I AM Present

I AM Present

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Sara 2: On Despair & Hopelessness

7 May 2013

Sa-Ra: 2

Shellee, you and I have discussed numerous things already. And something that you are familiar with – although more from your distant past – are those feelings of despair within. A feeling of never being able to pull yourself up and out of this most dense emotional state. Along with it, in most instances, comes a sense of hopelessness. For this is, in fact, what it is.

But how is it that ones arrive at this state in the first place? What are the tell-tale signs we can become aware of BEFORE we begin the sinking into this unhealthy and unhelpful state within?

Despair is a state where we feel we have lost, within ourselves, some type of battle. We believe we are no longer connected to the hopeful feelings of our lives and that which once brought us feelings of upliftment therein. Being in despair feeds on its own self-destructive tendency. And so we end up in a spiral of this self-destruction, feeling as if we will never recover from whatever ails us.Of course, this is all the more intense if we choose to stay there. And without applying the light of our understanding to ourselves.

We first arrived into a state of hopelessness and despair by allowing a situation or person to strip us of our personal power; by relinquishing an aspect of our own essence. Despair and hopelessness might have arrived via an early childhood experience or it could have been as a result of an ongoing pattern experienced over many years as an adult. Even if those feelings lie buried and dormant for years, perhaps later into the life it is externally triggered by a person or life situation.

As an example, let’s say the current source of your issues (or so you believe) is a difficulty getting along with a work colleague. One with whom you’ve had bad relations. In this, no matter what ‘surface’ treatment you applied to the situation or how you tried to ‘plaster’ it up for functionality in the work place, the energy between the two of you was still at work in the unconscious and on the ethers. Meaning, a battle for power is being fought.
As this continued, you found yourself subject to other situations happening around you or perhaps in your home life. Similarly disempowering situations in whichever forms they took. And you may well have NOT connected the dots. When, in fact, there was a single source at the root of all this seemingly-disconnected emotional turbulence.

Most people would only be able to access the end feelings, as it were –these eventual feelings of despair. The feelings that were set in motion by fighting something or someone outside of yourself and the inability/unwillingness to accept your own power; your own truth.
Yet, the dysfunctional work relationship above and its start only came into being as a result of an agreement between you two (at the Higher Self level). In which the situation brought forth an opportunity to find out where within you felt disempowered and how. And thus your seemingly greatest enemies are most often, in fact, your grandest teachers. If you will fully allow and accept them in being so, embracing the lessons they bring forth.

As you sit now in this current unpleasant scenario of feeling despair and not really knowing why, try to mentally trace through your memories of where and when the very first feelings of despair began for you. And what/who the people, situations and circumstances were which existed at the time.
You may ask for help with your memories from us and your own guardians of Light; we are but a call away to assist any and all wishing to heal and grow themselves.

Once you’ve clearly understood despair was merely the symptom of other, deeper feelings of non-acceptance you have about yourself, there will be some relief. For you will now have greater accuracy in arriving at the core of the problem. Rather than continuing to expend energy in trying to control these feelings of despair with your ego will alone. For controlling something is certainly not bringing understanding to it or allowing it to heal.

Despair becomes a dis-ease of psycho-spiritual imbalance and thus serves only to ‘freeze’ you up. Which is the opposite of free-dom. And it easily gives rise to feelings of depression (which your world has labeled a mental disorder, using as an excuse to get you addicted to all manner of chemical drugs), it shrinks your world/your interaction with it, can make you feel antisocial, and at worst, leads to feelings of wanting to commit suicide.

Once you know what it is that caused all the trouble in the first place, you are halfway to the healing and subsequent re-introduction of greater balance within.
Most people engage in their internal battles by applying the will of the (lower, ego)mind. Which grows ever weaker, less reliant and more confused as the energies hitting earth and everything on her accelerate with greater intensity.
And, it is our observation that many people are hanging on to their functionality in the world by a thin thread connected to this will. As this is the negative ego’s understanding of survival.

But issues like these cannot be completely and authentically resolved anymore by anything other than the God/higher mind being utilized in the problem-solving. And this is what those who are dedicated to growing in consciousness require for their progress.

Despair is but one of many ‘symptoms’ brought to your attention by your mind. Along with the world, that brings to you, at every turn, an exact reflection of what is occurring within and where/what you should be looking to to heal.

I address despair today as this can be and does have a paralyzing effect on the human psyche. Where all other inner movement is potentially shut down. And it is most necessary to keep those doors to yourselves open, beloveds. For otherwise you are no better or worse than ‘zombies’. And living in this mode would be no life at all.

Despair is the opposite of hope. It is the state of having given up on yourself. And I AM here today to show there is a way out of the maze you may feel you are in, internally. Which can return you to yourself, given your dedication and sincerity to the task at hand and your desire to apply your higher mind to the problem.

And we are here to help you return you to yourself, if you so wish.

On this sombre, but most important note…

I AM Sa-Ra, loving you all for everything you are, go through and achieve.

It is with delight and joy that I AM here to serve.

I take my leave now and wish you Adieu.

Monday, May 6, 2013

Sara Speaks

Sara has a very upbeat, enthusiastic, fiery kind of energy. In fact, she’s very similar to me. And one of the Sisterhood said the two of us are like two peas in a pod. She doesn’t beat around the bush and has a no-nonsense approach, a great sense of humour and frequently makes me laugh. She’s also cursed with verbosity ;-)
She has a distinctive presence and often responds repeating an affirmation two or three times (she does this for a specific purpose) I was told.

Note: I transcribed this off my cell phone while sitting in my garden and various sentences got ‘lost’ due to my shuffling and movements and I couldn’t remember what she’d said. I’ve marked these inaudible places with […?]. I know it’s annoying, so apologies for that.

