I AM Present

I AM Present

Saturday, April 5, 2014

MORE ON WHAT TO EXPECT by the Divine Dancing Daughters

4 April 2014


by the Divine Dancing Daughters

Through Shellee-Kim

DDD’s: Here we are….ready to begin, our dear one?
SK:Yeah, lovely ladies of the night…J

[*SK:I see a visual of pink/purple skies, alternating with dark grey, pre-thundery skies…whisps of these clouds covering the sky then move in a single direction - in fast motion like in a movie scene…like the cosmos is on the move…*]

Dear beloved friends of earth

Your time has finally come! And you are now to know a new level of freedom, as well as the fear and panic that are to permeate the minds of many others. Yes, indeed it is to be a time of great contradictions and contrasts.

And many extreme experiences, sensations and feelings will be had by everyone in a concentrated period of time. Even though it may not be perceived as such, all is a great gift being bestowed upon you All – for your experiencing and learning, your discerning and for the purpose of taking you to an entirely different level of knowing yourselves and your world and those in it. Regardless of who you are.

This is a tremendously exciting period and all of the heavens rejoice at what is to be a grand Event. This will become a spectacle for many other races and civilizations from near and far (cosmically speaking) to observe and learn with you, through your experiences and process.

We would like here to reiterate about this also being a serious testing period for all. And you may consider it the final one for this cycle. Although it will not necessarily be ‘one’ lesson per se that faces you. But numerous aspects of yourself will be tested in a variety of ways. Most notable will be how you will choose to re-act and inter-act with people around you; regardless of the circumstances you find yourselves in.

Your courage is required, your ability to be a calm anchor amidst the chaos, your innovation and ability to set trends and your leadership and authority. These are just a handful of the inner qualities that will be required of you, as ones who are considered our Ground Crew and wayshowers.

Do not fear if you feel you have not all of these qualities within you. You will be helped where you perceive yourselves to have shortcomings and what will flow forth will be EXACTLY what is needed for YOU in your SPECIFIC set of circumstances. You will not be left stranded in how this is to unfold. Know this and you will stop giving these future potentials your worry energy.

All has been exquisitely thought out by your Creator Son, Christ Michael Aton. And each will enjoy the balance and skills required of them to perform their duties outstandingly. We know of what we speak and we have seen the successful outcome of this.

When those who are displaced cross your path, do use the opportunity each time to discern needs without either overdoing it and spending too much time and energy on that single situation, nor dismissing it. Somewhere in the middle is exactly the type of reaction you’d be looking for. Note that your time will be precious.

We see that there will be certain of you that will continue on with their eternal careers elsewhere. Many of you have chosen and agreed to contracts drawn up a very long time ago in your understanding of time.

Some chose to be here to anchor for the Earth Mother up until this point, others chose to be on Earth partially for the period of Changes, while others yet again are going the full gamut with the Mother and have committed to being here throughout the Changes. Many of the latter will return during the New Earth period to continue on, seeding through their respective specialities in service. And all is well with this.

When you see the sky begin to form silvery trails (and these are certainly not chemtrails!), this will be a sign to continue looking up as much more will be coming. That will be like your cosmic theatre cue, along with certain, unmistakable sounds.

[SK: That felt to me like the equivalent of the theatre curtains being raised. I hope that applies to our personal ‘veils’ as well]

We leave this with you for now as we take our leave.

With our infinite blessings and much love

We Are The Divine Dancing Daughters

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

You Can Fly

You Can Fly!
Heavenletter #4876 Published on: April 1, 2014
God said:

You do not begin to perceive or even conceive the strength you have, the strength you ARE. You are mighty.

In retrospect, you do have an idea of this, of what you have been through, and how you withstood it, and, here you are, still standing. From the point of life on Earth, you have been through a lot, pursued by death, accident, lack, love lost and so on.

In actuality, you haven’t gone through anything at all except the ideas you have.

Science has said that the human eye sees things upside down and, yet, you perceive images right side up. In terms of your perspective on life, you see life cattywampus. The Reality is right-side up, yet you see life in a dramatic way. You are quite a playwright. You think you put two and two together. You may, indeed, yet not correctly. I know this because you experience suffering and love lost and all the occasions that break your heart.

When you see from a wider perspective, you know that broken hearts come from a misunderstanding. When you see from a higher perspective, you will dance along in life and let go of holding onto all the tempests. As it is, when you see a tempest, you react to a tempest. If you see a sprinkle of rain, you react to a sprinkle. You respond as to how you see it. Who has not, on occasion, been startled by his own shadow?

You have made a habit of this, for everything that seems to injure you is not capable of it.

You rise to your true status when you perceive life as not so powerful and difficult as you have previously perceived it. By and large, your present perception sees danger, whereas there is no danger. Even if your body were blown to smithereens, nothing has happened to you. Then will you know that nothing happened to you at all. To your body, yes, and there will be mourners.

