I AM Present

I AM Present

Tuesday, December 20, 2011


By Shellee-Kim/Zsohara

I had the privilege of seeing, for the first time ever, an emerald green moth. It was stationed on the wall just above my shower, while I showered some days ago. And it stayed for a while.

I tend to resonate with Karen Danrich’s (ascendpress.org) take on who and what the animal/insect world are and bring to us as gifts of service and love. This is quite a different interpretation of other traditions, but Karen Danrich is in constant telepathic communication with all of nature’s kingdoms.
And,if I remember correctly, moths come with the gift of magic! As in: weaving magic in your life. I’ve previously associated them with spider’s gift of helping to weave new dreams into manifestation. And green…the colour of the heart.

I interpret this in the context of where we’re going and what we could be experiencing in the immediate future; then I’d have to say my sense is this is the message of ‘magic’ to come. Which will initially seem that way to us, until we become familiar with higher-dimensional ‘magical and miraculous’ technology and abilities. And how we can work with them. We’re so close, I can practically smell this new world of wonders…

It has always broken my heart over and over again that we, the human species, are the ones the animal kingdoms look to and are guided by for their own evolution and progress. We, the great conscious species on this planet that has fallen into such deep unconsciousness of ourselves that we have little ability and almost no will to guide ourselves out of our now-tragic (d?)evolution.

The sick state we are collectively in means we’ve mostly ‘gifted’ these beautiful beings here to learn, grow and serve us with one or another form of abuse instead: hunting, torturing, captivity, animal laboratory testing and other equally-disturbed and direct forms of abuse.

Personally, the worst story I ever remember trying to write was an expose on the births, lives and deaths of ‘farm units’ - the animals reared in cruelty and captivity for the ultimate consumption by humanity.

Doing that was way worse than an assignment involving interviewing the overwrought parents of a young, murdered girl at the hands of a serial rapist and murderer. In fact, I remember starting the animal piece about five times and bursting into hysterical tears each time, forcing me to put all my research away again.

It was the DVD’s of the de-beaking of chicks, seeing newborn animals trying to suckle their separated mother through the bars of a cage, witnessing complete insensitivity to the pain inflicted on cows prior to slaughtering them and other horrendous acts of cruelty that kept flashing through my mind. Eventually, and it took me ages, I somehow found the courage within to remove myself emotionally –just enough that I could write and edit the piece.

As I see it, this is all due to the fact that we are so far off course and out of love with ourselves (in many cases around me it seems to be more like a state of self-hatred), that we cannot see or feel any of what we do to ourselves, much less each other and the wonderful animal species that have joined us in the experience of life on this planet. If we had let them, we could have gained so much from their offerings. No wonder species are offing themselves en mass and more than ever during the past few years.

My tribute to animals does not include my pet hates: the parasitic creatures including fleas and mosquitoes.I’m not nearly evolved enough to rank them and other manifested forms that survive on the blood/life force of others. I see them as part of the STS (service to self) chain of entities made manifest; those who’s entire survival depends on vampirically-feeding off the life force of others – etherically, physically, psychically or emotionally. Lots of human fall into this category, too-particularly on the emotional and psychic fronts. Make no mistake. And that’s up to each one of us to discern and deal with/not in our own lives.

Perpetrating such acts of abuse on other sentient beings in our new society will just not be tolerated. That form of self-hatred by humans projected out onto the vulnerable (whatever the species) will be recognized for what it is, uprooted and weeded out. There will be no room for such depravity. Especially as we will be learning how to recognise the abuser within and why we have allowed ourselves to descend into this state in the first place.

But back from the future to where we still are and what still remains.
Eastern markets such as China and Vietnam believes powdered rhino horns can cure cancer, despite evidence to the contrary.
And in South Africa, which houses 80% of Africa’s rhino population, 443 rhino have been mercilessly slaughtered by poachers in this past year alone. Up by 100 from last year when 333 rhino were killed.

Although game animals were well-protected until a few years ago, corruption in South Africa has become the order of the day. And whoever you may be, doing whatever it is you’re supposedly charged to do, the prevalent average bureaucrat’s mentality here is (and others way higher up the political food chain): if there’s a nice bit of extra buckaroos to be made on the side, why not?

Despite the fact that some of these very people on the receiving end of potential financial gain may have once been fired up with passion enough for animals or the environment to want to obtain a degree, diploma or train as a game ranger, environmentalist or even a veterinary surgeon.

It is widely speculated that the very organization – the government’s National Parks Board - who are charged with ‘protecting’ fauna and flora in South Africa, are themselves involved. How could they not be, is my question. Perhaps they’re enjoying a nice monetary cut while turning a blind eye on the frequent animal poachings on national and private reserves around the country? Or being paid off not to prosecute? South Africa's pitifully-low prosecution rate seems to be pretty serious proof of that. Although NPB argue a range of reasons as to why they're suddenly struggling to perform at the basic levels, enabling protection for the animals that they managed for decades in the routine delivery of such services.

And then there’s the individual cases brought to light recently in the torture-for-entertainment of kittens and puppies in South Africa’s urban, poverty-stricken communities…by children themselves! Who are clearly already demonstrating the brutality and abuse that is role-modelled to them. Or the horses that are taken in by the Cart Horse Association and have to be put down due to what they’ve endured at the most-deliberate hands of supposed human beings. I’m already tearing up as I write this, so I won’t go on.

But…there is some good news in the face of all this depravity. Lord Siraya (in a channeled message through Candace Frieze on www.abundanthope.org) recently said one of the successes of this planet’s experimenting, now that we’re wrapping up another cycle after a few 100 000 years, is due to those humans who have honoured other species enough to have given them a ‘leg up’ the evolutionary ladder, so to speak. And that, as a result of the love and honouring they’ve received, these animals are now able to move on to the next stages in their own evolution, which can include taking on a human form. Apparently, this is one of the area's of great achievements.

