I AM Present

I AM Present

Tuesday, May 7, 2019


5 May 2019

Our ‘learning’ in the world of relativity starts with being indoctrinated into the educational system. My own largely-unhappy twelve years of government school education saw me going to seven or eight schools. We moved home quite a bit.

Forcefed the education systems falsified history, upside down geography, sanitised science and other massacred subjects, equally-brainwashed teachers still had to be appeased. The typical learn-and-regurgitate method was employed to satisfy them – remaining largely unchanged globally since my era in the 70’s.  All for the purposes of mass social-engineering and mind control.

Many of my report cards shared similar comments that came from a range of teachers: ‘Shellee has difficulty concentrating’.  ‘Shellee has great potential but doesn’t pay attention’, etc.
My difficulties were very real. I struggled to keep focus and  battled with memory retention of all the drivel. Particularly during exam time. No matter how hard and for how many hours I studied, I almost always managed to retain just a fraction of what I needed to write the paper. Only one subject was pleasurable - English. I was instinctively good at it and I also loved the creativity of literature and essay writing. It was the only subject I didn’t have nightmares over. 

I was referred to as a child who had motor development skill problems. But I wonder how much my motor development skills disability was influenced by Tavistock’s MK Ultra children’s mind control programming I was subject to during pre-primary school for a period. I failed two high school grades and subsequently, my sense of [little] self and confidence was hard hit.

As a result of my miseducation at school, long-term higher education never appealed to me. Though ironically, I scored top marks in my journalism short course many years later at 31!

 While all this matters not a jot in the grand scheme of life and REAL learning of the soul in physical embodiment toward the eternal journey, it definitely left a negative imprint in the cellular body and fracturing of the psyche [MKU love splitting the psyche - one of their specialities, thus creating aspects separated from self]. I only became aware of this a few years ago.

This theme of learning and how we do it is unique to each of us. As unique as our reactions to each of our life’s lessons are.  Though school learning relies almost exclusively on the intellect in order to graduate [in the main], graduating to the next level of consciousness requires choices be made from our total being, in alignment with our highest and best; our Higher Selves desire. It requires  conscious will and intent and choice made with all [integrated] aspects of ourselves.
 For years I was told how well I was doing [by my invisible Light team] in my learning, growing and expanding. Then I hit a consciousness wall. I realised the subterranean parts of me kept overriding my conscious intent. 

Now imagine living, learning, growing and expanding in an environment freed from darkie-enforced technology, consciousness weapons and the myriad of mind-control programmes that we have all been automatically assaulted by here.

Such as in the paradise INSIDE earth;  life in an inner earth community. The city of Shamballah is very close to my heart, but there are numerous communities in this Earth’s interior. Inner Earth folk say we, humans, are each the keys to the ‘living library within’. Their children, in free range mode, largely teach themselves, allowing life and the environment to guide their inner processes.

 Their creations are an organic reflection of the harmonious, integrated, HUmans [Higher Universal] they are, having never been DNA-downgraded, ego-overlaid or subject to constant interference by the darkies. This is WHO WE REALLY ARE, too. Only we have not quite yet had to opportunity to realise it. 

[UPDATE 10/5/19. Excerpt from the book Telos by Dianne Robbins. Her telepathic contact with various beings include this on evolving from chief librarian of Porthologos, Mikos]
“Your outer bodies have to be coordination and and in synchronicity with each other, all vibrating at the same velocity and all feeling the grace of God and immersion in the Oneness of Creation. You can only evolve when you are in a state of peace…"

“You don’t have to physically turn the pages of a physical book; just turn the pages within your soul, to rediscover all the wisdom and all the knowledge that ever was and ever will be…”

[On learning through Crystal Projectors] “…all life is a learning experience, and without the knowledge and wisdom of the past, how do you expect to learn and advance your evolution?”
“Whenever we want to learn something and apply it to our lives, we go into the Crystal Recording Room and play back the sequence of events that will lead us to the information and wisdom we need to resolve any problem or increase our understanding of events and our lives.”

“…So the purpose of life is to move up in vibration, until you are where we are, until all you can see is pure essence of life…The pure essence of God that dwells in each of us, is the essence that creates the Worlds Within the Worlds".

