I AM Present

I AM Present

Tuesday, December 20, 2011


By Shellee-Kim/Zsohara

I had the privilege of seeing, for the first time ever, an emerald green moth. It was stationed on the wall just above my shower, while I showered some days ago. And it stayed for a while.

I tend to resonate with Karen Danrich’s (ascendpress.org) take on who and what the animal/insect world are and bring to us as gifts of service and love. This is quite a different interpretation of other traditions, but Karen Danrich is in constant telepathic communication with all of nature’s kingdoms.
And,if I remember correctly, moths come with the gift of magic! As in: weaving magic in your life. I’ve previously associated them with spider’s gift of helping to weave new dreams into manifestation. And green…the colour of the heart.

I interpret this in the context of where we’re going and what we could be experiencing in the immediate future; then I’d have to say my sense is this is the message of ‘magic’ to come. Which will initially seem that way to us, until we become familiar with higher-dimensional ‘magical and miraculous’ technology and abilities. And how we can work with them. We’re so close, I can practically smell this new world of wonders…

It has always broken my heart over and over again that we, the human species, are the ones the animal kingdoms look to and are guided by for their own evolution and progress. We, the great conscious species on this planet that has fallen into such deep unconsciousness of ourselves that we have little ability and almost no will to guide ourselves out of our now-tragic (d?)evolution.

The sick state we are collectively in means we’ve mostly ‘gifted’ these beautiful beings here to learn, grow and serve us with one or another form of abuse instead: hunting, torturing, captivity, animal laboratory testing and other equally-disturbed and direct forms of abuse.

Personally, the worst story I ever remember trying to write was an expose on the births, lives and deaths of ‘farm units’ - the animals reared in cruelty and captivity for the ultimate consumption by humanity.

Doing that was way worse than an assignment involving interviewing the overwrought parents of a young, murdered girl at the hands of a serial rapist and murderer. In fact, I remember starting the animal piece about five times and bursting into hysterical tears each time, forcing me to put all my research away again.

It was the DVD’s of the de-beaking of chicks, seeing newborn animals trying to suckle their separated mother through the bars of a cage, witnessing complete insensitivity to the pain inflicted on cows prior to slaughtering them and other horrendous acts of cruelty that kept flashing through my mind. Eventually, and it took me ages, I somehow found the courage within to remove myself emotionally –just enough that I could write and edit the piece.

As I see it, this is all due to the fact that we are so far off course and out of love with ourselves (in many cases around me it seems to be more like a state of self-hatred), that we cannot see or feel any of what we do to ourselves, much less each other and the wonderful animal species that have joined us in the experience of life on this planet. If we had let them, we could have gained so much from their offerings. No wonder species are offing themselves en mass and more than ever during the past few years.

My tribute to animals does not include my pet hates: the parasitic creatures including fleas and mosquitoes.I’m not nearly evolved enough to rank them and other manifested forms that survive on the blood/life force of others. I see them as part of the STS (service to self) chain of entities made manifest; those who’s entire survival depends on vampirically-feeding off the life force of others – etherically, physically, psychically or emotionally. Lots of human fall into this category, too-particularly on the emotional and psychic fronts. Make no mistake. And that’s up to each one of us to discern and deal with/not in our own lives.

Perpetrating such acts of abuse on other sentient beings in our new society will just not be tolerated. That form of self-hatred by humans projected out onto the vulnerable (whatever the species) will be recognized for what it is, uprooted and weeded out. There will be no room for such depravity. Especially as we will be learning how to recognise the abuser within and why we have allowed ourselves to descend into this state in the first place.

But back from the future to where we still are and what still remains.
Eastern markets such as China and Vietnam believes powdered rhino horns can cure cancer, despite evidence to the contrary.
And in South Africa, which houses 80% of Africa’s rhino population, 443 rhino have been mercilessly slaughtered by poachers in this past year alone. Up by 100 from last year when 333 rhino were killed.

Although game animals were well-protected until a few years ago, corruption in South Africa has become the order of the day. And whoever you may be, doing whatever it is you’re supposedly charged to do, the prevalent average bureaucrat’s mentality here is (and others way higher up the political food chain): if there’s a nice bit of extra buckaroos to be made on the side, why not?

Despite the fact that some of these very people on the receiving end of potential financial gain may have once been fired up with passion enough for animals or the environment to want to obtain a degree, diploma or train as a game ranger, environmentalist or even a veterinary surgeon.

It is widely speculated that the very organization – the government’s National Parks Board - who are charged with ‘protecting’ fauna and flora in South Africa, are themselves involved. How could they not be, is my question. Perhaps they’re enjoying a nice monetary cut while turning a blind eye on the frequent animal poachings on national and private reserves around the country? Or being paid off not to prosecute? South Africa's pitifully-low prosecution rate seems to be pretty serious proof of that. Although NPB argue a range of reasons as to why they're suddenly struggling to perform at the basic levels, enabling protection for the animals that they managed for decades in the routine delivery of such services.