I see what’s currently still happening - the plunge into the ever-widening abyss of moral decay, personal integrity and ethics as the loss of impulses from Spirit in general. The deeper motivation being that this energetic choice of alignment with Dark programming, memes, entities/collectives was set in motion a long time ago. It is just now that it is more fully activated within those who have (knowingly or not) finally been forced to choose it. Fence-sitting time is most definitely over. And these are some of those choices in major action now.
A few months ago I kept hearing: ‘What runs through peoples’ brains, will start to run through their veins’, in a most destructive sense. But I believe that referred to the previous plan of allowing people to consciously choose through the galactic/ground crew joint effort of an education period for humanity. Which is to be no more, since plans have changed. I’m only now seeing how awful that could have been, as in some kind of global revolution. With the controllers using the opportunity to the hilt to senselessly drive as many people as possible to destruction, fear and to turning on each other. So perhaps gratitude that that plan didn’t come to pass is in order.

Just a few degrees more subtly, though, people are already turning on each other. During these past four or six weeks, my mind has repeatedly been drawn into the theme of the Stephen King movie, The Stand. And I keep hearing the words from it (paraphrasing): ‘It’s time, it’s time to make that stand’.
In it, a bird virus (sound familiar?) kills most of humanity in a very short time frame. The immune minority then become the battleground for good or evil. But it’s not really a battleground because what each remaining person chooses is based on being drawn to the good or evil side in the dreams they are having. This is what impulses them to seek out their own through the ‘good’ woman leader or the ‘evil’ man leader ultimately. And what they feel driven to seek out in their waking hours.

Ironically, a thread today on godlikeproductions.com also made reference to The Stand- but from the perspective of the killer bird virus.

I believe this movie theme is exactly where it is at for humanity right now. Choices made, albeit unconsciously, are now manifesting more fully in this plane. People have been forced to choose between the Light and Dark.
Instead of through dreams as in the movie, in humanity’s case perhaps it is more a question of the potent mental/psychic/etheric manipulations and programming at work. This manifests for all with the eyes to see it in a variety of ways. Including a schism-ing into mental disorders and confusion and in others a hardening of and closing off of the heart. No wonder there are so many heart conditions presenting; many in younger people.
Some of these 'symptoms' have been particularly evident to me with those who were or still are polarized in ‘positivity’ to what I call the ‘fluff bunny brigade’ mentality, prevalent in the New Age.

Lisa Renee refers to these manipulations as the ‘black heart’ (see her latest newsletter at www.energeticsynthesis.com under Resources and then the December Newsletter for more) and is all-pervading now as it takes down all those that have signed up for that experience.

To relieve our own traumas and those of the many species we share the planet with still means we have to wait for that button to be pressed by our Creator for everyone to get to their next destination of choice.

If it’s true to say that an increasing number of people are making such choices as above and heading off into the sorting hats of their own creations, then its also true to say those working for the betterment of all have also been affected in other ways, too.

During the past couple of months I’ve observed more awakened folk who need to share their stories, feelings and reveal more of who they are, becoming more comfortable and even feeling driven to do just that. Including me.
And I’ve experienced there’s been a collective resonance making itself felt, echoing similar sentiments and experiences. Some have voiced similar fears (about feeling like we’ve maybe not made the requisite spiritual ‘grade’), others have voiced spiritual guilt (feeling remorseful about not doing ‘enough’ to help and serve to date), while others feel some regret (about projects that could have assisted others not coming to pass. Then being asked by Celestials to re-choose Missions and how to expend energy). Again, you can include all the above sentiments to me, too.

Most encouraging in South Africa is that an increased open-mindedness seems to be making itself more keenly felt. During the recent past, radio producers have introduced topics on local talk radio which have included: ‘Have you seen or had encounters with UFO’s or aliens?’ While another has been: ‘What would you like to do, see or be if you knew you only had X amount of time left on earth?’ This, in addition to discussion on the ‘Rapture’ the ‘2012 Doom Year’ and more. As if Creator Source/CM is now talking more directly through peoples’ Higher Selves, preparing them en masse for what is to come. Or a case of more of those in South Africa actually allowing themselves to listen, express and discuss more easily.

In Light of the highest service
In service to the highest Light

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Joy Injections & 'Outing' CM

3 December 2011


For someone who’s worked towards living in the moment pretty reasonably, the experience I had two months ago really threw me on this count. Or rather the after effects have. So what was it?
I can only describe it as a joy injection of the highest order I’ve yet experienced in this incarnation. Those who’ve heard me referencing this earth-shattering experience in my life in another blog, please indulge me a little further here.

Every single day for around two months, I woke up exhilarated and in a state of crazed joy. No exaggeration. Promise.
Gone were the heavies of bad ascension days and all that goes with that. Everything felt like it was fun, play, a game…every single day. Accompanied by a drive to create and share anything, everything, to uplift others with this energy, too. It was as if I’d finally been given/given myself the key to journeying on this plane in the most fulfilling way imaginable. Every morning, I’d wake, wait to see whether the inner joy serum was still activated and then proceed to sing, dance and prance around like some mega-stoned Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz!
Friends and family (not only the ‘sensitives’) noticed and commented liberally – they said they’d never seen me both so happy, peaceful and excited simultaneously. Having a good effect on others also definitely helped me to feel I was being of service in a more meaningful way, too.

But alas, the intensity of that phase did come to an end. Literally at the end of the second month. And I woke that day fully back into one of those very bad ascension days once more. Although I do still experience the joy serum in waves and frequent moments and I’ve not returned to me pre-joy state, the joy serum is very toned down currently. Yet, the lingering effects of the experience continue. And serve to remind me daily of what I’m working towards being once more.

In fact, Goldan (Higher Self) did say a while ago that ‘completing upon oneself’ (bringing oneself into a state of full and permanent balance, in a nutshell) is the starting point for 5th Dimensional consciousness. And I’ve since realised, joy and all those other gorgeous accompaniments then become the natural state of being and expression. Just in the same way that our Inner Earth, Starship and Celestial friends emanate that same energy when communicating with me a lot of the time.

I believe this is the state of what it feels like to live in Full Consciousness. And this taste of things to come, I believe, is about to be the experience of all those prepared who will shortly be enjoying this as a permanent state of existence!