"…Their [the dark’s] time is up. And yours, dear brothers and sisters of Light, is just beginning. Soon the Earth will have a new beginning. A beginning free of coercion, where every species will thrive through Unity Consciousness, and be able to bring all their dreams to fruition…"

Logic and rationality, mental/intellectual cleverness and sole reliance on the mind has been part of the darkie programming to herd us into relying on mind and brain exclusively for easier control of the global populace. The latter’s real function is limited to being used similarly to a computer where it works for us, rather than us becoming enslaved by our minds/thoughts.  

A couple of months ago in an exasperated state, I begged EM and team to ‘switch off’ my thinking. They complied and I saw all these familiar faces of people who were/are in my life floating around within, but couldn’t ‘think up’ ANY of their names. Not even the visual of my friend of 17 years-I just COULD NOT recall her name! A very weird experience for me. That’s why your mind/thinking cannot be ‘switched off’ was EM/my team’s response to me.

Using your brain-mind-thoughts in accordance with God’s design means it always takes second place apropos navigating our lives through heart wisdom and learning and growing through discernment.  Which is the opposite of self-enslavement by the mind-brain machine.

Talking slaves. Even the darkies and their agent-slaves finally seem to be doing a bit of learning, themselves-perhaps for the first time in millennia.  Obviously not very graciously as can be seen by their attempted attacks on the individual and collectively with their blood/fire sacrifices left, right and centre. This period must  be one of THE most terrifying periods for them in physical form as it forces them to see that they too, have been pawns in God's great game of free will.

Especially during the past three or four weeks where a great change has taken place for the restoration of humanity’s consciousness and thus, freedom for all. All the dark architecture, structures, machinery, AI and everything else holding humanity’s consciousness hostage is being swept clean, bit by bit. What sweet and merciful relief for us all! Thanks be and blessings to our Lighted higher-dimensional brethren and of course, our most loving Creator for this enormous gift.

 Effectively, this means they no longer have access to my laptop when I’m on the net, the 24/7 buzzing, ringing and pain of psychotronic weaponry/satellite tracking devices in my ears/brain since early January has fizzled to almost nothing and the hazardous-to-human-health ‘cellphone towers’ seem to be dysfunctional  more often than not. 

Also, due to this loss of control, the agent-slaves have become ever more brazen this year, approaching me directly. With EM’s help, I’ve noted at least six or seven agents who ‘haunt’ the internet cafĂ© when I’m there. Some are telepathic and I’ve talked to them. They won’t respond, though. I knew his game within three minutes, in the case of one senior? ‘programming’ agent-slave who attempted a mind infiltration on me.  He was overfriendly, inviting me to his table. I looked into his programmed cyborg eyes, listened, discerned. He knew I knew.

 Three days after that at close to 11pm there was another attempt to take me out while I was reading in bed. As on previous occasions, I was given a precognitive warning: dogs two properties away began barking and I saw ‘something’ hurtling toward my garden. I heard what sounded like a crash into the tree outside my bedroom, the cats reacted and…silence. 

Though EM hasn’t confirmed it, I ‘sensed’ it to be a silent, weaponised drone-like programmed machine, that itself was taken out by the Light.  Thirty minutes later and I ‘saw’ a thin, soul-gnarled woman in her 60’s standing in the sun next to a pool [I felt it to be somewhere in the US], sipping from a champagne glass. She would have been attractive, but for the raging ugliness of her hatred within. She was on the phone to someone who told her the mission to take me out had been unsuccessful. With that, she angrily threw the glass across the paving.

A couple of months ago a very similar pattern occurred. Someone pretending to be a buyer of my natural remedies tried to convince me he was an activist who was ‘against people not waking up’. He wanted to rile me into an angry frequency to access my consciousness. Within minutes on the call I suspected he was an agent. Within five, I was certain. So yes, I’m discerning well these days. 

That didn’t stop one of my beloved cats from being attacked by something? In the face a week later [when this agent said he’d get my product] on a windy night. Despite my strong remedies, her recovery took weeks.

But I take comfort in the fact that it’s the darkies who’s every chance of recovery is fast disappearing. If nothing else, they are learning that their will for our destruction is being throttled – by the true power of the God of this planet and Source. The ones who’s will they’ve denied  for millennia is up in their faces currently.

 The energy source [us] that has sustained their parasitic lives is fast becoming unavailable, meaning SOON THEY WILL BE NO MORE! :-)

Is that not something to be in joy over?  At least it helps me remember to laugh over the  high-level harrasment that passes for my life… for this intense passing phase, anyway.

To the learning of and from this phase and what it means to each of us as we anticipate its end, so we can rise up unobstructed into our Truth!

Blessings to all of you