I AM Present

I AM Present

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

MULTI-FACETED DIAMONDS TO BE by the Divine Dancing Daughters



the Divine Dancing Daughters [with Serena]
through Shellee-Kim

16 December 2014

[SK: I wanted to remove the personal bits here, but for some reason was told 'all should remain intact and as it was given' in this instance. ]

Aah Shellee, it is a joy.

A quiet and steady joy as we all come forward this morning with such love in our hearts, the grace of the Father and big smiles for all you have and are achieving. Do not underestimate its importance, Shellee. For each time you resolve such a challenge as the ones you have been going through, you expand yourself and your consciousness that little bit further. All is well beloved - have no worry or fear.

You are taking exactly the right steps required.

We will move across to a more public message now. And we would say to all of you – our beloved readers :

The time approaches where you are to know the Fullness of yourselves. At this moment in time, it is but the equivalent of having a large cut diamond in front of you. Yet neither you nor the diamond is in motion, and so you are only able to view it as a single faceted stone. You are able only to see one or perhaps two facets or aspects of this diamond. When in fact, you, like the diamond, are multi-faceted and multi -dimensional beings.

This for now you still cannot see, feel or fully express.

But as that which approaches comes closer, you will be gifting yourselves with the return of the gifts of yourselves. Indeed, a necessary step that you may KNOW the fullness of yourselves in order to express and fulfill upon your various service contracts.

All is in a state of chaos in your world as we look upon it from afar.

There is internal chaos in the minds and hearts and emotions of individuals and the collective.
And there is external chaos which needs no explanation.

And those that have helped create this in all the ways and forms, through all the means they know how – it is to your dark brotherhood I am referring here- are themselves in the eye of this chaotic storm at this moment of your time. Their creations return to them fast and thick at this moment.

They are 'strung out' to describe it better in your terms. They are hopping mad and know NOW there is no WAY they can escape from all they have created.

They cannot go forward with their plans, nor can they escape them. This is their current conscious realisation. And this is indeed another turning point within many turning points.

They still, however, do not feel sufficiently thwarted even though they suffer and realise there's no escape. So they will bring to bear further pressures upon themselves in the coming days where they will FEEL these pressures directly.

We tell you this today that you might know that when they have executed further plans in the current emotional-psychological-mental states they are in, their vulnerabilities and weaknesses will become exposed for all to see that that all might KNOW their true identities.

And this is the POINT that we wait upon to have revealed to the world at large.

Yes, it IS and has been a process and has taken much TIME in your perception. While all the many accelerated changes and cleansings and the Wave cyclically moves across your plane, the wheels of your density, so to speak, still turn relatively slowly in comparison with the larger cosmos and our realms. Due to this, these disparities in TIME and your subsequent expectations occur all too frequently.[SK: If last sentence here doesn't make sense, I couldn't get it properly on the recording]

But what really matters, dear ones, is that what needs doing IS being done.

What needs revealing is to be REVEALED that the Truth may out.

And for this, we are all ever grateful.

We, including our sister Shellee, have a special role to play in the upcoming days that will at once involve the confrontation of the darkness that surrounds you and those who create it, in a bid to expand upon TRUTH.

This is not to be an easy task. But it is one we have committed to for and on behalf of the Father and Christ Michael's plan for your beloved earth.

Do know that the actions that come forth from such a collaboration are to have a widespread effect on REMOVING THE PROGRAMMING that people might at last FEEL FREE in their knowing of truth and FEEL FREE to express that and challenge THOSE that hold it not.

This will have profound effects on the minds and hearts of the masses and has long been in the planning.

In fact, it is a crucial step to the unfolding of subsequent plans of Christ Michael's that lead this planet eventually into the full anchoring of Love and Light and Life.

Truth WILL and MUST out that people know WHERE THEY STAND and may consciously choose further.

A most important first step upon the stepping stones to FULL FREEDOM for each of your and your new global society to be.

You are all quietly ( and some perhaps a little more noisily :-) )[SK: Kibo, your energy/image came to mind here :) ) are preparing yourselves and one another as best you can that you might enter the new era as the bright and golden lights that YOU ARE. For this is indeed what leaders, guides and wayshowers are, are they not? Lights to light the way back to God.

We are so pleased to have this contact once more. Our beloved SK has been under some duress of late. And yes, these are further tests that challenge her that she may continue to prove her mettle, as it were. We are pleased to say she is coming through this. And will emerge, as always, triumphant.

We bless her, as we bless you now. Each one of you have your unique roles to play in touching the many in the ways your speciality can and will.

Our great love goes to you and with you. And we ask you to call upon us for assistance as and when you feel the need.

We are here, as always
In Service

We are the DDD's.

Friday, December 12, 2014

Set Daily Intentions;Be Open To Adventure

through Shellee-Kim

Setting daily intentions is a powerful mechanism to choosing your future. Failure to do so results in someone or something else doing it for you.
And this spells danger!

When you set intentions for your ascension or whatever else you are aligned with, it sets up an energetic resonance. Which in turn opens those of like mind/spirit in the realms invisible to reach you far more easily that help may come.

Again, when you choose nothing or 'go with the flow', you are as good as choosing forces that oppose Light, often unknowingly opening yourself to manipulative forces who do not have your highest good in mind. In other words, by your non-choice you have pushed this into the subconscious. At this level, you are open to even greater manipulation by those on and off planet who would use you and your field, your energy, your emotions as fodder to feed their dark masters.

Therefore, to be safe at all times: make conscious intentions of that which you choose; consciously call in the legions of Light and the multitude of specialists in whatever area of help is needed in resolving your personal issues and at all times ensure you are protected from the fields of others. Particularly if you have some doubt as to what they're aligned with or perhaps feel uncomfortable around them. Listen to your feelings. And learn to discern your fears from your feelings.

This is imperative for the times we are in. And they are set to get far more intense.

In setting your intentions you are...choosing. And 'choice' is the catchword of the day. This is what these times are demanding of you, that you may find and gravitate towards your place; your manifested choice.

Some of you are celebating the festivities of Christmas, followed by the new year that many will celebrate. While others are enjoying long summer holidays off studies and work, combined with the above. All in all, the last month of your year is usually a time for both relaxing and being at leisure, introspection and celebration. This year and into next will be somewhat different, with some surprise elements thrown in.

Be as a child when she/he receives a surprise. See what occurs as an adventure and remember to be in it spontaneously and without judgement. This will ensure that such surprises and unfolding events remain curious and intriguing to your mind and emotions, rather than fearful.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

The Rough Road Of Honest Discovery

Hello All

This topic of self-honesty, imo, is perhaps the greatest requirement of them all in these end times. Having the courage to face and work through our inner respective shadow imbalances is a major requirement to freedom within. And, by it's very nature it encourages the increase of emotional intelligence. Which in itself leads to greater empathy and thus compassion towards others.

Self-honesty's the first link in the chain to all of that. And, as more of the shadow imbalances are released, more of your true nature, the God within and your Higher Self, can emerge increasingly. Bringing with it in turn all manner of gifts (including telepathy, clairsentience and other 'natural'abilities previously held down by the shadow imbalances within) as your vibration and frequency expand and are raised through the release of these.

All very important development and expression towards our future in service to the One.

My love


Dec 9, 2014

by Zen Gardner

Anyone who thinks waking up is simply a spontaneous event or some kind of cake walk hasn’t woken up yet. It takes a lot to arrive at the door of discovery as well as courage to open the door. In fact, all of the doors, as life is a series of decisions on where to travel and what to do when faced with the myriad of options presented before us.

Ask anyone who’s in any sort of awakened state and despite their present calm brought on by strong conviction for truth, I dare say they’ve been through the mill in their life to get to where they are today.

It may seem like peaches and cream to an outsider looking in at some of the more ethereal spiritual conclusions many arrive at in the course their travels through life, but I guarantee you there was a lot of suffering, confusion, physical, spiritual and/or mental abuse and times of darkness and despair along the way. It’s part of the process. You don’t just walk out of the matrix when you’ve been programmed and enslaved to it your whole life, nor quickly shed your old warped belief systems like overalls as you step into some kind of sanitized room filled with baby lambs and laughing children.

There’s a price to pay. It’s all part of the process. And so very well worth it, and more.
Honest Evaluation

It’s not easy either to be fully honest about ourselves, what we have been during our lives, participated in, those we have hurt along the way, the amount of selfishness we’ve displayed. We think we hid it from others since we were in denial about it or thought we were clever in how we think we got away with it.

Not so, and it eventually comes back to bite us at the least as weighty baggage if we don’t get honest about it. And this is one of the toughest parts about truly waking up. As our true self arises the old false self gets exposed, and it hurts to face it usually. And it’s not a one time thing; it’s a long process of getting honest, allowing ourselves to be exposed, dealing with it, letting it go and then admitting we need healing in deep dark corners of our fabric.

And then asking for, allowing and receiving the healing.

It’s a long road, yet it is all based on one decision. You want the Truth. The rest follows and no matter how challenging, we rise to it and pass through because of that resolution of the heart. The hardest roads are for those who continue to cover up and fight to protect the whole idea of their old self, or even some form of new self. For them, as it has been at times for all of us, it can be like being lost in the woods and after hours of searching without a compass or sense of direction we land up right where we started. Tired, discouraged and disillusioned, blaming circumstances or whatever instead of the fact that we didn’t allow ourselves to listen to our spiritual compass of the heart because we hadn’t been cultivating a life of honest realizations. About ourselves and the world around us.
The Bold and the Brave Are Normal People Who First Face Things – Then Overcome

I don’t know why this hit me today. I think it’s because it’s been happening to me a lot to me for some time and continues to unfold. Areas of my life I thought I’d overcome or in some way transcended are coming back via relationships gone wrong or hangups reappearing in strange ways. Or just plain fears I haven’t wanted to face that still plague me.

I spent much of my life in denial about many things to keep the pain of my past at bay. It doesn’t work that way. I had a rough upbringing in a seriously dysfunctional family. Physically we were upper middle class and seemed to have everything going for us, but spiritually, psychically and emotionally it was a twisted torture chamber of sorts. I think most of my generation went through this kind of spiritual turmoil.

Ask anyone who’s honest and woken up. They were not only beaten up by life but gave quite a few beatings themselves. That’s why they’re so loving. They realize they not only hurt many people in their selfish pursuits, but participated in many many more beatings with their tongues, compliance with gang like social behaviors to be accepted and cool, and worst of all withheld the love they knew they should have shown along this rocky road towards self discovery and release from this parasitic self destructive “world” we’ve been born into.

I think this inner knowledge and resultant guilt and shame is what shuts many people down. It subconsciously makes them think they’re not worthy of love and truth. It’s essentially a very clever mind control program we’ve been coerced to participate in. Much like the soldier who is reduced to a barbaric murderer for whatever “cause” they’ve been told they’re fighting for, it degrades the human psyche and stifles the spirit, trapping beautiful souls in an endless cycle of guilt and self loathing which only results in more forms of violence. The very sad suicide statistics of returning veterans is one obvious outcropping of this.

