I AM Present

I AM Present

Monday, December 14, 2009


Dear Diary

First things first. Feedback: I finally thawed out…permanently. Yes, my body did catch up with summer! And yes again...even the cicada head buzz has take a holiday break. And it all happened a few days before my recent birthday. Everything suddenly changed.  My solar plexus and I  have been in an excited state of anticipation ever since.

Repeated messages from the IF’s (invisible friends) were telling me it was my happy ‘re-birth day’. But not only that. This was to be the ‘first day of the rest of my life…’
And that same synchronicitous wish came in from two others on my special day!

Friends and family made sure I was suitably indulged and at dinner that night – with the help of friends as a catalyst – I had an enormous conscious breakthrough.
A clear wisdom screamed at me at how I had been standing in my own way and what was needed to resolve this ancient, self-created obstacle in my path! Hence, a couple of evenings later (without knowing of the official gateway opening) I felt the serious urge to purge through the cleansing element of fire.

 Although I don’t generally do rituals, I’ve done the fire ritual numerous times over the years. Scrunched up bits of paper with intentions pertaining to the issue/person are thrown into a nice outdoor fire. Burning them in the bathroom basin with a candle flame works equally well in cold weather. Or if you’re seeking complete privacy.

Was I glad I did it! Afterwards I felt hugely relieved, cleansed, freed up. It was then I felt the IF’s encircling me in a ritual of their own.  I can’t really describe it well, but there was a potent sense of circles within circles both opening and encasing me.  As always, I asked for a sign that it had been a successful release and was shown a being with enormous wings in the clouds, just before the sky darkened.
That night – and for the first time in forever – I left my outer security gate leading to my front door, open. Not something anyone does voluntarily in uber-security conscious South Africa. And for good reason. Although I realize my level of protection is great,  I still take some precautions.
I smiled when I saw this the next morning: a definite letting in of the new and true and letting out of the old.

Cloud formation messages and visions are coming in as fast and furiously as the wind speed this week. And it was just the next afternoon I was shown a potent vision in the  clouds. It was an animated one of my future partner (twin flame?) and I. It was an incredibly harmonious moment between us, while chatting and giggling.  And because I’m also clairsentient, the sensations and feelings of the exchange jumped out at me the most from the clouds.

This all happened in just a few seconds and was the cherry on the cake of an hour and a half’s worth of one of the best colour and light cloud shows I’ve seen in the sky yet!  This year I’ve seen the most sensational rainbow colours emanating from clouds close to the sun.  One I saw in October had to be the most exquisite.
 I was lying in my garden under my Brazilian pepper tree cloud-gazing, as I often do. Finishing up the session, I got up to brush the grass off me and glanced in the general direction of the  sun, now hanging quite low in the sky.

It was a slightly breezy day and I had my sunglasses on.  Then I saw it…distinct and thick, vertical stripes of pastel rainbow colours in a cloud immediately under the sun that had ‘bled’ through to its neighbouring cloud. I couldn’t believe it. It was dissipating fast; too fast to get my camera set up. 
Now none of this is able to be seen with the naked eye.  The lense of the sunglasses needs to be present to see the rainbow spectacle with clarity. And the other discovery I made was that not everyone can see them, apparently. I was on the beach with four other female friends once when this occurred. Two of them could ‘see’ and two couldn’t.

In any event, I’ve now seen this around a half dozen times or so. It’s occurred for me mostly during the late afternoons/early evenings and varies in the patterns it produces and the duration. Sometimes it disperses, as above, within a few minutes. And other times it’s as if the sky or cloud or time has been frozen in space and it just seems to last and last…

Weather experts would have us believe they are either circumhorizontal arc, iridescent clouds (usually accompanied by an actual rainbow) or sundogs. The latter, they say, is seen when the sun’s high in the sky and produces a rainbow effect. Untrue in my experience, besides my intuition shouting ‘no’.

People around the globe have been seeing and photographing these with increasing intensity for the past couple of years. One person even saw a rainbow ‘ball’ sitting on a group of clouds which changed colour and intensity and lasted for 15 minutes!  In general, real clouds (read: 3 D) don’t hang out for longer than a few minutes, so… I believe these are our star friends making their presence known, playfully and inspirationally. 

And then there are the far more plentiful cloud ships. Short of putting yourselves in any kind of ditzy danger, like I have a tendency to do by gazing upwards way too often when walking, it’s pretty amazing what you can see up there.

Sometimes I’ve seen cloud ships disguised between other cloud groupings, while at other times they may be in the form of just a single cloud, perfectly ship-shape on a blue sky day floating innocuously past.  Others look like obvious disguises to me – like when the sky is littered with the mini, swirling variety. But it’s mostly my feeling body that I rely on to confirm  that what I’m seeing is not of our world.
Here’s one taken outside my house at sunset a few years ago. The sky was cloudless except for this ‘ship in disguise’.

I’ve spied and/or ‘felt’ star ships numerous times in my environment during the past decade or so. Apart from in my dreams, that is.  Ships have featured in them fairly frequently. A couple of years ago I had a series of dreams involving them where sacred geometries were dropped out of the silent ship’s bottom in slow-motion style. Gently and quietly, some dropped slowly through my and some other people’s crown chakras and left the most pleasurably calm feeling.  That day I nearly had a car accident because my eyes were glued to the sky all day – waiting for something to drop from it!

In 3 D ‘reality’ (well, you know what I mean)  the largest one I ‘saw’ was a decade ago when I lived on a farm 40kms outside town. The drive up the west coast passed Koeberg – Africa’s only nuclear power station– which was about halfway home.  It was night and my partner was driving.
Suddenly I looked up and was taken/went into the next dimension and ‘saw’ this huge ship. Like an ultra violet light glow, it was lit up similarly in a muted emerald green glow.  And I knew it was there  overseeing and protecting any potential catastrophes from happening at Koeberg.  Perhaps it was even permanently stationed there. I never saw a ship again on that road in the year I lived there.

In this very valley I’ve also seen a smaller, circular scout-type ship once.  I was excited about something I was writing which involved star ships in some way. I jumped up, went to my window, looked up and there it was!

Rainbow clouds and cloud ships aside, I think we’re way more protected than we know-individually and collectively. And asking Commander Ashtar who oversees millions of ships to provide some protection when needed has become second nature.  I started this a while ago during a time of car troubles. Now I have the sense that a beam from above locks on my car when I attune to and desire this. I’ve felt so safe this way in many a post-party drive home over the mountain pass.

In magic, madness and mystery