I AM Present

I AM Present

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Shellee-Kim Gold

The start of the new earth and the re-building of humanity is right around the very next corner.
And it’s going to take more than magic wands and miracles to right eons of human wrongs. Particularly the wrongs we've done ourselves.

Mother Earth will be needing as many people as possible who honour and love themselves sufficiently to journey with her in this great, forthcoming adventure.

Unity consciousness can only begin with one heart and mind at a time. And I believe it is only when a substantial amount of us will be living lives anchored in states of unity and balance within ourselves that the ripple effect will have a decent chance of taking hold amongst the majority. Then we'll be able to see real change at work between all sentient species on the planet.

For that ripple to spread, an increasing amount of us need to first and foremost be developing and nurturing the greatest personal relationship available to us on this planet...the one with ourselves!

Though rewards for having an harmonious relationship with ourselves are many, journeying to get there is no mean feat. In fact, even when we get 'there', to that space of maintaining a mostly-balanced state of unity consciousness, we will still continue on; learning, integrating, chipping, polishing, refining ourselves. We are truly works in progress.

If we don't go out on a limb, however, we cannot have the fruit. And the conscious intent and awareness required to continuously be directing self within to review our daily interactions with ourselves and others requires the W-word. W.O.R.K.
And did I mention the lion-hearted courage it takes? Many of the places we need to go to within for what I call polarity-resolution are not exactly pretty. For me personally: I've had my fair share with that little critter called denial from early on. One of the toughest fear-based responses. Get passed that one and you are well on the way to taking actual responsibility for the issue/pattern at hand.

Our consistent efforts to find and return all the 'lost' parts of ourselves toward our inner wholeness is the immediate goal. Raising our frequencies in this way to become living gods is why we are here. This is consciousness expansion in action. And the more highly-evolved beings (both in and out of body) apparently agree with this sentiment. In the process, we're gifting back our Higher Selves by making those choices most in alignment with the highest possible outcome for this lifetime.

Improving our relationship with ourselves means becoming conscious of the game we have come to this planet of free will to play and experience. And accepting polarity consciousness is a part of the package deal.

We are all subject to polarity within our psyches and worlds on an ongoing basis. The ego-judgement mind of separation: good/bad, right/wrong, dark/light, etc. When investigating a destructive pattern or feeling within us this can almost always be traced back to some judgement (and hence unforgiveness) of ourselves we have locked ourselves into over time.

Scoring soul brownie points, as it were, means working to resolve our inner polarities enough where we can gradually enter the state of neutralised light, once a particular issue is healed and our mental/emotional body is returned to greater balance. I like that term best, although there are others. To me, neutralised light aptly describes that we have authentically moved ourselves beyond the polarity within on that specific issue and its underlying cause.

I’ve spent decades of my existence thus far getting to understand myself by who I'm not; a process of elimination. Yet it still requires consistent discernment and excruciating self-honesty to know that I have moved into neutralised light on an issue.
This is where an outside source can become an excellent means of monitoring personal progress – through mirroring.
It doesn’t have to be an intimate partner – even strangers in supermarket queues will do. Of course, we don’t allow ourselves to be vulnerable in the same manner with strangers as we do with our intimate partners. But the real point of the exercise is to watch our mental-emotional responses pertaining to the issue/pattern we’ve just been busy investigating.

It is all our bodies, including emotional and mental bodies, that need aligning in order to activate more of our DNA, raising our frequencies further. So every time we have a ‘negative’ emotional charge response (irritation, anger, feelings of disempowerment, etc) to someone or something external, these provide major clues that we have not completed the work on the particular issue in question.
When no negative charge is triggered in the same situation we can be confident that we have successfully integrated.
Observing our emotional responses to the person or situation always provides major clues to our true inner state.
Issues can also carry ‘symptomatic’ associations and feelings with them, which may not appear to be directly linked to the issue/pattern. So you’ll likely need to delve further.

A potential pitfall to successful integration here can be our beloved monkey minds. Because our egos/inner child often feels seriously threatened and resistant to this work of merging with and loving ourselves more deeply, it could convince us we have arrived at resolution point when we may not have. Subsequently, we may be distracted by a charismatic person, a book’s teaching or something else during the initial review stage.
Such distractions have convinced many new age fluff bunnies that by the practice of rituals or be-lie-fs from various schools of thought, they have overcome the issue/pattern and arrived at a new space within as long as they remember to ‘stay positive’.
I interpret this as: remaining in denial from the deeper aspects of self that need work, as above. Ditto when it comes to ‘staying humble’=feeling holy?. Although a sought-after quality by both religions and the new age, this pitfall is merely another encouraged means to keep the self small, unacknowledged and subsequently unloved by us.
Being held in limitation to a place, person or event in memory through parasitic entity cordings are another subtle but powerful means of keeping us separated from self and our personal power. [Which I'll tackle in the follow up piece]

The whole point of living in neutralised light is to retrieve our authentic power so we can live and share it, not swop one state of powerlessness for another.

Our own personal commitment to being more emotionally intelligent with ourselves first is the road home to a community, nation and world of empowered and sovereign Hu-man beings.