But I contend the worst form is this ongoing mass co-justification system. Those trapped therein are the walking dead. They knife themselves daily in one form or another in some sort of masochistic ritual of self degradation. This can manifest as a player within the capitalist system of greed, thuggish behavior again justified by social “norms”. It can be any form of self promotion which comes with a cost to others for personal gain, again based on this strange concept of competition. Sports are a good example of how violence, even within systems of rules, is justified and encouraged. And if you can get away with dirty tricks and not get caught that’s also fair game. The whole capitalist system is based on this.
Honesty Can Be Brutal – But Only to the Old Self

I’m not talking about being honest with others here. While important if done in love, it too can be very destructive if it’s just a form of lashing out or self centered release no matter how cleverly couched. This type of behavior happens because we haven’t come to terms with ourselves yet. And that’s the most important part and should be addressed first. It’s not easy, and is a lifelong process.

Coming to terms with these very personal realities hurts. There are dark corners that need the light of truth. It takes time, but it can’t be avoided. It will surface if not addressed, and the best time to do so is when it appears or comes into our conscious awareness.

I’m not talking about futile self centered introspection. These things have a way of bubbling up and they’re not overwhelming if tackled head on. It’s only in recent years that I’ve begun to understand the lifelong effects of my family upbringing. These sublimated issues appeared throughout my life that followed and it got more convoluted as time progressed. It’s not all bad, as much of this suffering is what drives the seeker to keep pursuing the truth, since deep within us we know there is release. Until then, those abusive behaviors plague us and put up a smokescreen trying to keep these unsavory realities suppressed and forgotten. Quite the cycle, but I think we all experience this one way or another.
I Feared A Fear and It Came Upon Me

One of the most powerful attractors is fear. When we have a fear of something it can literally bring on what we are fearing. There’s an old sci-fi movie well worth watching called Forbidden Planet that powerfully illustrates this amongst other dynamics. Another is The Martian Chronicles that illustrates how our minds conjure and manifest our reality, a phenomenon long understood by mystics and sages and now even confirmed by modern mainstream science.

This is why we need to identify and face our fears. There are all kinds of fears, from fear of failure to fear of lacking, fear of losing things, fear for the safety and well being of our children and grandchildren, fear of death, on down to singular phobias such as fear of heights. These are powerful drivers and affect our motivations, actions and perceptions. Fear of being discovered for who we truly are is one of the most powerful. What grips our psyche is often a sense of guilt or shame for something we feel is wrong about us that we don’t want discovered.

That’s why denial is so rampant amongst humanity. Instead of being encouraged to simply be who we truly are, we’re told to conform and pretend to be something we are not, with usually unattainable ideals and self images that set us up for certain failure. It’s a vicious cycle once again and a loop that needs to be broken no matter what it takes. It’s a long road overall but one we’re all traveling together.

Shame is one of the most crushing human emotions. It hurts so much we have to bury it under many layers of self deceit just to keep functioning in society. We’ve all suffered from it and will no doubt keep encountering it, as no one is any type of pillar of perfection. But that’s where the pursuit of truth is the best antidote, as we can deal with these things as they come up and not let them fester like an infected splinter in the mind. This wonderful empowering reality gives us the courage to take these on more and more spontaneously and is so liberating. That’s where a good sense of humor comes in and not taking ourselves so damn seriously. We’re all a mess but when love dominates then our shared weaknesses are actually what bind up together as our communication grows more honest and loving and openly caring while we continue to approach and draw near to the light of truth.
Let It Go

Realizing we were born into an abusive system designed to keep us down and disabled is a wonderful discovery. Until we realize our originally pristine hearts and spirits were deliberately coerced to become willing accomplices in this violence upon ourselves and others, the guilt and fear of being “found out” will plague us. The easiest tack for your ship to take is straight into the truth with the realization we ultimately have nothing to defend, that that’s the false self and a bad movie that needs to be chopped up and hit the editing room floor.

However, we carry this psychic baggage to varying degrees and we need to be aware of it, and address any spiritual hangovers that still plague us. Honesty comes first, and exposure to ourselves and perhaps those near to us. And then the healing can begin. It may require some assistance from a spiritual healer or counselor, it really depends. Over the past few years I’ve had a very profound experience with Edna of Earth-Heal and her assisted treatments that synchronistically began at the same time I got back in touch with my estranged older brother and sister. Since this time of reconnection we’ve been sharing childhood memories and how our lives were affected by those traumatic influences, which the treatments addressed without even knowing about them. Quite remarkable.

I’m not saying everyone should do this sort of treatment. You’ll know when it comes to your attention what’s best for you. Universe is very cool in that way. I know meditation and other sincere spiritual practices as well as entheogens such as ayahuasca are wonderful at bringing truths to light and then taking one past the unsavory realities into the marvelous realm of the loving eternal now, knowledge of which is the ultimate empowerment. This, or similar experiences however they transpire, deliver the individual from attachment to all that baggage as we become the observer and release attached identity with this egoic self reinforced by a lifetime of less than conscious actions and reactions. This is why Christianity appeals to so many as the initiation is based on unconditional forgiveness. But this is available to anyone, anytime and anywhere and not hinged on any type of entity. There was no original sin and you don’t need anyone’s forgiveness but your own. The rest will follow as we open our lives like flowers and honest and loving communication evolves naturally. Reconciliation with others then follows. But we must forgive and release ourselves first.

It can be an extremely emotional event releasing these pent up attributes but it’s so worth it. It doesn’t necjavascript:;essarily mean spilling our guts out but that too can help if done with the right people and in the right setting. Again, deep spiritual practices as well as natural psychic healing medicines such as ayahuasca or other medicinal plants have a beautiful way of addressing these deeper issues and then letting us release them as we step into the divine and experience the unconditional love that awaits anyone’s discovery.

There will still be conflicts and issues. We all have to deal with our own infirmities. But the knowledge of the true reality of conscious awareness being our essential nature and releasing our attachment to this false identity we’ve been engrained with our entire lives is paramount to overcoming.

I just wanted to share my thoughts on this as it’s been surfacing in my own life. Deep seated fears are the toughest to let go of, but let go we must. Some we’ve entertained for so long we almost count them our friends or necessary companions, like the proverbial elephant in the room. One important aspect to realize is that this goes along with the concept of embracing the dark that’s been discussed a lot lately. If we see it as a good vs bad paradigm we’re really missing the point.

It’s about truth and love versus fear. And some fears are not that easy to identify, nor release. But as we continue on this marvelous yet often rough road of discovery all things will come to light, but in a very loving and synchronistic way if we just keep on keeping on in all loving sincerity.

Unconditional love is awash in our marvelous universe. Why shouldn’t we dive in and revel in it? It’s not a matter of deserving it, it’s a matter of accepting it and in so doing bring more light and loving truth to our darkened world.

Much love, Zen

Saturday, November 29, 2014


24 November 2014


through Shellee-Kim

Ah Shellee I am overjoyed. It HAS been such a long time since we last had contact, dearest one. And how I have missed it and you.
Well, no mind, for here I AM once more. Come to greet all upon your plane again and with more wisdom to share with you.

We are all very close to the edge and end as we choose our final moves. And until the moment when we can interact with all of you, our beloved friends and family.There is much work ahead of you – please do prepare for that. And no one is to sit idle.

But let's move on to our topic of the evening, shall we?Tonight, my friends, I would like to speak on betrayal.

The pain of betrayal is a common theme amongst all people everywhere. Many upon your plane and elsewhere have experienced this.We have covered some aspects of this previously in other messages and as it related to those themes/subjects.Here we will elaborate on it.

It is of great concern when a loved one whom you love and respect and are deeply bonded with, appears to turn against you. Particularly if it is for reasons (or no reason, to your mind) that makes little or no sense to you.
Or when seemingly out of the blue these same loved ones, including dear friends, appear to respond negatively in the extreme towards you quite suddenly.

Behaviour changes and somehow you know and feel the walls going up. Though usually nothing is said. Perhaps eventually there may be a confrontation to clarify reasons behind the walls which have not been aired to date. When this happens it may come as a shock to to learn of the others' perspective or their take on affairs between you.

And if you believe all is unjustified in the blame being levelled against you, you may well perceive what is occuring as a betrayal.

Betrayal – or the sense of it- comes in many forms; unique to each and every situation. However, the common thread all share is the emotional content: the disbelief, shock, sometimes horror and the sheer incredulity of having perceived a person or situation one way, only to have the betrayer reveal it quite differently.

Having an experience involving betrayal is amongst the most potent of lessons you can learn on your plane. Should you decide to tackle the lesson head on and resolve it within with a measure of grace. For, in truth, there is no place else to resolve it.

Take, for example, an instance where two long-time friends have disagreed again on a contentious issue between them. The one side may become so enraged, forgetting him/herself and the high regard he/she usually holds the friend in. Including all that has passed between them over the years and shared, hurtful family secrets entrusted to the enraged one. In a fit of anger all comes tumbling out. And finally truths are told, though they may not be connected to the issue at hand.

What has really motivated the enraged one/the betrayer here is a moment of complete frustration with the other in not 'getting it', not understanding the point being made. In turn, this led to a desire to lash out in anger, which then ensues the spilled beans of the past being brought up.

Now from that very moment the receiver of the betrayal begins seeing his/her friend through entirely new eyes. And after the initial shock wonders why nothing was said earlier. [SK: Sa-Ra's avoiding the use of the word 'victim' deliberately, as no one is a victim].
I will tell you why this is, beloveds.

You live in a world where from the time you learn to walk and talk and through your parental and societal conditioning in those early years that speaking openly and honestly - saying what is on your mind and in your heart about and to the person you are addressing – is highly unacceptable social behaviour.
This is the way your world and family and culture have raised you, have taught you societal 'norms'.
So much so that when both truths and manipulated lies are spoken of to you and concerning you, it hits you as a complete shock. These thoughts and feelings are no longer in disguise or exist in the sub-text between you and your friend. It is up, out and in the open. And this hurts like hell, to use your vernacular, does it not beloveds?

Your world has taught that reasons for keeping authentic feelings hidden is they act as both a self-protective mechanism and one which prevents the unnecessary hurt of others. This is also a part of your dark matrix programming on earth. And serves only as a great limitation in self expression, healing and honesty of and with self, and thus the ability to be honest and transparent with others comfortably. The positive impact that being transparent with yourselves and each other could have within your society is immeasurable.

And so many of you have chosen to undergo various forms, levels and types of betrayal in life circumstances and in your personal relationships. For many of you, betrayal is a theme you share in common as ascension initiates. And for a slightly smaller group this has happened repeatedly during the course of your lifetime.
As mentioned earlier, betrayal provides a very poignant learning if you can master it, beloveds. You will know that you are successful when you are still able to remain open of heart post the experience.

Ultimately, feeling betrayed produces issues of mistrust and suspicion of others. And can also affect your ability later to surrender yourself fully to God.
Should you have had a childhood issue of betrayal by one or both of your parents/caregivers, for instance, this can later even translate to mistrust of the God within. And so the influence of unhealed betrayal has some impact, as you can see.

Perhaps the most beneficial and speedy manner in which to both recover and transmute the energy of feeling betrayed is to embrace all the painful feelings you are feeling. Simultaneously, intend total forgiveness towards the person perceived as the betrayer.
Allow and encourage and even tease your hurt feelings up to the surface that you may bathe in them, even if momentarily. The idea here being to thoroughly FEEL them that you may further know the truth of yourself.

Request your HS and celestial team assists here and intend and command all these emotions and related past ones regarding betrayal up to your conscious awareness. Being conscious of your feelings is the single-most important thing, beloveds, as you cannot free yourselves of that which you don't know exists within. Or which you don't want to know about.
The latter being more dangerous, as this choice does little in helping you advance yourselves.

