I AM Present

I AM Present

Sunday, April 5, 2015



Ocean’s ebb and flow

It’s the way to go

Keeping all exposed

Bring it up to the surface

Set those thrashing thoughts free

Cleansed by the waves

Of your compulsions, your inner state

To find your place in whole-ness

In awareness, if you dare.

Trying to piece together the clues

Of your many hues

Shaped and misshaped by

Judgements coloured from the

Living rainbow of your worlds:

Your views, your news

And sometimes the blues.

Tough though the times may be

It’s all been for you and it’s been for me

An understanding, a study

In what It takes to be

In this, your world of duality.

You will know it

The answers you seek

All comes to Light now

At the quick

There’s no turning back

The tide’s too strong

And the grand old mother

She’s been waiting too long.