I AM Present

I AM Present

Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Lines in the Sand Better Defined

We're choosing & crossing into our respective future timelines now, at the pinnacle of THE choice. Or should I rephrase  that as the ''choiceless choice"?
The line in the sand has long been drawn,but now it gets harder to move back & forth across it (if not impossible ) energetically &on other levels, of course. I'm seeing this more acutely with folk of different frequency naturally moving away from me & it feels 'right'.

Circumstances& our lives consequently become seemingly - better or worse for each of us accordingly , with greater relief or greater suffering in our relative understanding of those terms.All depending on what we each need for our next step in growth & in accordance with our contracts.

Many are letting go of grief in the collective currently & I've cried me a river of tears recently over both knowns & unknowns. Yet& despite all this, this is still a most profound period to be living through on Earth.
Just think about it: we are living out the last days of an old 26 000 yr cycle ...and simultaneously  have entered the first days of a brand new one - a dp (darkie parasite) free one - and that's truly momentous.

Since these most recent activations there's been a new lightness &greater ease within...a feeling of increased harmony overall. Also, new inner tools (or old ones  previously concealed,by the True Self ) are being revealed.

I'm personally having  more unusual experiences. One night coming back into my body during sleep& just before I woke fully, I saw my bedroom's grey - blue wall to wall carpet,  my small pink rug & coloured bedspread seemingly as a stormy-ish sea of moving energy.As my perspective changed back into that of body - mind, so the energetic sea-soup morphed back into the familiar inanimate objects. I've never consciously experienced  that before.

Maybe most importantly of all in this period of downloading more of our true Selves/nature,there is increased conscious awareness of where i/we are choosing  to focus our thoughts & feelings. This is as joyful to me as winning the lottery might be!:-)
Having that momentary conscious pause happening within allows for more choice (& less subconscious contradictory reaction perhaps ,but I'm really no expert there)

Knowing I AM choosing to dwell with the One within means I'm NOT choosing the ego - reptilian brain - mind in any given moment.  And that -for me personally-is a phenomenal change! Maybe it's old hat for others...
Yes, I know, there is nothing else to live in or to be BUT in that Oneness. As we are able to focus far more easily on His nature within us/the Oneness/zero point/God consciousnesss, your name for it, we choose automatically to dwell in His attributes increasingly.
As in: energy flows where our attention goes.

I sometimes  can hardly believe the miracle that I AM;the magnificence of who I AM when I AM.
Not in rejection of this fact, but in sheer awe of the miracle that this is God being me. My breath, heartbeat , eyes/vision & more are not mine but His.He animates all of it. I've just spent too much time in this & other human bodies which have convinced me that I am the driver or creator of this self. When it's been Him all along....

I cannot undo that which I have seen,felt& been touched by. I cannot go backwards to unseeing now and wow...that feels great!
Meaning that there must have been growth.  So why don't we all give ourselves a loving pat on the back or hug our selves?  Are we not achieving,growing &expanding?
Yes, we most certainly  are.
Top of mind is also the fact that as One in the heart of the One we have tremendous impact on each other & all.
As the ones we've been waiting for, we are influencing & offsetting each other constantly, mostly silently &invisibly. 'We' being the starseeds &others choosing to make the ascension with earth now.

A couple of analogies describe our process for me . Take your pick.
 We are beautiful iron or steel works being forged under God's creativity and molded in His hands until we are exactly the designed result He requires.
Or my current fave again: we are (almost) that perfectly golden brown souffle baking in the oven. While God bakes us to perfection, He is also the oven, the ingredients, the chef,server & served. We ARE rising!


I know something is about to go down personally as I had a rare visitor a few days ago...a large owl!
When I opened my curtains on Saturday morning I saw something in the tree a few metres away which was so huge I thought it was a new cat in the hood. But discovered it was either a Cape Eagle owl or a Spotted one & it stayed almost motionless on a tree branch,  watching me for more than an hour. I was enthralled!
So was my neighbour who told me it had been around the following day too.
 Owls have always been messengers of the unconscious or hidden about to be revealed for me.

Actually the owl could well be corroborating my current
vision: im about to go into a hall to write a final exam. It's a common dream theme so you may relate.
 I'm anxious, not knowing whether I'm adequately prepared for the paper; will I be surprised, blindsided, will there be tricks or will it all be straight forward &I'll respond calmly?My upcoming reaction to the 'test' seems crucial...


For light relief I've recently been getting my comedy kicks from unexpected quarters - Godlikeproductions.com. Who would have thought a site I erroneously bought into as a sometimes - conspiracy site years ago,  now primarily serves to cause such hysterical funnies that the tears roll...hard, fast  &frequently!😂😂😂
Why such a turnaround in my perception?
  It's taken the intervening 5-7 years to research further topics,people & the hidden hand that runs them. But now I've also wizened up to the fact that the Tavistock Institute (financed by who other than the Rothschilds)
runs the show there, as well as experimenting on other forums &
'conspiracy' sites. That includes Lunatic Outpost - also one I used to frequent.
Who are they experimenting on & why,you may be asking.

Some of Tavistock 's hidden objectives is to socially - engineer people's minds for easier control, mould opinions via manipulating/splitting  individuals' sense of self & much more.They use their cognitive dissonance creating techniques  (research also dangers of neuro linguistic programming /NLP)to induce hypnosis/hypnotic commands of targeted site visitors by the programmers-cum-fake-posters.
I, amongst others, have experienced this consciously when they attempted to target me.For instance, there may be gobbledegook coded words on a post you open, followed by endless seemingly - blank posts. But these contain hidden codes designed to trigger certain negative subconscious responses.

So my peals of laughter come due to Knowing the game being played and discerning the programmer in action angling for a particular response. Some of their favourite moves are to constantly reverse the gender of the person theyre discussing, invert occult/religious /spiritual info & create endless reams of blatantly ignorant psycho babble garbage (gives me the best laughs!!).

Middle management operatives even seem to be working alongside the bottom feeding forum agent slaves at this time. While the head honcho reptilians disguised as humans who have been running this planetary show have been removed to their temporary new prison slave quarters (of which the majority of the world remains unaware ), they all have clones/lookalikes. Though methinks middle/upper management rats now know they're on a fast-sinking ship, no one's coming to save them & none of their promised "power"will be forthcoming either.

More importantly, what's left of their parasitic structures are fast falling. This is incredibly promising FOR US as then there's even less that will be interfering with us.

In the meanwhile, we are still in this war and I myself early last week was followed  in my car by a vehicle &surveilled by people on a beachfront where i sat. On my returnnI was suddenly  surrounded by several combi vehicles that came to a halt on all sides of my car, blocking &stopping me from moving on a really busy main road at a peak time.

Non the less, tomorrow's a new day & God's merciful plan with His Lighted emissaries are growing ever stronger.

Glory be to Him & Source Of Sources

Love from my heart to each of yours 💖

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