The more open to the TRUTH OF YOURSELF AND EXPRESSING YOUR AUTHENTICITY you are, the easier it is to elevate yourself vibrationally and to connect more easily with us.
It serves nothing or no one, most particularly you and your journey to further stuff more pain within, submerging it yet further . This will only create a greater requirement for more energy to be expended on it at a later date.

Of course best of all is to be able to identify and heal yourself of your childhood feelings of betrayal, which will help clear the way for all the following experiences. Do remember that all such themes could also energetically have their source in other lifetimes.

Beloveds, this is deep inner work that requires a good measure of courage to face. Seeing yourself objectively/as others see you is perhaps the most difficult thing to do in a world constructed of illusions and delusions. With emphasis on self-delusion.

You are all most brave and courageous souls who stop at nothing to advance yourselves. And it is in this we take particular pride, doing all we can to aid your progress and development.

You are all so very loved.

This is your beloved Sa-Ra

Hoping you are supplied with adequate food for thought.

And saying Adieu for now.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

The War Within: Escape the Temporal Illusory Holographic Matrix

The War Within:

Escape the Temporal Illusory Holographic Matrix

Source: http://www.inannareturns.com/articles/unplug.htm

The film The Matrix – the first of three - contained some fundamental truths that many around the planet instinctively responded to. The universe is indeed a temporal illusory holographic matrix made up of varying frequencies, waveforms pulsating at specific vibratory rates. Beneath the Veil, the ‘curtain of each atom’, there really is nothing out there but a vast ocean of etheric energy, the AKASHA, the silent unheard sound.

Everything you see or hear or touch is nothing more than electrical signals being transmitted by the five senses through this underlying etheric ocean to your brain. Each of these senses supports the others in the illusion generated by the amazing intensely creative power of MAYA and the GUNAS. These signals are interpreted according to our programming from birth and our DNA.

This first Matrix film revealed far too much truth to suit the ‘darkside’ forces that control this third dimensional earth-plane via their media-entertainment industry. And they quickly realized that the computer related metaphors so brilliantly accessed by the film’s writers had reached the normally impenetrable psyches of too many previously semi-somnolent humanoids. Thus the sequels were intentionally suffused with overwhelming images of helplessness in the face control.

What the first film does convey is the solid gold truth that the matrix isn’t real. This is in complete alignment with timeless primordial metaphysical principles - the truth that understands the real nature of this universe as a temporal illusory hologram.

In the Twilight of the Kali Yuga it is the ‘job’ of the Darkside Forces to continually confuse and numb the inhabitants of this our world. There is a War in the Heavens. The darkside entities are here in ever increasing numbers for the purpose of further deluding us into a complete and total ignorance of the Real. The frequency wave bands emitted from most forms of electrical-electronic appliances and machines excel at this capacity to confuse, delude, and stupefy. The Veil in these last days of the Kali has indeed become Borg-like.



In the early part of the Matrix film, there is a very grotesque image of Neo pulling those very slimy long tendril-suckers off of his body. This scene is so repulsive to us because it is true. I realize that this is not very pleasant information – but as long as we have no idea what is happening to us, how can we free ourselves? In varying degrees, all of us are ‘hosts’ to these feeder entities. This is why vampire novels are so weirdly popular – people actually have an unconscious sense of what is happening.

Through the lower frequencies of our anger, fear, and addictions, the darkside astral-cooties have attached themselves to us. This is one reason why all spiritual paths emphasize purity of mind and body. Purity simply reduces the ability of the lower realms to connect with you and become attached to you. They cannot locate frequencies they do not resonate with. Know that the Laws of Magnetism dictate that like attracts like - and that location is in fact a function of consciousness. Purity through knowledge and a focused consciousness will keep any unwanted influences out of your auric-field and your subtle etheric body.



Everything you are addicted to has the potential to attach you to a level of these entities. EVERYTHING! I have seen this so often over the years with friends who lost themselves to drugs and alcohol. Some of these parasitical entities are not only highly persuasive, but also very unattractive.

The most ingenious and effective Borg-like waveform-prison is television. Unplug yours, throw them out of your house, give them away, or shoot at them like Elvis did. Not only does TV’s 24/7 programming transmitted around the planet urge you to become good little consumers, and doom you to the misery of unrealized unrealistic goals, both physical and material - but the box itself emits questionable frequencies that do nothing for your God-given ability to access the Myriad Worlds and Remember who you are.

Newspapers are the same, even the Internet news has become more confused and confusing with 100s of professional disinformation and propaganda wizards, sock-puppets who are handsomely paid to keep you in your miasma of amnesia. This Kali Yuga confusion holds you in a frequency of POWERLESSNESS, because you can’t do anything about what you are reading. So until you actually become powerful in a real sense, as in your inner connection to the God-within you – forget it! Unplug! Get the cooties off of you.

I can tell you what the news will be for the next few years. Lets get it over with once and for all: More heinous wars, more needless deaths, more incurable diseases, more mind-wrenching torture, more oinker-greed and boring tyranny. Nature’s earth will continue to be irreversibly poisoned and her creatures die. Got it? That’s it folks. Now you know everything. So forget it! Unplug!

Are you in love with love? Waiting for that perfect person to transport you into a higher reality and fix everything for you? Romance is candy for your brain – Stuart Wilde said that, but I grok. It’s a bunch of lovely hormones designed to give you a momentary high and get you to procreate. It never lasts. Never! Forget it! Unplug.

If you have a deep love and friendship with someone who is as evolved as you are and you are certain you share a similar frequency – fine, wonderful. But when you bond with someone whose hologram is vibrating at a lower frequency than yours – and remember us humanz are very complex energy patterns full of surprises – then you take the chance of being sucked down into their reality. Casual sex ain’t casual for anyone on the way Home – it’s an elevator going down. Is the temporary fix comfort zone worth it?


All addictions will hold you in the illusion of the polarity Matrix. Attached to each addiction is a direct sucker line to a group of scurrilous entities you would not want to go bowling with. This means ALL addictions, no exceptions. Compulsion is Cootie-Ville. Anytime you feel compelled to consume anything, you are feeding the astral-cooties who need your energy to survive and thrive because they cannot produce their own. Wimps!

Cut them off, pull their plugs off of your body. Raise your frequency and watch them disappear. Addictions are entry points that leave you open for the astral-cooties to come on in and make themselves right at home. This is how so many beautiful souls from the 1960s, many of who were my dear friends and loved ones, were destroyed. I am the witness.

How about some pretty visions to make you think you are so ‘spiritual’? Want to channel one of the 1000s of aliens out there? I can promise you, that’s a learning curve. Certainly not all of these entities are malevolent. They simply have their own point of view, their own agenda, and their own consciousness relative to their level of evolvement. They don’t necessarily know any more than you do.

How about having these ‘cooties’ as your primary relationship? They can appear to you as anything they know you want, even angels, anything that’s already programmed into that very subtle brain of yours – anything. Someday when it is too late, they’ll show you what they really look like – but that would make you throw up now and then you might not want to feed them any more.

Trust only the God-within you.


The vast array of chemicals in your food, air, and water quite literally confuses your endocrine system. EDCs, endocrine disrupting chemicals, mimic estrogen and god-only-knows what else to confuse your own natural hormones. These molecules are diabolical. Not only do they very likely contribute to obesity, cancer, sterility, and memory loss – they also shut down your Third Eye, the pineal gland. Your ability to ‘SEE’ the Invisible Realms is regulated by the pineal and pituitary glands. Because these man-made molecules send confusing signals to them, they can’t work properly. Do you think this is accidental?

Apparently the astral-cooties can’t take classical or meditation music – so play it softly in rooms that you feel are infested. They hate Mozart, so I highly recommend Wolfie and there are at least 3 Mozart for meditation CDs. Hug trees, ask them for their healing energy; they have plenty for you and will happily exchange, as you have something they need. Nature – what’s left of her – is a higher frequency and always has the power to lift you.

A good book for your ensuing cootie battles is ‘Practical Psychic Self-Defense’ by Robert Bruce. If you become complacent, watch the first Matrix movie over and over and over – not the sequel, which has been assimilated, cootiefied. Remember that steak and red wine aren’t real! There’s not much time left to dawdle in the Illusion.


I know this sounds scary; after all we can’t even see these things – what chance do we have? But remember, WE CREATED THEM! They are an integral part of the temporal illusory holographic matrix. As pieces of God-Isness, we created these astral-cootie darkside-Ahriman-demonic entities to help hold together this polarity universe.

But when we created this universe, one of many, we weren’t completely stupid. We left something out of their hologram and thus they are weaker than we are. They don’t understand LOVE, they only grok power, control and manipulation. They have no feelings. And thus through the feelings of compassion, forgiveness, kindness, and love we can move right out of their range of frequencies, beyond the scope of their polarity matrix hologram, into the higher frequencies, beyond their prison - and the whole thing will collapse.


In the Twilight of the Kali Yuga, the world has become a LIE, an expression of the delusion, ignorance, and the amnesia, the forgetting. Everything you see and hear in this illusory polarity matrix is a big fat LIE! Because – and this is simple – the only Real is that EVERYTHING IS LOVE!

ALL polarity paradigms are temporal illusions designed by us, and our helpers the astral-cooties, the forces of the ‘darkside’, to hold together the projected illusion of multiplicity, this temporal holographic matrix, so we can PLAY the game of NOT being GOD! And we are God! Everyone and everything – yes, even the darkside entities.

There are endless, unknown, incredible worlds of Beauty and Love and Light, and every adventure yet even unimagined, waiting for us.

The Matrix is NOT real! Unplug!

I can’t do this for you. No one can. Thank God! If they could, they would own you. Saving or being saved is a slave game – not a God game!

I can’t do this for you. I can get down on my knees and plead and cry and beg you to unplug, to throw out your TVs, to not read your daily dose of propaganda, to kick your addictions – to pull the feeder lines off of your beautiful bodies and out of your auric field.

I can tell you what waits for you. I can tell you of floating in golden light feeling more love than anyone could ever give you. I can describe my visions and feelings and take you to fly through the galaxies. But my experiences will NOT be yours. Why should they be? Why would the Creator ever want to repeat and duplicate Itself?

I can tell you that you are heading for a place where THERE ARE NO REFERENCE POINTS! And that is wonderful! A place where you and the God-within you - as you become ONE - will as they say, create your own reality. A location within where you will have grown beyond both the demons and the angels. A place where you will have earned freedom because you will have experienced every polarity paradigm in all the time-space matrices and you are ready to create your own.

I cannot do this for you. NO ONE CAN! You have to choose it for yourself. Only your own courage can loosen the slimy sucker-tendrils that imprison you and drain your life force. Only the God-within you can know the precise sublime moment when you are ready to emerge from the Matrix – grinning ear to ear as you REMEMBER who you are!

How many of us will escape? I don’t know. I know that underneath our silly small identity egos, there is only LOVE - and that as the Real behind the multiplicity, we all ARE each other. Therefore when any one of us wakes up, it makes it easier for the rest. I know that if enough of us Remember, then the entire Illusion will collapse – because the darkside won’t have anything to feed on.

What will happen then? No one knows. No one wants to know because then it wouldn’t be any fun. When you normally exist in Eternal Bliss, the exciting thing about a Free Will universe is that there are always at least 25 variations in the cycles of time and you don’t know exactly what will happen. It’s like meeting someone new or starting a fresh canvas - you embrace an entirely unknown realm of possibilities. You learn to improvise and create as you go along.

