I AM Present

I AM Present

Saturday, March 16, 2013


Being sovereign is nothing more or less than fully owning all aspects of yourself, your creations and thus your life. A state that will be essential to building and running a successful society on the new earth.
I have chosen to call intimate love based on the same as the 'sovereign love experience.'

My friend B (currently on ship) and I have been exploring aspects of this together in our chats and the various obstacles in our path to achieving this on the earth.
Our history together spans intergalacticly and trans dimensionally and we were together at the beginning of time.

SK & B Chronicles: The Ties That Bind

SK: From your perspective, B, what are some of the ties that bind us, preventing us from feeling and thus being liberated in our personal relationships?

B: Where to begin…that’s a big question, you know. Do u want to narrow it down a bit?

SK: Remember my friendship with G & C until they left earlier this year? How about the advice she used to ask me for - re their marriage?

B: Yes, ok. Like the ‘obligation and duty can kill the life purpose’ sort of advice you gave?

SK: Yes.

B: Well, in your world the duty and obligation that you feel pressured to express is confused with morality and ethics, very often. Those sorts of qualities are bred into you, conditioned in from your personal upbringing and family values, societally, etc. But then as adults – to recognise that they are ‘ties that bind’ rather than the ethical and moral principles you believe them to be – take some sifting and a deeper self awareness. It becomes a process to ALLOW YOURSELF to re-cog-nise that principles, morality and ethics taught by your world and NOT your inner voice/compass – can be more limiting and destructive long term than it is liberating to the HS, to your souls and the experiences they wish for you to have as the highest forms of expression.

SK: In the vast majority of cases, these are often the reasons people stay together in their relationships.

B: Yes they are. Or have been so far. But all that’s about to change when the focus for existence does on your world. And people will know it then in no uncertain terms.

SK: I’m presuming no such limitations exist where you come from and where you’ve personally been in your own relationships?

B: No. We don’t choose to experience this and therefore don’t know of such limitations. But we watch you on earth struggling with yours and long for you to be free of that type of suffering. For us, there is total commitment in the moment to who we are with in our relationships. Whether we’re in a sacred partnership (the equivalent of a committed marriage) or not. And honesty with one another about how we’re feeling every step of the way is prerequisite.

SK: But then I suppose you also don’t have this sense of holding back in personal relationships that many on earth have because they are trying to ‘avoid hurting another’. Which to my mind is really another way of saying ‘I can’t or don’t want to deal with that level of honesty with another because I can’t deal with it in myself’. As you know, I’ve never successfully been able to pull off that approach. I need to have it straight up and have the freedom to deliver it that way too. Which I see as an accelerated means to growing.

B: Well, there are many aspects of you that never got grounded out, to use that expression, into separation from your source self in this incarnation. Some aspects of your multi-dimensional nature were embedded so strongly that you could not forget in your living experience. And so you express this, as one of these.

SK: Some more personal stuff is exchanged further at this point between us...

SK: Let’s chat about understanding the energy at play between yourself and another. For instance, how easily we believe we’re ‘in love’, when we could be infatuated, in ‘lust’ or in what I’m calling contract/agreement with another, including a karmic arrangement. And how easily confused we become trying to pigeon hole what it is we’re feeling, but not really knowing.

B: And add to that the necessity of knowing yourself, as a means of gaining more clarity on what it is you’re feeling and sharing with another. Yes, it can all be very confusing...the love and romantic attractions you have for one another.
Not helped by your world’s media providing very narrow definitions about what love is and isn’t between two people. So, you really have very little to go on in understanding what’s at play. And then most people’s inner compasses are pretty dead or obliterated, so they don’t pay attention there, either. All in all, it’s a case of the blind leading the blind for the most part.

SK: How can we remedy this on the new earth. For we must if we are to go forward as healthier individuals choosing more appropriate partners. How does it work that side?

B: Well, of course we have none of the obstructions in our path and vision. And we are always and first in touch with ourselves and our inner guidance as to who is ‘right’ for us. And whether there are things to share at that deeper, intimate level. Because we have a 100% connection 100% of the time with ourselves first, there really isn’t much discernment to be made or done. We just know what is or isn’t right for us.

To be continued...

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Selfish Self Consciousness vs Consciousness of the Self


Thursday, March 7th, 2013

by Julian Rose

Throughout the past three to four decades, putting ourselves in the foreground and just about everything else in the background has become ‘the new normal’ for millions of well-off Westerners and followers of Western fashions.

This has had three outstanding affects: firstly, it has contributed to a huge increase in narcissistic wealth hoarding and the largely mindless amassing of all sorts of luxury goods from fashionable clothes to fancy gismos, shiny cars, perfect homes, exotic holidays and more. Basically, all the things that propaganda based corporate advertising has on offer to tickle the vanities of a fast moving, materialistically seduced society.