And then there’s the individual cases brought to light recently in the torture-for-entertainment of kittens and puppies in South Africa’s urban, poverty-stricken communities…by children themselves! Who are clearly already demonstrating the brutality and abuse that is role-modelled to them. Or the horses that are taken in by the Cart Horse Association and have to be put down due to what they’ve endured at the most-deliberate hands of supposed human beings. I’m already tearing up as I write this, so I won’t go on.

But…there is some good news in the face of all this depravity. Lord Siraya (in a channeled message through Candace Frieze on www.abundanthope.org) recently said one of the successes of this planet’s experimenting, now that we’re wrapping up another cycle after a few 100 000 years, is due to those humans who have honoured other species enough to have given them a ‘leg up’ the evolutionary ladder, so to speak. And that, as a result of the love and honouring they’ve received, these animals are now able to move on to the next stages in their own evolution, which can include taking on a human form. Apparently, this is one of the area's of great achievements.

I see what’s currently still happening - the plunge into the ever-widening abyss of moral decay, personal integrity and ethics as the loss of impulses from Spirit in general. The deeper motivation being that this energetic choice of alignment with Dark programming, memes, entities/collectives was set in motion a long time ago. It is just now that it is more fully activated within those who have (knowingly or not) finally been forced to choose it. Fence-sitting time is most definitely over. And these are some of those choices in major action now.
A few months ago I kept hearing: ‘What runs through peoples’ brains, will start to run through their veins’, in a most destructive sense. But I believe that referred to the previous plan of allowing people to consciously choose through the galactic/ground crew joint effort of an education period for humanity. Which is to be no more, since plans have changed. I’m only now seeing how awful that could have been, as in some kind of global revolution. With the controllers using the opportunity to the hilt to senselessly drive as many people as possible to destruction, fear and to turning on each other. So perhaps gratitude that that plan didn’t come to pass is in order.

Just a few degrees more subtly, though, people are already turning on each other. During these past four or six weeks, my mind has repeatedly been drawn into the theme of the Stephen King movie, The Stand. And I keep hearing the words from it (paraphrasing): ‘It’s time, it’s time to make that stand’.
In it, a bird virus (sound familiar?) kills most of humanity in a very short time frame. The immune minority then become the battleground for good or evil. But it’s not really a battleground because what each remaining person chooses is based on being drawn to the good or evil side in the dreams they are having. This is what impulses them to seek out their own through the ‘good’ woman leader or the ‘evil’ man leader ultimately. And what they feel driven to seek out in their waking hours.

Ironically, a thread today on godlikeproductions.com also made reference to The Stand- but from the perspective of the killer bird virus.

I believe this movie theme is exactly where it is at for humanity right now. Choices made, albeit unconsciously, are now manifesting more fully in this plane. People have been forced to choose between the Light and Dark.
Instead of through dreams as in the movie, in humanity’s case perhaps it is more a question of the potent mental/psychic/etheric manipulations and programming at work. This manifests for all with the eyes to see it in a variety of ways. Including a schism-ing into mental disorders and confusion and in others a hardening of and closing off of the heart. No wonder there are so many heart conditions presenting; many in younger people.
Some of these 'symptoms' have been particularly evident to me with those who were or still are polarized in ‘positivity’ to what I call the ‘fluff bunny brigade’ mentality, prevalent in the New Age.

Lisa Renee refers to these manipulations as the ‘black heart’ (see her latest newsletter at www.energeticsynthesis.com under Resources and then the December Newsletter for more) and is all-pervading now as it takes down all those that have signed up for that experience.

To relieve our own traumas and those of the many species we share the planet with still means we have to wait for that button to be pressed by our Creator for everyone to get to their next destination of choice.

If it’s true to say that an increasing number of people are making such choices as above and heading off into the sorting hats of their own creations, then its also true to say those working for the betterment of all have also been affected in other ways, too.

During the past couple of months I’ve observed more awakened folk who need to share their stories, feelings and reveal more of who they are, becoming more comfortable and even feeling driven to do just that. Including me.
And I’ve experienced there’s been a collective resonance making itself felt, echoing similar sentiments and experiences. Some have voiced similar fears (about feeling like we’ve maybe not made the requisite spiritual ‘grade’), others have voiced spiritual guilt (feeling remorseful about not doing ‘enough’ to help and serve to date), while others feel some regret (about projects that could have assisted others not coming to pass. Then being asked by Celestials to re-choose Missions and how to expend energy). Again, you can include all the above sentiments to me, too.

Most encouraging in South Africa is that an increased open-mindedness seems to be making itself more keenly felt. During the recent past, radio producers have introduced topics on local talk radio which have included: ‘Have you seen or had encounters with UFO’s or aliens?’ While another has been: ‘What would you like to do, see or be if you knew you only had X amount of time left on earth?’ This, in addition to discussion on the ‘Rapture’ the ‘2012 Doom Year’ and more. As if Creator Source/CM is now talking more directly through peoples’ Higher Selves, preparing them en masse for what is to come. Or a case of more of those in South Africa actually allowing themselves to listen, express and discuss more easily.

In Light of the highest service
In service to the highest Light