I AM Present

I AM Present

Wednesday, February 17, 2021


 Hi dear beloveds!

[Given to me on the 11 February]



I AM nought but the hollow reed that I AM ...
Ready and willing to be blown through
To be sung through
And flung through the air
Transforming in mid-stream
To bursts of golden light star dust
That heals and reveals the glory that I AM
That feels and deals with one force alone
And that is Love...
The calling is here
It is now
Will you sit
Or will you fly free
With me...
Where together shall we
Paint the joy of humanity
In multiples hues
Of rainbow light
Whose contrasts only ever
Are changing light
We are one
Standing tall in the Sun
Looking back never
For our eyes are only ever
On the skies
Wherein do we seek
The reflection of that
Which already is complete
Our glorious One Self
Riding high
In radiant Light
Ever ready to serve
Sisters and brothers with verve
And so it is
We have come far
With adventures amassed
And now stands the door ajar
We walk through to find
The Love of every heart kind
Because it is our reflection -
This time there can be no deflection
May the Love Divine
Bring you the time
Of Greatness...
Which is mine
And so it is ...
Selah so be it!

What an incredibly glorious time it is to be alive on the Mama Earth. To have the opportunity to be trans-formed, to be trans-figured, re-made and re-ignited. From the most authentic space and place within: from the unhindered Core of the True Self, once more. From the place of purity and Love, unseen, unexperienced and unknown for millions of years in body or time-space.
Now once more can we -who have chosen it to be-know, feel, experience and express the ultimate in living in body: that which is our True Divine Godly nature of love, light, joy, peace, harmony and unity.
How truly Divine.
No matter what the seeming-challenges that appear on the horizons of our respective lives, this is what we can expect.

I spoke of the return to joy in a recent broadcast done by this one. And the choosing of it, that you may feel more aligned with your true nature.

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/7xR6lfqOq10" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; clipboard-write; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture" allowfullscreen></iframe>




[Listen from 51mins05sec - 1hour50min]

There is much on the move, both within and without you - individually and collectively. What a time of growth, expansion and the great opening of your heart to truly embrace all THAT YOU ARE!

You are the prize-winners. Blessed to have a fortune rained down upon thee for the gift God wishes to bestow upon thee. This is your personal treasure. Each will be and look slightly different from the next. But all is given in order that it may be shared with everyone around thee.

Your treasure then is yours, but not yours alone. Do I make myself clear? No-one is to hold to anything they are given - both subtle gifts and those apparent and visible - to and for themselves alone. You are to see yourselves as the dispensers of these 'treasures'. And the more you flow them out, as it were, the more your cup is once again filled to overflowing with same.

This may sound a little cryptic at this moment, but all will become extremely evident. You, who have been chosen and who chose, are the greatly-gifted. Do NOT take these gifts lightly, abuse them or hold them to thyself [or thy loved ones] alone. THEY ARE FOR ALL TO BENEFIT BY!

Always are you to remember that even your very lives are yours but not yours alone. You are the conduits - conduits of Love and all the other virtues and expressions as above. Therefore so too with all you are given. 'It comes through you but is not of you' is a good maxim to hold in mind/heart here.

[I'm given a short mind movie here of water in cupped hands that slips through and cannot be held or contained for even a moment]

You are glorious beyond measure, beloveds. And how I do love thee...ALL!

I leave this with you for this moment to ponder upon.

My deepest heart blessings to each of you
As you walk back through the door of your ever-present TRUE SELVES!

We stand by in great awe and Joy, ready to greet you with an eternal hug :-)


This is indeed 'smack down time' for all on Earth! Not least of which is the dark elites and how I and many others are anticipating this...

But being who i am, I'm incredibly curious to know what type of show of solidarity by the deletes this is? [my new term= the dark-elites] Is this  happening in your city too? Are you also seeing vehicles of all descriptions driving with their LIGHTS ON DURING THE DAY  for the past three to four weeks? There are some company vehicles amongst these and some parastatal-owned bus businesses. But mostly I see here private vehicles doing this. The only common characteristic amongst the latter is they all seem to be much NEWER car models, than others on the road. Around 60-70 percent of cars are doing this here in SA. 

What does this public declaration by the deletes mean to you? That they are not going down without a fight, without resistance unto their final breath or moment of removal?

Love to hear what you think/feel?


<iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/Om3e4qOxdLs" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; clipboard-write; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture" allowfullscreen></iframe>




Know you are loved Rest in peace Dream your sweet dreams "Til your soul is released Beloved Child My heart is yours Beloved Child Go out and open doors With your love With your faith With your compassion With your grace Oh, with your grace Beloved Child You are the light of the world Beloved Child Go out, spread light to the world Be strong, be kind, be brave Know your mind[ know you ARE MINE?] know that you're divine Know that it's alright to be afraid
Dhan Dhan Guru Ram Das