In Heaven, you recognize fully that the transportation you called your body wasn’t you at all. Your body is a wonder to behold, yet it is a rental car and not essential to you nor worth anything near the Real You. The body can only be a stand-in image of you, more on the order of a wind-up toy.

Oh, yes, precious to you is life, and precious to all who care about you. Yes, you were seen in the mirror and in the eye of the beholder. It was all a fake, a movie reel in which everyone thought he saw himself yet had forgotten himself. Your body was interpreted as a semblance of you while it could only be a pencil-drawing of you, yet, while you rode around in your body, this pencil-drawing was most valuable to you. You would go to great lengths to protect it.

Now, you, without your body, you, needing no body, know what’s what. The essence of you is no longer held prisoner in a body image. You can fly! You fly to Heaven which I insist you never left. It was a dream, beloved, from which you wake up one way or the other and not worse for wear. You learn a lot.

And, for the many who continue to equate themselves with their bodies, enjoy the experience. Enjoy the beautiful pictures of nature I have provided. Enjoy rubbing noses. Enjoy your experience of swimming in the ocean. Learn and keep experience alive in the world. It’s like you’re on tour, traveling somewhere, coming back from somewhere, going somewhere else, even as your true destination is with Me.

Once again, I tell you, you were never anywhere except with Me.

Enjoy the book you are reading or the movie you see, and know what a great dramatist you are and all the stage plays you cook up.


Sunday, March 30, 2014

Sa-Ra 24: Dealing With People In Bereavement

27 March 2014

Sa-Ra 24: Dealing With People In Bereavement

through Shellee-Kim

Tonight beloveds there is more to share. And it’s around the topic of bereavement (SK: grief) in the context of the loss of loved ones.

Yes, the subject has been somewhat discussed by the DDD’s as Shellee now calls them. And that was from the perspective of you choosing to cut ties with those loved ones whom you feel will not be accompanying you into your future.

Now I elaborate on loss by speaking on the subject from the perspective of those who will have their loved ones wrenched from them. And this will happen with little or no warning for these many.

It will be for you to guide them, to comfort them and assist them through their processes and towards their healing. It will be a very rough period for so very many people. But this is a part of what has been chosen. And you guides and wayshowers are more than up to the task in dealing with this.

You will have answers for these many, beloveds. Some may not be able to stomach these answers at first. And remember, everyone will be at different stages of their grieving process. And of course, no two people react the same way to loss. So while there will be similarities, there will also be differences. Again, you will use your connection to the god within you to understand where they are in their process and what it is that may be needed of you.

Loss is not something to fear when you have an understanding of what’s happened to the ‘real’ being; the soul which has been released from its shell, the physical form. It will be for you to convey this understanding that people may find peace and closure.

Remember also that there will be much chaos around you and base animal instincts will set in within mankind, propelled by fear. So you will initially be wanting to provide a good measure of palpable calmness and peace to counteract. Which in turn will allow people the luxury of thinking their situations through with greater clarity.

You may be dealing with young children who have lost every member of their family. Or teenagers who are in the same or similar positions. It would be best if you could gather these ones in groups with as many adults or ‘parent figures’ that they might know and feel a measure of safety, security and reassurance with. This would work especially well if these older ones are ones who have also lost THEIR younger family members. And listening within here again will see you In excellent stead, that you may make all the best choices…for all.

Bereavement, especially in the beginning stages of shock and denial on the loss of one or several loved ones is a particularly difficult phase. And the grief experienced by others will be intense and demand much of you.

There will be many animals in need of loving care also. And it would work particularly well if you suggested that groups of the grieving be tasked with this type of care-giving. More so if the people concerned have a high regard for animals. Providing this care will give people purpose in a crisis. It will also distract and interrupt their grieving while directing their energies into a positive ‘cause’.

You will come across groups of individuals who have been involved in construction and building, while others may be expert in delegating and organizing. These and other groups of specialists in their respective fields will all be able to be similarly mobilized to contribute practically in ways that are of benefit to all.

Your task is also to help bring people out of their basic animalistic nature where possible in these traumatic situations, and back into themselves. Where they can be made to understand, have their questions answered enough to provide a measure of comfort and then be given work of a practical nature.
People respond well to others in need when they themselves are in traumatic or crisis situations. It brings out the best in humanity, it has been said often. And, in fact, can be a great builder of unity consciousness. And this will be part of that which you will nurture.

Yes, you have quite a task ahead of you and we have covered some of what you are to face to aid you in your preparatory work.

Those you will be encountering will mostly be suffering multiple losses. But the one that brings the biggest life changes for many will be the shock of facing living a life without their loved one/s.

Beloved ones, we think this is ample for this evening.
And we wish you all strength, peace and composure.
We know you are quite capable, especially with all the help you are to receive.
May you all be richly blessed, divinely guided and protected.

I AM your Sa-Ra

With you every step of the way

And until we meet next

I bid you farewell.