for clearing and growth  in final preparation.
Our side of the veil urges you to  call on their assistance in moments of need.  This is  all for this evening beloveds. You are deeply loved.