I AM Present

I AM Present

Sunday, June 10, 2018


8 June 2018

There's been some big energetic cleansing/upgrading/aligning that has happened again during the past two weeks or so. Since then it feels Light. It feels good. And it feels more real and more whole within than ever before!
No, I’m not in denial of the darkness around this planet and in the human psyche. Not at all. It’s just that I feel the antidote quite keenly – especially on my ‘good’ days. If the love and joy were a 24/7 experience, we would all already be residing in Heaven. If not Paradise.

Talking paradise, I’ve also noticed a weird weather/bird kingdom phenomenon during the past few weeks that feels very higher dimensional to me. Unusual birds and their song which I don’t typically see here are visiting my garden. They’re also performing strange and beautiful antics around me when I’m outside.

I’m no ornithologist, but can say their song/identity is more typical of the east coast tropical forests and woodland regions of this country. Rather than the dry, Meditteranean-type climate of this south-western corner of the African continent that I live in.

Stranger is that all this bird song and dance is happening in our autumn-winter period. This may/may not be related to the current opening of gateways or higher dimensional bleedthroughs (I’ll clarify here when it’s clearer to me).

Whatever that is, there’s also been quite a bit of collective and individual balancing and integrating with these waves or/and gateways on human consciousness. I can feel the effects of these in my sometimes lengthy 9 – 11 hour sleeps per night.

One of the noticeable positive results this has had is I'm no longer feeling much urge anymore to identify so greatly with my national identity alone or be for/against the politics of race, gender et al. These urges we have are more often sourced in some type of parasitic programming for the purpose of manipulating and controlling humanity.

In my (sometimes overly) identifying with issues of social injustice, it was the victim/predator programming being impulsed and fed within, for example. That was what I was investing into when ‘standing up for the underdog’, speaking out about or commenting on issues of the day. Now the darkie parasites have inadvertently done me an added favour this year by banning all editors/publications they finance from using my work.
And I see more clearly that whichever issue or group I identified with was fuelled by the same source. At the top of the food chain is the programme designed to maintain separation consciousness– through seeming opposite ‘sides’.

You’ll usually find this with most of the issues/causes/politics you feel strongly pulled towards or identify with. Another reason to remain in the neutrality of peace. Or the peace of neutrality.

Basically, when you feed into the victim/predator or any other programming [arche]type –there’s quite a list of them - it’s always the propaganda of separation being served, in one way or another. And from the perspective of being on the journey towards living God’s will, the result of this most often is you move away from unity even more, being the opposite of separation.
Unless you are one of those blessed folk already in permanent Oneness with God. In which case, you’re in the best and most effective position for uplifting everyone you meet.

Living in love and unity permanently is living in your Oneness with God. But investing emotionally into causes when you’re not already in permanent Oneness means more often giving your personal power and sovereignty away to something other than God, thereby rejecting Him in the process.

Having said that, there is a definite place for ‘causes’ and those who agitate for change for the betterment of humanity, in whichever ways these brave souls do it. There always has been and I honour those who choose this. But for who I AM and perhaps for who you are, we need to maintain our peace-filled centre as priority. Then we can be more for others.

Loving the self, which cannot be contrived, accelerates this process; it opens the door to God. It’s why I spoke in my previous blog about being in love with mySelf (my God forces). It’s my highest priority. Joy too is a powerful and closely-connected state to living God. Sometimes I find I can induce the latter with some effort. It involves a lot of singing, dancing and laughing *smiles*.Then the day becomes glorious! For this I make a conscious choice to up my vibrations. I jump start my joy, if you like. I give it some charge, but it’s not contrived once I’m there.

What gets in the way of me or all of us successfully doing this on a daily basis? Sometimes we have crappy days. Jump starting joy may be furthest from our thinking, feeling and desires then. But that’s still a choice.

The thing I’ve discovered is, is that no matter how unloved or unloving you feel, unjoyful or a downright misery you feel, unless you want to stay there, your state can be changed to a higher vibrational one. Between asking your higher Lighted helpers to assist and performing an action to show you’re serious about helping yourself, you’re as good as raised up already.

Back to feeling in order to become the Love you already are. This also means letting go of feelings of undeservedness and feelings of unworthiness. That’s way more key to the puzzle than I realised before. It’s essential to staying in the God flow; like the separation and unity described above.

Undeservedness and unworthiness are the opposite of celebrating your Godself. Ask me. I’ve been a high priestess of harbouring these feelings, without even know they’re there or doing their destructive works at the deeper, unconscious levels of the mental and emotional bodies.

I’ve done a lot of experiments on myself so far. These are two of the most important things I’ve learned. When you frequently and consistently focus on calling God/HS/your God forces in during your active day to give the moment to Him, it is way easier than you/me handling it. Regardless of whether you're asking for a situation to be resolved, your response to someone or whatever else. Simply say: 'Please take over, God forces. Possess my vision, words, feelings, ears...' . Now you are asking God/HS to lead.

Ditto if you can’t or don’t know how to be living or expressing the Love you are. There’s a golden sea that lives around us, in the air, our breath, everywhere else and inside us. Some may like to see it as white light. Feel this sea holding, nourishing, nurturing and protecting you outside as you move around. Now also feel it inside you. Can you feel the love starting to move within you? Feel it’s deliciousness starting to consume your entire Self. Are you feeling it? Practise this. A lot. Chances are you will feel way more connected to your heart, HS/God, everyone, everything and the universe.


Back to un-reality. Before I sign off, there’s two important things I wanted to bring to your attention as a warning. Maybe you’ve experienced these already or maybe not:

As soon as there’s a consciousness or DNA upgrade for humanity – which some of you are aware of by now - the dp’s usually try to counter this in numerous ways through their tech. During the past week I’ve also been aware of some kind of negative etheric/AI-controlled activity emanating from my computer keyboard. It may work alongside smartdust/nanotech (though I may have it wrong). Whatever it is, it is yet another attack used to infiltrate, destabilise and manipulate human consciousness via computer electronics/hard drives (?) in order to access the consciousness of humans.

The other thing to alert you to which I’ve only just noticed is the desperado dp’s have taken to acting as imposters of persons with Facebook accounts long closed. Maybe I’m late to this party. I closed my FB account many, many years ago. Though technically FB prevents you from deleting your account! The imposter posing as me on FB is likely male, a shadow government agent and likes golf (posts a non SA golf course as my home page image. I don’t even like golf, so this speaks volumes about its research skills!) It imposes pics there claiming to be mine, posts inaccurate facts about me and my work, adds/subtracts likes and followers as it wills and makes unintelligible comments about writing.

This is what the hamateur’s been up to:



Going through a definite funk phase again. Here’s Natalie Cole’s This Will Be