I AM Present

I AM Present

Tuesday, July 10, 2018


People around the world who still rely upon the oral tradition of sharing knowledge, who have not been force-fed Christianity and who’s medicine is not Western pharmaceutical chemicals are natural candidates for life on the New Earth. On those counts alone, they are potentially more naturally plugged into their core/Source Selves.

When scientist/journalist Harald Kautz Vella mentioned in a video discussion that it was once people began reading, or had reading forced upon them, it was then that the ego could take greater hold. He mentioned that indigenous people of the world who relied on oral wisdom and knowledge traditions were less susceptible to ego than those taught the ‘value’ of reading from a young age.  Or words to that effect. 

In which case, ancient peoples who relied on this means of advancing themselves, could potentially be far more successful in their lives. Because once it’s merely a case of continuously feeding the intellect to advance, it’s also a case of feeding the ego further. 

I guess this has been the formula for ensuring the ‘education’ of populations – at least since the Khazarian Zionist have been running the planet. And this agenda has been a giant key to world control. The world’s foremost example of this spectacular success is in the mass retardation of the majority of minds in the United States – the kz darkie parasites’ prime experimental ground. And which the rest of the world has been sniggering at more openly recently.

Thing is, we’ve all been subject to this education downgrade in consciousness in one or another way/degree. Even if we’ve had a so called alternative education or been home-schooled. As long as ego-stimulation, rather than God Self/Higher Self stimulation has been the focus.

Historically, African cultures are famous for maintaining traditions of oral wisdom and knowledge, passed down through the generations. Africans have had a millenia-old history of this.  Credo Mutwa is a Zulu shaman and wisdom keeper of such ancient African knowledge.

Alongside this has there been African traditional spirituality, which involves people following their ancestors guidance; having a good knowledge of natural medicine from local plants and celebrating through drumming and dancing –used by many to connect to the Earth Mother. Even though, like all other forms of  religious and spirituality programming which has encouraged people to look outside of themselves for Creator Source, these features typically exist throughout many cultures and people of Africa. 

Original African spirituality had no supreme male God and apparently all Africans once worshipped a mother-goddess. Honouring the feminine and masculine equally were threatening enough that the kz’s ensured Christianity and its bedfellow, Western education,  be imposed on much of Africa. 
To curb any further ideas of spiritual freedom and equality through the generations, it was also ensured that black magic was embedded into African spirituality. Not unlike all other religions of the world. This has worked well. Africans probably lead the way in misogyny on the planet, so deeply entrenched in their now-patriarchal systems is it. 
While sangomas [spiritual healers]are plentiful, I think I’ve met just one in my entire lifetime who works with the Light and not the dark forces in their healing practise! Like those in all other religions, the majority also know it not as to whom they serve exactly. 
Yet despite this and regardless of whether African people practise ancestral worship,  Christianity or are atheists and despite their financial status, here’s the interesting element. While the kzdp’s have been successful in the above strategies,  despite all their off-planet technology  and  millennia of engineering and interfering with our DNA, one thing eludes them. In South Africa it's called Ubuntu

Experiencing this daily is a constant reminder to me of our United HU-manity.
I’ve written about Ubuntu before, but not in this context. Ubuntu is quintessentially African and translates to mean ‘I AM because we are’.It is the essence of being human.
  Is that not beautiful –and the Truth? 
Ubuntu in action may happen when you trip and fall in public or spill the contents of your bag on the ground, for instance. Immediately, the African people passing by you will rush to help you saying ‘sorry’ to you simultaneously. Why are they apologising when the incident had nothing to do with them? Because you are them. Or an extension of them. I AM because we are…
This is Ubuntu in practise. Or Oneness being expressed in the most natural and spontaneous of ways, still deeply-ingrained in the black race. It doesn’t exist in other races or cultures here. This, despite the misery of mass unemployment affecting the majority of African people (unofficial figures at between 63-70% currently/two thirds of the population) in South Africa. the result being mass alcohol and chemical addictions and enormous violence, perpetrated particularly against women and children. 
I was in a communal taxi the other day with about 12 or so other passengers. And there, amidst a mishap, did I find myself ensconced in Ubuntu once again. 
Combi van communal taxis are the mode of transport for many in this country. If you happen to sit next to the driver in the front, you also automatically assume to be his voluntary ‘gaaitjie’(conductor). You, as passenger, are then responsible for collecting all fares , issuing correct change and ensuring the driver comes out with the correct amount. 
On that day, chaos ensued, as one passenger claimed she had not received a substantial amount of change owing to her. Figures didn’t tally in the front and suddenly the entire taxi load of people all got involved, with passionate arguing going to and fro for at least 15 minutes in attempts to resolve this.  I was also pulled in at one point as I’d handed money to the woman in front. Though I only understood a fraction of what was being said in Xhosa, a few were convinced someone was lying/had taken the woman’s change. Chancers regularly try their luck in this way in taxis. 
What was the most remarkable was that from the start to the end when the woman at the back suddenly ‘discovered’ her money in her purse to everyone’s relief, the driver barely involved himself beyond a few quiet words. Even though it was his business and combi. 
He  left it all to the passengers, and the one sitting next to him in particular, to resolve. Everyone in the taxi - in true Ubuntu style - had collectively adopted the problem as their own to solve! 

