I AM Present

I AM Present

Friday, October 2, 2020


 Hi dear beloveds!

It's been a heavy few weeks for me...how about you?

The latest bout of energetic cleansing to help our Mama and ourSelves and the processing of all of this in  and through our bodies...and out...(breathe)...has had me feeling as if it was going to take me out altogether! It's threatened to overwhelm me numerous times - its been that intense. 

I reached what I perceived at the time was the end of my tether ~numerous times~ during this period. But...here I AM...out the other side[before the next wave starts up] coz I guess it ain't over until the fat lady sings.  Or so they say :-)

And talking of fat ladies singing, I must have also opted to be one of those starseeds undertaking the carrying of the phantom spiritual pregnancy and the 'birth' at this time.

For the past month or so, I've had a swollen belly appearing just like the sixth/seventh month of pregnancy- whether I eat or not, go to the toilet regularly or not. Apparently, there are quite a number of us on planet that have opted to help birth the new Christos DNA template  in preparation for the new HUman race to be.

Even though, technically, biologically, in this current form, I can no longer bear children, it hasn't stopped any of these weird phantom/energetic pregancy type symptoms. Within a few days of it starting, I suddenly couldn't fit into my jeans...very uncomfortable.

So just a few words of comfort: If this is happening for you too know this too shall pass. As all things have and do in life in this relative world. And there's no stomach tumour or other mass suddenly growing inside you that you need to rush off to any practitioners of the medi-sin!




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 4 October 2020

GUEST LINEUP                                                                                                                                                  

Kinda Soul Truths                                                                    

2-3 pm [SA time]

 Colin Joe Byrne - Higher Dimensional Soul Mechanics (9am US time)

Kinda Detective [Conspiracy Realities]

3-4 pm [SA time]

David Icke - The Failed? Plandemic, Transhumanism + Agenda 21

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 4 October 2020                                                   

                                  Presented by Shellee-Kim Gold 


6pm: Music

6.45 pm : Personal Growth:  Natalia Baker - Releasing Your Fears

7.30pm: Music break 


7.45pm : Metaphysical: Diana Collins Smith - SA's Sacred Sites

 8.30pm : Music & feedback on interviews 

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Music Choice

Lauryn Hill [before she was cloned or doubled/hijacked by the reptilians/turned into a mindless MK Ultra slave/cyborg...when she was still a profound representative of God's will and voice for the benefit of humanity's freedom.

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