So it finally came to me why I’ve had wackily intense interactions with Christ Michael, when he’s appeared to me. I’ve pondered the whys of it for ages. In the past and practically since our first meetings (at least seven/eight out of ten times) years ago, he has appeared to me in a black top hat,tails and tap-dancing shoes…doing a tap-dance! Yes, in full Fred Astaire-style manner and regalia. And done in full seriousness. It seemed to become his signature arrival and departure. At the end, he’d usually also do the hat-extending thing with his hand, bowing on departure. CM’s ‘private performances’ have ranged from a short, simple jig to a lengthier, more elaborate tap-dancing spectacle! And during the joy serum period he performed the most elaborate of them all. Which had me shrieking and screeching until the tears rolled. As it also happened to be while lying in bed, unable to sleep at 3am.
I’m breaking out into fits of giggles again as I type this, re-membering it all.

Now you need to know: I’ve never been that switched on by tap-dancing routines. Although I remember being mesmerised as a teenager (and still am) by the co-ordination required of the intricate footwork involved. But I certainly don’t get excited by it or put time aside to watch movies that have tap-dancing in them. An importan aside: one of my extreme personal dislikes are musical movies, accompanied by dance! They just irritate me.

Yet, if joy is an emotion of the highest frequency, it makes sense in some really crazy way, that CM and I would be more easily-able to communicate with each other in that state.
But then how come none of the other Celestials/Starship/Inner Earth folk have ever come forward in this way? I’m aware that a lot of friends from the higher dimensions use things we feel connected to in our minds, hearts and lives to connect better/relate to us.
And there are a lot of other things I’m much more interested in and passionate about, some of which I find seriously funny. Particularly if it resonates with my dry sense of humour. Yet, I also have a silly sense of humour. So maybe that’s it…but my question still isn’t fully answered…

Oh, and the last thing I heard from CM then was that I/we were in for the performance of our lives from the ‘cosmic king of tap’. Said very straight-faced, which made me even more hysterical. Read into that what you will. But either way, hope you’ve had a little joy yourself while reading this, or at least a smile.

In the context of joy and living in that frequency permanently, I can’t remember who wrote this or from which article I read it recently, but these words on the subject stuck:
‘Joy and Freedom…these factors that are key-factors in the end of your processes and recovery of your essences’.
Somehow this all fits together with what I’ve both been told and experienced.

On a practical note and in light of the recent changes of plan for us and Earth, I’ve heard for the past couple of weeks that this will be the ‘best birthday ever’. It’s my birthday on Wednesday 7 December.
And I’ve then playfully asked how last year’s birthday could ever be topped. I saw a space craft above me with a message banner suspended from its side saying: ‘Happy Birthday Shellee-Kim’, which I still can’t get over…
The response to this is only huge, wait-and-see grins all around, but no revelations.

So things could literally start taking off for us (or should that be ‘with us') sometime in the next week. But don't hold me to it if it doesn't. Like so many, I’m really looking forward to getting that party started!

In magic, madness and mystery
Until next

Sunday, November 27, 2011


27 November 2011


Shellee-Kim Gold

Just in case you put my latest temporary disappearance down to thinking the (Inner) earth might have swallowed me up…no such luck, I’m afraid!
In fact, it appears there won’t be any visitation rights for me to my city of Shamballah in the Agartha network in the foreseeable earth-changing future. And not just for me...but for everyone else, too. Due to the fact that our Inner Earth brothers and sisters won’t be there either…they’re apparently in the process of evacuating from their beloved homes, as we speak, all due to the pending earth shifts.
Yes, this Mother Earth so desperately needs to do her now-big shifting, in addition to the celestial VIP’s having changed their game plan…again. Meaning: there will apparently no longer be the mini-stasis allowing for a ‘humanity wake up call’ teaching period before the longer stasis, as previously planned.

And all this is verified in my dream messages of the past couple of weeks, too. I can’t remember how many dreams I’ve had about ‘almost’ missing my train (sometimes plane), while I’ve been assisting or encouraging others to board. And then almost at the last moment, I myself have needed the assistance of others in turn to make sure I catch my own connection! Phew…no wonder I’ve felt like I’ve been steam-rolled over by day. I’ve also been recovering from a psychic attack by a (ex) ‘friend’. But that’s another story for another time.

Two or three mornings ago, I had another telling dream. In it I had a home quite high up on quaint, narrow, European-styled cobbled street in a seaside town. From the entrance at the street I had a beautiful view over the beach and sea. It was a clear, warm, blue sky day and there was just one large, single, concentrated mass of cloud or mist in the sky. Suddenly, it evaporated rapidly to reveal a huge silver, metallic, cylindrical-shaped craft hovering. I knew it was organic in nature and it was as if I was aware of hearing/feeling its essence vibrating. The cylinder–craft gently and unobtrusively settled over the beach and slowly released silver beings from its interior.

In the meanwhile, I was aware of the chaos this was causing around town. Someone offered to drive me around to see what was happening. Different pockets of people had gathered with others of like-mind. For instance, in one very exposed and hot, large, gravelly car park area, lots of questioning people had gathered. Under the auspices of a local artist (both very creative and nurturing), she was directing the meeting which was to deliberate and consider the motives of those from the cylinder. There was a slow, lazy pace about these deliberations. At one point, the artist-facilitator took off her tank top due to the heat to reveal large breasts, but no one batted an eyelid.

I then went up to another lookout point near my home. I gazed down to the sea and it had become very choppy due to a strong south easterly wind (typical of my area). I saw loads of similar-sized yachts all with different and brightly-coloured masts. At first I thought it was some type of regatta, but as they all continuously smashed into and destroyed each other in groups of yachts, I realised they were all in a state of deep panic and chaos, and had been trying to escape the town and the cylinder.

I woke up, went back to sleep and picked up where I left off. This rarely happens in my dreams. Next it was back to my dream home. I was so busy admiring the outside walls to the villa-style entrance of my house, that it took a while before I noticed a group of visitors waiting for me. The walls were of medium height and a gorgeous peachy-pink-brown colour. And they were curved over outwards at the very large, gateless entrance.

I am sometimes visited by a group of people (one of my off-world 'families'), have dreams about them and connect with them in alternate realities quite often. In the dream, there were three of them and I think they were members from the same team.