Secondly, the overtly heavy material demand associated with this burgeoning consumerism has led to a massive and brutal exploitation of planetary resources and the consequential extensive rape of mother earth. And like all ‘rape’ it is done solely for short term ego bolstering gratification.

Thirdly, putting our own desires in the foreground and everything else in the background has turned people in on themselves in a way which largely excludes the expression of our natural social instincts to support each other and share our common wealth.

A narcissistic inclination to indulge in everything to do with ‘me’ impoverishes society at a deeper level as well. It achieves this by cutting short the ‘age of innocence’ through implanting unrealistic and unwelcome diversions into the human psyche just at the time when the search for more profound answer to life’s questions should be moving strongly into the foreground.

This great quest for deeper answers and truths inevitably leads into experiencing direct collisions with life’s hidden and not so hidden hurdles. Yet it is through a non-fearing determination not to step aside from these collisions that we gain the very best chance of building real and enduring strength in the fledgeling spirit of our deeper selves. In fact, the opposing urge to indulge ourselves has the capacity to derail the natural growing process to such a degree that many only ‘come back to themselves’ after a life long struggle of the soul to make itself heard above the fruitless din of empty chatter that fills the void of an otherwise often unbearably soulless existence.

But hold firm and square-off face to face with the tougher end of the spectrum, accepting the hard knocks which this inevitably brings, and some soulful pearl starts to be formed deep inside. A pearl which is polished into resilience through weathering all attempts to dull and dumb it down to societal conformity. That narcissistic ‘self’ satisfaction syndrome that sucks the life out of all who give-in to the comparative safety of uncritical conformity with a poisoned status quo.

Survive this poisoned chalice – and a steadily blossoming ‘consciousness of the self’ imperceptibly moves centre stage. Such an awakening is the antithesis of the narcissistic vanities whose corporate and ego fuelled tentacles flail so seductively around our unguarded psyches. ‘Consciousness of the self’ is the process in which we become aware of the Godly in us – and all that that brings with it.

What does ‘becoming aware of the Godly in us’ bring with it?

The first thing is that it illuminates the existence of another reality than that experienced in pursuit of the typical pseudo-demands of the centralised control system. And in so doing it gives us a choice: go with this beckoning and love filled pearl or retreat from it back into the darkness of unrealised self . Become emboldened to keep your hands on the tiller of Real Life, or let fear and foolishness steer your ship onto the rocks of spirit sapping conformity. The choice is ours.

I know how easy it is to dismiss the feasibility of climbing the rock strewn road to sustained enlightenment. But every dismissal is another death in the cosmic kingdom from which we all come. Think of it this way: are you prepared to shoulder responsibility for a refusal of consciousness? Are you willing to recognize complicity in undermining the very life-force with which you and I are endowed from birth? The thoughtless undermining of this greatest gift of all? Will it be spurned in favour of a few more years of phony self gratification?

Oh doubters, turn not away, for there’s a burning sensation in your groin . How fortunate!
How fortunate that it is that forceful a wake-up call. But all fires go out if they are not stoked – and this one is no exception. Stoke it – then walk into it. Yes, walk straight into the flames and be consumed. Totally consumed. So consumed that nothing survives except that beautiful pearl at the centre of your being.

Now turn inside out. So that the pearl becomes the you you really are and everything else – the useless and toxic blockages – dissolve away. Away to the sun at the centre of the earth, there to be burned to a crisp and transformed into pure light energy and made ready for a new spirit in waiting to descend to this planet. A spirit destined to become miraculously attached to a little body forming in the womb of earth woman. And then, one day, peeking out onto this world in deep unconscious awe and wonder.

That has been, and is, your journey and my journey dear friends. So here we are now reading these words and as we do so, experiencing some degree of consciousness of the self – our Godly Being. A state so precious that none of us can ever let it fall to the ground to be smashed into the sterile prisms of a society in denial of its Creator and in awe to the false messiah of self centred selfishness and hypnotic mass consumption.



Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Dreams, Visions And Meditations

After a particularly gruelling period the past few months involving my car, cat and computer (the 3 C's)simultaneously and including a heavy testing period of a too-close interaction with an extremely dark soul, I also have some uplifting moments to share.

About a week after I yet again told this dark one where to get off, I was congratulated by my IF's (invisible friends) and other Celestials and had a wonderful meditation. In it, the figure eight and what seemed to be the double helix were swirling around/through me, along with rainbows. But the double helix and figure eight look very similar, so...
Around a week or so before, in a dream I was sucked into a royal blue, swirling vortex. There I floated, just feeling sooo good. And not wanting to come out of it.

The meditation above was followed by several which had the same feature to it. But I still haven't been able to work out what it means.
A golden fountain opened upwards from my crown chakra, shooting it's golden liquid light up and out. And simultaneously worked in the other direction - seemingly sourced in a higher place, coming down into my crown. So there's been this two way action happening continuously.

