I AM Present

I AM Present

Friday, March 14, 2014

Sa-Ra 23: ENVY

6 March 2014

Sara 23: ENVY

through Shellee-Kim

Aaah, it is a pleasure to be with you again beloved friends and family.
For this time change is really upon you all. And while we may have said this repeatedly in the past and created somewhat of a ‘boy who cried wolf’ pattern, we can tell you with certainty this time that the unfoldment of events are at your doorstep.

However, today I would speak with you on Envy.

Envy is one of the most spoken about vices or sins in all your religious and so-called holy books of the world. For such adherents of religion, this ‘vice’ or ‘sin’ is perceived as something very dirty and thus, unwanted. It is constantly sought to be pushed away, shut out or down when the receiver experiences a wave of this envy.

As with all other’sins’, it is perceived as a condition that is associated with being anti-spiritual in both alternative spirituality and mainstream religions. And thus for many of these adherents they tend to equate it with an external evil of sorts; a temptation to lead them astray off their chosen path.

Your religions are not given to encouraging exploration of that which dwells within man and lives within his ego. No amount of attempting to drive this ‘evil’ down and out, however, will produce fruit. As that which lives within which requires release and balance will continue to rear its head until the condition called envy is fully explored and accepted for what it is.

In many respects, therefore, those who ‘believe’ in a system or ideology and attempt to adopt practices of suppression of aspects of their ego including this, are in fact at a greater disadvantage in arriving at truth.

Envy is a condition that’s created within due to any amount of internal and external situations and causes. External scenarios include: being triggered by a visit to someone’s home where you left longing to have some material possession or another that was displayed in that home. Yet you cannot afford this.

Or perhaps the same effect was achieved in a comment or several someone made about their seemingly-easy, pleasurable lifestyle or decently-paying job. Whether true or not. And along with envy comes wave upon wave of resentment at your own seemingly-limited situation.

Alternatively, it may be a case of spiritual envy. Perhaps you feel envious over a guru/spiritual leader/religious authority figure showing favouritism to another you perceive as less deserving than you.

Essentially, beloveds, what is occurring in all of these scenarios are the feelings of inferiority that arise within you that produce comparisons and translate into envy, resentment and jealousy. Again, it is a question of how you perceive yourselves: one who stands strong in his or her own identity or one who succumbs to the values of another (society’s), your culture, religion or lifestyle.

More than ever on your plane it is seen as desirable to trample over one another to ‘reach the top’ of the ladder materially, where YOU become the envy of others. Your society and media encourage this greatly. And thus you are programmed into feeling these feelings as part of having a ‘normal and healthy’ drive or ambition.
There is nothing healthy about feeling envious of who another is or what they possess. Regardless of whether these are their inner skills, talents, material possessions or innate essence.

In the case of the latter, there are many who very quietly constantly compare themselves to others, as regards their perception of spiritual development. And I say ‘very quietly’ as on many new age sites and forums this would be wholly discouraged if spoken of openly. And so it is pushed underground, including in the mind.

There is no race towards the unfoldment of your true Self. And thus no need to compare yourself with another. As it is this that causes and creates the feelings of unworthiness within and thus sets off the envy chain reaction.

Many of you that will read this believe yourselves NOT to be subject to envy. But envy nonetheless can play out in very subtle ways within.
Take, for example, a verbal altercation you may have with someone who might be on the opposite side of the fence to you: in lifestyle choices and values, including spiritual ones. While he or she may be in the midst of an angry rebuttal, are you not of the perception that you are right in your weighing up of the situation? And while horns are being locked, you thus see your response as quite justified.

What you don’t necessarily see, however is that the other may be responding not to the claimed comments or situation in hand, but is having instead a jealous and resentful outburst, based on envy (of you).

Such as when an unemployed husband stays home to take care of the home and children while his wife works. In an outburst with his wife, he may feel his anger over cleaning house and taking care of children is completely justified in whatever it is he’s irate about.

Yet, what may be really happening is at core he is deeply envious of his wife’s perceived freedom. Particularly in comparison with what he may perceive as enslavement to the mundane as chief caregiver. He feels inferior in status and occupation as he compares himself with his wife. Unfortunately envy quickly turns to jealousy and resentment and these can and do erode and kill any relationship, over time.

Yet most prefer to ignore the road signs which creates envy, jealousy and resentments within while suppressing all and continuing on. But when relationships break down (and this includes both work relationships and social ones) these same people profess not to know how or why this occurred.

To heal this beloveds the real question is : how and where within myself did such a lack begin in the first instance? It is also important to be really clear about your varied relationships and know what the real basis for these are.
Are they there to prop up your false sense of self and what you identify externally with or are they there to enhance your evolution and growth? When you have answered this in all truth it is at this point you can start tackling how, where and why you allowed envy to grow within you.

Healing this condition means you bring more of your true Self to any and every relationship you have, impacting far more positively on others. And though the other may not be able to see what motivates him or her, you will be able to see and know what motivates YOU. And this is the entire point. That you become aware of what drives YOUR reactions by knowing where they are truly sourced.

There are as many types of situations triggered by envy as there are situations that man and woman create around it. And I don’t mean here necessarily together, as feeling envious is not limited to the domain of intimate relationships.