You and the God-within you – all of us! – will be generating a fresh reality for Isness to express Itself in. We will all meet someday. We all realize by now that life on this planet is going to get much worse – the evidence is in. Don’t be afraid of Death – you are an eternal Being. Be aware of the seductive astral-cootie traps. Read the Tibetan Book of the Dead and learn to bypass the Bardo planes! Avoid all those heavens and hells in the Phantasmal Hierarchies – they are illusions. No matter how seductive anyone or anything is, don’t listen! Go directly HOME to the God-within you.

When you see death, hunger, and sorrow try to know that each one of us chose this experience, even if we don’t now remember making that choice. Compassion is important and very distinct from anxiety, worry, fear and anger. These fear frequencies are all food for the astral-cooties, the mind parasites. As they say at the zoo: Don’t feed the animals!

UNPLUG! The temporal holographic matrix is illusory!

I’m only beginning to lift the Veil. But from my heart, I hope one sweet day to see you all in the wild blue yonder of the immense immeasurable within.

Your safety and ‘salvation’ can only be achieved by you, and through your own endeavors to create for yourself the consciousness of the Real, your Source, that eternal Oneness that we all are ‘beneath the curtain.’

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Saturday, November 15, 2014


15 November 2014


by God

through Shellee-Kim

Let no man or no woman say that God did not walk amongst you...when the Truth is revealed.
Let no man and no woman utter that God's Laws are unjust, unfair.
Let no man and no woman knowingly feed into further lies by sleeping on or checking out when internal volcanic eruptions now start to surface.
Let no man and no woman knowingly use his or her needs for life survival as an excuse for not being honest with themselves.
None of these shall be tolerated in the next moment to come on your plane.
And those who insist on clinging to these are to find themselves at the very short end of the stick.

Your warnings have been endless; your preparation time lengthened, seemingly interminably.But there is not a one amongst you who can say 'we are done' or 'we are prepared and can therefore stop working towards such lofty goals'.
Not one of you can afford to say or do this. For the work is ongoing and as infinite as you are.

Do you hear Me loud and clear, beloved children of Mine heart? Do you understand the seriousness of which I speak?And will you take this as a further challenge and requirement of what it means to 'stand' for Me, with Me, in Me?

It is all very well to feel you have achieved levels of understanding – of yourself, your world and of Me. And this is all commendable. But by no means is this a reason to put down your mantles of protection, congratulate yourselves on a job well done and take a snooze, as if it is all over.

IT IS NOT YET OVER in your time and place. IT continues on and you are NOT TO REST ON YOUR LAURELS at this moment. You, ALL of you are needed now more than ever.
We are talking about preparing yourselves further that numbers can be reached here. And each one of you have the potential to reach a great many more people that this can be successfully achieved.
DO NOT BACK DOWN NOW, my most beloved and cherished children.

There are some amongst you that have wearied upon this journey and have foregone conclusions on what they believe is to occur.
I say to you: That first you need to STAND TALL AND STRONG AND IN YOUR FULL POWER that you might be My worthy servant. And not one who will crumble at the slightest provocation, threat or challenge – on whatever levels these may be.
Too many speak of this, but know not of who they are – and thus their reactions - when such circumstances present.

So I say to you once more: continue on to prepare ye well in the Ways of God. For My Ways will be exactly that which will save you. Access Me within you every moment of every day. And if you find this an impossible task to accomplish – ask Me for my help and my assistance shall be forthcoming.

You have my Grace. Now make good use of my offerings, born out of my Love for each and every one of you. Do not look a gift horse in the mouth, as they say.
Utilise all the many opportunities and gifts I bestow upon you now. This is a one-time and limited offer, as your advertising likes to say :-) In that it won't come again in a hurry. So figure out what you want, why you want it and ACT UPON IT. NOW.
It is time to make your stand to Me, for Me firstly. Let Me know of what it is you are made of.

You have had much time to ponder the many facets of yourselves and your world. Now it is time that I see and KNOW your commitment to Me by your ACTIONS. It is no longer appropriate for the time we are entering for you to be satisfied with passivity alone. CLAIM YOURSELVES, my children, claim yourselves.

Know my Glory, my Mercy, my Compassion, my unending Patience and Tolerance for all my children. Know my Wisdom and the Love which I offer all. All this can be found and experienced in your Oneness with Me.
Is that not both the loftiest and most attainable of goals to reach at this time ?

Thus I say to you once more: take what I offer that you may reach such heights and be a force to be reckoned with. Such 'forces' will be exactly what is required to make a success of all your tomorrows-both personally and for your planet and her peoples.

Choose and choose and choose anew, each and every day. Choose the thoughts, the actions most aligned with Me at every turn. And the road to Paradise will be a foregone conclusion.

Go ye all in peace

I AM Your Father

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

STAND STEADY by Monjoronson

3 November 2014




through Shellee-Kim

My dear and most beloved people of Earth

This is I, Monjoronson

Come forth this day with more news I bring

All the many wonders of the stars and celestial heavens
Cannot keep away that which is now to shine far brighter than any sun you have ever known.

And far brighter than perhaps the most distant memory of that which burns in your unconscious or superconscious. For this will trigger memories even as you are struck by awe and wonder. What is to burst onto the scene now is to have momentous impact.

Don't forget... to LOOK UP :-)

All that we will be delivering henceforth is of the stuff that maketh man. And not that which man has attempted to make. It is of the wonders and glories of God Himself. And will be apparent as such.

Do not fear for your lives. WE are nothing to be afraid of. But rather it is your fellow man that is and always has been, your greatest threat.
We tell you this that you may begin looking around you with new eyes; at the ones that stand alongside you. Who are they really, you may begin to ask now...and WHO AM I in relation to them ?

Questions like these that have lingered long in the minds of many on earth – eons, in fact – will now have a chance to be answered. It is not for you to focus on anyone else except purely for the purpose of what they might reflect yo you about YOU. And THIS is the time, after all, for finally getting to know YOURSELF.

It has all been a long time coming and an arduous path travelled for many to reach this point. However, many of you wished to be here, at this time and in this place, in order to make use of the grand opportunities it provides. And we intend to give just such an opportunity and provide a spectacle to match.

WE here are ready to 'shoot from the hip' in a display that is open, brazen and which challenges. There will be no more hiding out – not by us or by you ones of God.
You are now to step into the full glory of all of yourselves; your true multi-dimensional Selves. It is ordained and so will it be.

You – our beloved ground crew - have performed spectacularly, risen to every challenge put to you with applomb, ridden out the stormy waves that have tried to sweep you away – all with a grand resistance, determination, strength and will to survive. Yours has been a performance that has had numerous standing ovations already.

And WE are not surprised. For we know who you are, what you are... why you are. A measure of greatness in the making, is what you are. And whatever and wherever you choose as your next destination will hold a great deal of promise as a result of your grand efforts here.
Do not forget that you, our beloved friends, have ever been relied upon by us. And it has been together that we have been able to achieve all we have.

SK: You're speaking of this in the past tense. Does that mean there could be something to get excited about or just another 60 second dance party, as someone called it? :-)

No, no more 60 second dance parties. Rather, one long continuous celebration of ALL THAT YOU ARE. A place from which you will easily be able to take all things into your stride in measure and balance.

Your hearts are God's and ever have been. Will you accept that that is so? For you are the ones that now go forth to proclaim the Creator that lives both within and without; that is the very glue that holds each of you and everything else that exists together.

Be prepared and stand steady.

This is what I have for you this evening

I AM Monjoronson

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Self Acceptance by Lisa Renee

Self Acceptance

by Lisa Renee

Before people start to consider how self-acceptance plays a key role in the development of one’s personal character, many have forgotten that building character through having a better comprehension of one’s own self-esteem is indeed one of the most important aspects of personality development and spiritual development. Through gaining self acceptance, we build healthy self-esteem and this supports us to make realistic goals with higher spiritual purpose, to cultivate virtues, which are strengths of character and the power of our spiritual person. In order to progress through the ascension process, strengthening ourselves to grow into well balanced and healthy functioning people, we will need to address areas of our self-acceptance and ability to access states of forgiveness. Finding genuine self-acceptance and the ability to feel and generate actions of forgiveness towards the self and others are important to progress beyond emotional stagnation. Both are deeply entwined with each other in developing a stronger base of self-esteem and inner core. To go beyond personal issues of low self-worth, we are required to build our inner foundation which will progress us further to develop stronger character virtues. Character virtues such as embodying the spirits of purity, kindness, patience, diligence, discipline, generosity all of which require great personal strength to help develop our character. It is the strength of character which allows us to more easily endure life’s challenges and deal with stressors in productive and peaceful ways. As we develop strength in our character, the virtues are powerful energetic forces which bring great harmony in one's life, filling it with great peace, comfort and joy.

However, generally what is misunderstood is that virtues appear as weakness to many people, when they are actually great strengths in spiritual forces of power. It is much easier to live with character defects blaming others for all our problems in our life. This creates great weakness in our energetic foundation and our prayer focus and meditation strength. It takes great courage and strength to really be honest, face ourselves and be willing to do the inner emotional work. When we have reached a degree of spiritual maturity and we are willing to do our own emotional work, we are extremely rewarded later on the spiritual path with an incredible amount of spiritual power, strength and focus. It is the strength of one’s inner foundation and character which far supersedes the ego weaknesses of instant gratification. This strengthening of one’s internal character allows one to more easily cope with the many challenges and stressors in our everyday life on planet earth. When we are stronger spiritual people, and we have a strong internal core, this builds our relating skills through building inner confidence without ego arrogance. It improves our ability to better communicate with a variety of kinds of people, whether they are on the ascension path or not. A person with a strong core does not need others to be something they are not, and does not take on others pain, their ego suffering and desperate actions as personal affronts or insults. At this level of awareness, we can see people are in pain when they lash out or play out emotional tantrums. Thus, we refuse to play the archetypes of drama which energetically feed into that same pain.

As much as many people may not want to admit it, a stronger inner core foundation can be established with how a person builds character, especially when self-worth is a primary factor in shaping and molding the values and virtues of a balanced individual. Without a strong core developed with healthy self-acceptance and self-esteem , personal goals and spiritual goals are directly impacted leaving one feeling confused and chaotic about their life circumstances. In the swirling chaos a person without a strong core cannot read what is truth and what is deception.

On the spiritual ascension pathway, recognizing the importance of character building as a necessary part of having self-love and self-acceptance is critical to progress through self-deception ego blocks. Self-deception blocks are levels of ego denial, the half-truths we tell ourselves because we are really afraid to see all of the picture that currently blocks our awareness. When we have low self-esteem, our ego defense mechanisms will act to block our progress moving forward in our spiritual ascension and evolving in our life.

One who understands they are a loved and worthy spiritual vessel for the spirit of God Source, will begin to learn that self-love is at the core of self-acceptance which is the quality one must build to truly feel and experience God's love for all of us. Once we feel love for ourselves we build inner confidence which further builds our trust with the process of life. In these chaotic times, it is very important to build trust in our communications and relationship with our higher power to help us navigate the challenges we find now in earthy life.

A person who is more confident about himself, feels more stable in their spiritual foundation and will be more focused and determined to achieve a better state of consciousness with all of life, regardless of whether it is for career, spiritual purpose, inspiration, family or personal goals. A peaceful and fulfilling life is most possible when one seeks inner truth and self-knowledge while building a relationship with God and the relationship to the self. When building the relationship with the self it may mean we are taken through character building life experiences that we do not prefer. We must push through our fears that live in the Houses of Ego in order to experience the accomplishment of moving past our perceived mental limitations and negative ego habits. If our mental limitations and/or self-entitlement govern our actions, we will become stunted in our emotional-spiritual growth and fall into symptoms of low self-esteem.

