I AM Present

I AM Present

Sunday, March 18, 2018

Internal Excavations Underway

I was musing over something I’d said to a friend the other day: ‘This has been quite the life of lost dreams (mine) so far…’
Later, in private that trusty voice piped up: “Perhaps dreams as not yet found?”

That simple spin in perspective was all I needed to change my tack from finite to in-finite thinking and undo my momentary lapse into self-defeating negativity.
Because, in truth, everything is created from our perspective and thus, focus.

Then there are some things that just occur because it’s time and they must. Such as the more intense nature of these incoming upgrades and frequencies the past few weeks especially, affecting the collective of Starseeds and Lightworkers.

I spoke in a recent blog about my experience of feeling my persona/ego dissolve somewhat - which I'm not alone in. Added to this is a feeling of being more comfy and familiar with being ‘there’. Or more conscious awareness of having been ‘there’ on return. Not necessarily knowing what I was doing or being, but just a feeling of such naturalness and harmony in my true and real expression. All provoking a greater sense of unreality here, when I woke up. In that zero point and being in our real multidimensional Selves IS our true nature!

It is the waking up to this through the frequency-injection on planet now that is the reason we have been blocked, manipulated and had Lighted systems of restoration within us inverted, stolen and replaced by the darkie parasites. And many of us unknowingly had our organic, natural, God-gifted telepathy manoeuvred and replaced with the inorganic and synthetic varieties through imitation. Amongst many others, we’ve also been subject to the ‘quiet war’ of remotely-propelled psychotronic weapons and black goo/nanotech/biotech organic (parasitic) matter assaulting our very bodies through the air, water and food.

Frankly, I’m really grateful for the depths of the reveal thus far and for all that’s still to be revealed – including and especially the continuation of that which we reveal to ourselves, about ourselves! Somehow this excavation to bring to Light just how deep the dp manipulation went – and our unconscious co-creation with it for various reasons - has become paramount to the next evolutionary steps on the current timeline we’re travelling.

Maybe I’ll be able to use my God-given investigative mind to help this along. But more importantly, I now know there can be no truth-telling or activism without us all first coming from a place of Love and Unity consciousness, as One.

Activisim and standing up or speaking out is great. Even considered an act of courage at this time on earth, for all the obvious reasons. From my own past experiences, I realise activism often conceals rage and anger. It did my own for many years. Outrage is a great emotion to get the ball rolling for the taking of action, but not as a place to stay. That frequency only serves the dp’s if you continue to cling to it and certainly, if it becomes your personal reference point or core truth.

A simple example of this is the mass of unaware people on forums/sites thinking they’re arguing points for the satisfaction of being ‘right’ in contrived debates with dp internet agents/trolls. Agents’ work is, amongst others, to do exactly that-argue with or insult you to manipulate you into living in the lower frequencies of hurt and anger.

To try and counter what some trolls do on the net and radio, I sometimes like to offer up practical solutions that any open and willing souls may get inspired to try or explore further.

Though my comment was rejected quite severely on the radio the other day when I said that despite all our differences and issues here, especially the racial one, we share one thing in common: we all allow ourselves to feel frustration, anger and oppression from our government. Ditto practically every country’s population around the globe. I said that in itself should be enough to line the streets and have peaceful protests however many times a week it was needed, and we could topple the government and be our own govern-ment.

The broadcaster wasn’t having it as he perceived me as wanting to sweep all the highly-charges issues –including racism, my personal favourite - under the carpet! Ironically, the same broadcaster highlighted my call the previous week in a short piece, praising me on air for bringing practical solutions for white racists and a stance he DID like. He didn’t know it was the same person, though I used my name.

I'm not talking about him specifically, as he's one of the more emotionally intelligent and open guys on air. In general, it’s useless debating with anyone who says they want change but aren’t prepared to a. speak or listen open mindedly and b.take some further practical steps.

Which can even be chatting with someone on a bus or train. Or doing something that defines you as taking ownership of a problem that is larger than just you/your life. Because standing as One in Unity means we are all our brothers keepers and we have to practise extending ourselves to others.

Having said that, I no longer give advice without being asked or think I need to save anyone at all - except me. I guess it's just a question of honouring another's choice and path and blessing them on their way. Rather than being certain they're on the 'wrong' path and you have to help 'right' them.

In the meantime…we are continuing to become…

For the past week or so my dream life has been infused with a beautiful emerald green, I’ve had insomnia and been feeling time as more fluid. Reading Lisa Renee’s latest newsletter helped make sense of some of it. The colour is related to the development of the merkaba and the emerald is connected to the Cosmic Father Emerald ray. I’ve been strangely attracted to green for a couple of months now. If you’re attracted to or plugging into (or it into you) Aquamarine, it’s the Mother Aquamarine Ray at work.

Apparently, this is to be a year of memory retrieval for Lightworkers and Starseeds at many levels. Once we can truly know our core selves, what has occurred within our lives and impacted on our choices, this new liberating energy can ripple out into mass consciousness, aiding everyone else with their own choices.

As a Higher Self (EM) and self-developing ego/persona functioning in this vessel, it now seems to me that my current personal route couldn’t have gone any other way than the way it has thus far. No matter what I consciously intended, whatever good I have done in this world – visibly or invisibly - and on the etheric levels (during ‘daydreams’ and sleep), how much I tried to grow, let go and heal (and then stopped trying), I couldn’t alter a certain sequence of events from playing itself out. Not that I was aware of any of it until after the fact. No matter how much I love God and want to lose myself in Him that He can use me as a conduit in whichever ways He needs to.

This is mainly because I and most everyone else that signed up for this Earth mission have just not been aware of that which has been in hiding. In our very own consciousness.
I’ve hardly delved into the subject of sub-atomic levels of our being, let alone thought the manipulation of our chakra system at that sub-atomic level was even possible-or allowed.

And this is exactly what has been occurring, taking us off course repeatedly, over recent years. Some favourite dp pastimes include beaming a 'hynotic' type mind control, wiping memory and dreams and then creating trauma experiences on the astral for us and inducing fear into aspects of ego. Then we awaken from sleep without any memory of any of it at all. Or if we do remember, it may perhaps be a fragment or two we can make no conscious sense of. All of this has been vital for the maintenance of control over us.

At this juncture I can only embrace all the learning from the choices made, some of which were made in error or ignorance. I’m ready for the new, for change and to live my HS/God Self. Not to mention getting into some kind of action that will directly benefit humanity.