I AM Present

I AM Present

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Sa-Ra 19: Self-Abasement II

22 January

Sa-Ra 19: Self-Abasement II

through Shellee-Kim

It is a pleasure to be with you all here this evening...

Tonight I would like to continue in a deeper vein on our topic of the previous message on self-abasement.
Another phrase for the same is self-disparagement. All is part of the same ill-ness that lives within the human psyche.

Whether self-abasement or self-disparagement, both are feelings and actions demonstrating lack of love of the Self. As we said previously, part of this unloving expression towards Self and others has created the victimhood mentality, individually and collectively.
However, I did not explain much about how and WHY this occurs. I would like to explore some of the mechanics of this tonight.

Do not underestimate the importance of this topic, for it is this societal ill that has kept many in chains. And you ones who are working hard on your personal freedom need to lead the way in breaking those chains.

You are not the chattel of another, especially not you women. Nor are you to be used as a punch bag. You are not any longer to know unboundaried behaviour in reactions to others. For oftentimes it is in your empathy, sympathy, compassion and your desiring to be of assistance, that you open yourself to those who would abuse you.
There is a very fine dividing line between standing in your own power and demonstrating compassion and empathy in order to serve another and doing the same, but with the element of self-love added that instantly places you firmly in your own true power. Which is also your great protection.

Remember, if you cannot or will not protect and defend yourselves in the face of verbal, physical or emotional abuse, you have no business guiding others.
For when those who criticise you and are openly disapproving of what you say and feel are in your midst, you will need to know clearly how to stand. You will need to know both how to protect and defend yourself as well as knowing how to be open and compromising. While still remaining compassionate of heart.

Although this may appear to be a tall order technically, it can easily be done with the right understanding and clearance of the factors that hinder the process.

Now we would draw your attention to some of the ways you have allowed yourselves to be used and debased by others, in making THEM feel better most often. And YOU WORSE when this occurs. But you have become numbed to the emotional results of these in most instances, pushing much into the unconscious in not wanting to 'make a fuss' or purely and simply not wanting or knowing how to deal with it, AKA denial.

Some of the ways this plays out in your relations with others:

You, as a woman, might walk past a group of men and hear a typical wolf whistle directed at you. Many cultures turn a blind eye and ear to this, subtly condoning this belittling behaviour. Often these men - with a false sense of strength, power and group bravado encouraging them - may get no response from the woman, but they'll make an overtly undermining/humiliating comment about her, anyway.
If the woman chooses to respond -negatively in particular - she'll receive an undermining response also, in the main. Often accompanied by disparaging laughter from the male group supporting this. Either way, it seems the woman loses. If she chooses to 'stand up' to the man she is openly undermined; while ignoring him attracts a similar response.
These 'cultural norms' are far from normal. But I illustrate this as an example to show how deeply conditioned this pattern of response is within women across the world in accepting such humiliations as 'normal' male behaviour.

This type of conditioning often then draws women in as co-conspirators of their own gender/personal self-disparagement. Such as buying into and reinforcing negative stereotypes. Such as perpetuating the 'helpless, idiot female' role who needs someone else to be responsible for her.
You, as a woman, may signal this in an aversion to map reading, changing your car tyre or some such that your men might 'rescue' you from. Watch yourselves beloveds and see how often you do this, because something else has decided it's not your role. In fact, this is you making yourself lesser-than and more limited.

And to your men, you women will do just the same. You may signal to your male partner that he is useless in the kitchen so he shouldn't be there. Or that he is clueless in dealing with and raising children, essentially limiting his involvement in both. But then you may complain down the line how 'irresponsible' your man is. When you were a contributor to that result, making sure he couldn't take responsibility in the above scenarios, as examples. Do you see?

And many men will follow this line of least resistance. And instead of trying to work with this and work that meme out, you often choose to surrender passively to it instead.

This is what your mostly-male controllers wish for men to think about women, women about men and both genders to think of themselves. These and many other self-disparaging thoughts about who we are as men and women have been artificially ingrained as part of the programming of separation on earth.

This is in direct conflict with the balance you are seeking to strike in your growth into becoming the gods/goddesses within that you are. And why it is so very important that this be dealt with.

it is time to discard the lot of these inauthentic power/powerlessness expressions and find your true inner north of authentic personal power; balanced power. Which can then manifest in balanced relations with one another.

