I AM Present

I AM Present

Saturday, January 23, 2016


19 JANUARY 2016

Well, where to start? It has been quite a time and ours has been quite an absence.
Nontheless, we have watched all proceedings from the ‘sidelines’ during this past year on your planet.

We have watched as chaos, still largely hidden, has been building in stages; as layer upon layer of further deception has become integrated into the mass consciousness. This is what the dark side of those who oppose God have been working towards and continue to do so.
These controlling ones have been preparing you – those of the many of you that have chosen denial and fear, destruction and death instead of your liberation. Yet you know it not, but are soon to do so.

Every man, woman and child has the right to choose with his own free will that which is your birthright-freedom. Yet free will now is a luxury you have all but given up. And this has been done quite willingly by the majority.
And that makes us deeply saddened.

We are not here to chide you, beloved ones of Earth, but rather to draw your attention to why what is now to occur, must be.
The Law of cause and effect must play out and this is something worth pondering, for accept it you must.

Choices that have been made collectively and individually have largely been made at the level of the unconscious. And more’s the pity. But this is the choice and we honour and stand by it. We are ready to support all, but unfortunately cannot interfere in Divine Law – more specifically the Law of cause and effect.

This, which comes, can and will be a great learning if you can allow it by altering your attitude into greater acceptance of the circumstances you find yourselves in. This will be a great test of your readiness as to whether you’ll be moving up the next evolutionary rung on your particular ladder.

It is also a period, though short and intense, that will mark the beginning of a time where humanity unites. Yes, this is and has often been the case where chaos reigns on the earth. People naturally gravitate towards helping and being helped by others; they allow others in (to their hearts and lives) as their physical survival depends on it.

Apart from stating the obvious, there is much to be gained by way of lessons learned for both the sleeping majority and the awakened minority. And, of course, you ones who have long since been preparing for this are expected to pass your last tests with flying colours.
This cleansing is necessary for the Mother (Earth) as you know, and it is her journey that is the focus of much attention right now.

All is as it should be and we urge you to stay firmly rooted in your centre, be open to anything and always remain in a state of flexibility within and without for the best results during this time.

Bringing you our love, support and encouragement

We are on standby
We are, with one voice
The Trinity/Triodity Sisters

Thursday, January 21, 2016


17/18 January 2016

SK’S Inner God

I’ve been pondering this for days again….
The question of what on earth – and in heaven- could be motivating God to have this sham continue here, seemingly without end?
This is what I heard from my Inner God:
All helps to expand my being and thus my creations. Including all my children on Earth and in all other realms. This is the point, and the purpose.

SK: [I wanted to have more on this juicy topic, though. So I thought I’d press on…]

God, why & what is it you want to learn or understand? Or are you playing their game equally with the darkies by allowing them such an ongoing reign?

IG: As I have said earlier, this experiment is for my understanding and the expansion of my own consciousness.

[SK: We chatted yesterday also on this topic, where He expressed similar sentiments]

SK: In which ways exactly?

GW: By allowing them to have their way and to see how far and in which ways their depravity will take them in their attempts at destroying the Earth and humanity.

SK: But why do you want these aspects of yourself to continue on when they only know and thrive on the destruction, pain, suffering and fear of others and murder/blood libel?

GW: These ones must have the opportunity to do as they WILL. Until I press the button, that is, and say ‘enough is enough’.

SK: So can it be said you are party to destroying your own creation through them?

GW: In one respect this can be said to be true. In another, I am allowing these aspects/thought forms the chance to express what THEY WILL.

SK: Do you do this in other unevolved worlds and is it always at the cost of the majority who become their prey and are sacrificed or choose to sacrifice themselves?

GW: It is in the choosing of each soul where to be in which time and space. Many came forth upon your Earth for the very purpose of this exercise currently.

SK: Lies, manipulation and deception run our consciousness here and therefore our world. We have been given the ways and means to see through this if we choose-though most haven’t.
But from my/our perspective the playing fields have been skewed in favour of the darkies forever, so what chance was/is there for humanity to ever rise up against them?
And more importantly, what’s to be gained for you in setting up unequal playing fields?

GW: The last part first : The fields only became unequal, to use your analogy, when man first gave over of his power to other men, instead of maintaining the holy union within himself. It was then that all became subject to the Laws of Cause and Effect/Karma, thus kickstarting man’s and a cycle of decline.

In every epoch, the Laws of God are sullied and man, in order to know of his rightful place in and with God once more needs to know first of the depths to which he has sunk that he might have a means of comparison. This is what comes now upon your plane.

SK: I interrupt the flow as I had to move on to other work at this point.
To be continued, perhaps…