I AM Present

I AM Present

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Sa-Ra 6: Come Home To Yourselves

9 August 2013

Sa-Ra 6:

Come Home To Yourselves

via Shellee-Kim

[SK: This piece is also targeted at those ones who promised to be part of the action here on earth at this time but have not yet heeded the call.And those who allowed their personal power to be manipulated and diverted elsewhere, thus identifying with the consciousness of those who are in the New Age movement, amongst others.]

Yes, let's begin. Beloved people of earth: I, Sa-Ra, come to you today because of your dire need to awaken yourselves from the deep slumber of forgetfulness of who you are.

There can be no New Earth that succeeds without your full participation and agreement. It is imperative, therefore, that you rouse yourselves from the effects of mass hypnosis that has plagued your civilization for so long, and which has increased in strength and dose issued in these end times.

It is time to know who you are so that you might know who the other is. By this we mean as you realise yourselves as souls having a physical experience and the reasons you came to earth, so will you see also and know the great effects of those who blinded you from the truth of Yourselves. Your warrior spirit must rise up if you are to show others the way Home to their Hearts.

Why do I speak of this on this day? Because you are at a crossroads and a choice needs to be made. You are being relied upon by many who stand by ready to support you (SK: those from the invisible realms). No matter that it might not be comfortable or convenient to do so now, this is presenting as a final opportunity for those who chose this as part of their life plan.

You who have been overwhelmed by deception and lulled into a false sense of security can no longer afford to fool yourselves. There are great things waiting for you should you choose the path of your own Inner Truth and your alignment to the God within. There is nothing in any philosophy or therapy or coming from any person outside of yourselves that can truly be your guiding Light.

For you ones it is all about facing yourselves head-on now, as some like to say. Therein will you find the answers you seek. Therein will you real-ise that those to whom you have given your power should not be in possession of this (even those you term spiritual guides and teachers of ‘channelled’ materials). This power is your very own sacred centre. And the very wisdom you planned to use in your service to others in these times. Far too many of you have unwittingly given over of yourselves, believing others know more than you, better than you…
And how you came to be here now, in this position.

Beloveds, you have so very much to offer between you all. And both your Mother Earth and your fellow Light warriors could well benefit from the help you could offer to your mass population as things begin to unfold more dramatically on your world now.

It is merely a question of altering your perspective about yourselves… ever so slightly…to desire this so that the blinkers might fall away. Once you are able to see your existence and recognise what has driven you have been the energies of others, rather than your Self, you will begin to become conscious of other dependencies. These are all effects in your living of ones NOT in the driver’s seat of your own life and decision-making power.

Even If you think you are one that is fully awakened and to whom this message does NOT apply, we ask that you seriously consider these words, anyway. That you digest them, sentence for sentence and take it within your heart to see whether you truly are the ones running your own life.

Beloveds, it is our job to offer aid when it is called upon. Please use that which we can bring forth - even to help you perceive yourselves and your worlds differently. Make a single small choice in this direction and a series of stepping stones will be brought forward to aid and encourage you further. And with each step shall you ‘see’ with a renewed clarity of vision. And be reconnected to that which you originally chose for this lifetime.

So be it.

I am your beloved Sa-Ra coming to you with great love in my heart for you all.

We are on standby, awaiting your call.

Until the next

I bid you farewell.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Complacency by Monjoronson


by Monjoronson



1 August 2013

M: And, shall we begin?


M:Too many of you ones have become complacent in your acknowledgement of these times and what they mean. You are – each and every one of you – in the thick of your very own tests. Tests that your own Higher Selves require your passage through for the purpose of your graduation and knowing your next placement.

Do not think for a second that it is over yet. Not in your time, at any rate. Treat your entry into every day as those you watch on your television who are involved in endurance sport. Every endured day extra, therefore, until the finish line in your time, is another opportunity to go that extra mile, as it were, within yourselves.

What do I mean by this? Lest I should be thought of as cryptic again… * a playful mocking smile*

SK: *Huge laugh* (in remembrance of my comment from my last piece with him)

Beloved people of earth: you have had so much extra time to get things right within you, that by now you should be quite the masters of your Selves. However, we see that you ones, our warriors, have become somewhat complacent. We watch as you wait for THE END…the GRAND FINALE. THE sign that will mark the end for you.
And while you wait you are not fully engaged in the process of creation and the creation of your immediate futures.

You are distracted with worldly survival and with the need to arrange your lives in such a way as to feel prepared for what you perceive the upcoming events may look like. And we do encourage this preparation.

However, not at the exclusion of the continued cultivation and preparedness of your inner gardens. For it is this that will yield the greatest and healthiest crops, come the right time. Thus I would like to redirect your energies and efforts back to the weeding within.

SK: * For a generally pretty serious celestial, I’m not sure why but Monjo’s kind of funny tonight, like I’ve never known him to before. He just made me laugh again-something more personal. I’m not even sure it was intentional though*

This is vital work to your clear and clean creations of the future. And needs to be emphasized. You all have it within you as to exactly what it is each of you need to do to complete your cycle in preparedness to ensure that you are sufficiently confident in who you are and all you are to bring forth as servants of the One.

Every extra moment given to you therefore, is extra time now. Call it the grace of God that is being gifted to you and do use every moment and opportunity expediently.
For these moments will not come again.