Take the work place for instance - rife with all manner of friction, bubbling just below the surface usually. It's a good thing you can't read one another's minds, for you certainly wouldn't like what you hear, most of you [Sa-Ra laughs].
But it is at the workplace much of this undermining of both genders continues day in and day out.

How, you ask, can one make progress when one's superior you're supposed to be in deference of uses his position to constantly, belittle, denigrate and humiliate those around him. This is done very subtly of course and often times in the mode of light-hearted jest. When all of you around him know this is not the case.

And of course being on the receiving end of this is the experience of both genders - no limitations here. In many instances, this energetic dumping ground ensures the one dumped upon returns home to dump same on his or her loved one. What comes in, must also go out, so to speak.

So there is this cycle of unhealthy psychic energies you are constantly awash with. You are dealing with both your own and others' projections and your own and others' creations, as above, of abasement.

Yes, there's a lot to contend with here. What is required is for you now to shift into a completely new mindset where you do not allow such to cross your path further. Again, this comes in and through the total acceptance of all of yourself.

Demanding and commanding respect or refusing to accept the load that another wishes to dump on you means making it CLEAR to that person this is NOT acceptable. And that what he or she is offloading is not yours to TAKE on.

WITHOUT doing these things, you are effectively saying 'I am worth less; worthless'.
And how can you expect to be WORTHY of responsibility bestowed upon you when you are screaming 'I am worth less' - though it may be a silent scream.

These few examples I have given are but several of hundreds that are rife in your interactions with others daily that make you feel lesser-than about yourselves.
Commanding respect and demanding the same of others, beloveds, means first that you fall in love with yourself. So completely, totally and absolutely that you defend yourself in the natural way one would your very own child.

And here we do not mean this to be a mental exercise alone, but one which becomes a permanent state lived where you are first able and willing to hold YOURSELF in the highest esteem before you can expect others to do so of and with you.

And so I leave this with you this evening. Hoping it will be another nugget of Truth to add to your repertoire of growing self-knowledge.

May the Force of Light and Love burn ever stronger within you. For it will all be much needed in the times ahead.

Beloveds, this is your Sa-Ra

Loving you and leaving you for now

Until the next.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Now You're In Charge by Julian Rose

It's THAT big and THAT necessary right now. So I feel both inspired and bound to stay with the 'making/taking a Stand' theme. And it clearly is on the minds of many more than we may know. It is seeking to be understood, as we seek clarity and direction within it...
And it becomes ever clearer to me that we're not being impulsed with this for no good reason. It IS a requirement of these Times. Making our personal Stands are also an opportunity to give back to Creator Source a gift in gratitude for all he bestows upon us. At least, this is how I see it - as our responsibility now, to demonstrate by doing in the taking and creating of the Stand.
It is not only in serving others that we can and must do this. But how we can successfully challenge the Khazarian set-up systems in both our consciousness and thus our world and societies and agitate as many of the sheeple into a wave of awakened ones. Thus can come desired change through action and rebellion.

That revolution for evolution is so close I can practically smell it! Now, to business so we can bring it on...

Love of The One Heart


Now You’re In Charge

Source: http://www.changingcourseforlife.info/2014/01/now-youre-in-charge/

Like others fortunate enough to have time to read, reflect and absorb the information put out on sites like this, you have no doubt acquired a pretty reasonable grasp of what’s going on in the World. Yet this knowledge comes with a certain proviso – it gives you a greater responsibility ‘to be’ and to give direction to the change that you now know is needed. Greater than the responsibility of those who have not had such an opportunity.

You have experienced for yourself how manipulated and socially engineered is the society in which we live; how despotic is the cabal that pulls the strings; how effective is the methodology employed in keeping the majority in a dumbed down state of creative impotence.

You have seen for yourself just how cold are the hearts of those who seek the tantalizing prize of absolute power; be it in banking, the hegemony of war, control of the food chain, the weather, the constitution and even the genetic pool of life itself.

You have seen all this and have duly wished for an end to the top down incestuous heirarchical control freaks who relish holding the reins of power and exercising relentless repression over all who struggle to keep body and soul together.

But, somehow or other, in spite of all this, you haven’t seen yourself as someone to do something about it. This for you – has always been someone else’s task. Someone else’s concern. You have preferred to absolve yourself from confronting and grappling with the true reality.

Then, one night, you are confronted by a remarkable series of events that set off a domino affect whose momentum is so strong that it becomes unstoppable. The foundations of the military industrial consortium begin to crack open; the main perpetrators start heading out of town; the grid sputters and then comes down and the government fails to get the support of the military in enforcing an emergency shut down of civil society.

