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I AM Present

Thursday, August 16, 2012


Karen Danrich aka Mila, now known as Lilliya in her recent 'rebirth', set me more consciously on this ascension path in 1999. Fresh from my new age neurotic meanderings, she and her teachings were amongst the first and most powerful guidance during the start of this cycle for me.

Lilliya is a master teacher who's teachings on 'making the complete ascension' are quite undistorted due to her 'leaving no destructive stone unturned' approach.

Her new site is lightwaveevolution.org, where you will find the Ascension Workbook Part II, from which I copied the first few pages of Chapter One for you below. She is in development of the principals of transfusion lore of self as a means to the next level of self-realisation and mastery. Read more about it here:


Her very thorough channelled teachings on her old ascendpress.org site came from every nature kingdom imaginable, in addition to the Tao, Earth Mother, Central Sun and many others. They were extremely complex reads, I found, due to both their length and enormous but pertinent detail of the true history of the human evolutionary dance and the root causes for current conditions humanity faces and needs to overcome.

But each read rewarded me with a new richness of understanding a way fuller picture of our plight and the human condition. And her method of intending imbalances to the surface for release/forgiveness became my mainstay for years. I still work with this somewhat, but have been recently pondering some of what has been a constant theme running through her teachings over the years.
And that is the unconscious harm we do one another. Even, and perhaps particularly, for those who are actively seeking to experience greater spiritual heights.

I've wondered how those striving for Unity Consciousness will be able to work together successfully in the immediate future. It's clear there's a lot of work to be done and many of us will need to work on projects in groups. And what gets me concerned is the stripping of energy of one an-other, or the dumping of one's own personal energy onto an-other or a group one works within.

Without knowing what we are doing in the unconscious or becoming aware of what works with and through us will only see the continuation of this. Which, in turn, can and does erode and undermine the core group committment, in addition to 'inviting' forth psychological warfare tactics to dismantle committed and positive energies.

As synchronicity has it once again, a friend commented on her own experience of this also recently. She found herself to be on the receiving end of not-so-nice energies when she was involved in healing via the net. One in the group had given out bad energies to her. As soon as the perpetrator was excluded from the healings, the bad stuff stopped. In many cases these perps are not even aware. This friend is one of the few who clearly and consciously accesses energies operating in the etheric. In these energetically-precarious times, I'd say this is a definite gift.

I've also experienced similarly a few times over the past year. Once, was an attempt to strip me etherically during dreamtime, prompted by contact with someone seemingly of good-intent in their waking state and with whom I'd had some mailing contact. Yet, in dreamtime I knew something more powerful was working through this one as it was practically shouted at me repeatedly from their side: 'You must learn to share your energies' from the more powerful being/group that works through this person. Meaning: I must learn to allow myself to be stripped. Not bloody likely was I falling for that! In my dreamtime that night my Loony (new name for Higher Self)informed me there was an attempt to steal and strip from me and kept me wakefully just on the edge of dream-sleep all night as a form of protection.
Well worth feeling exhausted over the next day...

In M,M&M


The Earth Mother through Karen Danrich “Mila” and Thomas Weber “Oa”
March 11, 2006

Dear Beloved Ascending Human,

We begin now another section of the Complete Ascension Workbook. The
following chapters shall be devoted to bringing to consciousness the nature of
human behavior towards one another. In better understanding the nature of
human expression in the current paradigm, one will be better capable of
transcending the associated karma to give birth to unity and integrity relations.

Unity and integrity relations is founded upon taking personal responsibility for
one’s own patterning within and karma associated rather than projecting it upon
others and then judging, condemning or hating them. For all others are only
mirrors of lost parts of oneself; and so in judging, condemning or hating others,
one only judges, hates or condemns oneself.

The current human paradigm is not founded upon real love. There is an illusion of
love that runs through many spiritual groups that paints an image of what “ideal”
love would be like. In ideal love, one would love everyone; everyone would love in
return; and all will be good, beautiful, filled with hope, joy and endless love. The
reality is that this type of ideal love only occurs if one splits light and dark
completely. As there is no density or darkness, there is only the light and a
seeming state of endless love. However splitting light and dark does not lead to
real ascension “home” to the Great Central Sun dream where light and dark must
be amalgamated into a single rainbow of frequencies in order to pass through the
final star gate. If anything, creations of only light combust just as readily in the
attempt to enter the new dream as those that are only of the dark, as each does
not resonate with the new dream where light and dark unify.

Much like trying to press a round peg through a square hole, creations of only
light or only dark have the wrong molecular structure to pass through the new
dream of the Great Central Sun. The friction created in forcing something that
does not naturally flow through to enter nonetheless causes the molecules to
combust into billions of bits of matter. This is known as “nova” or “supernova” by
current scientists; a creation bursting into billions of bits falling from the
dimension above due to a miss-ascent into their own Great Central Sun dream of

This is why there have been so many combust creations at the entry point of the
Great Central Sun Dream. The Tao estimates that over 800 creations have
combust against the Great Central Sun dream that Terra (Earth) has begun to
enter. Terra has learned to integrate her density to enough of a degree that it can
be amalgamated into a single set of frequencies thus allowing her entry into the
new dream. This too is what each human must accomplish in order to carry on
with Terra, and if not in this lifetime, then in the future generations ahead related unto oneself. There is only a limited time to accomplish this task, and so it is Terra’s goal to pinpoint the patterns of discord that cause a split in light and dark in ascension within the chapters to follow. It is only as ascending humans intend
to integrate all of their dark patterning that complete ascension can come forth;
and it is complete ascension that allows for the continued dissipation of density
enough then to amalgamate light and dark and enter the new dream.


Splitting light and dark can occur as one focuses upon love and light only. In this
type of split that can occur in ascension, the physical has been pressed into the
light dream and the unconscious dreamtime self into the dark dream.
As the
dreamtime self moves into the dark patterning of self, it will have a tendency to
make bargains with the dark that do not serve one’s continued evolution in the
physical. This is how many an initiate in SSOA over time failed in their ascension
by creating patterning that caused global harm unto Earth. The darker side set up
energetic flow at events that shattered Terra’s mountains or the nature kingdoms.

Splitting light and dark can also occur as one moves into the darker side of self in
the physical leaving the unconscious dreamtime self in the light. In this
circumstance, one may be surrounded by dark entities that wish to destroy
oneself, and if one is sensitive, one may feel like committing suicide or ending
one’s life. This also occurs as those who are dark in the physical also tend to
absorb the darkness of others around oneself; and so one carries the darkness of
many others and it can become so depressing that one would just rather die or
quit ascending.

Sometimes those who become dark in the physical also give the lighter parts of
self away. This type of game occurred in many time periods and may involve the
Anu who stripped the red nations’ peoples of their lightness of being in exchange
for the increasing darkness that grew surrounding the Anu due to their lack of
settling any karma in a very extended lifetime. The darkness of the Anu often was
displaced around entire red tribes to a point that the tribe went into a plague with
most dying; or went into war like patterning and chose to battle it out with
neighboring tribes or slave nations peoples over resources or location to live...

[These are just the first few pages of Part 2 of her Ascension Workbook -100's of pages long- which you can find under the Ascension Archives on her site]