I AM Present

I AM Present

Friday, October 13, 2017

Creator's Creations

12 October 2017

Wherefore cometh the sun, the moon and the stars?

Wherefore flows the great rivers of the earth as they meet with the mighty oceans?

And wherefore originates the majestic mountain ranges of the world’s terrain?

All have been molded, have been forged by time, but mostly due to the design and the nurturing of the hand of God.

All and every single drop (and body of) water and every grain of sand – desert, mountain or beach – is of the body of the Creator God, of His creation. Serving His ultimate purpose.
Soon to be restructured into a new form; something else that serves His ever-changing purpose. As so with each and every one of His human creations. All exist but to serve His purpose, for His growth, learning experience and ultimately His fulfillment.

This is what the Creator God mirrors to his creation and what must likewise be mirrored in return. Creation does not hesitate for the Creator God when he deems something be done. Creation does his bidding for this is Creator God’s will.

Now shall ye all see Creator God’s will in grand action. The action that has been long stalled, which has only served to gather momentum. With the results of the spectacular action to follow will ye all be well-pleased.
The might of His power and His glory will arrive by seeming-surprise and be quite unbridled in its manifest passion. It will knock your socks off, you might say *smiling*.

Meanwhile the world holds its collective breath. Amongst some individuals this building tension is quite a conscious sensation or feeling. Amongst others there is a vaguer sense of this, while for the majority there is no conscious perception.

Yet it is the reason for the magnificent tension building around the planet in human consciousness. This tension is meant to build so that it can be stretched and then...be snapped apart, like an elastic band. This ‘stretching’ phase you are in is vital to the entire plan. In the ever-increasing tautness creating the necessary tension within are you being forced to deal with yourselves; to see yourselves.
It is what is helping the release of all that which is no longer needed within you.

All is ever a gift unto thee. It is but for you to perceive it as such.
And with this I take my leave.

Creator God/Source of Sources

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