I AM Present

I AM Present

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Heavenletter #4970 Lily-like Sensitivity

Feeling misunderstood by the world has nothing to do with the world.
It has everything to do with you...and only YOU!
Your reaction to it and because of it creates all of IT.

Feeling over-sensitive in reaction to others' behaviours and comments (especially if these feelings have increased lately) tells you that something/s are sitting unresolved in your pain body. Usually these are old hurts and traumas that over time produced other symptoms layered over these. Thus was hyper sensitivity born.

While you don't want to become hard-hearted, uncaring and unfeeling at the other extreme, hyper-sensitivity and feeling hurt by others is often a call by your soul to find the original cause that triggered such.

It is truly a mark of great growth within to therefore work towards feeling unaffected or neutral and living Christ Michael Aton's adage from the Phoenix Journals:
'What others think of me is not my business; what I think of myself is'(paraphrased).

Left unattended, as mentioned below, being overly sensitive can turn into bitterness towards the world due to not 'understanding' you. Bitterness shuts down the heart, shuts out the world, can lead to heart disease and thus can exclude ascension as an option on your path.

Prepare ye well for the time is at hand!

Love To All


Heavenletter #4970 Lily-like Sensitivity , July 4, 2014

God said:

You may consider that lily-like sensitivity and subsequent hurt feelings are virtues, yet it is not smart to call excessive emotional involvement in hurt feelings high on the scale of virtues. First of all, there is more going on in the world that needs your attention than your hurt feelings. Do you imagine you bless the world with your tears? It’s good you have such a vent, yet it is not good that you overwork that vent and make it a frequent gusher.

Sensitivity has its place, yes. However, if your sensitive feelings, even for the sake of others, lay you low, then certainly it is not a virtue but rather a weakness. You may well be flying under false colors to call excessive sensitivity a strength.

Look at it this way, beloveds: If you were physically excessively frail, overly delicate, pale, would you consider such frailty a virtue? It may bring attention to you, yet it may be attention that keeps you wiping your tears and doting on your frailty.

Nor am I suggesting that you be cold-hearted. Heavens, no. Cold-hearted insensitivity and hard-heartedness are far from the way to go.

Of course, you are understandably thinking, how do you possibly lower your sensitivity ratio? How do you stop this track you are on?

One way might be to draw yourself up sharp and understand that frequent hurt feelings can be like soaking in a hot bath too long or too often and may well be self-indulgent. A bath has its place, yet your soaking in it again and again is not likely its place.

Overwrought sensitivity may lead to bitterness. I know you don’t want to become a bitter person. Hurt feelings may well be tantamount to your gaining a vision of the world as cruel and uncaring. You started out as a caring person who now may feel too sensitive for this world, and your very sensitivity may lead to resentment toward this perceived uncaring world that does not honor and respect and treat you and your sensitivity well. It is not a giant leap from repeatedly hurt feelings to bitterness.

In any case, feeling wounded a lot isn’t a contest you want to win.

What is the name given to a state you can reach where you do not take your hurt feelings so seriously? When someone else has an oversight or intention and vents his insensitivity, and it lands on you, and you shrug your shoulders and don’t take it to heart -- what is the word for this? What is the name of this quality when you don’t take something personally even when it was expressly personal for you? What is the name of this big-visioned quality? What is the name of this strength? What is the name of this strength that allows you to shrug your shoulders and not take something to heart, not to feel bad nor have any thought of resentment?

I believe it is called love. Love is strong. Loving yourself enough will allow you to not take your sensitivity to heart. For a moment, you will observe the poor manners or whatever it is, and you don’t let yourself get sidetracked. You decline to take it on. Redressing others’ errors simply isn’t a bus you take any longer. You go on your way, not oblivious, but simply not taking on someone else’s difficulty and making it yours.

This is one secret to youth, beloveds. This secret is equivalent to eating more than an apple a day and beats all the beauty treatments you can imagine. You are the designator of your day and the roads you take and not anyone else. You are the driver of your life.

