I AM Present

I AM Present

Friday, August 4, 2017


I'm not going to explain again and bore you about why I've recently not been able to post weekly – but suffice it to say if I DON'T –know that I'm encountering troubles of one type or another with my tech.

I started this topic below just after I posted the last message and am finally able to post the whole piece now, after intermittent computer access. It's definitely not something new by any stretch of the imagination, but it's been concerning me again. I still see a lot of new and old seekers continuing to give away of their power here and there; to this thing and that; to this one or that.



Discerning clearly is one of the greatest tools we can possess at this time. Actually, at any time. Within both ourSelves and others. And especially apropos those who set themselves up as Wayshowers (whether or not they refer to themselves as such), guides,teachers, healers or readers.

Attractive, charismatic personas who bring easy understanding to complex matters, warm and convivial healer folk, the channelled messages brigade and those who become magnets to others for providing speciality knowledge that many currently hunger for, all bear an extra burden. If they wish to remain uncorrupted, that is.

Integrity,ethics and the Laws Of God become corroded in a well-intentioned person all too often. For these momentous times it's also worthwhile mentioning that wherever the God complex is NOT running the show within individuals, the anti-christ is jumping in for the kill, creating all manner of destabilising scenarios. Mostly without the knowledge of the individual being 'used' – and primarily designed to weaken the resolve of an individual or group. So these are particularly precarious times energetically.

Human consciousness still remains heavily programmed with the unnatural urge to seek validation from authorities outside of our very Self, giving our precious God power away, which is the purpose of the programming. It's still more comfortable for many of us to defer to another human being or another's body of work rather than to worship at the alter of our personal inner God until we are able to glean something of the answers we seek.
So let's familiarise ourselves a little with some of the current characteristics of both the Authentic and Inauthentic Wayshower as per my own observations:


Open Sharing

AW's will almost always want to openly share of their wisdom, knowledge or information given them by their own inner source. Generally, you won't find them 'precious' about their material. Helping or serving humanity in this way comes naturally. They want to make what they bring forth is as accessible as possible to others that it can be of benefit. A good mark of this openness is that it's often extended to the Wayshower themselves. By far in the majority, I've found they are personally unafraid to include speaking of their own vulnerabilities or troubled histories. Often I've noted they use these sharings as an example and a means to reference whatever the current subject under discussion.


AW's may well speak authoritatively, but there's often a glaring absence of the 'I know it all as I'm the one with the answers, not you'. So if your Wayshower welcomes being questioned or challenged without getting defensive – on their work or personally - this is altogether a good sign. It's also the mark of a person who has developed emotional intelligence, where empathy is the overriding response, rather than ego smallness. Which generally makes them even more accessible to helping others also. Admitting to mistakes goes hand-in-hand with this, demonstrating they don't believe they're above/below anyone else.

Deferring To The Heart

Most AW's prioritise coming from the heart as much as possible in their sharing of information. They know that their God within/Higher Self IS the authority and agree to be a conduit for healing/conveying information in this manner.

Money for Services

This is a touchy one for many – another programme within humanity which goes along the lines of 'if it relates to a spiritual practise or teaching, then it's of God and should be issued free. Unless the Wayshower survives on the donations of others or is comfortable enough materially to be able to give it all away for free ( which would presumably be a tiny majority), most need to create an income from their offerings, particularly if their commitment is a full-time one. I know of two people who are materially-comfortable already. While the one travels the world offering sought-after free spiritually-growthful seminars, the other, a healer, doesn't want to offer anything free as she feels it undervalues her. She's not too busy.

I feel God will create the support structures here; determined by the intentions and motives of the individual in as far as they're doing His work. What I've found is that many of the AW's will often be flexible in this department. They may charge to access a forum, but then much of their material would be free. Or if they're healers of one type or another and you're dirt poor but are genuinely in need, they are more often than not willing to assist you, anyway.

In Service to God=Serving Humanity's Best Interests

How do you know whether the AW is in service to God and not primarily to him/herself? For starters, look out for the AW referring to God/Higher Self, Creator and constantly giving that ultimate authority the glory, rather than themselves. At the very least, the AW will demonstrate or express that they are a conduit for Him and His will. Spiritual teacher Myrtle Fillimore (1845-1931) here:

Try going beyond the narrator's voice to discover how you feel:

or read the words of the Impersonal Life book without distraction here:


In Service to Self/The Darkie (Reptilian) Agenda

By contrast, this can sometimes be pretty difficult to discern. Because many a time, these ones know not they are NOT being motivated by God within them. Though you could obtain more information in a net or physical encounter with the person, sometimes words are all you have to go on. These are some typical anti-christ characteristics used: language/concept inversions, omissions, obfuscations (Truths with untruths mixed together),trickery that moves an audience away from God as the highest authority, leading the mind astray that creates more separation within, subtly feeding the ego (Easing God Out). Also, a good tell-tale sign here is the eyes – do they look or feel 'dead' rather than truly peaceful/centered?