They were in quite an urgent state, asked who was leaving from my house, besides my feline family they were aware of, and said we had to pack things up very quickly now. I was a bit taken aback, as I hadn’t had a chance to pack things I wanted to take in my backpack or boxes properly. As I pointed to stuff I wanted to take, the men and woman picked these (sometimes very heavy) items up with the greatest of ease and walked out with them, returning a short time later for more. I knew we’d be able to make it out in good time, as their system was super-efficient. After they asked who was coming with me, I remember going to another bedroom, only to find three empty beds. They belonged to my daughter, my US-based brother and step-brother, but none of them were there.

Okay, so the dream and other stuff confirms for me a sense of an ‘emergency exit plan’ afoot for us. And also confirmed by my no longer feeling the urge to stock up on household necessities.

But the latter could also be indication of no longer panicking within from fear of the ‘not having enough’ syndrome. I do believe I’ve finally reconciled that one. In the most unlikely of ways.

During the past couple of months I’ve been through an interesting and fruitful practice run of sorts - in properly valuing myself. My Goldan (Golden Angel; Higher Self)guided me to stand true to what and how I value who I am and what I offer in the world. So, to stay true to this state I’ve been plonked (read: attracted) situations repeatedly where I was offered employment of varied types. But where I was blatantly being undervalued in exchange for my talents/services/skills offered.
I’ve then found myself in a state of choice: should I take that chance and tell the potential employer what to do with her/his job offer and wait (in the middle of a recession) for an offer where I am being honoured and valued for my offerings? Or shall I allow fear to rule the roost, not take that chance and gratefully accept the work being offered - at whatever cost to mySelf?

Each time I chose to take the risk, trust and go with the former option. If ever there was another inner test, this was surely one. But deal with the dichotomy I have. Which has meant facing those final fears within head-on. And it’s paid off. It’s meant that no matter where I find myself in the exterior world, I’m learning how to hold and express my appreciation and value for myself and my offerings. Regardless of whether I’m monetarily on Skid Street or rolling in it. Although I’m not at either of these extremes, actually. Or regardless of what others may believe, think or state about me and my offerings.

I feel the essence of the lesson has been about holding my own power fully; which is really another way and level of loving, honouring and accepting Self more fully, isn’t it? And somehow I had to ‘get’ this now, in prep for something around the corner. And although, like all of us, I’ve had to keep on surviving in our money-driven world, I am also not attaching to the results of what this has brought, as it’s all very shortly due to change in the twinkling of an eye. And then all we’ll be left with are the lessons learned/not from all our experiences here.

However, I do feel successful in this and that has been reflected to me at every turn. I am manifesting my needs and wants (just not yet the ways I’ve dreamed of being in service to others!) in no uncertain manner – and it feels like a good deal of progress has been made. Feeling used, sacrificed and exploited seem to be things of the past. And in committing to being firm with others(not inflexible, as in previous times), in turn I’m now attracting those who are happy to have my contributions based more on my terms (ie COD). It’s been a hugely busy and validating period for me.

But now, on to the Real Work, the Real Mission. They say best is kept for last. Or perhaps that should be first...in the new beginnings of a new world it will be.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011



Shellee-Kim Gold

Sovereignty is a state of complete self-governance. Self-governance ultimately means ownership of and being responsible for your every thought, feeling, word and action. And to understand the consequences thereof energetically.

Giving aspects of your personal power away to anyone or anything is counter to this process. And so it was I came to yet another realisation that too much co-dependent interaction with my celestial/galactic/inner earth friends can do as much damage in deterring me from my path, as any other physical relationship can.

This was triggered while reading a channelled message by Eve on abundanthope.org from Inner Earth priest, Adama. He was chatting about the many surface women that feel they have a special connection to him personally, intimately. And he went a ways to explaining how this has little to do with him and everything to do with how we surface humans interpret things, feeding fantasies in the process.

I thanked Eve personally for being the catalyst for this realization within.
As I had been doing something similar with Lady Nada for some time. Not to say we don’t have a relationship. We do. But it was in my allowing something of a co-dependancy to develop that became a source of personal power leakage for me, detracting from my quest for personal sovereignty in the process. Somehow I’d put too much store into this one. And as I didn’t want to take on her or anyone else’s energetic signature as a sovereign co-creator, it was time to make some changes.

Bringing the situation back into balance meant re-evaluating and assessing my relationship with all my Invisible Friends of the Light. And so there was a necessary period of disconnection. Because what was really happening at a deeper level was I was beginning to reconnect with my Golden Angel/Higher Self in a much more profound and necessary way. This came to me in retrospect.

The relationship with our Golden Angels is perhaps the most significant relationship we can have and who’s guidance will ensure our safety and survival in both the immediate and long-term future. And one that is therefore worth putting much energy into developing, working with and listening to.

Once we nurture this relationship and to the degree we’re able to surrender our ego self to our GA’s, we are more automatically able to live, experience and express the Christ and God within. In our thoughts, feelings, words and actions.

So, this is my personal priority right now. Particularly as I’ve been hearing often lately: ‘You are about to step into your own shoes. Are you prepared’? And ‘Are you ready to take that giant leap of faith’?
This has been accompanied by the following image, given to me repeatedly:
I’m at the edge of a high clifftop, so high I cannot see to the bottom. And I fall off it. As I free fall I’m aware there’s a gigantic safety bubble that I’ll land softly and safely on top of, should I fall all the way down. Yet, as I fall invisible hands are immediately at my side, under my arms and at my waist, guiding me upwards. At a particular moment, they give me a massive thrust and I take off, suddenly extending my own previously-unseen wings, exhilaratingly flying upwards…

The past weeks this image has changed a little. Now it’s me more consciously jumping off the cliff, rather than just falling off of it. I’m taking it as a sign of progress, as I’m owing more of my actions in what I believe is required of me here.
Ultimately, I feel this is about letting go and surrendering all of my lower will, fears, limits and beliefs of the negative ego to my GA. Then my lower will may take her rightful place as servant to my GA, for the first time in this lifetime. And thus may our experience as true Co-creators begin.
Until then, the continued resolving of aspects of Self in separation or still subject to duality must continue towards unity consciousness or full consciousness.