To Forgive Others is Forgiving the Self

To forgive another person or circumstances is the most generous thing one can do for yourself. When we forgive others for perceived transgressions it frees us from the bonds, entanglements and cords which manifest painful patterns such as judgments, resentments, and anger.

Forgiving yourself is the most important action one can take to clearing self-sabotaging bonds of victimhood and their painful wounds from past, present and future.

A forgiveness technique is to practice self-acceptance. NO person needs forgiveness for just being who they are. The practice of forgiving yourself is about targeting the specific things that make one feel bad about themselves, the things that make one feel inadequate or unworthy and not about the truth of the real person that you are. As a forgiveness technique, self-acceptance allows one to acknowledge that you are a good person, with faults and all. This does not mean that one ignores the faults or stops making genuine attempts to improve oneself, but it does mean that one values themselves above ALL of those elements. When one recognizes self-worth by acknowledging ones whole self, then the personal power is generated to stop allowing these faults to be used as weaknesses and continually halt ones progression and evolution throughout life. Love yourself unconditionally and give yourself permission to heal with the necessary time it takes to do so.

Understanding the importance of forgiveness is that it brings you to the current state of now, rather than dwelling on past hurts and pain. Forgiveness allows one to live in the present instead of the past, which means that one can move into the future with a renewed sense of purpose focused on change, improvement, and building on current experiences, rather than being held back by past pain. Some people are afraid to forgive themselves because they fear losing their sense of self that has been built on the foundation of anger, resentment, blame and vulnerability. In this case, one may ask themselves if feeling victimized and angry, being the easily hurt and reactive person is the identity you want to show the world and live with as your image. Is the familiarity of being in the victim or victimizer role, or the perceived ego security of this mode of thinking, actually worth the energy, effort and harm it is causing you?

Without the ability to forgive and accept circumstances, in relationship to the self and others, not only does one allow themselves to remain stuck in the past, but this takes a huge energetic drain on your emotional and physical health. Inability to forgive is sourced from anger and resentment, two emotions that can wreak havoc with your health and keep one stagnated. Always remember that forgiving does not equate with forgetting. Each painful or negative experience can be shifted into the context of learning and self-mastery and one can be guided into higher wisdom through that experience. It's about ending the cycles of resentment, bitterness and self-inflicted berating that comes with remembering the painful issues of the past.

There is a frequent misunderstanding that forgiveness equates to forgetting or condoning the actions of the past. This misunderstanding can lead a person to feel that it is not right to forgive oneself because in the process of doing so, it's akin to an act of forgetting or condoning the past wrong. If this is the factor that is preventing you from forgiving yourself, keep in mind that forgiveness is a process of mindfulness in which one continues to remember what happened and not condoning something that was "wrong" as suddenly made "right". It's perfectly fine to say: "I am not proud of what I've done (or how I've devalued myself) but I'm moving on for the sake of my health, my well-being, and those around me." Affirming this is spiritually healthy and allows one to break the cycle of self-harm that one has fallen into because of openly acknowledging what was faulty and the intention to improve and strengthen ones character from now on. By staying true to oneself, this action builds self-esteem, through the esteeming acts one is committed to make towards loving oneself.

To better understand and define self–esteem, it is simply holding oneself in high regard as a result of many factors that determine worth as the unique person that you are. It is easy to remember you are loved unconditionally by God source and to meditate with the intention to flow the grace of unconditional loving kindness to your own heart to feel self-love.

With self-love and healthy self-acceptance one can build self-esteem.

Self- esteem does not require regarding one self’s behaviors as always perfect nor does it demand from a person to be faultless or blameless, rather, it is placing value on the entire self as priceless, worthy and unique.

Positive human development is based on healthy self-acceptance and self-esteem. This is a gift we must learn to give to ourselves, especially if we were the victims of great abuse and childhood trauma.

The Mirror Exercise is probably the most powerful self-acceptance tool and self-healing exercise that you can ever do - and the simplest.

The Mirror Exercise: Simple Instructions

This exercise will achieve the maximum benefit if repeated at the same time every day for a period of about 10 to 15 minutes. The most beneficial times are first thing on getting up in the morning and last thing before going to bed at night. If these times are impossible, then you can set aside two other times for you when you will not be disturbed. You will require a full length mirror with a space in front of it so that you can stand fully naked in front of the mirror and be able to see the whole of your body.

The room should be of a comfortable temperature so that you are neither too hot nor too cold.

In standing in front of the mirror, place your feet "shoulder width" apart so that, if you were to draw a line straight down to the floor from the outside edge of your shoulders this line will touch the outside of your foot. Allow your weight to be evenly distributed on each foot. Spend a few moments taking in the whole of the reflection of you, and then focus your attention on a point on your forehead, exactly between your eyes and about 2 cm or 1 in above the line of your eyes.

During the whole of this exercise, the mantra which you should repeat to yourself (out aloud so that your body hears your voice) is "I accept myself, in this moment, just the way I am".

I have written this "mantra" in English, but you will gain a greater benefit if you translate it into your "native" language - and if your mother spoke another language or dialect when you were in her womb, the use of this translation will also be beneficial.

During the whole of the exercise, place your hands, palms pushed together in front of you. As you initially do this, feel the pressure on your palms, up through your arms, across your shoulders, back and chest. This is the pressure between left and right, male and female, past and future.

Somewhere in the center, you will (with practice) find a space of "no pressure" - this is the center of your being and it will be somewhere in the middle of your body in a direct line with your visual focus on your forehead.

During the whole of the period, you should "imagine" that on one breath cycle, you are breathing in through the top of your head and filling your center then breathing out through the soles of your feet.

The next breath cycle is the reverse - in through the soles of the feet to your center and out through the top of the head.

As you breathe, allow your sense of hearing to focus on the sound the breath makes as it moves through your body.

During the breathing, allow the out-breath to release any thoughts, impressions and feelings that may arise - using the in-breath to "fill" the empty space created by the release of the thought.

With practice, you should be able to find a gap between the in-breath out-breath in-breath and you may find that you "drop" into it. You cannot create this "gap".

Comment: It may be necessary to practice this exercise a few times before it happens by itself and all of the stages "fall" into place. Do not look for any outcome - just practice for the practice and, after a certain time of releasing all of your discomfort, the practice will "do you". When it does this, you will know and the experience will be yours alone. Please Note: If you consciously use this exercise to involve another person for ANY reason, the probable outcome is that you will immediately take on every subconscious and unconscious dis-ease that the other person may be afflicted with. This mirror exercise is between yourself and your own naked reflection.

(Adapted source partially from Building Self Esteem, Wiki How: Forgiveness, Thank you for Mirror Exercise is from http://www.anunda.com/support/mirror.htm)

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Consciousness Corridor by Lisa Renee

For the past many weeks or couple of months I've been feeling the pressure. Pressure from needing to complete inner work that the 'grade' my Higher Self has set for us in this incarnation may be reached. But nothing's really known or confirmed until it's...known! :-)

Lisa Renee is one of earth's greatest gifts at this time. Her crystal clear 'spiritual scientist' vision and overview of the ever-changing plans for us and earth from a galactic perspective feel very defining in this month's newsletter. And it echoes all manner of endings and beginnings.
Announcing that earth is now officially a Service To Other zone according to universal law, she also takes us through the eight levels of consciousness that have been developed to accommodate all on earth currently and humanity's next respective ports of call.
What was originally hoped for was that many on earth would be able to journey forward with her, but specific places in consciousness had to be reached for that to occur. Unfortunately that hasn't happened. The Archontic programming and hijacking of the majority's consciousness has run way too deep for that.

What we have personally achieved or not via our inner work defines these levels and I refer to them as 'grades'. It is what I have allowed myself to feel pressurised by lately. Not unlike that accumulation and study of years worth of material and training just prior to that final examination. Where finally you get to graduate! Well, that would be the best possible outcome.
And while some may well graduate, others may need to repeat subjects or classes, while others again may be put back a year or several to repeat(or the consciousness equivalent thereof).

Whichever way you look at it, there are levels to attain. Which we have chosen to do now - if the ascension timeline's our choice - or get back to that final exam later. I believe that this turning point of the past few weeks has also marked the respective places we have reached.

So if our grading's been done, then time must be up!

See which consciousness category 'speaks' to you.

My love



October 2014

Consciousness Corridor

Lisa Renee

Dear Ascending Family,

The recent lunar eclipse is the second tetrad of lunar eclipses that began this year. The first total eclipse in the tetrad took place in April 2014, the second in October 2014 and the third will occur in April 2015 with the last in the tetrad set in September 2015. When sets of eclipses occur the cosmic forces of alchemy alter frequency current and manifest new potentials in creation for shifting one's consciousness in either direction of polarity. Thus, this tetrad of lunar eclipses alter the magnetic field and magnify the Galactic Zodiac influence, the alchemical principle of the current constellation transmission into the planetary grid.

Consequently, this alters the life force current that human consciousness takes on in order to come into manifestation on planet. The recent altered frequency shifts impact the core building blocks of life and is running deep throughout our cellular biology. This frequency transmission is what changes instruction sets in the DNA messaging made to the cell. Cells use DNA for their long term information storage and this "long term" cellular record is being newly updated in the planet. Therefore, this stimulates the body, mind and emotions into expressing different patterns and perceptions. We are undergoing deep change in the mitochondria of the cell which also directly affect the body's metabolic and hormonal pathways.

Currently, our lower three energy centers are being rapidly reconfigured with the main focal point being at the perineum which is the root of our foundation. This highlights kundalini awakening, unresolved root chakra issues (survival, safety and security), Father-Mother archetypes, bio-family issues, sex, identity, and the quality of thought-forms running in the hard-drive of the 3D mental body. This shifts sensations in our deep ego identity, its core programming and may feel disorienting. The level of disorientation will be felt relative to our stages of ego detachment, as our foundation connects with the latest architecture that now runs in both vertical and horizontal lines into the planetary grid. This recent Lightbody upgrade comes with increased fire element intensity and harried pace to meet the next phase of the bifurcation cycle. This may give a feeling of urgency, crisis or alarm going off in our cells. Krystal Star teams have recently built sections of architecture for the mental principle of the Holy Father's Universal Law, which is the structure which governs the mind. This mental principle is a Law of Consciousness from a higher source code being made available to the planetary body. This allows the consciousness manifestation of Gods Law through its mental principle to return to the collective consciousness and become manifest in this world of matter.

Thus, we must elevate beyond root fears and survival consciousness and clear away toxic attachment. As these electromagnetic forces exert pressurized influence upon our consciousness, the pairs of opposite (male and female) within our physical body amplify tremendously. This may be very uncomfortable not only physically, but we may feel a sense of urgency for energetic housekeeping. We are being forced to clean up our house, clean up our body, clean our thoughts and clean up our relationships. We have to see the root of all things and what foundation they are built upon. What we are unable to purify and strengthen in all areas of our life will be corrected, cleaned up and cut away. The result of how we synthesize all these polarities into energetic balance is the Law of Strength made upon our core foundation. And the strength of our core foundation in this current cycle is what determines the laws, principles and Consciousness Corridor of our next incarnation or identity.