Then, about dreams.
I've had dreams of day becoming night (long before I heard of the upcoming Three Dark Days) and visions of the sky rolling back/opening up. A la Truman Show. Where all is revealed 'behind' what we thought was sky. Then there's been a series of dreams involving space ships. Here's last night's:

I'm on either a bus/tram with someone I know who's left their body. He spoke fine in this realm, but can't/won't speak in the dream. However, others do on his behalf. I have just collected something and need to get back home. We are riding on a popular coastal route when suddenly everything electrical just stops! Including this bus/tram.
I can either wait until it starts up again, I muse, or start walking and see what other modes of transport I can hitch a ride with in the same direction.

As I start walking, my attention is drawn skywards and in the distance there's a yellow box type structure, high in the sky. It has something flapping off its side, also yellow, but is still too far away to see clearly. This box reminds me of a bigger version of the old-style, colourful beach huts painted in all the primary colours, used for changing in. They were popular in the 40's and we still have them characteristically on some of our beaches here.

The floating box/hut kept moving across the sky, back and forth, fading out of and coming back into view; sometimes fast and sometimes slower. Like everyone, I kept my eye on the sky while walking. I saw a stationery train had also literally been stopped in its tracks. It was an unusual one because it had very wide carriages and compartments and the passengers on it seemed to have all but their kitchen sinks with them. Like they were semi-permanent residents and these spaces seemed more like spacious cabins on a cruiser. I thought to myself "Wow, I'd love to explore them and the whole train fully some time soon" and contemplated stopping then. But I was pressed for time.

Then, my attention was drawn to the sky again. Suddenly, the yellow hut/box came very quickly out of nowhere and it hit the surface of the very calm and sparkling sea. It had transformed itself (or had always been?) a school bus, which was now riding its strange wheels (but not wheels) on the surface of the sea, hardly disturbing the water's motion at all.

Then the scene switched and it was night. I was at a popular tourist and local destination - like an eatery at our Waterfront complex. A lot of people were 'oohing' and 'aahing' outside on a wooden deck next to the sea. And somehow I'd managed to get stuck in the middle of the crowd inside and could see nothing (I'm very short). I pushed my way outside to the deck and saw the show: a large-ish space craft was plunging in and out of the water, at angles, with it's underside exposed to us. We could see all the higher dimensional technology and inner workings that constituted the ship and we were all in awe.

It was almost as though the ship was behaving playfully like a dolphin would, knowing it had an audience and performing tricks to entertain. I was besides myself with excitement and kept waving each time I thought I saw portholes, shouting: 'Hi CM (Christ Michael) and team! I'm here. Can you see me?' I was madly sending telepathic messages at the same time to whoever on that ship could receive them in the hope of them making contact with me.

Then I woke up.

There was much more to this dream- pre my description above. One thing seems certain: that we're on the move; in transition.

Let the games and new journey begin!

In magic, madness and mystery

Sunday, March 10, 2013

A Bunch Of Bite-Sized Messages

A Bunch Of Bite-Sized Messages

Creator Source/Mother Mary/Christ Michael



9 March -9 pm

Mother Mary

Mother Mary came to tell me today that I should be on alert/on standby as ‘it is time’ now, it happens now’.
I responded a bit sarcastically with: ‘You mean like I was on alert and in prep mode in 2004, 2005, 2006, etc…?’

Creator Source

A few hours later at around 9pm, Creator Source came with an urgent-sounding message.
CS:Beloved, it is time to get yourself into place/position and be on standby.
SK: I would without doubt, if I knew what my place and position was.
CS: You will know in no uncertain terms through your HS and/those who walk with you. It begins now; the time is now. Please ensure you are well prepared.

Mother Mary

Shortly thereafter, this was followed again by Mother Mary asking me to please not dismiss the message by Creator Source and asked me to refill my water bottles, make sure I have food stores and pack my bag again.

Also of relevance is my galactic friend B said on Thursday he was on the way (to me) and ‘girding his loins’ for our contact. ;-)There was an unusually excited energy from him. He then gave me a visual of him decked out in full metallic combat gear, holding a shield.
I think that was more personal, but also could have been a general comment by him/them on the imminent action.

Short and sweet.
Hope this is news we can all use this time.

Let it be. Let it be. Let it be.

Addendum: 10 March

Creator Source:

You, who are prepared, are all about to come ‘online’ as it were, to your True Selves. We are about to blow the whistle. No more shall be tolerated. This is the end of the games, the end of the old world and the end of the illusion.
Now you will all grow up as quickly as you know how, that all might know their true natures.
Without further ado, let us proceed.

(*I wish I had a jumping-up-and-down-for-joy emoticon here or knew how to insert it*)

You are all deeply honoured, our merciful Celestial guidance. You are our shining galactic stars...

Love Shellee-Kim