During a recent quick tele chat with one from another dimension, they referred to the reaching of full consciousness as ‘completing upon oneself’ and said this is the starting point for 5th dimensional consciousness.
The phrase has become my flavour-of-the-year catchphrase.  We were discussing intimate relationships and some choices I've had to make again recently. Ultimately, I chose to go with what my GA wants for us as that will bring the best and highest possible outcome for this life's plan.

When you have 'completed upon yourself’ (ie integrated all divisions within), you cannot be with someone who hasn't. It would be a non-match of vibrations. And ultimately unbalanced. Which in turn would breed all manner of difficulties.

Karen Danrich (of ascendpress.org) has a magnificent take on the new intimate relationships. She looks at a kind of ‘before’ and ‘after’ of such relationships and what the new ones will need to encompass for the greater good of the Whole, for those who choose to go there.

So while we’re still busy getting there and completing upon ourselves (told you it was my current flavourite!)and in readiness for the Other in our lives, I’ve discovered the best thing to do is the following: ask yourself what motivates the burning and yearning to be with some else in an intimate relationship is.
You know, those moments when you feel incredibly lonely and don’t believe you can go on, unpartnered.
Then intend with your helpers of the Light for the underlying cause (of those needs) to be brought up for you consciously and, once recognized, intend to release it. Thus this will integrate another aspect of your Wholeness that was previously lost to you.

Work this technique on all intimate relationship needs that come up, distracting you. When you’ve done this successfully, you’ll know. Then the waiting for that special person and the loneliness you felt regularly will seemingly have disappeared, as if by magic!

This comes from someone who’s been in this space for as long as she’s been single in this cycle, which is…so long, she's forgotten! 

Tuesday, September 20, 2011


[written a few months ago]

By Shellee-Kim Gold

For the old world to fall
And another to rise
So we may begin re-building with new, aware eyes

In our inner visions we trust
For the greater good of the whole we must
Live, learn, and be
In the conscious state of unity.

A pioneering era awaits
For all who can rise to their own chosen fate
But making the grade requires
An embracing of qualities lesser known
Like living in service, self-honesty and forever questing for that inner glow.

To wear the mantle of Christ Consciousness is no mean feat
Fuelled by constant desire to acknowledge, release and surrender
All that which vibrates from a place of separation within.

Preparation time is all but done
Yet final choices can still be spun
Until it begins lets choose and choose anew
In the name of the best possible outcome
For the Mother Earth and her new humanity
Who it is prophesized will be few.

Thursday, June 16, 2011



Through Shellee-Kim Gold

I’ve been wondering about material practicalities and what to take with me when the time comes to make a quick escape by car from my valley on the coast or am guided to one of Star Fleet’s beams. Then I started thinking about what they have on board…

This is what I heard from someone by the name of Tara of the New Jerusalem ship. We have not (consciously) chatted before, but she says we have in other/dreamtime. She refers to herself only as an ‘on-board facilitator’.

TARA: You will be permitted to take one item of luggage or bag. If it goes through the beam, good and well. If not, you will have to leave it behind.
Athough, once on board, none of your material possessions will be necessary as we have the technology to recreate your own homes and the things that gave you the illusion of comfort and security. We do this for your own well-being and for your initial adaptation to our surrounds.

SK: What about our own personal clothing?

T: You may bring your own clothing, but you will far prefer to wear our own, which we will provide for you. Each will be provided a garment/s that will fit and reflect his/her station. This means according to what you have accomplished spiritually thus far in your lives, so you are given the appropriate garb to wear which reflects these accomplishments. This then informs others and helps them to more easily identify you and your place, so to speak.

The garments feel alive on the skin and radiate Light and Love, meaning your entire being will feel resonant in them, providing a sense of comfort and well-being, as with all else you experience here.

Please understand this is not a question of judgement of you by us in any way, nonetheless there is a hierarchy and protocols that are most definitely observed here also, as on your world.

Remember, many of the mother ships are absolutely enormous and are worlds in themselves. As is ours.

SK: Talk to me please about our domestic pets.

T: Do not fear or have worries about your four cats. As has been mentioned many times to you previously by numerous beings, they will be safe. And you have been told specifically how you and they will assisted.

Pets will be taken to a specific place on board where they will be cared for. You are free to visit them anytime you like, and to spend as much time with them as you deem fit.

SK: Can we take them around with us and have them close to us, as in our surface homes?

T: It is preferred that the different species (pets and humans) stay separately so that a co-dependant relationship cannot develop. We see this as unhealthy in the development of both. But in emergency situations we do and will make such interaction available for mutual benefit.

There are beings who’s choice of service and work is to interact with the animals constantly, and that is different. Of course, we know this is very different than the approach you take with your animals on your world.

SK: Because of what I’ve been experiencing since the end of May (will elaborate on this in an upcoming personal piece in ‘Diary of A Crazed Ascensionist' category), I recently asked someone from the Inner Earth I was chatting to about celebrating through dancing and music-making. Can you elaborate on the type of music you listen and dance to, and is it that different from the IE?

T: Our music is composed and selected, as you were told by your IE contact, especially for the purpose of feeding the body and soul a particular frequency. In accordance with our objective and the mood we are trying to achieve on a musical occasion, so we employ different focuses musically to enhance the experience. Through dancing, we then ground this into our physical bodies, whether its a light and elevated, earthy or energized mood we’re celebrating.
We utilize the power of sound in its entirety to unite with our God Selves and each other. Creating and experiencing this is vastly different from how you enjoy music on the surface of Earth. We have room only for the harmonious tones, rather than any inharmonious ones, as these are not beneficial.

The Inner Earth have based their music largely on our models. With a little modification here and there to suit their specific circumstances, but essentially it is the same.

Everything we have and do is designed to raise our frequencies and vibration. This way we are constantly enhancing our harmony within, in order to perform that much greater a service to our brethren. In whichever capacity we so choose to do it.

SK: Anything else you’d like to add?

T: Those of your loved ones that will be accompanying you on the journey going forward with the Earth Mother will be quickly and easily able to be located in your new environments. We would like to put your hearts and minds at rest on this one. As we see this as a chief source of concern for those who are taking this route.

