I AM Present

I AM Present

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Choose Wisely In The Final Hour - Mother Mary through Shellee-Kim

More sharing from the Magdalene Consciousness. Don't know why I didn't post this then, but here it is now:

Mother Mary through Shellee-Kim

7 April 2011 – 7.15pm

MM: It is I, Mother Mary, come to you this evening. Would you take down a message we wish you to share?
SK: My pleasure.
(I ask her again to identify herself)
I am Mother Mary and I come in peace and benevolence and am in service to all of humankind, my beloved dear sister.

You know us as the Magdalene Consciousness and have had numerous past occasions to learn of us, from us, the sisterhood. At one time you were informed of your own personal connection to the being you call Lady Nada, twin flame of Esu and one who walked your plane in the flesh as Mary Magdalene.
Some have referred to us as the Order of the Magdalene, yet each of the names are fitting for the various beings who channel them.
Your plane, at the moment, is literally shaking, with the stirrings of the new life within the mother, Gaia.
We ask you all to kindly hold fast to your seats, your understanding - yet allow also the flexibility for movement to occur.

There are many of you who now need to come out of your hiding places. Some will only do so when forced, of course. But those ready now need to stand up and be counted. You ones are most cherished and valued and valuable in the service you are to offer. It is without doubt a time of tremendous upheaval and chaos without and within for many. Stand your ground, you ones, and hold to the truth.
Perception is everything in this end cycle. For it is this that determines your following placement of experience and existence.

All that has been spoke to you thus far is soon to know its rightful place in your conscious mind and personal expression and experience. Do not doubt this.
Yet, there are many who are currently having doubts of what they initially understood or heard about themselves or their paths as nothing has appeared to manifest. To these ones we say: you have held the fort this long. Do you really want to give up at this stage of the game? So much of fulfillment awaits you. It will have been a journey extraordinarily worth taking, should you choose to commit to the end.
This beloved one knows all too well of how doubt can erode one from within. Do make an effort to understand how these low-density beings are using all the tricks in the book to ensure the failure of you Lighted ones. They are playing some of their last cards. And playing to the hilt.

So these are words of encouragement and words to let you feel our conscious support of each one of you who has committed both to the Earth Mother, Creator God and the expansion of your own Selves, in the name of the Light.

There are many who are crowding in to be born, in readiness of the entirely new type of existence that is in store upon the New Earth. And these beings eagerly await to see who is choosing what. These souls are coming from everywhere in the known universe.

SK: I felt my own contract being made with a soul to be born in a boy’s body at the start of 2009 - and I am middle-aged already.
MM: Indeed, this is one who is to open you up to much more of yourself than could ever be imagined. And you are to serve him in ways that will enhance the service he is to bring forth. Always there is a symbiotic relationship at work.
SK: Well, everything had better hurry up because menopause could begin any day now for me. 
MM: All is in Divine Timing and in Order. You will have no problems with conception, labour or child-raising. There is much of yourself, including a new type of physical experience that you will barely recognise as you and which will allow all to occur easily and naturally. As cryptic as that may sound right now. Many others with similar contracts have this same concern presently.
SK: I hope this will serve to soothe their own anxieties, as it is mine then.
MM: Indeed. Let us move on.
Time waits for no man and woman. And every second of every minute count. Do not think that this is a time of sitting back and wasting it in waiting. For your every choice, response and intent is all part of the measurement of where you are choosing to be placed in your upcoming futures.
Please bear this in mind in this final hour.

This is all for tonight.
We greet you with Love from the Pink Ray. And we ask that you call upon us. Our help is ever at the ready and it is our joy to serve you as you come ever closer to knowing your true Selves.
Blessings, Grace and Peace
Mother Mary (of the Magdalene Consciousness)