Treat each day as if it is your last in this cycle. And ask yourself what is still left undone in your lives; what is it that yet needs addressing. Whether with others or within yourselves. It matters not. The objective being to be in completion by the time the warning signals have been issued.

At that point it is all about stepping into service of and for the other; for those many around you. So, again, now still remains the time for YOU.
Use it most wisely that there is even more of you to bring forth to others.

We must have those who stand tall working alongside us. Each of you chose to be leaders and we need you to act like them.

That will be all for tonight.

Anticipating glorious tomorrows together.


Monday, August 5, 2013

Eco-couple told to pull down their 'hobbit home' made entirely out of natural materials . . . but without planning permission

On Friday night I was told by three of my invisible friends, including our beloved VIP, CM, that the inner supporting structure of the Dark cabal had collapsed. I understood that some important figures upholding that and who were responsible for keeping their Dark activities going had done a duck! And then was given a visual of a hand and fingers running slowly across a house of cards (theirs!) now collapsing...

Could it just be...?
If so, glory, glory be... :-)

The remaining Darkie cabal's desperation to resist as the Light legion advances even while one failure after the next stares them in the eye(tho we'll never read of it in their controlled global media), now see them thrashing about with last-ditch, sad efforts to terrorise as many as possible. And that includes any and everyone that attempts to stand up to their 'laws', those who live off-the-grid and those employing various means of self-sufficiency in their respective lifestyles.
At least, this has been the slow-creeping situation in the police state conditions of the United States.
Although the rest of Europe seems to be left alone in the main, as are we here in Africa, it looks like the government patsies in the United Kingdom are under some pressure to catch up to the US's great example in this heartbreaking story below.

An excellent example to NOT let experiences such as these leave a bad taste in our mouths, especially if we are doing similarly in our lives. Rather, let the experience of the Williams' below fuel us on higher and further in making stands in any and every way we know how against the cabal in their final days. And preferably in large numbers!

In magic, madness and mystery


Treebeard: The couple have used a whole tree as a supporting structure for their home, fondly nicknamed the 'hobbit house' by locals

Eco-couple told to pull down their 'hobbit home' made entirely out of natural materials . . . but without planning permission

Family of three is made homeless by planning inspector's decision
They built their home from scratch, but have been ordered to tear it down
The couple admit they built it without first getting planning permission
Their labour of love was branded 'harmful' to the countryside

By Stuart Woledge

2 August 2013

Homeless: Charlie Hague and Megan Williams, with their only child Eli, have been left homeless by Pembrokeshire County Council's demolition order

A young couple have been left heartbroken after planners ordered their unique 'hobbit home' to be bulldozed, effectively leaving them homeless.

Charlie Hague and Megan Williams, both 25, built the roundhouse from scratch with their own hands, using only natural materials.

But the couple lost their appeal today against a planning enforcement notice telling them to tear their pride and joy home down.

Charlie and Megan, who have a one-year-old son Eli, built the house on private land in Glandwr, North Pembrokeshire, last summer.

Locals nicknamed it the hobbit home, although most people did not even know it was there because it is so secluded.

But Pembrokeshire County Council ordered the couple to demolish their home because it was built without planning permission.

Charlie and Megan, who live a self-sufficient lifestyle, fought the decision claiming it had a low impact on the environment because of its unique construction.

Charlie, a sculptor and woodworker, said: 'We built this house to provide our son with a healthy environment to grow up in.

'We were born in the area, went to school here, and have lived here all our lives. We wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.'

The pair acknowledged their property was built without prior consent but said there was no other way for them to afford their own home.

Megan said: 'I know it’s not a possibility for everyone, and our situation here is unique, but if young people are to live and work in the area they need somewhere to live.'

The couple’s appeal was dismissed by planning inspector Iwan Lloyd, who ruled the development harmed the character and appearance of the countryside.

The inspector upheld the council’s enforcement notice, which requires the roundhouse and all associated work, including the timber decking, be demolished.
Middle Earth: Charlie Hague and Megan Williams' home has been compared to a hobbit's. But the couple have been ordered to tear their idyllic dwelling down by a killjoy council.

Middle Earth: Charlie Hague and Megan Williams' home has been compared to a hobbit's. The couple have been ordered to tear their idyllic dwelling down

The order gives the couple two months to return the land to its previous condition.

Mr Lloyd’s report stated: 'The character and appearance of the countryside should be protected for its intrinsic sake.

'The benefits of a low-impact development do not outweigh the harm to the character and appearance of the countryside.'

Friends said the couple were half expecting their appeal to be turned down but were still 'devastated' by the decision.

Unique: The couple's front room, complete. They started building their house using only naturally resourced materials last year

Killjoy council: The couple have been unable to convince the authorities to let them keep their unique home

One friend said: 'They are heartbroken - the roundhouse is a thing of great beauty which they put their hearts and souls into.

'They are a young couple who should be applauded for solving their own housing issues by creating a sustainable home out of local materials.

'Instead they are now facing the prospect of watching it being razed to the ground.'

The couple have one last chance - they have applied for retrospective planning permission but their friends said they feared it was a lost cause.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2382684/Charlie-Hague-Megan-Williams-told-pull-hobbit-home-entirely-natural-materials.html#ixzz2b5PTbH4M
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