It is spiritual and emotional intelligence that is required to free oneself of this, as with other inner work. But, if left to its own devices or even encouraged in some scenarios, this condition can be life-destroying for those refusing to take ownership of this.

We would leave this with you for now that you might peruse for some added knowledge.

And say again how wonderfully proud we are of all of you – our cherished warriors.

Know that you are at the end of a long and troublesome (for many) road of learning.

We remain ever grateful to you for your achievements.

I am your beloved Sa-Ra

Wishing you well, wishing you peace and fortitude.

Until the next.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Worldwide Holocaust


The timing is right, the place is right and the events now and to follow are right....right on time for a worldwide holocaust.

People, some, love to believe in a savior, rescuer, a hero who arrives in the nick of Hollywood time. And no, it wouldn’t be nice if it was true.

You can’t save yourself form yourself and you can’t save a nation or the world from themselves. There are prices to pay if you play, and no one, no nation and no world plays for free.

Duped is as duped does and ignorance has no appeal, and the law of cause and effect and action and reaction and all their consequences are as sun is bright and night is dark and each have their turn.

False hope and false belief and false faith may comfort the ignorant by their misuse and misapplication but at the moment of naked truth the ignorant are dismayed and horrified that their favorite saviors failed to appear.

Better it is to not be fooled and to look at naked truth and deal with it before it opens wide its jaws to consume.

Hope, belief and faith make fools of would be wise men.

Sooth sayers among us, and prophet-fools we abide, and the assumed enlightened wearing dark veils, and channelers promising reward without merit and light beams of peace and plenty are cartoon people of good intentions perhaps but void of wisdom when they deny the knife of reality at their throat and say, “The golden age is dawned, is now, and we walk in love, let’s hold hands and be one and by our vision all is transformed instantly,” as if intention was a magic wand or a genie bottle of instant gratification.

You don’t turn a storm that has strengthened over eons with a wisk broom of thoughts, intentions, desires, hope or belief.

Without law without cause and effect no foundation can stand and no constructs maintained, and if it were not so, fools would abound, a short time, and wisdom would not be found and the universe would cease to exist.

Days of reward a-long-time-coming are at hand and no man or gods believed will stay their hand. It comes surely as night follows day, and the wise fear not and seek no refuge in imaginary saviors for they know wisdom’s child is both dark AND light and the greatest teacher for beings moving on to greater experiences.

Be not afraid, rejoice and be glad and thankful, for life here is short and life beyond is long and the journey has just begun.



Sunday, March 9, 2014

Anchoring In The Feminine Divine - The Dancing Daughters

[I checked back with them on 8 March:
DD: We come forth as the Dancing Daughters directly from Creator Source - He who bathes the planet in the glorious Light of Himself]

through Shellee-Kim

4 March 2014

We come as One Voice to speak through our Shellee-Kim who is our scribe tonight.
She is to introduce you to the hierarchy of the Sisterhood. Which is really what she calls the Feminine Divine. Or you might wish to address it as the Female Principle, the Goddess energy, Mother energy or any other number of names you may have come to know this by.

This energy, whatever you wish to call it, is to transform your planet and those of yourselves who are open to receiving of it. It is and has always been a vital missing link in the quest for wholeness - both within yourselves and as part of the planetary body. This has been missing from your lives and selves for many an age, and in order to go forward, upwards and onwards, this is a necessary part of you that needs reclaiming.

Before we continue we would like to state for the record that few on your earth plane have successfully and wholly managed to integrate these two energies (the masculine and feminine) in their entirety and in balance within. For that is the keyword here: balance.

Once you are successful in this endeavour, you will know it quite certainly as you will feel wholly different. Your expression will be one of ease within -regardless of whether you're in female physical form expressing your masculinity as may be required in a given moment or in a masculine body expressing your feminine aspects. What matters is how comfortable within you will feel, with whatever is required of you or however you best can express in the moment.

You will be the ones who will begin to cultivate a desire for such a state as living, walking examples of it yourselves. An entirely new time is upon you all. One where you will never again remove or ALLOW to have suppressed such a vital aspect of your beingness in physical form.

It is from the balanced expression this brings forth that you will have some of the tools needed to begin the healing of your relationships. First the one you have with yourselves and then all others. And this includes your intimate relationships, which, as we see it - regardless of eastern or western cultures or religious groups or any other identity - is fraught with difficulties.
This separation of the sexes has been around for as long as man and woman have and it has had a negative ripple effect over the passage of time. As you now finally begin opening to and integrating this natural part of you, so will ITS ripple effects begin their positive impact. And this bring us great Joy. For it is this in part we (as one of the groups energies) wish to assist in the anchoring of.

You and your fellow brothers and sisters of earth are to know some old ways of doing new things and new ways of doing old things in your new lives upon the coming earth. As a result, your lives are to become far more simplified than they are at present.

What you now may perceive as paradigm shifts will become a daily occurrence in many spheres of your existence. And the excitement of embracing new ideas will become almost like having a new daily diet and a very healthy one.
This will also prevent you from becoming stuck and lodged into patterns that do not serve.

All is finally as it should be. And WE are most delighted to be accompanying you down this road.

We will leave it at this for the moment as our scribe grows weary.
We will make contact again.

Be you blessed by the Father

And know that Ye and He are One

Be you blessed by the Mother

For She too is Who You Are

And we are the Dancing Daughters

Giving you our fondest farewell