SK: I have a lot more questions in mind(I’m often teased about being the Interrogator), but will give you a break for now. ;-)

T: Certainly, ‘O Questioning One’ *grins*. I will be available anytime to answer any further questions you have about life on board.

It’s been a pleasure speaking with you.


Saturday, June 11, 2011


Through Shellee-Kim

10 June 2011

While feeling so cold in our winter here in the Cape, I put the query out to the Inner Earth dwellers, wondering about their weather and received this response:

'It is always temperate and always sunny here, reflecting our own mood and permanent state of harmony with everything around us'.

Zohar, a priest from the Inner Earth is here with a message:

Z: Are you ready to speak with me, my child? It is your father, Zohar.

SK: I am.

Z: What I wish to say at this time is both personal and for the public. So please put this message out that others may also benefit from its contents.

Firstly, you are to get very busy, very quickly. And it is important you be prepared for this as you have just heard from Maitreya. Many of you in hiding are to come very quickly from your hiding places and rise to the occasion and the challenges that are to present on your surface.

In the unlikely event of you ones not being there when crisis strikes, you will swiftly be briefed as to how to handle what surrounds you. Please LISTEN.There is a plan of enormous magnitude that will require every pair of hands and heart willing and able to undertake what is needed.

It has been an eon since the world has seen such an unfoldment of what is to visit you now. And the excitement of Starfleet, ourselves and your celestial brethren is palpable. We are in a state of delight and anticipation.

As you were told in the communique on your recent work trip across your desertscape: there is to be a short respite for you workhorses *smiles* of the most unimaginable delight. The restorative weekend you have been longing for and have requested so often in the past is about to come to pass. We need not say more for now. Seeing is believing, as they say. All this was confirmed in the message of another, as you recently noted. Of course, once you workhorses are well nourished and rested and have imbibed a ‘weekend in Paradise’, you will be all the more effective in your efforts in assisting your brothers and sisters.

Now, on to some other things. There is a system that is to provide basic material needs to your people that is soon to be implemented in your world. But first the old must die off in its entirety. You are aware of this. But how the collapse occurs completely and the ensuing chaos will mean you need to be prepared to assist your fellow citizens. It will also mean you be prepared to help us to help your communities. This will not go on for a long period but will take some co-operation and require much attention on all of our parts.

(Continued the next am, 11 June). Are you ready to continue, my beloved one? I would like to complete my message of last night with you now.

SK: Yes, go ahead Zed (my nickname for him).

Z: Do not allow the fear of what may spill forth from people to stop you or put you off doing your service to others and what you know feels right for you. Remember, you are protected a thousand fold at this time and no harm shall come to you, if you but trust in this. That discernment antennae of yours should therefore be out in full force now, at the ready for all the action to occur.

SK: And if some Lightworkers do find themselves becoming intimidated or threatened in some way, what do you suggest?

Z: All you need do is call upon those of the unseen realms that are ever with you for their help and protection; they are at the ready. Listening to the voice of fear will be counter productive to the service you have chosen.

We look so forward to giving you all real hugs, in ‘real time’, so to speak *grins*. And greatly anticipate your delight, which will be ours, when your true selves are revealed to you. We long to see the look of awe on your faces and how you respond to the many joyous truths of yourselves and the world you occupy.
The end is really the beginning of a wondrous adventure of an entirely different kind. And will be akin to a new life for you.

And we look greatly forward to re-connecting with each one of you. Your efforts have been, are and continue to be magnanimous. You are the stars of a most spectacular show, with spectators coming from far and wide to both observe and participate in this earthly production to beat all others.

Bless each and every one of you. We love you dearly.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Choose Wisely In The Final Hour - Mother Mary through Shellee-Kim

More sharing from the Magdalene Consciousness. Don't know why I didn't post this then, but here it is now:

Mother Mary through Shellee-Kim

7 April 2011 – 7.15pm

MM: It is I, Mother Mary, come to you this evening. Would you take down a message we wish you to share?
SK: My pleasure.
(I ask her again to identify herself)
I am Mother Mary and I come in peace and benevolence and am in service to all of humankind, my beloved dear sister.

You know us as the Magdalene Consciousness and have had numerous past occasions to learn of us, from us, the sisterhood. At one time you were informed of your own personal connection to the being you call Lady Nada, twin flame of Esu and one who walked your plane in the flesh as Mary Magdalene.
Some have referred to us as the Order of the Magdalene, yet each of the names are fitting for the various beings who channel them.
Your plane, at the moment, is literally shaking, with the stirrings of the new life within the mother, Gaia.
We ask you all to kindly hold fast to your seats, your understanding - yet allow also the flexibility for movement to occur.

There are many of you who now need to come out of your hiding places. Some will only do so when forced, of course. But those ready now need to stand up and be counted. You ones are most cherished and valued and valuable in the service you are to offer. It is without doubt a time of tremendous upheaval and chaos without and within for many. Stand your ground, you ones, and hold to the truth.
Perception is everything in this end cycle. For it is this that determines your following placement of experience and existence.

All that has been spoke to you thus far is soon to know its rightful place in your conscious mind and personal expression and experience. Do not doubt this.
Yet, there are many who are currently having doubts of what they initially understood or heard about themselves or their paths as nothing has appeared to manifest. To these ones we say: you have held the fort this long. Do you really want to give up at this stage of the game? So much of fulfillment awaits you. It will have been a journey extraordinarily worth taking, should you choose to commit to the end.
This beloved one knows all too well of how doubt can erode one from within. Do make an effort to understand how these low-density beings are using all the tricks in the book to ensure the failure of you Lighted ones. They are playing some of their last cards. And playing to the hilt.

So these are words of encouragement and words to let you feel our conscious support of each one of you who has committed both to the Earth Mother, Creator God and the expansion of your own Selves, in the name of the Light.

There are many who are crowding in to be born, in readiness of the entirely new type of existence that is in store upon the New Earth. And these beings eagerly await to see who is choosing what. These souls are coming from everywhere in the known universe.