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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Turning Point Towards Source

Hi One and All!

We are at a serious turning point right now. Something major is to occur, that will perhaps trigger a series of events. It all depends on HOW the first card falls...

This is what Mother Mary said earlier today to me:
'It's all about to come apart at the seams, beloved. It’s all about to seriously unravel...'

I hate cryptic as much as the next person. Unless we’re talking about those folks who love and thrive on poetry and subtle forms of communication and expression. I’ve never done well with that myself, being a rather more direct type.

As much as I too love and appreciate poetry, though, if it were a choice between that and Truth, Truth would win the day every time for me. But perhaps this little comment is less cryptic than we think. In any event, I feel this comment by MM is confirming the one by Monjo below - that manifestation by way of visible events are ready to be served up to us and the broader population.

Consider it in the Light of all the messages that have recently been brought forth by the Abundant Hope messengers (click on the link to AH on the top right of this page). I mention them specifically as they are ‘clean’ messengers; uncompromised by service-to-self forces that would manipulate humanity for their own twisted purposes. You’ll need to be a bit of a detective in piecing the bits of info together for your own critical assessment, but the recent ones from both Monjoronson (especially Leonette's), Seraphin by Rosie and the Father's through Sylvia are highly recommended for contemplating right now.

Monjoronson stated thru Leonette:

"All pieces are in place to deliver the various possibilities of what can be considered a ‘show down’.

To your frames of reference, what I say may seem impossible or not near ready. However behind the scenes, much has been dissolved and what is to be revealed is ready for manifestation in the ‘exterior world’."

Now those three sentences are like music to my ears or food to a starving body. For so long has my appetite been whetted. And I know I'm one of many in a crowd that feels that way.
So yes, it looks like that silent, invisible and one-sided war is about to become very visible. And one where BOTH sides will be equally active. The world is about to finally become conscious of the millennia-long hidden agenda of the Khazarian Zionists.

Sometimes this war on consciousness has been overt and noisy, sometimes silent, but always has it been secretively directed at 'Enemy No 1'. Enemy No 1? The mass population that make up humanity on earth.
As we all finally get to SEE and KNOW what it is that has been hidden from us for so long, and why, will we become armed with a new set of Truths. New Truths that all can potentially choose a better path for their future experiences.

Much of what we have chosen so far in our living has been done so in great limitation. Source wishes us to have the true power of free will before this cycle on earth closes. But in order to choose, first we must have all the facts laid out before us. I feel this gift Source extends to us at this time is the same as offering us each a golden key to a room filled with treasures.

Which reminds me of an encounter I had with Source recently. The chat was around what it takes for humans to DESIRE those inner (spiritual) treasures I was pondering over.
He showed me a room. It was a huge high roofed cavern of the kind that featured in the Indiana Jones movies and many other similar ones. And like the movie, it was filled with treasures, trinkets, antiques, coins and all sorts of other priceless items. Priceless, that is, by our world’s standards. Everything glittered alluringly in that cavern.

Then Source guided me to another room opposite or next to the first. It was almost identical. Except for the fact that it was empty. And on first sight just appeared to be cold and barren. But then I was given to understand that the true, real treasures in this room were hidden from view, lying deeply in its invisible depths. This was the cavern not of transient, glittering and comforting delights but of permanence. The seemingly empty room was the one filled with all the gifts of the Spirit, filled with the qualities of Source, filled with the Oneness shared with him and thus all humanity.

And this was also the cavern that you couldn’t just take from, but had to work to reap the benefits of those ‘jewels’ of the Spirit. You had to put in consistent effort which would come if there was a DESIRE.

Source asked which room I would choose...???? Duh...was that a trick question, I wondered. Definitely the one that appeared to be empty, would be my choice; has been my choice.

Wealth, as an investment into one’s eternal life and self is an unmatchable and unbeatable opportunity. But that’s just what I think. I guess some of these upcoming events are going to see a fair few of the committed jewelled cavern types becoming just a tiny bit curious about that empty cavern.