A great void opens up where just a few days before the imposition of a police state looked inevitable. In the tumultuous events that follow the centralised control is lost and ‘the people’ surge onto the streets.

There is an attempt by an ad hoc forum to set in motion some form of mutual support groups so as to mitigate the chaos that rages all around. You yourself are now out on the street too. A young woman suddenly calls out your name – drawing you aside she says “I know you are capable, take charge of this community and give them leadership, show them the new way you know must transcend this worn out criminal regime – start now!”

Then suddenly you snap awake. It was just a dream.. But was it? Sitting up in bed in a state of shock, you try to get your bearings. It feels all so real, so possible – and yet the clock points to 7 a.m. And you hear the familiar sound of your neighbour’s car heading off down the road – and take in the aroma of toast wafting up the bedroom stairway. A news reader on the kitchen radio is giving the economic prognosis for the day – ‘the index is expected to rise strongly on the announcement of a new military engagement in Central Africa…’

Sitting down to breakfast, you dimly realize something of singular importance: if this had been real life you would have had absolutely no idea what to do. No concept of how to respond when asked to take charge of the life situation experienced in the dream.

The young woman’s words echo through your head “I know you are capable – take charge of this community and give them leadership.” Yet somehow you feel impotent to take such an action. All the knowledge gained through reading and participating in alternative blog sites; watching awareness raising documentary films; joining spiritual support groups – all this, and yet you still feel unequal to the task at hand – in turning these experiences into positive actions.

Consider this carefully, for it may actually be at your door tomorrow – and not in the form of a dream but in the bright light of a real day.

What is missing that renders us so enfeebled when faced by the reality of taking purposeful action to ameliorate our bruised planet and help our fellow human beings in times of distress?

I will offer a clue. It is a lack of imagination. Imagination of a better way of life. Imagination that has been deliberately cultivated and etched into the mind, though years of purposeful intent to set in motion a new template for daily living that goes way beyond today’s dysfunctional dystopia.

We have quite simply failed ourselves if we have not cultivated such a vision – and we have failed our Creator; for Source equipped us with all the tools to foster this vision and to bring it into reality, no matter what the odds or how chaotic the circumstances.

At any one moment we are called upon to bring into the foreground of our intent a picture of the community, landscape, village or city we would like to live in and to share with our companions. Having no such picture renders us pretty much useless – slaves to the moribund, vision-less status quo which feeds on our compliant passivity.

But when one is left in charge; in charge of the future; one immediately knows that one needs a vision – and a realistic, realisable one – for how else is one going to decide what to attempt to put in place to ensure that things move in a better direction than that which superseded them? How else can the creative change that we dream of be shared and manifest? How else can we avoid stumbling into a makeshift, panic driven answer – thus making the same mistakes all over again?

When I started organic farming on my land in the UK, I had a mental picture of what I wanted it to look and be like – then I set about bringing that picture into reality. It took around 15 years and led me through many variations of the original theme in the process. But that’s fine – because the vision is quite simply a passion to give form to something. To give it beauty, humanity, community. To include all life forms – soil, trees, animals, people. It’s a life enhancing holistic expression.

There is no manual or instruction book, to be followed with joyless precision, that gets us to this goal. Life is our teacher. She will produce the vision if we let her flow through our veins. But we have to hold onto it and turn it into reality.

So there you are – there we are – the one’s who have been able to acquire ‘awareness’. Faced by a deeply uncertain future – and yet in charge of our and others’ destinies – by dint of being in possession of this ‘awareness’ when others are not.

The control system, while preparing itself to clamp down ever more heavily, may actually be trembling at its roots. Beyond its long endured template of inverted and sterilised truth lies the opportunity to build a totally ‘other society’, based on humanitarian and creative values that have been longing for expression and integration for centuries.

Are you readying yourself to lead your community towards that promised land? Or are you still hoping someone else will take on the mantle of that responsibility?

You need to give yourself that answer today – and face its consequences.

About the Author

Julian is a committed international activist, writer, farmer and actor. He is an early pioneer of UK organic farming methods and is currently involved in the front line of efforts to keep Poland free from genetically modified organisms. Julian is President of The International Coalition to Protect the Polish Countryside. His book Changing Course for Life can be purchased on www.changingcourseforlife.info. His latest book In Defence of Life – a Radical Reworking of Green Wisdom is available at Amazon.com or can be requested on http://www.julianrose.info/

Monday, January 20, 2014

Sa-Ra 18: Self-Abasement

Through Shellee-Kim

17 January 2014

Dear friends and family of Earth!It is a pleasure to once more have the opportunity to share with you in this way.
Things are chugging along very well and you should see some 'surprising' things manifesting soon.

