I AM Present

I AM Present

Saturday, August 25, 2012

To Be In Service by Monjoronson

To Be In Service
by Monjoronson

Through Shellee-Kim


Good evening beloved friend. It is I, Monjoronson, come to you this evening.

Let us begin with an understanding. There are many amongst you who have been given opportunities to be of greater service to your fellow man. Some have grasped these with open arms and an open heart; many others have struggled to do so. Not because you haven’t wished to do so, but for reasons related to your own sense of self. And your own judgements of what you believe to be ‘acceptable’ or ‘unnacceptable’ service to others.

Service to others is nothing more or less than service to the self: when you are at a place of deep compassion for your own self first (that is born of a love for self) you are in a place where your service to others becomes that much more profound.

Now, let us look at one of the many examples of this. We see a young boy who has just learned how to cross the road. He is most proud of his ability and proceeds, putting all the road rules he has learned at the forefront of his mind that he might act upon them. What he doesn’t know or realize is that behind him and quite accidentally, is someone pushing him at just the wrong moment.

Quickly, all he’s been taught go out the window, so to speak. He is now in self-preservation mode to protect himself from oncoming traffic. The next step now is to extricate himself from potential danger as quickly as possible. Once this is achieved, he is able to return to perfecting his practice of crossing that big, busy road. This time with extra awareness and added lightning-fast reflexes.

Many of you are at the point of learning how to cross the road in an entirely new manner. One, where you both have all your wits about you, can plan ‘on your feet’ so to speak for an emergency, and at the same time are able to offer assistance to others crossing also. While it might appear as something of a balancing act and somewhat precarious even, this also becomes a personal initiation of sorts for those choosing this.

The time you are all to enter now is much like this road crossing experience for the little boy. Much that is unexpected and could be perceived as hazardous is to come to the fore. Your role will be to roll with what presents.
Always remembering to respond to everything from a state of balance within. You have long been taught the ‘hows’ of this. Now is the time for theories to be put to the test.

Many of you have no or little idea of who you really are. This has been for very good reason. You are about to be revealed to yourselves now. What you are to discover will leave some in awe and may take a little time to digest of the truth of this. This part of your unfoldment process has been well planned and perfectly timed. All set to coincide with the timing of the larger global and cosmic events.

For many of you that are choosing and have chosen roles at this important juncture in humanity’s future, it is to be a time of great fulfillment. And we cannot emphasise and stress enough that composure is key to the success of this next phase.

It is for you ones to be a joyful time in the realization of dreams, visions and that which you call fantasies. But it will also be a time of extremely hard work and much will be required of you in this final initiation and phase. Support will come in many forms, so the tasks to hand will feel far less daunting.

We believe this channel has exhausted her concentration and focus for this evening. And we would like to expand further on these thoughts at another time.

It is indeed a pleasure to have spoken with you once more and I look forward to more regular interaction with you.

I AM Monjoronson, blessing you all with my love this evening.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Tele-chat With Tara


[I’ve only recently started to have contact with Tara, who’s apparently a good friend of mine and I don’t know what else. She describes herself as a ‘facilitator’ but won’t reveal more at this stage. We had set a chat time for 8pm. I was late…]

Tara: Hello..is there anyone home? It’s I, Tara. We had a date…remember?

SK: Hi precious T…how are you?

T: All the better now you are talking to me.
(I ask her to ID herself x 3)
It is Tara of the New Jerusalem ship—I come to you of the Light and for the Light.

I tell her I’m feeling quite a bit energized again and can’t work out why, contradictorily squeezed in between the pain-pressure of my 3rd eye/brow and head pains.

T: Aah, so many changes and all in one body/mind. I watch you and I’m in awe.

SK: How do you mean?

T: In how you appear to cope with all the demands placed on you. And how you walk through your world, trying to keep your balance (successfully most of the time, I see) in a world gone mad. And for a multitude of other reasons…you know them.

SK: Are you and I good friends?