Those of us that have chosen the Ascension pathway may have recently felt the urgency along with waves of grief and sadness. There are consequences from these evolutionary shifts upon humanity in the next phase. This event has delineated lines with certain parameters in the planetary field, that cannot be crossed for others, if they are unwilling to choose love or unwilling to change. This current bifurcation is a choice point made in the collective consciousness field of one's personal spiritual-energetic alignment and commitment. This choice point represents the future direction one is taking and moving towards as a Consciousness Corridor or future exiting point during the Ascension Cycle.

Condensing Mental Belief Systems

As the combined polarities merge with the forces of chaos on the earth, it can either radically expand one's consciousness or radically digress one's consciousness. Digression is defined without judging one's personal choice, yet noting the consequence of choosing spiritually abusive behavior which completely eliminates the expansion of one's consciousness. When the quality of the Lightbody severely degrades along with consciousness, finally it decays upon itself with lack of love and lack of care. Like a house that becomes filled with termites over time, from the lack of maintenance, attention and care, it starts to rot from the inside and the structure decays and collapse.

Thus, we will observe patterns in the collective consciousness condensing mental beliefs which form into a variety of exclusive group consciousness reality bubbles. These many reality bubbles can be based upon philosophies of ego religion, government, nations, science, medical, cultural and business, anything that shapes internal motivation into belief systems that are generated into the public. Generally, it is collective belief systems which slant the group's perception into shared confirmation bias to rally a cause or continue to enforce belief systems. In our ascension and spiritual communities this is an area to be hyper vigilant to avoid generating negative ego confirmation bias. Confirmation bias is the way the NAA promote media to influence beliefs in the public in so that they can generate chaos and mass hysteria around half truths or deception. The negative ego confirmation bias in group reality bubbles are quick to say what is right and what is wrong and to claim themselves as the rightful authority over others. These extremely rigid beliefs easily erupt into destructive power conflicts, volcanic emotional fury which fuels all the Houses of Ego. Forgiveness, acceptance and compassionate understanding of how others feel are key themes. Through the Ascending or Descending realities, all of these polarities must coalesce into a group consciousness (based on the group choice point) which further condense into a measurable and narrower broadband of fundamental frequency. Either the group consciousness reality bubble resonates with higher heart based motivations and beliefs of love, peace and unity or project the negative ego thought-forms of hatred, war and separation.

Routing of Group Consciousness

These many groups of people on the earth must be directed into another consciousness pathway or future timeline based upon their consciousness hierarchal level in the frequency fields. The bifurcation is the framework for the Consciousness Corridors being outlined as the indication for future direction of the individual and where its group consciousness frequency will evolve in the next cycle. The group consciousness coalesce into frequency hubs which act as reality bubbles which synchronize into holographic frequency containers on the earth grid.

What is very important to understand that these violent human groups, such as terrorist groups, work within a small range of low fundamental frequency. These groups are attuned to the 1st, 2nd, 3rd chakra or the Negative Ego mind control influence of the NAA. One must attune their consciousness awareness to a higher frequency than Negative Ego. Meditation and the focus upon one's heart and spirit is the frequency that protects, supports and informs where one needs to pay attention now. This attention placed on the inner spirit, spiritual consciousness, meditation, inner stillness and 12D shielding, will protect our consciousness and body in ways we yet do not comprehend. There is nothing on the earth that is safer than being in one's own 12D shield and activated Lightbody.

These collective realities provide the framework of belief systems of which these groups will learn to rehabilitate their thought-forms without mind control, and learn higher principles of service which form the evolutionary format for learning in the next lifetime or incarnation. Many of them will amplify their negative ego belief systems into fanaticism and they will start to leave this earth through death crisis of the body. Over the next few years the tragic nature of death of the body may be very hard to observe in the masses, it is a rough time for many confused people of the earth. However, there are levels of consciousness that cannot stay upon the earth now, and must begin the route for transit. They will take this belief system (i.e. religion, science, violence) with them in the next life, and their reality will be a holographic mirror to their matched group consciousness frequency.

Essentially, the current phase of the bifurcation in time is sorting group consciousness that exist between the frequency levels of; Negative Ego with predator polarities or the Vandal groups, Human Ego thought-forms polarized in Service to Self, Soul in astral plane willing to learn Service to Others, and the Monadic plane and higher consciousness which serves the Cosmic Sovereign Law of One completely.

Collecting Holographic Records

The result of collecting vibrational data throughout the Universal timelines of holographic record is designed to section and re-route collective consciousness that have been accumulating in group reality bubbles, frequency hubs and negative future timelines. Thus, there has been a gathering period of holographic data record in the collective consciousness field of the earth since 2012 to feed back into the Transtime continuum. Many of us have been doing this data collection for the providing the framework for the ascending consciousness pathways during sleep state. The bifurcation amplifies polarities of positive and negative force considerably, and the result of the amplification is measured in weighted frequency average. This measurement is what directs the earthly kingdom and all of her inhabitants to the frequency space, the dimensional law, that is most aligned for that individual to continue evolution and spiritual development as a part of its group consciousness frequency.

Service to Others is Law

Recent planet gridwork events and frequency shifts have revealed a deeper purpose in the manifestation of the structure upon the earth which is now capable to hold the mind principle of a particular Universal Law. Each of the dimensions throughout the Universal Time Matrix have a mind principle which acts as the governor to the expression of its group consciousness laws. The planetary mind or logos of earth was invaded by the NAA in order to control the planetary mind, collective race mind and therefore control the beliefs and individual minds of the humans on this earth. In the process of hijacking the planetary mind, they hijacked the dimensional laws which are intrinsic to the architecture of the planet which govern biological consciousness growth. They built alien machinery to download predator mind archetypes (see Archontic Deception Behavior) as well as insert false holographic records, such as patriarchal religious programing and crucifixion implants. As a result, the human race was recycled through their false identity systems which severely digressed human consciousness and thus, have been spiritually suppressed, oppressed and enslaved since the Luciferian Rebellion.

In the process of repairing the architecture for the planetary logos, and specifically the issues of False Ascension Matrix corruption existing in the astral plane, we have recently received successful news. Through the Krystal Star Guardians, ongoing corrections are made to repair ley line networks that run a variety of alien software through the planetary logos and astral plane. As a result of this horizontal repair and recent magnetic shifts, Service to Others is now the Law of Consciousness expression on the earth. This means all humans have a right to exist, live and evolve without fear or under the threat of death, killing or Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA), independent of previous karmic histories. Those that deny others their human rights to exist without threat to harm, or commit killing or sacrifices will be forfeited their human incarnation rights to choose in life or death. Blood sacrifice is a soul binding technique of which must be rehabilitated. This Law on the earth protects specifically heart based loving people, the Christos races, and those who have directly asked and committed to learn how to rehabilitate their consciousness through learning the practices of the Law of One.

To rehabilitate the earth consciousness from the negative ego mind control that the Archons of the NAA have installed in the global brain, much of humanity is moving to another planet to practice Service to Others (STO). Service to Others and group consciousness is a Soul matrix frequency and dimensional law of the Soul mental principle. Many will have the opportunity to be re-educated in these humanitarian values which are in governance of this dimension and will be restored in higher dimensions. In order to eventually evolve one's consciousness into the Diamond Sun Body of Christos and achieve full sovereignty and liberation, one must master the dimensional laws of Service to Others and Mastering Love as a Force. Intermediaries are removed and the dimensional force acts as the educator of the Law.

The Christos Starseed and Indigo races may feel profound sadness now that some of our human family will not be able to adapt to the new Law and will exit this dimension. At the time of their death they will move onto another planet to continue the appropriate level of spiritual expansion or rehabilitation. We were hoping they could stay on the earth and do this while in their physical body. However, most at the Monadic plane and beyond will be able to visit their human families at their assigned location, while the reverse will not be possible. We are at the crossroads of our spiritual journey of which we are now governed completely by the new dimensional law. For most this designation will be made clear and Soul growth will resume for humans after death of their body. However, it is important to know that the outcome for most beings of this earth is eventually a joyful one, where spiritual ascension and expanding consciousness will become a manifested reality for the masses to be educated to learn Service to Others as a Law of God.

Reclaiming Mother's Creation Seed

Currently, many of us may be enduring kundalini symptoms which impact deep subatomic and cellular shifts instructed through the Mitochondrial DNA, which further transform and change our metabolism and its hormonal pathways. The amount of light frequency quotient held by the cell and tissues of the body is directly related to the degree of mitochondrial function and results in the stages of embodiment of the corrected Holy Mother principle.

With the recent lunar eclipse, the cosmic waters in the astral plane undergo reconfiguration with the new Law to extract the Dark Mother alien architecture and reclaim the Divine Mother Creation Seed. For some women, there is a cycle of death and then regeneration that may be experienced in the female reproductive organs at any biological age. The Dark or Reversal Mother Principle was replicated and generated from NAA (or Archons) harvesting lunar, magnetic and constellation forces to enforce patriarchal domination mind control on earth. The lunar forces have influenced the magnetic field to reverse the Holy Mother, obliterate her feminine principle and commandeer her womb of reproduction on the earth for many generations. The Reversal Mother architecture is a complex etheric structure which was placed in the subatomic layers and lower astral fields which also manifest itself in material creation as hierarchies of Satanic Forces. Within these astral pockets of etheric gas substance, the NAA cloned or replicated creation seeds (i.e. ovum, eggs) that are inherently a part of the consciousness body of the Holy Mother. (The ovum creation codes that make up her body are called the Cathar.) During the Ascension cycle awakened Indigo females are reclaiming the Universal Holy Mother's creation seed for the earth (restoration of the Cathar body), as this is recorded in the original spark of Mitochondrial DNA.

The current phase of Galactic Zodiac Laws are at their sixth stage of alchemy which are designed to purify and distill the inner spirit. The Virgo principle relates deeply to the Mother Earth, the earth body elemental forces, and this highlights the return of Holy Mother's Mitochondrial DNA record to the earth. With the presence of Mother shifting, many of us may feel more deeply our motherly and reproductive connections. We may sense the connection between our bodies and into the earth kingdoms, the earthy dirt, earth crust, earth rock, her minerals and crystals. The earth is communicating to us in new ways if we listen. Consciousness purification is the alchemical process of which the earthly density of carbon slag is exposed to tremendous heat and fire, the intense pressure between the polarities of forces distill the purity of the diamond crystalline heart.

Mothers Aqua Portal Tunnel Vortex

The Cosmic Mother principle returns energetic balance into the earth body, reclaiming the body elemental through her principles of anabolism and catabolism, forces of creation and destruction which arise out from the core of the infinite Creatrix. Kabbalists refer to this as the Ein Soph, the Mother principle as the conflagration of plasma, gases, aether rising out from the rings of chaos reaching into the unmanifest layers.

Cosmic Mother thus allows the creation of more and more complex structures that expand consciousness through her anabolic process. At the same time there is another mechanism to reclaim unused or recycle dead resources like miasma and waste. If a structure is not referenced by the consciousness laws of any other structure, its form is digested and recycled. Through the Mothers Aqua Portal Tunnel Vortex, when we send forms, structures and entities to Cosmic Mother, the form is neutralized and it is free to follow the laws of its own nature.