Late 19th century author of The Radiant I Am, Emma Curtis Hopkins, appeared to say all the right things, on the face of it. But she kept replacing the word 'God' with 'Good' (due to peoples' resistance to the word God, she claimed), said 'I am ruled by my...divine ego' (which she says "...is the 'Jesus Christ' in you"), said '...it shall rule with an iron fist' (related to the I AM, if I remember right). She also spoke of '...the man child who will rule all nations with a rod of iron'. A quote of hers goes thus: "What was that which was not born when you were born, has never been interested in anything you have done while you have been on this planet, and will not die when you lie down?". I know what I feel. See what you feel here:


Popular celebrity guru, Teal Swan. She says 'humans are evolving towards polyamory' Really? Some suggest she's an MK Ultra psychopath. She could even be a synthetic, a liquid crystal hologram clone run by a reptilian, like an inordinate amount of other VIP's out there I've researched-hence the lopsided image of her on this site. Ex followers and ex husband, Sarb Swan's take here:


[her 'story' complete with half-naked porny-style pic of her]


Shrouded in Mystique

You may have initially been attracted to what translates as an aura of 'mystique' surrounding someone-and consequently become a follower of such an IW. In my late 20's I remember falling exactly for that in Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh (aka Osho – another CIA-run 'guru', who's corrupt doings were later brought to light). He almost seemed to cast a collective hypnotic spell over his audience when he spoke his poetic 'wisdom'. Words at the end of sentences containing the letter 's' would be drawn out sybilantly, for extra snakey-like charm effect. We're often limited by our senses in making accurate assessments about others, instead of following feelings/the heart. Be aware and objective enough therefore, to see beyond the feel-good factor of the charismatic persona!

Challenges Unwelcome

If your spiritual teacher or guide is comfortable intellectually in discussion on whatever the subject, but struggles in resistance when his/her students want to engage more personally and start healthy questioning, this is a warning bell. If reactions to personal challenges suddenly transform into a need for attack in defence of his/her little self, rather than displaying an emotionally-intelligent response, know the person hasn't yet done enough of the inner work to guide others in a balanced manner. Depending on your needs and where you're at, this may or may not detract from what's being presented.

These last two aren't specific characteristics as much as overrused psy ops warfare methods which produce Inauthentic Wayshowers :

Disinfo Agents As Consciousness Authorities

As the darkie agents run amok for their shadow governments everywhere at this time, I did a bit more research on one of their 'campaigns' recently. The objective of the Chakra Removal campaign was to convince as many spiritual seekers as possible to remove their chakras, their God-given portals for expanding consciousness. It appears it began around 2011, maybe earlier, with paid agents offering to remove peoples' chakras. Shadow government's choice of employees was beyond weird as some IW's promoting this emanated mental disorders or addictions quite visibly, as I was able to sense. Anyone that sees auras will better clarify that. Even if you can't feel them out, what else to look out for in similar scenarios with suspected IW offerings? Research everything and anything about the person/offering BEFORE making any rash decisions. As importantly, use other peoples' experience of and with them to guide you. The net is littered with agents posing as both whistleblowers and individuals/groups purporting to work for the Light/God.

Personally, I'm just getting over my current nausea after discoveries about Lasha Darkmoon aka Nina Rosenwald, who's work I previously admired greatly. She funded more than $1 million in 2013 alone towards the Islamaphobia campaign. Imo and others, she's a glaring tranny man[ie a member of the Zio gender inversion brigade!] confirming where he/she stands.



Starseeds Used Unconsciously as IW's

This one may be the hardest of all to swallow. But this is the most subtle form of mind control that perpetuates at this time on our planet. The programmes exists to confuse the mind, to divert, to create separation scenarios within groups/individuals and include targeting Starseeds and Lightworkers - especially those who may be particularly influential or have a large following in order to take them down. We know of 'sleepers' being used in acts of terrorism. bursts of outrage coming from others for no seemingly-apparent reason and we've heard of gaslighting. We also know that many Lightworkers are protected by God and our IF's (invisible friends and family). Yet, apart from those very, very few on this planet who have cleared all their emotional baggage that no doorways within are ever open to the anti-christ to potentially work through them, everyone else is at risk emotionally and spiritually - to some degree or another. Unity between people who stand in their God sovereignty are likely THE most frightening group on earth right now for the darkies.
So while most of us may not think of ourselves as Wayshowers or anything other than seekers of God and Oneness, in relation to the majority of the world's population, Wayshowers are what we are. Yet we may still unintentionally behave Inauthentically. While we even have a baby toe in ego's door, such is bound to happen, making us vulnerable to being 'triggered and used', until we are wholly anchored in the Heaven of our God Heart. Getting conscious asap so we can clear more of ourselves for God to work through us is the answer.

Blessings of peace in God to each one of you.


My music choice today is with the Lighted Lira, our local Afro jazz queen, called Listen :