SK: I felt my own contract being made with a soul to be born in a boy’s body at the start of 2009 - and I am middle-aged already.
MM: Indeed, this is one who is to open you up to much more of yourself than could ever be imagined. And you are to serve him in ways that will enhance the service he is to bring forth. Always there is a symbiotic relationship at work.
SK: Well, everything had better hurry up because menopause could begin any day now for me. 
MM: All is in Divine Timing and in Order. You will have no problems with conception, labour or child-raising. There is much of yourself, including a new type of physical experience that you will barely recognise as you and which will allow all to occur easily and naturally. As cryptic as that may sound right now. Many others with similar contracts have this same concern presently.
SK: I hope this will serve to soothe their own anxieties, as it is mine then.
MM: Indeed. Let us move on.
Time waits for no man and woman. And every second of every minute count. Do not think that this is a time of sitting back and wasting it in waiting. For your every choice, response and intent is all part of the measurement of where you are choosing to be placed in your upcoming futures.
Please bear this in mind in this final hour.

This is all for tonight.
We greet you with Love from the Pink Ray. And we ask that you call upon us. Our help is ever at the ready and it is our joy to serve you as you come ever closer to knowing your true Selves.
Blessings, Grace and Peace
Mother Mary (of the Magdalene Consciousness)


Thursday, April 14, 2011



13 April 21: 50 pm

My beloved Nada is here. And there are things I’d like to discuss with her. For starters: the past few days/week I’ve experienced a kind of emotional ‘woodenness’ in response to watching TV for the brief time I do. Or listening to talk radio I get a sense of something etheric being sealed off around the programme. Or is it being sealed around me? There’s almost a surreal sense of unreality in my interaction also with all this and the world at large. And there’s a strong sense of what I’m calling a ‘deadness’ to structures that fuel businesses and corporations I come into contact with. Can you comment LN?

LN: Indeed. Good evening to you, beloved one. Your life has taken on rather frenzied dimensions which have made it difficult communicating with you of late. However, we have continued our dialogues and planning with you during your sleep time, as mentioned to you privately. But in answer to your query: the Matrix of your planet is cracking.

[Beloved, please try to focus this time and not let your mind go wondering off. You are being given extra help with this issue at present. Please use it.

SK: Ok. *embarassed grin* {on my well known lack of mental focus and mental meanderings during these telepathic sessions with light beings]]

And so you and others are perceiving the old earth and its outworn structures as literally cracking up. In your case, it is as if this old and dying world is fast becoming the distant dream (or nightmare). Hence your surreal feelings. While the new –not fully anchored yet-is showing you increasing glimpses of itself. Is this making sense beloved?

SK: Yes. And whereas before I had a certain degree of pleasure or satisfaction by paying attention to MSM, now it is becoming increasingly intrusive in my space. And I feel so much better and ‘clearer ’for lessening these dependencies.

LN: Indeed (smiling). Silence from this ‘white noise’ is golden, is it not?

SK: Yes. I’m also observing people intentionally out of integrity are falling on their own swords, so to speak- left, right and centre. It’s everywhere around me at the moment. And the same syndrome seems to be manifesting through businesses/corporations who operate similarly.
Can you elaborate further on the cracking Matrix?

LN: Certainly. Many in your world who have unconsciously aligned themselves with the Matrix are to feel and are already feeling the pinch now. And we say this in no uncertain terms or measure. The design of what is occurring with the Wave and how it penetrates human consciousness and structure is to have profound effects on all. For the quickening vibrations that it brings with it can be likened to a personal, collective and planetary ‘house cleanse’ of mammoth proportions. Of course, for you ones, this is very good in both the short and long run.

[I’ve picked this transmission up again the next evening due to exhaustion. It’s now sunset on April 14]

SK: Tell me more about this sense of death and decay I feel regarding the structures that I’m interacting with.

LN: The falling and cracking of the Matrix that surrounds your consciousness and planet is rapidly disintegrating. Always there needs to be another expression to replace that which falls.
In the case of your growing New earth, the principles on which the new structures are based are integrity, alignment with Creator source and a sense of brotherhood which provokes service orientated to others. These are the principles that will be successful in both businesses, politics, economics , your society and all else that drives your world.
This is not a speedy process, however. Although it can certainly be so at the individual level, given the opportunity you ones have at your disposal at this time.

We would like to tell you once more to be prepared now. Things are about to change rather dramatically and quickly. You ones will ride the Wave as you have been preparing yourselves to do. There is nothing to fear. Particularly knowing that you, each of you, have immense levels of protection. Many surround you at this time. It is a question of knowing, feeling and trusting this.
And you particularly have felt this in your graveyard shifts and with the many of questionable motive that you have been forced to interact with recently, have you not?

SK: Protection from a close head-on collision with a drunk, contact with a wanna-be rapist and several suffering from mental disorders that could have had way more serious effects than they did on me has bolstered my trust levels hugely. Not to mention those others of ill-intent that I’ve literally felt have been repelled by me and my vehicle, not wanting/unable to come near me. And exactly as I've asked for. I’ve been driving a taxi and tour guiding (having temporarily returned to it) for the daily cash it provides.

LN: Indeed. We have told you you have a veritable small army around you at present. We cannot afford anything to happen to you ones. You have all been under enough duress in your lifetimes. And this is all to fall sharply and the new is to rise rapidly.

There are many now to leave this plane and move on to the next segment of their respective journeys. We ask you to allow these ones to leave with grace. People will interpret this as a time of extreme darkness, yet it will also be experienced as a time of immense and intense Light that comes to lead you ones Home.

I AM One who is of the collective you call the Magdalene Consciousness, and of which you also are a part.
Please call upon us for our support as needed.

Lady Nada

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Time of Divine Grace

29/3/2011 - 4.30pm

WE are the group known to you as the Hathors. We are a consciousness of benevolent beings in service to all those currently residing in physical form upon Earth.
WE come to you this day to inform you of what lies ahead.