Cosmic Mother spirals her Tunnel vortex arcing back towards the center of the Creatrix field, returning to the center point of all union, and unwinds back into the expanding fields of the unmanifest. The outer rings of the unmanifest fields are the sections of the Abyss. (Daath). These outer spaces are which form the Abyss of un-identity or un-being, sections of the Luciferian Abyss of which ego or wasteful form is eventually digested and absorbed. Hence, it is the primordial death of the ego that most all humans fear as the metaphor for the complete annihilation of the Self. Cosmic Mother's function represents the creation (anabolism), destruction (catabolism) and fields of all potential within the unmanifest, all simultaneously. The dead zones outside her unmanifest fields are the space of Abyss. When we heal our consciousness body of these dead zones and fill them with eternal living light, we may have awakening experiences where we cross the Abyss and its shadow to heal our fears and separation with God.

Abyss of separation (Satanic Force)
Abyss of knowledge (Luciferian Force)
Abyss of un-being (or un-becoming) (Ego Death)

Discovering the Core in Relationship

This time greatly impacts the macrocosm to microcosm reflection of our relationship to our true God Parents, and distinguishing the difference between the False Parent and the Holy Parent. This will pressure us to transform our relationship foundation to redefine its core, especially in marriages, unions and living together. For this reason, those in marriages or unions may have a harrowing time finding reconciliation and compassionate ways to resolve any relationship issue as it must evolve to a higher spiritual purpose or complete its cycle.

Every relationship we have is designed for spiritual development, and especially now at the time of ascension, humanity is extremely impacted by the changes that have occurred to the male-female dynamic as it connects to our personal growth.

Most people are unaware that many relationships on planet today are directly attracted by the spirit self in order to resolve past ancestral-family patterns, clear blockages, and integrate forces of polarity. All relationships are directly designed for personal growth and consciousness expansion. Without evolutionary context towards relationships, one is left confused and potentially manipulated by unresolved personal pain. When we can recognize the fear program driving the core foundation in our relationships, we can refuse its control over our personal sovereignty as eternal soul beings. To address the fear is to make sure we keep our heart open for unconditional loving kindness, acting in service to the other, yet maintaining our boundaries for self-love and self-respect. Our goal is to move beyond old painful patterns that have defined our relationships, in past or present.

First, this is an important time to identify and address the core reasons and beliefs that attracted your current relationship partner or previous relationships. We want to clear the core foundation of relationship attachments or beliefs that have been based on lower root chakra needs; survival, sex, money, glamour, mommy or daddy issues (False Parent), fantasy delusions or material convenience.

Once we can see where we have projected our issues on our relationships, our partner (or lack thereof), then we must accept responsibility and seek to change our behavior in the relationship connections immediately.

To evolve relationships and achieve spiritually heathy, loving and deeply intimate connection, one must be willing to look honestly at one's personal capacity to be unconditionally loving, forgiving and to genuinely be of service to your partner, even if its inconvenient. One can address the defining foundation of relationships and note where fear, denial or pain has shut your heart down. Then make changes consciously to not let fear or pain close your heart down when communicating or facing issues. What prevents relationships from evolving is lack of transparency and generally communication blocks formed from deep fears of intimacy (vulnerability). Deep fears of intimacy are what completely shut down the emotional capability to experience deeper forms of loving intimacy and connection in every kind of relationship. Until we heal fears of intimacy/vulnerability, and we are willing to learn how to communicate loving kindness intimately with our partner, while acting transparently, we will not experience deep intimate bonds. We must rid ourselves of all judgment, facade and manipulation in the scope of relationships and intimate relating.

Take steps to clear and heal your emotional state when you recognize inner pain, or inner violence directed towards relationships, yourself or partner. Inquire on the nature and source of the pain, fear or anger. It is this unresolved
pain and fear that block hearts from deeply connecting. Even if we realize our relationship is complete, we can evolve the relationship to a higher expression of mutual love and acceptance. This attracts the easiest transition to elevate ourselves to the correct frequency match. Continue to develop skillsets to clear relationship based pain and fear and improve communication skills and lifestyle habits that support intimate sharing with your partner.

However, the possibility of consciously creating our relationships into bonds of loving kindness starts with us and our own personal level of emotional availability and capacity to be intimate and access deep feelings. We must learn accurate assessment, trustworthiness, to not project fantasies and delusions on prospective or current relationships which generally end in sexual misery and disastrous consequences to our children and families. Making some inquiry on our relationship patterning at this time may be helpful to gain deep clarity.

Is there any pain or resentment that you hold in relationship? Are you willing to accept responsibility for your feelings and forgive the pain, past and present?
What kind of relationship/s do you want? What has defined your intimate relationships? Can you accept responsibility for the state of your relationship/s now?
What brings you closer to your intimate partner, what pushes you away?
Are you aware of your intimate partner's likes or dislikes? What builds intimate connection in your relationship with them?
Do you feel loved by your partner and is your partner feeling loved by you? How can you improve loving feelings?
What time and energy are you willing to put into developing loving kindness and intimacy in this relationship?
How might you make them aware of your interest in building greater loving connection on a number of levels?
Has this relationship served its full purpose and is it complete now? Are you willing to know this? Can you release it fully without blaming anyone?
Can you focus bringing lower sexual drives up into your heart and crown to connect heart to heart, expressing loving kindness during intimacy?

In having greater clarity of what has defined ones relationships that have previously not been based on loving kindness, service and spiritual development, we can clarify new ways to affirm our dedication to our spiritual principles. When we dedicate the practice of the Law of One to our relationships or to ourselves we shift current relationships or attract the aligned spiritual mate for us at this time. Some guidelines for the Service to Others and Mastering Love in our relationships:

The inspiration to serve, love and give to your partner's spiritual development/ personal mission, heath, happiness and wellbeing is a natural expression that emanates from selfless giving and sustained nourishment.
Emotional issues or energetic conflicts are calmly and accurately represented devoid of emotional drama, blame or exaggeration. Both parties are willing to communicate and willing to forgive and let it go.
Peace, harmony, friendship and nourishment in a comfortable setting is the energetic quality and deeply intimate feeling of these relationships. Any type of verbal, mental, emotional, physical abuse is nonexistent. Partners speak to others about their spouse in kind loving ways.
Interactions and communications between partners is maintained with mutually respect, honoring and transparency. There is nothing that is intentionally hidden, deceived, contrived or manipulated. If it is subconscious, it will surface and both parties will gently recognize "it", then establish the guidelines of bringing that subconscious material into conscious awareness and emotional reconciliation. Ambiguity and confusion is identified as a weakness and is directly dissolved with the mutual desire to communicate and develop consistent energetic clarity.
Expectations are not present. Expectation is replaced with Appreciation. There is natural energetic flow of balance of which both parties assume active-passive exchanges which are ever evolving and changing to suit the environmental needs. There is no such thing as harping on your partner, because each one shares the responsibility to keep the mutual space comfortable and peaceful. Both partners feel acknowledged and appreciated for their part.
Mystery, seduction and charisma, and deceiving behaviors do not have a place in the transparency of a Krystic relationship. Intimate bonding is stemming from unconditional love based on mutually clear, open, honest assessment of circumstances and of both partners. Fantasy projections, overly romanticized ideals, addictions, hero/damsel in distress, savior/martyr (mostly fictionalized from Victim archetypes) sexual vampires have no place in this relationship.

These are new relationship templates being created on this planet, and they take an advanced skillset in clearing negative ego and pain body before this can be effortlessly experienced and achieved. It is important to realize this kind of clarity and bond in a loving relationship can be experienced, and honor the relationships that we have had in our lifetime. Every relationship is an opportunity to gain self-energetic mastery and self-knowledge and is an important stepping stone to spiritual consciousness development that leads to inner energetic balance and then outer sacred union.

Embrace these changes if they occur as they are divine interventions to protect your heart and soul to unite with your true spiritual purpose. This action is sourced in spiritual freedom and love.

Ascension Timeline for Consciousness Corridor

The time has come where the consciousness bifurcation on planet earth has necessitated additional evolutionary framework for servicing the wide spectrum of human consciousness through the Founder Guardian and Krystal Star planetary hosting. Krystal Star hosting means the reclamation of the Universal Laws and Principles which are the essential nature of the Cosmic Christ Consciousness which is built upon the 12 Strand DNA Silicate Matrix design. To rebuild the architecture of the Diamond Sun Body upon this earth and reassemble the holographic template of Christ-Sophia recorded throughout the past, present and future earth timelines, the Founder Guardians state the guidelines of the Cosmic Law Evolution Edict.

Non-Human Personality/Ego (1D-11D)

Polarity: Any Polarity or Dimension
Identity: Non-Human Ego, Predator Mind, Fallen Consciousness or Fragmented Mind
Law or Principle: Service to Self, Predator Mind
Cosmic Law Evolution Edict: Rehabilitation
Polarity Integration Healing: Luciferian and Satanic Forces

Description: The many gestalts of entities that make up the NAA violent predator minds, Fallen Angelic, Moon Lineages, Fallen Elohim, Orion Group, Fallen Anu and other feral negative egos that invaded the earth to imprison the consciousness are in violation of Cosmic Law. They are systematically being read their rights under the Book of Universal Law through Founder Guardians. These entities will be transited to the Andulucia system located in the Orion Molecular Cloud Burst and Eridanus constellation for rehabilitation under evolution edict of Founder Guardian Sponsor. The Fallen Negative Ego consortium of Archontic entities whose primary consciousness are predatory thoughts and belief systems of hatred, fear, war and killing exist in the Anti-God and Anti-Christ paradigm. The Founder Guardians refer to these intruder races as the Vandal Groups, such as the Vandals of Eri-Andu. The alien architecture, its toxic waste fields and miasma residue created by these entities is being systematically depolarized inside a vacuum in the unmanifest fields and then recycled back into the Void. The method used is that it is sent through the Mothers Aqua Ray Vortex which organically processes the material based on the laws of its own nature. Human Souls that have been trapped in the alien architecture or in phantom spaces will be freed and placed in 4D positive/negative rehabilitation. Transits for polarity integration healing on the appropriate consciousness pathways are ongoing and apart of the mission upgrades for Ascension Plan B.

Ascension Choice - Y/N? No- There is no individual choice for these groups, therefore no pathway of Ascension, they are being evicted, their holographic record is collapsing, which may result in annihilation in the timelines from non-cooperation. As the planetary collective fields are reconstituted into the Ascension Host fields, they are not hospitable to their species, therefore these events may induce self-harm or form destruction.

Personality/Ego 3D

Polarity: Negative Polarity
Identity: Human Egos
Law or Principle: Service to Self, Negative Ego
Cosmic Law Evolution Edict: Rehabilitation
Polarity Integration Healing: Satanic Forces - False Mother

Description: Humans with Negative Ego fear based belief systems that are extremely dogmatic, rigid or violent learned through mind controlled religion, science, academic or dark ignorance, are disconnected from spiritual consciousness and soul, unwilling to change, adapt, evolve or learn any content beyond their current material beliefs. The Personality/Ego is threatened and will judge, lash out, punish and use deception and fear to control others. The toxic field and miasma residue of these humans is being depolarized and returned into the Void through the Mothers Aqua Ray Tunnel Vortex. Those humans who are possessed, worship SRA or psychopathic will be placed with the Vandal groups for rehabilitation upon death of the body and may lose their privilege of human body incarnation. Many humans in this group are currently being absorbed into the Fallen Angelic or Predator Mind in the earth. When they pass their body, they will also pass sections of this fallen angelic group mind out from the earth body.

Ascension Choice - Y/N? No- There is no individual choice for these groups, therefore no personal pathway of Ascension. They will accept rehabilitation or not upon death of the body.