Love Shellee-Kim

30 April 2013

Sara Speaks



SK: Sara (aka Tamar from THAT life) has come thru; she’s been hovering around for a few days now and would like me to take this message.

Sara: Goodday one and all. This is Sara, daughter of Yeshua Ben Joseph and Mary Magdalene, as I was known in the Jesus lifetime. It is my great pleasure to greet you this afternoon through this one with whom I will be having a lengthy relationship.

I am delighted to be coming forth at last and to be bringing you of my wisdom that you might make use of it for the times ahead on the soon- to-be new earth.
So many have come before me with words of upliftment, messages of hope and much of practical value that all reading the words can utilize and put into practical action and see the results of in their labour. If they so wish. Not as many as hoped have wished so. And some in my realm have taken it upon themselves to add further truth to the mix in the hope that more would awaken.
Nontheless, we work with what is presented and what we have. And so in these current times of great change, we will be working closely with you.

In the immediate future you are to know great joy for the minds of man and woman indeed, are to finally become fertile enough that the seeds which have been planted eons ago – and even yesterday – will finally have the choice and chance of blossoming and blooming bright. And this brings us much joy and because the energies of change are upon us now, we are to make much greater progress together over a relatively short period. In comparison with the rather long history of your persecution on the earth. Of course, this has taken a form of self-persecution also due to the very nature of not wishing in the past to have taken an active role in your own evolution and empowerment.

Of course, this is all to change now and man will be taught that there is no higher realm/reward […?] or richness than to seek and implement the steps that guide him/her to the accelerating of his/her own evolution. There are many to come forth as teachers and it has been this time that has been awaited for the coast to be cleared, as it were.

Now the time is nigh for all those who would be counted as responsible citizens to raise themselves in consciousness for the betterment of both themselves and the collective of society, as a whole. It is not necessary at this stage to try to figure out how things will manifest and thus how you can prepare yourself. For it is in preparing yourself to be one who is in greater balance within will thus automatically translates to greater balance without in your expression. And that is how you are able to come forth with your skills and assistance [… without fuss or fanfare..?].

There are many new ideas to come forth. But, in fact, you’ll discover these ideas are as old as the hills. And are now just being expressed in a slightly different form and context. For in fact everything is ancient. And is only considered new in how it is expressed. The human mind is no exception. And it is with mind that we are all set about to raise to the state of the God mind in our endeavours in helping to create a planet free of strife, crime, violence against one another, and most importantly, violence against the Self.
For it is this latter from which all of your current imbalances in your very society emanate. And so working together to raise the HUman mind so your true essence might be expressed through that God mind. It is work we are to be tasked with immediately. For everything does stem from the mind and emotions and, in truth, there’s no other place to start. The question of tackling […issues that society…(inaudible …. ) faces…?] And imbalances within the minds and hearts of man and woman that will make the positive differences.

There will be no more dilly dallying and blundering around these issues. In order for a great healing amongst all returning to earth to occur for the rebuilding of a society that is built on the foundations of solid rock, it is most necessary to have a clear idea of what we are up against and the challenges therein to be laid out clearly for each to examine the tools and techniques that are presented. And by this I mean the tools and techniques that lie within your own hearts and minds.

And to remember[…?]the amount of planning that has gone into what is to occur. But of course no plan is so fixed that they cannot change as circumstances dictate or at the very least have the flexibility of movement. As each of YOU have your own life plan that you have chosen and […?]a role and tasks that you have chosen to accomplish. I’m speaking of now [inaudible …?] on the new earth.

It will be important to exercise spontaneity in your interactions and responses to situations, circumstances and people as the needs of the moment become clear to you. Remember, nothing is set in stone. And we would not like to see you trying to stuff a square peg into a round hole, so to speak. Because you have decided that it is so and that is how things work. So we do urge you to be fluid in all the moments and situations that cross your path.

One or two other things have been drawn to our attention also. First, the question and consideration of time between our dimension and yours. This has always been extremely confusing, given that we are privy to the whole picture – past, present and future – and you are not. And so when we use the words ‘now’ and ‘soon’, which are some of the words you love to hate, many of you, we say with great affection that this is exactly what is occurring for us NOW as we see and experience it from our perspective, which of course is not yours. For the confusion that this has brought upon many minds we are most apologetic. But it is and always has been a question of perspective.

There[…?] an obsession many have with words such as these, in these messages we are giving you right now. These are not and never have been a means to take your power from you or for you to hand over your power to us. As with the other tools, techniques and teachings that will be coming forth, these are no more or less important, these messages, than those. They are merely put before you and to be used as a further tool in developing your OWN relationship with your Godself within.

Yet many use the words of such messages for the feel-good factor. You know, much the same as your essential daily cup of coffee. Or your cigarettes, for those who are addicted to cigarette smoking. Or any other drug, for that matter. This is not the purpose such messages serve. They are merely an AID.
As more of you come into your own God knowing and subsequently, more of you link up with us, the mystique surrounding message-taking will lessen as an increasing number of people are able to act as evidence that ALL have the INNATE ABILITY to do just the same.

This is all we wish to leave you with on this day.

It is I, Sara, along with the Sisters/the Sisterhood as this one likes to call us [She also calls us the Mothers sometimes] {SK: The Sisterhood for me constitutes Nada, Mother Mary, Anna and sometimes Sekhmet also, in addition to Sara}.

Wiith very, very much love in our hearts, going to each one of yours.

It has been an honour to connect with you in this way, this day.

And we DO so look forward to giving you very physical hugs.

I AM Sara (with the Sisters/Mothers)

Bidding you farewell at this time.

SK: Thank you Sara.