Shortly will there also be much that will ease your paths and open for your full expression, both personally and publicly.
When all this starts you will be well prepared - for any and all eventualities. And this need not be a source of fear or nervous anticipation at this time. Not for any of you that have chosen Service to this most magnificent of Christ Michael's unfolding Plans. And this also includes those not consciously in-the-know of Christ Michael.

I have meant for a while to address the issue of Self-abasement with you. And this issue is but a symptom of a larger issue - that issue being Self-worth.

Self-abasement ( to humiliate or belittle oneself) is to think so little in and of oneself that one becomes or remains unconscious of the self humiliation we put ourselves through. Or that meted out to us by our loved ones which we accept without thinking twice.

At this juncture, beloveds, there is no time and no energy to be further wasted on defending of (particularly to yourself) or apologising for the attitudes, behaviours and responses of others. And most particularly those closest to you.

Truthfully, those not in strength enough within of who they are - and even those that are many a time - dealing with such is extremely self-defeatist. And is nothing short of self-abasement.

Now we are not telling you here to run a mile from your families, friends and loved ones. But we are saying most clearly that the time of being 'peace keeper' from your perspective is done. There is nothing further you need do or say to uphold 'harmony'. Nor is it your responsibility to do so.

What is required of you far more at this time is to keep yourself in a state of self-preservation for the coming moments when ALL OF YOU will be required to be PRESENT.
Dealing with an issue such as self-abasement therefore is imperative now. As allowing such is in direct conflict with this objective. Understanding what within you has allowed such belittling and humiliation of self to take hold where you have accepted it as a part of you is now priority.

Women, in particular, struggle immensely with self-abasement. As humiliation is often something that they are on the receiving end of - from their men. And from the still mainly patriarchal societies in which you live. Sometimes this belittling and humiliation (which some call emotional/psychological abuse) is most overt, at others it's very subtle. But either way this is the sub text that adds to a gender that already is and feels collectively victimised.

Yes, life between the sexes is still most definitely unequal. And the guilt that many women are made to feel about merely existing and being a woman with womanly feelings is consistenly used against them. Perpetuating feelings of being 'lesser than' which continues the self-abasement.

It is extremely difficult to see a situation when your face is right up against it. It is suggested that in order to have some type of clarity in this department it is necessary that you do something to remove yourself from the situation/sameness of it, if only temporarily. Take a day or two away from the home, if you can.

Or if you cannot, have an emotional/psychological time out from interacting with your partner for a while. Perhaps one where you focus your energy on something/someone else for a short time. Sometimes it may even be a friend or stranger that could help to trigger insights into your situation that you might use as a starting point to explore all this. Anything that works for you that could provide the necessary 'distance' to SEE yourself more objectively. And do explain to your partner why it is you're doing this.

Self-abasement starts first from within, like everything else. But is exacerbated by such memes as misogyny. Which have in turn produced the collective and individual sense of victimhood in women in this successful programming of suppression of the feminine force on your earth.

Having said this, self-abasement is NOT the domain of women alone. Men fall prey to it just as easily. But due to the memes set up between the genders and to keep them at war with one another within and without, men project this also back to women. It has been encouraged that they do so for millenia on your plane and this is how the continued perceived 'lack of responsibility' within men continues.

Is is up to you, dear women in particular, now to heal yourselves of this deeply ingrained malady that affects all.
You will successfully say : NO MORE! When you stand fully in your OWN power. And NOT in the shadow of another. Women are no longer to be the second-class citizen of this world. And for you to know absolute freedom means for you first to know that which holds you back from yourselves that you may remedy it.

You have no obligation to any other, and particularly those you love, to be less than who you are. This is dis-eased thinking and feeling.

Expect those around you to NOT take kindly to the changes you make within.
So be it, Beloveds. THIS is what is required of you here at this time. And nothing shall stand in your Paths. Regardless of those you may lose en route.

I leave this with you now to give your attention to as you continue to examine yourSelves in relation to your loved ones.

I AM loving you all, most deeply

As always

This is your Sa-Ra

Until the next

Signing off for now.