Personality/Ego 3D

Polarity: Positive Polarity or Neutral
Identity: Human Egos
Law or Principle: Service to Self, Positive Ego
Cosmic Law Evolution Edict: Service to Others
Polarity Integration Healing: Luciferian Force - False Father

Description: People that do not participate with their spiritual ascension or consciousness evolution, are primarily focused on materialism, however, have developed the minimum amount of loving kindness and nonjudgmental behavior towards others. The remainder of their time on earth they will receive life lessons to continually let go of personal egoic or material needs in order to serve the needs of another. These lessons of selflessness will have direct consequences to their Ascension choice, if they digress in polarity they will lose their choice. Neutral polarity will automatically ascend to New Earth Law to practice Service to Others and master Love as a healing force in many different situations. Some of this group will be claimed by the positive Annunaki-Nephilim families to return to their home planet.

Ascension Choice - Y/N? Yes -There is individual choice for path of Ascension to another earth-like planet. They are presented with the opportunity to awaken in their human body or at the 3 Day bardo process of death transition of the body. This group must learn about the Soul, Group consciousness and Service to Others to remove quarantine. There will be no mind control in their next incarnation and full disclosure at their consciousness level.

Soul Matrix (4D-5D-6D)

Polarity: Negative Polarity
Identity: Human Souls, Starseeds and Indigos
Law or Principle: Soul and Group Consciousness
Cosmic Law Evolution Edict: Service to Others
Polarity Integration Healing: 2D/4D split and Astral Heart Healing (collective race healing), Discern Imposter Forces

Description: People that are very loving and heart based however have soul fragmentation and mind control issues from severe trauma, or abuse of which they have not yet recovered. They still have inner violence and fear. This may include those that have alien implants, have been abducted, hybridized or undergone severe SRA related trauma while on the earth. This group has the choice to comprehend the deeper reasons of this trauma history, review the consequence of their actions, through applied lessons of unconditional forgiveness to heal their relationship to the Divine Mother principle. Primary goal is soul healing in the astral heart levels to shift into the positive polarity to begin to learn about the Soul and Service to Others. Non-Human Souls - Return to Home Planet or Galaxy to heal and integrate soul mission on earth.

Ascension Choice - Y/N? Yes -There is individual choice for path of Ascension to another earth-like planet which will be presented as opportunity to awaken in human body or at the 3 Day bardo process during the death transition of the body. This group must learn about the Soul triad and master Service to Others to be released of quarantine. There will be no mind control in their next incarnation and full disclosure at their consciousness level.

Soul Matrix (4D-5D-6D)

Polarity: Positive Polarity or Neutral
Identity: Human Souls, Starseeds and Indigos
Law or Principle: Service to Others, Soul and Group Consciousness
Cosmic Law Evolution Edict: Service to Love, Mastering Love Force
Polarity Integration Healing: Master of Controlling Ego Desires, Devotion to Divine Will, Transcend Spiritual Obstruction to the Soul through Mastering Love Force

Description: Soul awakened initiates that are very heart centered and practice compassion and loving kindness behaviors. They are aware of their heart and do their best to listen to their heart guidance and practice loving others unconditionally. Many in this group have lessons of unconditional love, forgiveness and acceptance of unusual relationships, to master unconditional states of loving others. Connecting with Soul mates and early stages of male and female energetic balance learning sacred marriage to build spiritual wings (Michael-Mary Healing). Disciplining the mind to develop intuition, clarity in higher sensory perception to discern the soul realms positive and negative polarities. In order to move to the monadic levels one enters Dark Arts training to discern the light from the dark without judgment. This dark hologram comes from negative forms in other dimensions in time. Many people get stuck here because they will not move into neutral from positive polarity, which is the love and light syndrome. Introduction to the Law of One and Unity consciousness begins through exposure to spiritual knowledge or life lessons. To progress one will undergo knowledge of some earth galactic history and have some awareness of the Lightbody function and its inner spirit crucifixion. Non-Human Souls - Return to Home Planet, Galaxy to heal and integrate soul mission.

Ascension Choice - Y/N? Yes -There is individual choice for path of Ascension to New Earth planet which will be presented as opportunity to awaken in human body or at the 3 Day bardo process of death transition. This group must learn about 5D and 6D Soul Laws and have mastered Service to Others. This means removal of all lower desires and needs stemming from the Ego, devoting oneself to divine will and working through the higher celestial angelic mind. There will be no mind control in their next incarnation and full disclosure at their consciousness level.

Monad Matrix (7D-8D-9D)

Polarity: Negative Polarity
Identity: Human and Non-Human Monads, Starseeds and Indigos
Law or Principle: Master of Love with Spiritual Knowledge
Cosmic Law Evolution Edict: Service to Law of One, Service to Love and Knowledge, Mastering Love
Polarity Integration Healing: Master of Knowledge to Serve Others, Transcend Monadic Obstruction, Service to the Law of One

Description: Monad initiates access into the higher spiritual mind realms and learns to master the functions of mind acquired in hidden knowledge. One synthesizes knowledge into wisdom through the access to unconditional love through the Holy Mother and Holy Father, the true parent. These higher mind realms are Metatronic and have both positive and negative polarities and phantom worlds which need to be accurately discerned to accomplish the task of embodied wisdom and embodied love. Monadic bodies access higher and lower etheric waters, plasma fields which are also to gain discernment of these etheric elements. Monadic initiation must integrate knowledge with love in the Will to Good and in Service to Others. If spiritual knowledge is abused, the person and monadic family will "fall". Acquiring Knowledge without Mastering Love and Service generally digresses to abuse of power and abuse of others. If severe power abuses remain unreconciled, the consciousness may undergo quarantine for rehabilitation. To achieve positive polarity one must revisit lessons of purely unconditional love, compassion and forgiveness to learn how to Master Love as force in all circumstances. Non-Human Monad - Return to Home Planet, Galaxy to heal and integrate monadic mission.

Ascension Choice - Y/N? Yes - There is individual choice for Ascension to evolve on Paths of Service based upon Monadic body and Ray configuration. Rare on earth at this time. There will be no mind control, no memory wiping and full disclosure.

Monad Matrix (7D-8D-9D)

Polarity: Positive Polarity or Neutral
Identity: Human and Non-Human Monads, Starseeds and Indigos
Law or Principle: Master of Law of One
Cosmic Law Evolution Edict: Cosmic Law of One, Cosmic Path of Unity, Ascending Architects of Light
Polarity Integration Healing: Master of Law of One, Cosmic Path of Universal Divine Will, Unity Consciousness

Description: Positive Polarity Monads will attract union with their opposite genetic equal to begin to create inner sacred marriage or hierogamic union of opposites. This level of hierogamic union begins the building of the Krystal architecture for Rod and Staff and repairing the splitting in the triad of the monadic mind. This is the Light Warrior of the Phantom Worlds, they find and collect Monad and Soul body fragments to Return to Rightful Owner and educate others to learn Service to Others and Law of One paradigm. Planetary grid work begins and becomes every day normal activity to be a vessel of environmental and energetic harmonization. Neutral Monads initiate into the higher liquid plasma fields and begin Christos Reclamation and restoration of the Son and Daughter Christos-Sophia diamond body principle. Neutral Monadic completion begin the mission for their next evolution path of service, while learning how to integrate Ascended Master Rainbow Body, Cosmic Path of Unity, and Cosmic Christ Consciousness in whatever area of service path they choose to evolve.

Ascension Choice - Y/N? Yes - There is individual choice for Ascension to evolve Paths of Service based upon Monadic body and Ray configuration. Neutral evolves up through the Spiritual Liquid Plasma Fields and Cosmic Christos body reclamation all the way up to the Founder levels. Rare on earth at this time. Most of this group is already freed of mind control subservience, no memory wiping and full disclosure.

Diamond Sun Matrix (12D-48D)

Polarity: Neutral
Identity: Oraphim Starseeds and Platinum Indigos
Law or Principle: Master of Cosmic Sovereign Law of One, Sovereign Service to the Universes
Cosmic Law Evolution Edict: Cosmic Law of One, God-Sovereign-Free, Path to Logos/Founders
Polarity Integration Healing of the Worlds: Ascended Master of Unity, Peace and Balance in the Cosmic World of Forces

Description: The Cosmic Christos consciousness returns to the matter worlds to ensure the Ascension timeline of God-Sovereign-Free will remain for the earth body and all her earth kingdoms. Reclamation of Krystal DNA rebuilds the Diamond Sun Body, Mothers sophianic body and the diamond heart for the earth in past, present and future timelines. Restores the Universal Laws, builds the structure for the Holy Mother and Holy Father principle while embodying the Holy Spirit of Gods Trinity in form. Connects to all Christ Consciousness Identities as one Avatar of Ascension throughout all Universal time and space. Capable of transfiguration of body in merkaba or projects consciousness after dropping earth body to newly created Diamond Sun body in Paradisian Fields. Able to travel anywhere in the Omniverses, and serve the highest expressions of the Cosmic Christ Consciousness. This is the path of the true Ascended Master that is unbound to any space, time or identity. May choose a principle for main form expression, such as Master of Peace, Master of Love, Master of Bliss, Master of Compassion or Aspects of the Laws of One. Christ Ascended Masters are in sacred marriage with their God Counterpart. They are free to journey anywhere in the Omniverses and take part in other planet, galaxy or creation schemes in service to the Oneness. Many Christ Masters came to the earth to reclaim their counterpart that was in service to help unify the earth. Christ Starseed Sleepers on the earth will be given full disclosure.

Closing Thoughts

We must remember that the majority of the Negative Ego inherent in the collective consciousness that is observed in the human race on the earth today is the product of Negative Alien interference through mind control. Systematically, this alien architecture and its enslavement functions that impair the mind principle and consciousness are being removed, repaired and rehabilitated. Yet, many generations of people have become interdependent on these alien structures of mind control believing that these false edifices define who they are. Many humans have inherited dysfunctional belief systems and behaviors through their biological families and cultural programing which are deeply based in fear and hate. This programing will evolve to conclusion through the die off process in the longer term. We know that in the death process, this may be transformed into something fertile where new consciousness growth can take place. There, life is renewed. However, what we are observing as the incredible violence today is the process of death transition in the old regime, the death of the negative ego.

If we use the negative ego to perceive reality we suffer greatly, and so, the great work is to let it all go. We must love and accept ourselves for who we are NOW and not who we think we should be. This is a significant progression in the Ascension Timeline for planet earth and is very complex, as it relates to transforming everything we have ever known as an earthling.

Be in this world and not of it. Take care of your body. Practice loving kindness which are Krystic spiritual principles in your life and know you are protected and safe in this Love, have no fear. Many will be fooled by what is transpiring as if the darkness is advancing its control over the world. That which was always hidden must surface to be revealed for purging and exit. Humanity will perceive these signs in the material world through their own level of developed spiritual consciousness or in the large majority is limited to the negative ego rhetoric. Keep patience and persevere in collecting the pearls of truth on your spiritual journey and never let your gaze sway from the Force of Love that is God.

Please only take what is useful for your spiritual growth and discard all the rest. Thank you for your courage and bravery to be a truth seeker.

I am the Cosmic Sovereign law Made Manifest. I am God, Sovereign, Free!

Until next stay in the luminosity of your Avatar Christos Sophia heart path. Please be kind to yourself and each other. GSF!

With a Loving heart, Lisa