I AM Present

I AM Present

Saturday, November 12, 2016


I'm sharing this first in case any of you are being similarly interfered with, so you know more about the varied ways and means the darkies like to operate. And also, more importantly, so you don't write off your own experiences as something else. If indeed you are being put through similar by those who are invested in keeping humanity enslaved and your life messed with.

The amount of and varied and creative types of interference I've endured over the past four months has been beyond belief.
It wasn't enough to put my landline and cell under surveillance (several times their idiotic SA agents have been asleep and given themselves away), but then static interference was introduced, designed to increase in volume once conversation began.
This made even short phone interviews impossible, forcing me to operate from elsewhere. But restricting my cyber movements, mail and interfering with cell and telecommunications has been just a portion of the experience.

Numerous interviews I did were mysteriously cut off and one - involving a large 'fronting' international organisation - obviously frightened them the most.
On that planned phone interview, both I and my subject were cut off on both landline and cell at least a dozen times, regardless of whether I called her or vice versa.
Then the organisation's PR person attempted to 'harass' me in a way I've never experienced in all my 20 years in this game. That one was particularly interesting as a sign of naked fear and obvious pressure from his bosses. Essentially, he couldn't pin me down on the story I was tackling and why and it clearly bugged the living crap out of him.

Then there were independent work opportunities lost. One company reported mails bounced back and nor could they get through to my landline or cell to talk. Nor could they leave messages. Nothing had previously been wrong with any of my phones or mail, for that matter.
Ditto on my side: my emails didn't reach them, several calls to them were either disconnected or just rang endlessly and in general, there were flat-out attempts to make me unreachable in every way. I've also often seen my mail disappear just before it opens up fully.
The same occurred with a couple of editors of various newspapers.

But likely the most blatant expression of interference was when not one, but four different publications' finance departments played the same game with me. Knowing all my paperwork for payment was in order, each one of these (seemingly-disconnected) publications had a different excuse for only paying me 50% of what was owed on the due date.

It all happened over the same few months and when tackled individually, a pattern started emerging.
Although when it happened with a different publication for the second time my suspicions were confirmed. But by the fourth time/publication and after acknowledging their finance department 'messed up', one woman turned the tables and attacked me out of guilt, I believe. I knew then that she knew what she was doing. She was aware. So I'm guessing they were all either blackmailed or bribed into doing what they did.

Then I decided to experiment. I went to unrelated internet cafes in various areas - sometimes with my flash, sometimes not.
Some sites in one cafe's machines were blocked completely from accessing. As soon as I put my flash in in another cafe to attach images to a mail for an editor, I was blocked from being able to do so. Even the cafe assistant thought it was 'weird'. Amongst many other things.
So that would let me and you know that we, as individuals, are tracked, whether we're using our own machines or not, as well as our technology such as flash drives. We already know much about cell phone surveillance and their accessing of our computers via hard drives and other means.
What I needed to add here is that of course they are no match for our Light defenders, when all is said and done.

So despite my difficulties, here's a huge shout out to those beloveds of the Lighted realms who help neutralise all sorts of the darkies' imposed-upon problems: WE THANK YOU, WE LOVE YOU AND BLESS YOU AS THE EMISSARIES OF GOD YOU ARE! It would be unimaginable without your help.

That's what I'm sharing with you for more conscious awareness of the games played. Which has nothing at all to do with the TATA communique below. But it's off my chest now and who knows which readers might gain some insight from the sharing of that.

On a lighter note, at least I'm keeping the darkies busy here. :-)


6 November 2016

It is I, your TATA, your Father Within – ever with you and within you...

Closer than the blood flowing through your veins and the very breath you take.

Your world is fast changing, thought evidence of such may not be visible – yet. That comes soon enough and when it does the people of earth will find themselves stunned. As if being physically clubbed repeatedly. And without much of an opportunity to digest the ‘blows’ as they continue to surface in quick succession.

It will be for you ones to guide those who are open to answers in their desperation. For these will be the ones you will be able to work with and those that will have a fighting chance to make different and better choices than those that have gone before them.

There may well be surprises from other groupings of people. But perhaps this will surface more at an individual level. For those who define themselves strictly as atheists and representatives of religious groups alike will have the greatest difficulty. Mostly due to their rigidity and inflexibility of the values (ie rules) of their chosen spiritual path to God. Or perceived Godlessness, as in the case of the atheists.

You may find surprisingly-fertile ground amongst those for whom religion has played little or no part in their lives.
For this ‘fertile ground’ in the form of mental and emotional fluidity will be what you seek. It will be this that acts as a bridge between worlds – yours and theirs.

You will use others’ fluidity to the best of your and their advantage and offer up ways and insights that these open ones may benefit themselves in alignment with their highest good.

Be wary of the great panic that will likewise accelerate simultaneously. There will be a split: those who choose fear and panic responses quite palpably and through numerous (self-destructive) responses and those who choose fluidity, leading to greater personal emancipation. All with your help, of course.

It is for you ones to delicately, sensitively but purposefully tread in the right directions as to those consciousnesses that can potentially yield the fruit of the spirit. This will be your job primarily, in these coming days.

It has been repeated numerously that your testing as God’s children will be under review during this period.
And yes, you will be expected to go out on a limb to get to the selfsame fruit. It will be a period of most intense service; a bit of a catching up, you may say.

Now, as always, you have questions I believe?

SK: Will starship and various fleet personnel be helping the people at a practical level during this period, with things like food and medical supplies?

TATA: Initially, there will be no help and people will appear to have been left to their own devices. However, this period of chaos will be carefully managed, even if it invisible to most for this short period.
Thereafter, assistance from your galactic brethren becomes evident and visible and will serve to convince many of the good intentions of your galactic brethren.

SK: I've chosen to leave out the couple of other answers to questions for now, as it feels right.