There is much that lies in the unconscious of each individual, as well as within you all collectively. This is shortly to be brought to the conscious awareness of each of you with a sharp jolt.
Preparation time is effectively over, although many of you have been preparing unconsciously. However, what is about to happen will surely shock most of you. And here WE see the value in being shocked. It is a state that serves to trigger people into both awareness, and if they are open enough, a state of accelerated growth.
As with your previous life experiences, it is always a question of how you will choose to respond to that which you witness and experience. Perhaps for some it is even to be a time where more growth can and shall occur than at any other time in this and many other physical incarnations. This is to be a time, therefore, of great gifting from those who rule this domain.

[SK: I interrupt the flow to query why in the past from this group consciousness I've sometimes felt what I call a feminine ‘flavour' coming through and sometimes a masculine one. Today it’s a feminine one.
H: Sometimes WE appear as a feminine ‘flavour’ to you and sometimes as a masculine one. But it matters not as what motivates us is assisting you ones on earth who are open to receiving our teachings. It matters not that your limited perceptions of physicality and gender associations restrict your perspective about us as WE are ever committed to our service to you. Please take the nub, the kernel of what we offer to you within our messages, rather than become caught up in these limitations.
May we continue?
SK: Please do. Apologies for the diversion.]

H: We would like to add something about that which you call The Wave and are reading about.
This event, broken up into numerous smaller events, is to have possibly the most profound impact on humanity than has ever occurred or been witnessed in many, many thousands of your earth years.
For those ready and prepared it is truly to be a time of Divine Grace. A bestowal of blessings, the nature of which cannot be described here as there is little in your current life experience, (conscious) memory or vocabulary to begin to identify, and therefore understand.
Many of you who have spent lifetimes preparing for this time will be exalted beyond their own understanding. This will be an excellent example of their humility and worthy enough reason for their leadership of the many.

Please note that many are to discover their true spiritual be-ingness for the first time at a conscious level in their lives. This will require some management amidst the mayhem and chaos that abounds around them. When WE say ‘management’ WE mean of the kind that puts the highest good of both individual and group needs above the needs of all other things at that time. Of course, we do not mean at the expense of yourselves or your own lives. It is important here to separate martyrdom from service and be very clear on the distinction between the two.

Many are to come to the fore during this period with a (re)newed sense of purpose with which to guide others. It is to be said that these ones will provide the best ‘teachings’ by sharing of their own personal experiences and stories of their own growth. Nothing serves better than both experience and example, in the eyes of others. It will also be in the honest reflecting and sharing of how challenges were overcome in your own lives that will be most honoured by your people.

WE are most honoured to be a part of these proceedings and a conscious interaction will be possible in times to come and when sufficient numbers of you are open to our presence. We say this is to be far sooner than later. But there are experiences humanity will go through between now and then.

WE would like to wrap up by saying all is proceeding according to the unfoldment of great plans. And even though a certain amount of ‘disasters’ are occurring and will continue to occur for the learning of humanity, it is preferable to perceive these as great opportunities to stretch the consciousness, expand the heart, feed the mind and strengthen the physical form.

In benevolence and service to all upon Earth.
WE are the Hathors.

Note: I asked whether I could change words that were repeated a few words apart or in sentences that followed. But was told there was some type of encoding/activation? that took place with the use of this and it was preferable not to change them.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Hi all

The past few weeks I’ve been disconnected from my landline, and thus my internet.
But it’s been a strange time, hasn’t it?
Personally, I’ve woken several times to my bed being shaken; like a literal ‘wake up’ call. Karen Bishop explained this nicely as a typical symptom of this time of personal vibrational change and clearing.
A few days ago Christ Michael and I communicated with a personal message related to beginning to live within the Oneness. As in the feeling and seeing of Self in all others and all others in Self – as a state of permanent being. Particularly relevant as other have mentioned or dwelt on this in their telepathic messages also in this same time period.

I’ve been impressed upon and inspired to recommit to my vows of service (don't I sound nun-like :-) ). Particularly in light of my renewed love, respect and now-deeper understanding of our most benevolent CM and his amazing bestowals, including this one on earth at this time that he has undertaken in his history in leading this world. I have been told with no uncertain urgency: ‘It is time’ and ‘your world is now in a state of emergency’.
A week or two ago I also received a message about a 7.2 or 7.8 quake in the US, possibly involving the west coast. But I’m not sure of the exact location.

Telepathic message from Christ Michael:
15/2 - early am

It is to you ones – and you know who you are – that now falls the greatest culmination of your work thus far upon the earth plane. Be warned. The times ahead are not to be easy. Yet you ones are well equipped to handle all that will be occurring. And not without a little help from your (invisible, celestial) friends.

These are grave times for the mother. She has waited, has delayed, has held herself and been held back. Mostly so that you ones and earth’s population might ‘get it’. So be it. Times for ‘getting it’ have now passed. And all is set for the series of literally mind-blowing events that are take you all to your next chosen level of consciousness and manifestation thereof.

Currently it is a situation of dire emergency and many of you ones are to be working with our side now. A joint effort that will help to temper the flames of change for all upon your surface.

We ask that you ones go about your daily business anchored in your newly-founded state of serenity, balance and the self-containment qualities you now are able to live in. Please remember many others will be in states that are quite the opposite and will need and deserve your support and compassion, without your involvement necessarily.

Be the rock here. Answer questions as they are asked of you and do not hold yourselves back in any way. Take your guidance under your Higher Selves directives at all times and you will sail the sea perfectly to your next destination.

Many are to know for the first time what it is to be without, how to deal with lacks of a basic material kind and are to develop coping mechanisms extraordinarily fast in order to survive.
You who have been preparing yourselves: now is the time to bring forth your expertise and survival tactics that might be shared with the many. Hesitation is to be put firmly aside in favour of your service rendered now.

This one has willfully held herself and her many gifts back for some time. As with many, due to her own misshapen self beliefs and distorted programming. However, there is no longer the luxury of these delaying tactics. Work is upon us and those who are willing and able need to get on with what they committed to do here at this time.
Tarry no longer for the dramatic time of change you have been waiting for is upon us all.

All inhabitants of the earth are to feel the after shocks, if not directly as a result of quakes, in one way or the other. Hold tight to your truth throughout this.

Indeed, these are both the times of the making and breaking of humankind. Peace be upon all of you at this time.

We thank you for taking this message.

Christ Michael