What I've observed is that Ubuntu, by its nature, naturally inspires the emotional intelligence of those who practise it.

Apropos the driver. Maybe the downside of Ubuntu is feeling you don’t need to take responsibility or own anything in your life as everyone else around you will. 

Living Ubuntu is a great innate quality to starting life in the New Earth. But there's also another  one that exists in more than 90% of all African people (from here and from countries across this continent)  I’ve had conversations with. This is that people just know in one or another way, that a controlling group of people pull the strings over global political leaders and corporations that's contrived to benefit the few and intent on destroying humanity.

This must be the innate God Self/HS connection as, with the exception of a very few, most here have no or very limited and expensive access to the internet to do any research. 
The  acknowledgement of ‘reality’ is already there. And I think this continent’s people have the potential to inspire the world on the New Earth. At least, for those choosing it. 



 On Saturday 30 June I awoke to someone telling me what was about to begin, why and to get myself together in preparation. It was related to the splitting of ‘worlds’ occurring now or the bifurcation of timelines. There was info about Earth’s ‘reset’ also. 

The day before when I thought about how the parasites/their slaves were coping now Creator Source has taken over the full running of this, His show on earth, I received a rather bizarre visual. In each (unrecognisable) individual I was shown, all had nooses around their neck. One hand was trying to loosen the ever-tightening noose, while the other hand simultaneously was tightening it above their heads. I first took this to mean being split in two/their minds were literally splitting apart or that which they’d welcomed into their consciousness and which now ruled them was the stronger hand currently above them that would succeed in pulling the noose tighter that would kill them. Some had ‘seen’, but alas, too late. Others were confused that this? was their outcome.


What a wacky 5 weeks + this has been. Another rollercoaster ride of way more ups than downs. Ups of the breakthrough variety, of feeling like Neo dipping in and out of the Matrix and of having bizarre experiences, in general.
In this realm of duality it’s through opposites and contrasts that we learn, grow and expand our consciousness. It is our process of growth.  Maybe why I had to experience feeling death to flip over and feel rebirth within a 24 hr period.
It began on a Wednesday – either the 17th or 23 May. I remember it clearly as the day before I was still in preparation for my pending death. I’d been preparing for more than a month – prepping my will (again!) and attempting to make arrangements for my beloved feline family, etc.  I was beyond convinced that I was leaving my body.
The thing is, when you are so convinced as to feel absolute in your conclusion about something, anything, this is also a welcome mat you put out for the etheric darkie parasites (dp’s) and their machinery to take hold. So there was also some hijacking happening simultaneously which exacerbated the feelings I had, but I couldn’t see that clearly at the time.
On that Wednesday, I awoke to feeling the joys of spring – in our autumn! I was light of mind, body, emotions and spiritually. Feeling death was imminent the day before and feeling the exact  opposite on that beautiful day was totally surreal.  And the good feelings and days have been increasing exponentially ever since.
 After 25 + years of ascension processing I'd actually forgotten how lovely it was to be me! But I’m re-member-ing aspects of my lost persona: my natural zest and enthusiasm for life,  generally feeling invigorated and naturally motivated. Not to mention …This new/old Lightness, inside and out, has also been accompanied by now regular bouts of JOY! How sweeeet THAT is.
Though not every day is a high [UPDATE:another collective parasitic attack on Fri 6&Sat7 July], the trend is mostly being able to stay in that Lightness now. Unlike the sinking back into the dross and heaviness  for the bulk of the time - my standard experience for many, many years.
I’m not the only one who thought they were leaving their body, according to numerous sites I’ve visited and their commenters. They, like me, were also dreaming death. Mine included fire and trees (in separate dreams) as themes.  Perhaps my most uncomfortable symptom is ironically, a 6/7 kg weight gain – in less than 2 months. Though the new inner lightness makes the physical heaviness way more bearable :-)
As a result of  DNA upgrades to embody more of our crystalline form, the disabling of parasitic technologies and consciousness programming designed at every level to prevent Mama Earth and humanity from ascending, is now well underway. Including the collective and individual implants and chips, some of us have been trying to live with. I know of several who couldn’t and one investigative journalist actually committed suicide  after chips/implants activated in his brain. One of the sub-programmes of the brain-to-skull tech's auto suggestions is to trigger a desire for death/suicide. I have direct experience of such a brain chip for nearly 4 years now.
Though we have all been subject to many dp programmes and technologies.  I sometimes feel - as probably do others who are similarly-sensitive - that my very body and biology is like a  battleground.

On the upside: during the past few weeks it appears the ‘cell phone towers’ are more dysfunctional in any given week than functional. I see this in direct personal health improvements. This is excellent news. Bless the Lighted disablers :-) for their work here and this  mercy. Humanity's liberation is being secured, though it may not feel that way.

However, the dp's are using other old tricks on my laptop again currently -getting the fan to heat up and shut down the system & introducing something like a virus, slowing all workings down. Plus my current cell phone has been practically disabled. They don’t want anyone, business or social, having contact with me or vice versa. ;-)

This demon-stration confirms we are in the best of times (for us) and the worst of times (for them) and that will be intensifying.

Love & Blessings to One and All!


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