I AM Present

I AM Present

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

The Whistle Has Been Blown - MIG

Know that ye are free and have ever been so.

The Matrix of limitation is naught but an illusion.

An intricate game where the match has been fixed and where the opposing team wear invisible blinkers that have been placed upon them while they sleep.
Far from being an equal playing field, therefore, the winners of this particular war game knew in advance they’d be winning.

But the winners had little idea or could not bear to accept this was just another match and not the final World Game that they were playing.

Nor did they reckon that they, too, were being played in turn by yet another team who also played them as invisibly as they chose to play their opposing sleeping and blinded team. Who, in Truth, were never any real kind of opposition to them.

Somehow they chose to pay no heed to the many warnings issued them – that others were strategizing above and beyond their level of ken.

They chose instead to ignore and deny – in much the same way as their blinded opposition team – in order to further their aim by whatever means and win that Final. Or so they thought.

Their sense of their own invincibility was their downfall throughout all of their cunningly-planned plots and schemes.

Now it has come down to this unplanned-for curve ball that has been thrown them. And a penalty decided by a referee they also paid no heed to.

That penalty will decide everything. And who will emerge as the true winners. Or the winners of Truth.

The whistle has been blown.

So be it.