T: Oh very good - bosom buddies *she smiles broadly*
Oh, and you can still refer to me as a facilitator… You will find out exactly what it is I facilitate shortly *another big smile*

SK: I have two or three physical issues that need urgent attention. What’s the position on this during 3DD or after for ones like me?

T: Now, for those needing urgent attention to the healing of their bodies and minds, you ones have been identified and plans are being made to see you as early as is possible. Probably during your first or 2nd visit to ship, immediately after the 3DD commences. You will be given exactly the kind of assistance you need to keep going, but not much more than that, initially. And you will then be able to go back out to your people, able to cope far better. Which would be the purpose. However, we will not be making any ‘miracles’ at this point, so please do not expect such.
(I’m taken to understand that this help will be sufficient in keeping us functional in our service to others. More extensive help and healing will come later).

I ask about a lifelong blockage and if help with this will be possible. She tells me a healing given will kickstart the process at the outset.

T:You will understand the reason for the blockage and the purpose it served. Of course, this for you will be the release of a major obstacle in your life.
And soon the one I have come to know as SK is to return to her Zsohara consciousness, the one I know.

SK: For our first visit to ship, will it be via physical beaming method or via dematerializing or what?

T: Some of you have chosen the dematerialization method. Not many, though, as it takes a huge toll on the body. So most of you will go outside and be beamed up, elevator style. Some of you will be prompted, others called in one way or another and some will have their galactic friends/family come for them.

SK: (I’m in my silly mood tonight). I love to swear sometimes…I often find it a fantastic release. So can I swear on board?

T: Of course you may, but you will find yourself not wanting to after a short while.


T: You will find the vibrations here not conducive to swearing. Therefore, you will not feel the urge as you do on your surface. It really is that simple. You will see. Or shall I say ‘experience’ this for yourself.*another grin*

SK: Can you tell me something about food on board?

T: Food can be a banquet here. Of your own creation. You can literally create your own feast, if you so wish. Kind of like a ‘design a meal’. *grin*. The dish/es of your choice are but a thought away.

SK: Its icy cold now in CT and getting heat is top priority at the moment for me, especially at night and for bed time. And my bad circulation means that my feet never warm up. Can you say something about temperature and living quarters on board?

T: Our quarters are kept at a constant, controlled temperature but you make your own adjustment to heat up or cool down as per your individual requirements. You will find the entire environment most pleasing all round. The temperature will feel something similar to heating and air-conditioning, but without the negative effects of these, as on your earth.

SK: Is there a gym on board?

T: No, we don’t need a gym…we keep our bodies in tip top shape with little effort.

SK: how old are you?

T: I’m several thousand years old. I look around 30, though. Most of us like to maintain themselves somewhere between 30-40 years of age. And then a few people, depending on the project at hand, will look much older. Such as your own father. There always seems to be a purpose attached, though, for those wanting or needing to appear older.

I ask if we can continue the next day as I’m suddenly overwhelmed by the urge to sleep.

T: Yes, we can certainly do that. I will make myself available to you.

SK: Hi Tara. Can you comment on upcoming galactic-surface human intimate relationships.

Sekhmet:There are a number of people on the earth (most still unaware) that are to embark on relationships with their galactic partners. These are to serve as very important examples to humanity, setting the tone for what Unity Consciousness within an intimate partnership looks like. ( Sekhmet stepped in here, apparently).

SK: I was once shown a smallish star ship that I was told was mine. It felt like an ancient relationship (in earth years) and that we’d adventured much together. And I started crying when I felt the ship was ‘alive’; like an organic being. Like I could communicate with it by touching its ‘skin’ walls and surface.

T: Yes, you can and you did. Although our creations, these ships are separate evolving entities. And this one was very much involved in a partnership between the two of you. And it will come again. This particular ship has been waiting to once again do service unto you.

SK: I want to thank you, Tara (and Sekhmet) for your sharing here. And hope to do it again sometime soon.

T: Again my pleasure, as it always is. And looking forward to our next contact.

Be Loved