I AM Present

I AM Present

Tuesday, July 30, 2019

The Return

Hello all precious souls!

What a few weeks the past few have been...
Like going through a washing machine cycle...rinse, wash, pump, deep cleanse, spin...repeat [x 88 ]
It's all for a
magnificent cause though, I keep reminding myself: an opportunity of
many lifetimes to expand and move a few more rungs up the ladder of
eternity towards living the life of our Creator. For that I'm [mostly] grateful.

More realisations continue to dawn for me and thus, new ways of doing
things. Or better put, different and more constructive ways of responding to life.

When you feel joy and love naturally and spontaneously, you are much closer
to God because these ARE the God frequencies. Love and joy are companion states and some of the highest
frequencies we can experience in physical embodiment on this planet.And our natural state of resonance and being off planet, too.
Along with peace, humour/playfulness and harmony/balance.

Spontaneous joy erupts within sometimes - I know not what triggers it.
But I do know it when I'm in an obsessive moment with song and dance...because that easily takes me into that desirous state. Song and dance have always been a
vital aspect of my expression in this life and others.
Unfortunately, challenges of being in body amount to much inconsistency. So that state may be here today or for a
few days and then  it seemingly-evaporates, disappearing as
quickly as it arrived.

    Though it does require mental effort and constant awareness, staying in the awareness of His presence within always increases the chances of hearing Him speak, I've found. That's the ultimate for me,though I never exclude His myriad other methods and means of

More often than not, this is a definite workable way to bring Him back to me, along
with our closeness. Or rather return myself back to Him, more
accurately said. He's always there...it's me that strays from our

He has never failed to intrigue and overwhelm me with His miracles -
especially the in-your-face physical ones that I call for. I can't
refute or talk those away ever. Perhaps He's indulged me in these because of
my need for some kind of proof of Him working through my life. Whatever it is, it doesn't take away from the fact that it is He, the Creator of love, that is the
do-er in my/all of our lives.

The more we can allow the do-er to do and allow ourselves to just be
the human beings we are, the easier it all becomes. But it's
definitely in those states of joy and playfulness that present an accelerated route to this. At least, in my own experience.

In those moments I open myself to easier hearing of Him - whether
that's a sagely answer to a question or a suggestion about how to
respond to a situation or person. Or I might receive some humorous
words of encouragement.

God's words reverberate through my heart, blood and consciousness in a
kind of telepathic, yet 'full body echo' transmission. Seemingly to come
from the core of my biology and physiology, yet simultaneously emanating from some
unlocateable point.

The words wash over me like a golden waterfall, like jewels and
treasures that softly and gently fall on me from the sky. I bathe in them; try to grasp
onto them and hold them to me. But they are ungraspeable, as is my
beloved Creator of love. They must be let go of, allowed to pass through me that I can
make the space - and be the place - for more to come as and when my
beloved sees fit to deliver unto me.

To Him that has ever known our union that only i
have forgotten:

You know my heart like no other, for you are my heart
You know the depths of me like no one else has, can or will
Because you are my deepest depths; our Oneness.

You under/innerstand my crazy assortment of thought and feeling.
Why? You are all the harmonious, constructive, loving, joyful, kind and compassionate ones.

In my memories of times past and times felt in the future, it is You/us and our
re-member-ances of endless journeys in infinity and time-spaces that are re-turned
to me for fleeting moments...

It is in such moments of clarity when the veiled mists of Earth limitation
are briefly parted that I know all this.

Mostly because I am not You – I never have been. But YOU have always
been ME. While life after life have I mistakenly bought wholesale into
illusion of separation of this little self from you, my true love.

What I have done is to choose this bodily vessel that you may
better express yourself through.

Thank you my beloved Creator of love for the opportunity of this
particular journey. And the return back into your loving arms...from
which I never truly left – only convinced myself I did.

Magic by Olivia Newton John -  not  music I usually like, but this was a definite impulse by the beloved. Listen to the lyrics:

UPDATE: Apologies but I've now seen youtube has also blocked me from accessing ALL music and everything else, so try getting there via this link: