I AM Present

I AM Present

Monday, February 15, 2016

God's Handiwork

Like the desert needs the rain
God quenches the parched soul
And waters our inner garden

Mulches the soil of our creativity
That all that blossoms does so
In land of great fertility

To make a decent wine, it is said
Needs only the right conditions for growth:
A good grape, favourable terroir and sunshine

All unfolds naturally
for this is the perfection
Of Nature, doing what she does best
Provide the conditions
and Nature does the rest

The conditions of our lives
Are the looms upon which
God’s hand spins
our individual tapestries

In pastels, bright colours
Or a single plain one
All is spun in accordance with
The Will of the One

That He might deliver a gift
Which will make you quiver
With delight, not fright
Comfort, wrap and nurture you
In the coldness of the night

Help you wear your unique garment
To show yourself
in the best possible Light
That all who cross your path
Are touched by its Might

And so it comes to pass
That those who’ve elected
For brand new attire
Must throw off first
their threadbare coverings
In exchange for wearing the Grace
Of God’s spun creations, His way

The time of the Radiance is nigh
And that which shows you in
Your true colours will be revealed
To be of the making of God's spun desires.