I AM Present

I AM Present

Saturday, May 30, 2020

Making Sense of Timeline Choices &Being An Invisible Influencer

We are living in fleshly form for the purpose of 'running around in Him', our Creator. And also to grow and learn by making our own choices,& having our experiences while He waits for us to grow ever closer to Him. Even though in truth we never really left His side, we still are here to play the game of illusion.

'Running around in Him' is quite an absurd thought to begin with, but one you acclimatise to. Especially as you grow increasingly - comfortable  with the fact we are all Him being each one of us individuated sparks/streams/thoughts . As He says in Heavenletters: 'You are not me. I am you'. In writer Kahlil Gibran's  poetic work, The Prophet, he clearly knows this & says: When you love you should not say,
“God is in my heart,” but rather, “I am
in the heart of God.”
So I guess we've all been suffering a clear cut case of identification confusion. As it is when our memory's wiped as reincarnated beings.

Yet, even while we take our next steps to eventually return full circle , as it were-& back to Ourselves on this seeming - arduous journey -we've really come from...nowhere. And we're equally going...nowhere!
It's all been a misperception,  a misinterpretation of what we think we're doing here...and supposed to be. When we are already it; we're just playing at forgetting our true & beautiful Selves in Him.

The thing is,  those here who come from elsewhere bestowed with higher inner knowledge, those of royal spiritual lineages and those who are part of the Christ Michael Aton family, amongst other Light workers &Starseeds, who agreed to be here as grid workers & ascension path cutters  at this time, have a special responsibility.

We are etheric/energetic trendsetters. By default, we are influences.  And our job as
Energetic bush whackers of sorts, means smoothing out & laying new foundations on
the path ahead for others yet to walk the same route.

Now that the energetic architecture has shifted even more in our favour - thanks to the  amazing assistance of the Emerald Order&other
 founder races - it all feels so much lighter& easier. I'm no ostrich though.So neither do I deny the desperation frenzy aka attempted lashing out by the dp's with what's left of their spiritual warfare weaponry.

Timeline Choices

It's taken me a long time to understand what is meant by timelines & how timeline choices actually work. We all come with contracts & agreements with others into this world.
I'm talking specifically here about those who are here with contracts to make the ascension, as well as those with other destination choices.

Making personal choices is how we learn & grow.When it comes to situations/people, like most ive often not discerned whats occurring WHEN its occurring. But sometimes I'm given info from my HS very clearly in advance just so i CAN consciously choose.

As in the movie, The  Butterly Effect, 
I recently received a very clear cut example of this from my HS. In a recent situation, I was  told whatever choice i made would still end the same way. This, after id been given 3 or 4 choices apropos HOW the scenario could play out. It was given to me in a (very) fast - forward mind movie type download.it was sooo fast that I missed  important detail.Which lead me to thinking that that was given that way  deliberately. Back to Square 1. Meaning then there was only the choiceless choice - for me this means asking for  & choosing what's in mine & all others best & highest good.
And so it was.

However, here's the rub: this choice I needed  to make was  but a consequence of another timeline I opened awhile ago...of which i was not consciously aware of doing at the time!
And so to me it feels like we just go on interminably in this fashion with our unknowing choices...until after the fact.

Contributing As An Invisible Influencer

The good that comes out of all this seeming circling of ourselves is we can change our attitude to ourselves...For the better. Grratitude to Self/Creator & all participants means we accept we chose all of a situation for our growth &we therefore are owning our lives more fully.
When we do that,  our lives are a more peaceful place to be (regardless of the perceived joy or suffering the experience brought us).

And when we do that & like with all thoughts & feelings about ourselves & thus all of life, we subtly broadcast this out to the world.
We are influencing global trends in consciousness like this all the time. So it matters greatly how we think & feel about ourselves,  how we react to EVERYTHING& where we put our conscious focus, mentally & emotionally.

Love to all

Dedicated to the One who gave me life

Bliss-Wish You Were Here