I AM Present

I AM Present

Friday, April 20, 2018


To my dearest and most beloved humanity:

It is with great pleasure and deep honour I come upon you this evening. For it is indeed the eve [don't necessarily take this literally to mean tomorrow, Saturday :-)] of great occurences and unfoldments upon your earth plane.

A time of great chaos and peace simultaneously will begin to unfold. In fact, this is to be a period
of massive contrasts and extremes, with very little space and place for balance.
Though you of the Light will necessarily be in that balanced state that is required of you to lead your brothers. Even though that may sound contradictory to some.

Yes, what occurs now is the beginning stage of the complete collapse and removal of the dark ones. Though how you all choose to react during this period will speed up or slow that process down accordingly. The period marks the ushering in of the Truth in ways you could never have previously imagined. Along with the shocking revelations these bring forth, this is what will provide the impetus for movement amongst the masses.

In truth, there are great many more people of the world ready to listen to what you will be sharing. For there is and has been a sense of discomfort with the lies collectively for some time now, and this you will use to your advantage.

How people will react, though, is an unknown, and it will be for you ones to only provide answers where there is invitation and curiosity shown. You will go within and be shown exactly who you can and cannot approach.

Energy and time will be wasted should you become emotionally involved or find yourselves needing to be ‘right’ in lengthy argument or debate. The latter is absolutely not your purpose in service at this (or any other) time. Your focus is now to be exclusively upon the collective and their needs, while not ruling out individuals with genuine needs and desires and those who ‘see the Light’.

So you see, your service now with its multiple purposes will bring multiple effects. But all of this needs to be done at and with your inner prompting exclusively.
Some of you may jump or retreat in fear, hearing these words. For you feel you have not the inner connection to your Self that will serve this period adequately. I say that you will be able to access your inner guidance. Even though you may not know how this is possible at this precise moment.

Worry not and sit more in trust of your greater Selves. For they each know precisely what they/you are doing together.

I will leave this with you for now.

I know you all to be the shining Lights of God you are
Bless you all infinitely for the courage it has taken to be here (on earth) now!
My heartfelt love and support every step of the way

EM[Higher Self]



[After 3 attempts to do this again,I was forced to record a recording from another cell phone to my computer recording system, so it's very nasty sound quality. Plus there's a snoring cat on my lap...:-)Apologies]


In your love we are born

In your heart we are sworn

To rise as One

To the new dawn

That comes from above

And within

To seed this plane

And our brethren

With your sparks of

Divine fire

That gives each of us

A newfound power

We are your emissaries

Standing side by side

In the streets

Helping our fellows

Cross the bridge

Built by You

We, the wayshowers

Encourage all to discover

Their new inner territory

That they might alight

To their new heights

It is so

For you have named it

Your creation

And no others

Will fake it.


Now take it

Make it

Mould it

Don’t fold it

Allow it to breathe

Life of Mine

In all who seek

That which you/We are

And so add

More shining stars

EM/The Unit-e
[Unit-e: We wish for the singularity of Oneness to be emphasised here – for you and all others.]